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My name is Lili, and i’ve been playing the guitar since first grade! No matter what level you are, i’ll be sure to teach you whatever you desire.

I usually start my classes with the question ‘what have you been playing recently?’ to get a feel for the type of player the student is. Then, I transition towards more technical things, like new versions of chords, pick out picking errors, and music theory pertaining to guitar.

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Professional Guitarist, Keyboardist, Composer, bassist and Vocalists teaching for over 25 years

My method is simple: Let's find what kind of music you enjoy listening to. Together we lay out a lesson plan that will have you playing your favorite songs in just a few lessons. You will learn all the proper technique as we explore a wide variety of music.

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I have been playing guitar for 13 years now and I enjoy watching others learn and progress throughout their journey in becoming a guitarist.

I teach through example and I am very patient. We will do one or two techniques in a lesson, being sure to do it right the first time.

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Giving guitar lessons in New York with 15 years of experience to all ages

depending on the level the student is at, i will be going thought different things. will be utilizing internet to play solo over a background music or going through scales and arpeggios and share what i had to discover though my journey and encourage students to learn on their own while i feedback techniques and information that is hard to garner without personal training.

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Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

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Versatile, Degreed, Classically Trained, Professional Performer & Music Educator offering private lessons.

Most of my students I work on skills to develop independent study, covering good technique, repertoire and music theory.

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Traveling Guitar Instructor in Phoenix now teaching Music Theory/Funk/Jazz/Rock/Blues/Reggae/Fingerstyle/Pop to all ages

My teaching method involves a blend of blues, rock, metal, funk, fingerstyle, ear training and a visual approach to scales, chords and theory that students can easily understand and implement.

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Professional metal guitarist of 13+ years, audio engineer, and song writer teaching beginner-intermediate guitar lessons

My teaching methodology is patience and fun. To me, there is no point in learning something that you don't personally enjoy. I learned how to play guitar at my own pace, with zero-pressure, and no rush. I believe it is important for others to learn in a similar manner. I will strive to make this experience something we can both enjoy.

Santa Clarita
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Awarded guitarist with 25 years of experiences gives guitar lesson at home in Los Angeles

My teaching method is based on the practical aspect of the instrument. Although I teach technik and music theory, my approach focus in how to play in a fast and effective way melodies, rythms, chords and tunes.

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Guitarist with 57 years experience willing to share my knowledge in jazz, rock, country, blues, funk and jug band music.

All you have to do is ask questions and I'll do my best to teach you everything I can, and knowledge of what I've learned over the years.

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A self tought, concert guitarist/bassist/vocals with 8 years expirence. Teaching from my home in Arkansas

I have a chill, judgement free, class. I teach you based on what you want to learn. You are the teacher.

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I am an Electric Guitarist with 11 years of experience and 5 years of experience in Classical Guitar.

My teaching method is based on what the student's goals are and what they want to accomplish. I also keep a particular organized lesson plan as an option for the best possible results. I encourage and I am patient with those who are willing to learn and succeed.

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Guitar teacher with 5 years of experience and 1 year of teaching experience. Teach at home in Yucaipa to all ages.

My teaching method is to help learn you favorite song!start by teaching chords and figuring followed by reading sheet music and how to strum and keep rythm.

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I’m an experienced Bilingual (English, Spanish) guitar teacher, with stage experience too.

I base my lessons on Improving technical skills guided with music my students actually like. I’m very focused on improvisation and harmony knowledge.

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Guitarist with 10 years of experience. I can do both strumming techniques and fingerstyle techniques.

I am looking to give lessons to anyone. I believe that a student is only as good as the mentor. I tend to be more casual so that learning can be more emotional, which I believe to be an important aspect in musicians. Whether to play professionally or for a girlfriend, I plan to start students off with proper techniques so that they may take 10 times more out of a lesson than other students.

Los Angeles
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Beginning guitar tutor with 10 years rhythm guitar experience in the Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Gardena area.

As a Music Esucation student and High School tutor, my teaching method is to build an open relationship with my students and to build the lessons based on what the student would like to learn using my 10 years experience as a rhythm guitarist.

San Diego
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Solo guitarist with 10 years experience teaches beginning, intermediate & guitar composition.

Every two weeks students get to be introduced to new material. At the end of the month students have the opportunity to work on a given song as their monthly showcase instead of a test. Assignments include 10 to 20 min practice, music note practice sheet, note composition, and chord progression.

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Guitarist with 28 years of experience available to teach students young and old. All styles of music, acoustic and electric, lead and rhythm guitar.

I intend to break down each lesson step by step to make it interesting and fun, and above all else, I intend to encourage students that flaunt their creativity.

