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Rocky River
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ACT - Patient, Creative and Effective Tutor for All Subjects, All Cities, All Ages

I am patient, creative and friendly. Many of my students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their teachers. I am available weekdays or weekends, days or nights, throughout the entire year. In addition to teaching in person, I also use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Appear.in, interactive whiteboards, attachments (PDF, Word, Excel), and Slack, a remote desktop program.

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GMAT Test Prep Specialist, 770 GMAT, can help you master strategies to boost your score.

I base my methods on understanding core concepts thoroughly and mastering each sub-topic that will be tested. I like to use a lot of case studies and have a large data bank of questions that I personalize for my students based on their learning levels.

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Middle and High school Mathematics for students living SNOHOMISH and EVERETT county

I studied Chemical Engineering in Iran and then studied Project Manager in England. I was working in Chemical plants as process engineer also teaching chemical engineering courses at BIHE University. I have some private students and teach them mathematics in a way that they would love mathematics and get enough skills to solve problems by themselves.

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Physician Assistant student with 9 years of tutoring experience offering GRE help

The hardest parts of the GRE are figuring out what exactly they're looking for within the multiple choice, and quickly planning the essay. The featured subjects are all relatively simple, but the execution is what makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful grade. I would give personalized insight on how you could best accomplish this alongside the standardized GRE prep book.

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Expert GRE and GMAT tutoring from graduate student with 8 years experience.

I approach teaching with the knowledge that every student has particular needs, even though the tests may be standardized. I incorporate consideration of these factors into personalizing an approach to efficiently and effectively teaching the fundamental techniques required to achieve the highest scores on these exams.

Bryn Mawr
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Premedical student in Bryn Mawr, PA, with experience in literacy, Chemistry, writing and mathematics tutoring. Able to Assist in test prep, resume writing, and college essays.

Before I do anything, I ask the pupil a lot of questions about how they would solve a problem and why. I believe that allowing a student to work through a problem and explain what they understand helps solidify techniques. I've found that students are often surprised about what they actually know about problem solving and can often figure the problem out by themselves.

Mount Pleasant
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GRE trainer with two Master's degrees, and 5 years of teaching experience.

I train students for the verbal section of the GRE. Each section has a few different techniques that can be applied , and the most benefit in terms of scoring can be from sentence equivalence and Text completion. Knowledge about double negative sentences, breaking down sentences, and working on similar examples is the key to cracking these portions of the GRE.

New York
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I have many GRE students. You will reach your goal score with me.

I am very well educated. I received my BS from NYU and JD from Fordham Law School. I scored perfect of the Analytical Reasoning Section of the LSAT. I am a math wiz having been an A student from Geometry to Calculous. I am an excellent research and writing tutor. I am great at test prep. I test very high. I am great tutoring children and adults. Fully familiar with the common core curriculum.

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Algebra,accounting, economics, Statistics, Excel, SAT, GRE, TOEFL cheap lessons in New Jersey

I am a graduate student-athlete with a BSBA in Accounting and Finance from Rockhurst University, all together with 150 credit hours in four years in order to be CPA (Certified Public Accountant) eligible. I am trilingual in English, Bulgarian and Russian. I have spent a total of 6 years as an employed tutor, from the high-school level to the college level.

West Palm Beach
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MBA student in Pakistan who scored 740 in his latest GMAT Test

I have Compiled a set of questions with their solutions explained in detail. Students have scored above 700 from my question sets. They cover all the topics and subjects of GMAT and GRE and one can prepare for it in just a month or 2.

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Math will speak to you. Math/Physics Teacher and test guru. Get it to Ace it!

For EACH TOPIC / SKILL, I actually explain WHY you are learning this, HOW to think about it in real world terms, and WHAT you need to DO to master it. The math is there, in your fingers. Let's play math together.

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GRE Tutor in NYC with 170 quantitative, 166 qualitative, Help you get the score you want!

I teach anyone who wants to take the GRE, be it a college student or someone who wants to apply for a program requiring a GRE score. Over the course of my tutoring with a student, I will give the student more and more leeway. I emphasize the need for the student to develop his or her own understanding of the problem solving approach.

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College student in Cookeville to assists with learning the sciences and more.

I am a senior in college majoring in biology with a concentration in health sciences. Willing to prepare those ranging from middle school to college in areas where they need help. Each lesson is designed around the student's needs.

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Philosophy lecturer with 5 years of experience, top GRE and LSAT scores

Our lessons will be personal and personalized; an organic and evolving development of your abilities. This is not formulaic, clock-watching tutoring. I have learned that students (often!) understand more than they realize, with scattered bits of knowledge that need only to be reinforced and unified.

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Banker with Citi, proficient in Finance and Mathematics with an Engineering and Management background (and degree)

Structure classes on topics and their inter-relatedness, breaking down each topic into further sub contents. Patient to each question posed by the student, along with a personal assistance as per the student, rather than the standard.

