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Ara phileis mathein? Get tutored in Ancient Greek from a classics MA today!

My approach to teaching language relies heavily on focus on form (FonF), which emphasizes explicit attention to morphology in a communicative context. I also encourage students to write in the target language, pursuant to the output theory of teaching language.

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Native greek Professor offering lessons Online , with 4 years experience and studies

The methodology of the course varies according to the objective of each student if the aim is to obtain a degree or basic understanding of the language or the understanding of Greek texts or an examination. Comparing the Greek language with the English or Spanish language is very interesting and can help my students to better understand the two languages.

New York
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Native Greek woman gives modern/ ancient Greek lessons to people interested in one of the oldest languages in the world

I can repeat as many times or in multiple different ways the subject in order to be understandable for the student.

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Highly experienced Bilingual Greek teacher is giving Online Greek lessons to English speaking students

I give Greek lessons to English speaking junior, primary and high school students,college students and business people. I am a qualified Bilingual , highly experienced teacher in Greece ( Bachelors Degree). I am a native Greek and English speaker .

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Gifted and passionate teacher with 37 years experience teaches Greek for reading and writing excellence

I have studied and read Ancient and New Testament Greek and Hebrew on a regular basis and have taught these languages in a wide variety of settings for the past 37 years. I have several earned degrees that included learning Greek and Hebrew at the highest level. I have taught Greek at the university level and both of these languages in many other settings.

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Expert Esl teacher teaches you how to speak English or Greek fast!

Using simple words to communicate instead of translating complicated sentences and idioms from their native language to English or Greek.

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If you are not satisfied with the depicted meanings given by the many translations of the Bible, then learning the original language in which it was written is the answer. Biblical Greek is the langua

My method of teaching is to make the complex grammatical structure of the Biblical Greek language simple and easily understandable to the student, avoiding the commonly used difficult scholarly approaches that often block out and frustrate the students. My lessons structure includes reading with emphasis in proper phonetics, writing an translating from Biblical Greek to English.

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Experienced actress, born and raised in Greece, gives Greek language lessons in New York

I am Christiana and i am an experienced actress, born and raised in Greece. I have studied Photography and Acting. According to my theatrical studies my knowledge in Greek grammar, Greek accent, Greek joint and generally in Greek language is in high level. I can combine theatre and teaching for young students,so the class is never boring.

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Experienced ESL teacher from Greece. Taught there for 12 years and looking forward to continuing career in Texas. Could also teach Greek although I have only been certified to teach English. I am a fl

Name: Stamatia Katerina Zouboulikos Phone number:(concealed information) Address: 6803 Sharon Ln, Hitchcock T.X. 77563 I have been teaching it seems like my whole life. Unfortunately, my certificate does not apply in Texas USA, so I must find alternative solutions to continue practising my work. I started teaching in 2003 up until 2014 when I had my daughter.

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I love to help other people let me help you with greek

I am a greek student and want to help others learn greek. Greek is such a good language. Also with greek comes a great knowledge of English grammar. I am so excited to help others with their grammar and their english.

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Fascinating, exciting and great - Greek language instructor and cross-cultural coach Online

A language course for students of all ages in International Business, Cross-cultural training, terminology and all language related needs. Private, One-on-One or groups. Best techniques and materials are used to meet student's language goals of all levels. Emphasis on Listening, Reading, Pronunciation, Writing, Comprehension, Speaking ability etc.

Fort Washington
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Graduate student teaching or tutoring for Biblical Greek in the Philadelphia area.

My teaching methodology is student-centered. Greek is a difficult subject for many high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, and a tutor can be one of the most helpful resources for grasping the material.

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Native Greek in Educaional Sciences gives tuitions in modern greek via Skype!

Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, junior, senior, college, adult education, beginner, intermediate, advanced..

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It is all Greek to me, 1st gen living in New Jersey

I am a first generation Greek speaker and am a full-time teacher. I am aware of pedagogies involved with educating young learners and can make it meaningful! Greek is a great language to learn for future, whether for school work, or travel.

Las Vegas
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College student with 3 years experience tutors in Intermidiate Greek language online to college students, and adults

Hello my name is Anastasia, and i am a college student attending the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas Nevada. I tutor in Intermidiate Greek, and also i tutor in U.S history and World history as well. My method of tutoring is making sure the student understands the material by sitting for hours and demonstrate the topic, as well to give as many examples as possible relating to the topic.

Paris 10e
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Literary translator gives modern Greek lessons all levels - original method tested and approved

As a painter by training, the relationship between text and image is central to my work because I mainly work as a writer and illustrator of children's books. I spent my childhood in Greece where I was born but I have lived in France for a very long time.