Long Beach
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Learn Guitar in a Month! Learn to Play Acoustic and Electric Guitar! (Bilingual)

I am a self taught guitarist of 8 years. I am the founder of my own band "The Palechubs." I have experience with Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Reggae. My method of teaching is consistent in the sense that we will go at the tempo you are comfortable with. In my learning experience I have found tricks that will make learning the instrument fun and easy for both beginners and players with experience.

Southwest Ranches
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6 years of playing instrumental guitar music giving lessons in my home to those who wish to learn

I like to base my instruction according to what the student wants to learn. You wanna learn to play your favorite T.V. show theme song, I can also teach in a classical music theory oriented style and show you how the 7 elements of music are created and manipulated to created beautiful music.

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Lessons learned, Lessons taught....I have played guitar since I was a child.

I learn from experience and I watch techniques closely, I can pick up what your style is by watching your methods. So I would be able to assist you with at any sort of handling problem or situation that you may have.

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MA guitarist with 10 years experience and knowledge of music theory offering lessons for kids and adults!

I offer beginner lessons for both children and adults. Each lesson will consist of warm ups, learning music theory, and learning how to play songs of your choice to help you learn faster, provide things to practice other than scales, and be able to enjoy the process while learning songs you love.

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Electric and acoustic guitarist with 8 years of experience, gives lessons anytime, anywhere in San Diego.

My teaching method is firm instruction on the basic foundations of guitar playing, then a focus on the particular genre the student is interested in. The fundamentals of great guitar playing are manual dexterity and knowledge of chords, so the beginning will focus on these aspects.

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College student offering guitar lessons to beginning students. 5 years of music and tutoring experience

My teaching method is student focused. Tell me what you want to take away from the lesson(s), be it specific or generic, and a lesson plan can be created speficially for you! I am competent in and can teach; rock, blues, reggae, folk, funk, jazz, and other types of music that feature guitars.

Miami Shores
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Learning how to play an instrument can be fun, easy, fast and effective.

I've been teaching music at home, christian churches and for some online music schools including Wyzant, Musika lessons, Take lessons for almost 15 years to pro level. With the effective books and some comprehensive scales, chords and arpeggios' techniques, I teach my students how to play the instruments, read and understand music the fun, easy, fast and the most effective way.

Wrightsville Beach
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Blues and Rock Electric Guitarist Located in Wilmington (Recent graduate from UNCW)

I am currently 23 years old and have just graduated from UNCW with a degree in Biology. I have been playing the guitar for 12 years extensively. I have accumulated over the years practice routines which yield exciting growth. I teach phrasing, tactile ability, and music theory. As well as rock, blues, and rnb guitar styles.

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Tutor - string instruments- guitar, bass- upright and electric, and piano all levels

I studied music at the University or California and taught orchestra in High school, middle school and elementary school for 42 years!! I have worked at music camps and have performed in many orchestras. My major instrument is Double Bass.

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Belmont guitar performance grad giving lessons in Nashville to all ages.

Whether a beginner needing to get started out on the right foot, or an experienced player looking to kick things up a notch, I will create a personalized curriculum for your interests and needs.

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Experienced guitarist with 15 years of playing experience and 4 prior years of teaching lessons for individual students.

I base my teaching method mainly upon speaking someone’s language in order to not only be sure that my students understand what they are being taught, but also perhaps to create a certain amount of enthusiasm for what they are learning.

Crown Point
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Offering guitar lessons that are focused towards what you want to learn

My main teaching methodology is to teach my students exactly what they want to learn while keeping them interested in what they are doing

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Perfect! Javier is an excellent teacher and goes the extra mile to ensure that I am understanding and practicing the right rhythm of each new part of the song I am learning. Highly recommended.

Jessica, student
4 months ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! Inigo is very knowledgeable. He is punctal and comes prepared for the lesson. My son is always looking forward to have the guitar lesson with Inigo. Very happy to have him as a teacher.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(4 reviews)

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In case you are just learning to play musical instruments, or you love music and you are seeking to learn the guitar, then you are in the exact right place. At superPROF, there are numerous guitar teachers who are trained and are experts at playing the guitar. They offer guitar lessons for any interested persons at affordable rates within an agreed time. They will take you through all the required steps to ensure that you master both the basics and technical stuff. The guitar lessons will vary for beginners and those with knowledge of how to play the guitar. You will learn how to play guitar, how to hold it, tune it, strum it, play your first chords as well as play your first song on the guitar.The guitar teachers offer private lessons exclusively online. It is done so for convenience as people from other countries can access their services. We also offer music early learning activities - for children lessons. Our bass guitar tutor and transverse flute teachers can also help you learn to play the respective instruments. If you are interested in learning to play the wind instruments you can also get tutors.