Fort Collins
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PhD student has more than 3 years of teaching experience based in Colorado, US

I tutor a variety of classes such as Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Economics, and Statistics. My teaching philosophy is to teach a student to develop its problem-solving ability rather than helping solve problems for him/her. I am an outgoing and easy-to-communicate tutor. I look forward to working with you.

(5 reviews)
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College Admissions/SAT/AP/GRE/Resume Tutor - Philadelphia Area - BS/MS Materials Science & Engineering at University of Pennsylvania

I am a graduate student at UPenn in Materials Science, and I have extensive experience advising high school and college students about test prep, admissions, and career choices. I care about my students, and my goal is to help them discover their interests and develop careers around that. This can begin as early as test prep and as late as graduate school and job applications.

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Higher Education Writing Tutor with 17 years’ experience, specializing in LD Writers.

I use recursive means for information’s communication, in conjunction with on-line postings and resources, both, for data’s compilation and storage, to enhance the effects of my original curricula and processes.

(3 reviews)
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Full time GMAT, MCAT, & SAT/ACT Tutor - online+San Francisco Bay Area

To understand my approach, please see my video at: (concealed information) My first step is to set goals and expectations - understand where you are and where you are going. My second step is Discovery - this is where I find out what you're struggling with. My third and last step is Reinforcement.

San Diego
Dr. alan
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Retired University Professor offering MCAT/GRE Preparation in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry, San Diego, CA

Tutor is a recently retired university Professor of Chemistry with 37 years teaching and research experience. During the past 19 years I have been a content contributor on behalf of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the agency that produces and administers MCAT.

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99th percentile GMAT and GRE math scorer, 93rd percentile GRE verbal scorer with 13+ years tutoring experience

To engage students as much as possible in their own learning, while providing supportive guidance. Tutoring standardized tests often involves assessing students' initial preparation level, as well as setting a personalized approach to mastering the material given their goals and preparation timeline.

(2 reviews)
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Professor with 15 years of experience offers excellent coaching in Math for GRE/GMAT

Problem solving for different topics will be covered. Short-cuts will be taught. GRE students will be trained to tackle Quantitative Comparison and Data Analysis sections with ease.

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Learning Partner + Mentor. Master Every Aspect of the SAT/ACT/GRE with This Harvard Guy!

Standardized tests is an endurance sport that requires some content knowledge and expert juggling of mental tasks. I can coach you through not just the necessary knowledge barriers, but also the psychological barriers designed to impede students on the test. ----- What You Can Expect From Me ----- 1. A free consultation to determine if we are a good fit. 2.

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Tutoring in the Black Hills for GED preparation, any subject that you need

I have a Bachelor of Science degree and I am Cambridge qualified to teach English as a foreign language. I have tutored or taught all levels from pre-school through undergraduate students. I absolutely love teaching and am extremely flexible on methodology and subject matter in order to best meet my individual student's needs.

New York
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Enthusiastic Master of Architecture student gives GRE English and Essay prep lessons!

GRE General Test Preparation (English + Essay): - I will coach you through the timed essay portions - preferably in person - I will follow up throughout the week with practice essay reviews. I will edit and provide comments promptly.

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PhD college professor/counselor, 30 years - excellent online tutoring -ask my students!

I explain theory with clarity on a personal level! I like to discuss, give examples and stories. I relate to students from all cultures. The subjects (Biology,Psychology, and others) will become real and easy to remember and use.

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Retired business professor with years of one-to-one writing, tutoring and study improvement expertise.

In one-to-one tutoring, I initially assess each student's learning style to determine the best instructional approach and reassess regularly to ensure the continuity of instruction to learning remains. In classroom instruction, I focus on the learning of concepts and their application.

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Geology graduate and Business Finance student with 8 years of teaching experience.

I am an MBA student with previous bachelors and masters degrees in geology and during my 2 years in geology graduate school, I was a teaching assistant (TA) for both undergraduate and graduate level geology courses. I have also been a tutor for algebra, statistics, science subjects and for various standardized tests.

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Automotive Engineer with 7 years Test Prep tutoring experience:GRE,GMAT,SAT,ACT,GED,PSAT,ISEE in Los Angeles.

My methods vary according to the student needs,I am very patient and caring, and I always give an assessment test to my new students to understand their actual level of knowledge.

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Experienced economics tutor specializing in economic research papers and econometrics. Experienced in STATA, Excel, Access, and SQL.

I have tutored dozens of students across all academic levels. All of my courses are highly tailored based on the needs of my student, their academic level, and the subject being tutored. I believe in leveraging data visualization, workflows, and step-by-step solutions.

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Perfect! L'année dernière, mon fils Louis, qui était en Terminale S renforcée, suivait sa scolarité dans un lycée parisien très sélectif et était suivi par Mounir tout au long de l'année. Je suis absolument ravie par la transformation radicale...

Helen, student
1 month ago
(79 reviews)

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