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Greek Tutor in London and via Skype

Native speaker of Greek with 15 years teaching experience. I am enthusiastic and passionate about offering my students the opportunity to explore the maximum of their potential and achieve success. My lessons are communicative and include all skills, with emphasis on building up students' confidence in speaking.

(12 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced teacher gives private lessons in modern Greek in Rueil Malmaison and neighboring towns, and on the Internet

Experienced teacher (5+ years) provides modern Greek courses: • To ADULTS and also Franco-Greek bilingual CHILDREN (age 4+) • Course solo or in small groups • All levels Holding a degree in the Sciences of Education from a Greek university, with a specialization in the teaching of Greek as a foreign language (vocational training), Fotini guarantees a fun and effective learning accordi

Paris 20e
(6 reviews)
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Particular course in modern Greek at Paris

I offer Modern Greek course for all levels. Grammar, written and oral language, games and exercises to the needs of students. Conversation workshops, reading and pronunciation.

Lyon 7e
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Greek student (Master in Law) gives private and group lessons in modern Greek.

Although we knew a lot of words and all the rules of grammar, we still cannot improvise and make a correct sentence in a given situation. For me, to speak, or to write, is not to repeat something already said or heard but to create a new statement, never heard or said.

(9 reviews)

Modern Greek Tutor Based In Coulsdon & On-Line For Adult Beginners, Improvers or Intermediate

I am a native Greek speaker, born and bred in Athens. I am also fluent in English and have lived in England since 2000. I have successfully taught adults & children since 1986. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Modern Greek from beginner to intermediate level including GCSE.

(9 reviews)
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Modern Greek via skype (Greek graduate in history, archeology and anthropology) !

I am a Greek student of archeology. I teach: modern Greek. Lessons available for the following levels: primary school, secondary school, high school, technical-professional institute, university, adult education, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, other professional training, beginner, intermediate, advanced, for children ..

(6 reviews)
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Teaching English, Modern Grec and Albanian in Antibes

Hello everybody. I lived in 3 countries and I speak 5 languages. I teach English, Modern Grec and Albanian. Greek and Albanian are my native languages. My main activity is Coaching and Personnal Development. You can take a look at my website :(concealed information) I live in the French Riviera, in Antibes and I give private or group lessons in Greek and in English.

(6 reviews)
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Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures. I teach Modern Greek both at home in Milan and online via Skype!

Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures. I teach Modern Greek, English and Spanish both at home in Milan and online via Skype. I have 5 years experience in teaching foreign languages.

Paris 2e
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English; French FLE; Modern Greek - I taught French 15 years at the University of Nottingham (UK), I am French and Greek and now live on Patmos, a Greek island

I like to teach in an interactive way, based on the interests of my students to make learning effective and attractive. I taught languages ​​for over 20 years (University of Nottingham) and I hold a Master - I am French with Greek and Armenian origins, I lived 20 years in England and I have lived for 4 years in the island of Patmos (Greece).

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David - Abingdon - Greek

Welcome! A freelance tutor and singer, I give "Personal tuition in the right key". I can help you get the highest grades in exams, and study in the "key" that best suits you. Like the right song choices, I often inspire my students to succeed.

West Hampstead

Joe - West Hampstead - Greek

I believe that pupils truly excel when they are empowered to take control of their own learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Latin and Ancient Greek. My specialist interest is language work, although I also teach some literature. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Ghada - Newcastle upon Tyne - Greek

I enjoy tutoring and am keen to provide individualised, tailored support to you, while presenting information in a variety of ways, emphasising relevance of class material to the world beyond the classroom and enhancing your performance and grades - Which subject(s) do you teach? I am a tutor who specialises in Maths up to and including undergraduate level and Physics up to GCSE.

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English to Students of Other Languages by experienced teacher - Glasgow - All levels (Children, Adults)

I have 6 years of international experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. So far, I have delivered language classes in Greece, Spain, Romania and Scotland. I have taught both young learners and adults in all levels, as well as prepared my students for IELTS, TOEIC, FCE, CAE, CPE exams.

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Perfect! He's very nice and patient, which for me is great since i tend to take some time to learn some things. I highly recomend him. Great teacher.

Ailyn, student
10 months ago
(6 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your greek lessons

The Greek language is preeminent in the Western history and culture. Most of the terms used in the language dates back to ancient Greece. The modern Greek language is spoken by over twelve million people more so in Greece where it is the official language. This means that as a tourist, student or employee visiting this country learning the new language will be a top most priority. It is for this reason that we offer Greek lessons taught by Greek teachers. These Greek teachers are native speakers of the language, and so you are assured of getting the best out of the Greek lessons. The lessons are divided into smaller parts so that you can learn the basics first before advancing to technical terms. You can also learn Khmer and enroll for Polish lessons at superPROF. Our Ukrainian teachers and Hungarian tutor can also be of great help if you are seeking, or you know somebody who wants to learn the respective languages.