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Professional guitarist / composer, teacher in different schools for over 10 years

I focus my lessons on the practice of the instrument, without solfeggio at first, I pay particular attention to the musical and intellectual development of the student that I push to develop his own style according to his desires and his personal evolution. I also give great importance to the body, the position to allow the student to play freely without tension.

1st lesson offered free !

Electric guitar lessons, Rock, Metal, Blues, 18 years of stage and studio experience. Become a guitar hero\m/

I approach individually to every student, depending on his music taste and goal that he wants to achieve. I teach the foundation of guitar playing like chords and scales and then I teach how to develop them in an intuitive way. I'll teach all kinds of techniques like picking, sweep picking, tapping, arppegio, bending of guitar playing targeted for a Lead Guitarist.

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Guitar teacher with barchelor degree offers classes for all levels in Palma de Mallorca.

If you have a low level and you are starting from scratch, or you have been playing the guitar for a while but you are stuck and you can not move forward, I offer private lessons to learn from any level. My name is Milton and I have the Higher Degree in Guitar-Jazz from the Higher Conservatory of the Basque Country (MUSIKENE).

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I teach guitar, electric and acoustic, beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level, practical classes, fun and focused on the constant improvement of your instrument

The methodology I use is 70% practical and 20% theoretical, given that according to my experience the student usually responds better and bored less than with continuous theoretical terms, I usually adapt to the preferences of the student and I focus on what the student student wants to learn, this is valid for the intermediate and advanced levels, at the most basic level I focus on knowing in a...

East Brisbane
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Advanced Guitar Lessons in Jazz, Bebop and Gypsy Jazz $60 an hour

Jazz Improvisation, Theory, Ear Training, Learning Tunes, Guitar Technique, How to Practice, Picking Techniques, Solo guitar, Comping, Guitar, Jazz, Daily Routine Exercises, The Left Hand, The Right Hand, Fingerings, Picking Technique, Octave Warm-Up, Playing Scales, Voicings, Chord Inversions, Drop 2, Open Voicing, Harmonizing Melodies, Chord Types, Improvisation, Spread Voicing, Drop 3,...

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Classes of electric or acoustic guitar in Zaragoza, initiation level, medium and medium-high

In class I adapt to the level and taste of each student. I teach especially from modern styles such as pop, rock, folk, indie, blues, jazz ... but any style is welcome. I combine the practical with the theoretical in an entertaining way, since I think it is important to understand what is touched and why.

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Musician offers music, composition, keyboard, solfeggio and song lessons Bogotá, Chía and surroundings

My teaching method is based on the needs and interests of the student. I plan the classes under this premise, I take the time to get to know my students so I know where they want to direct their knowledge and after that I prepare and propose the classes to empower them. The most important thing is to learn by having fun.

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Music - Guitar tutor based in Guildford, teaching for exams or with the advancement of the students' musicality as the primary focus.

My teaching method and approach is always different and depends on what the student wants from our lessons; I would be happy teaching from classical guitar to electric or bass guitar.

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Guitar, piano, singing and songwriting tuition being offered in Troon, Camborne, Cornwall

I like to teach music in a way that will get my students to develop their musical ear and aural perception, allowing them to more independently learn the songs that they wish to learn themselves without the need of lots of sheet music and other types of notation.

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I have been playing and teaching guitar gor about 35 years all over the world. Music is my true passion and I love teaching people how to play and love showing how to express a true passion for it. I

Music is my true passion for life and I love teaching people how to play and love showing how to express a true passion for music. I can teach all levels and like to teach from basics all the way to experienced including scales. I've been playing for about 35 years all over the world with many different bands.

Jamie-guitar/vocal coach at francejam music
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Guitar Lessons in Bexley and South East London my Expirenced home tutor- Jamie at FranceJam Music

Hi my name is Jamie.I run FranceJam Music,Specialising in Guitar/Drums/Vocal coaching/Bass Guitar/Ukulele and music production check website for full details. 15 years experience in the music industry.my lessons are fun,engaging and rewarding.

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Learn any type of guitar acoustic, bass, electric, ukelele. Just with a call

I just clears out the basic and minor errors made by students while playing which increases speed and hence the sound.

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Graduating gives classical and electric guitar lessons for students aged 6 and up. Basic or advanced level.

The standard lessons are individual, lasting one hour per week. In any case, I am available for any change of schedules and frequency upon agreement. They take place preferably in person but in case of necessity also online via webcam.

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Do you want to learn guitar? Want techniques, tools and tips to develop better? Want to understand better about harmony? Want to go from beginner to advanced? Run and find me!

My methodology is based on the need of each student, I try to understand what each student looks for in music and to bring paths and tools for them to develop.

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Travelling Guitar tutor to within 5 miles radius of Anerley. 1st class undergraduate in Jazz Guitar

I believe in the power of having a positive tutor particularly in creative pursuits. My approach is to encourage students to practice. I would also like to push my students to begin to search for outlets for their new found expression. I believe a friendly and down-to-earth demeanor is the best approach.

Kew East
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Melbourne guitar player of 13 years looking to impart wisdom on those seeking guidance in their musical journey

I believe learning the guitar should always be fun. I subscribe to a style of teaching where the student directs the learning based on their interests.

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Superior Teacher gives classes of Guitar, Piano, (Solfeggio, Harmony) with (without) displacement at home.

The methods: - academic (for those who want it) and - personalized with a wide variety of styles. (Some class can be seen on YouTube). All ages (from 4 years old). All levels.

Jardim Pires de Campos
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Professor of popular guitar for more than 20 years, specializing in Brazilian guitar and seven string guitar, 8 years of experience in front of a samba group. She teaches at home and via skype.

I think everyone can play the guitar, everyone can enjoy the pleasant moments that these instruments can offer, thinking about it, I give my classes over the type of music that the student likes, if you like sertanejo, we will go that way, if you like mpb , we will get mpb and so on. I also use videos, audios and pdf sent by whatsApp, e-mail, etc.

Sebastian brenner
(1 review)
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Tutor Guitar and Bass initial level in Murcia(Chord,Scales,Rhythn,Rock,Soul,Kids Songs,Sing) (All Ages/Car home)

Learning enjoying the music and classes is the goal principal.Ademas transcend the technicalities to get where the student / a musical.Confluir wants to guide its development in a space where inteaccion intrumental motivation and ilucion engines are the drivers of the lessons.

Saint Kilda East
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Guitar tutor & mentor : learn the tools to enable you to write your own songs

My method is to start with a simple theme, either a rhythm, a chord, a scale and expand it into an original piece of music. Teach students how they can apply these tools to learn & master the guitar. The key is to create achievable goals and focus on these with each lesson.

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Learn Guitar from an Experienced Professional, Most styles Catered For, in Melbourne, Over 40 years experience

The lessons are structured to accomodate the individual needs and direction of each student . A plan is made to help each student achieve their goals as effectively as possible, be it live perfromance, audition preparation or basic skill and technique development. I recommend a focus on fundamentals to create a foundation for development.

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Music graduate offering guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities

I offer reasonably priced bespoke acoustic and/or electric guitar lessons for players of any ability. I have taught grades before so am more than happy to help players through their graded exams. Or I can simply help students learn their favourite songs as well as teaching key techniques to progress in their preferred genres and style.

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Teaching musical instruments such as, guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums and ukelele!

My teaching method is to get to know the pupil and to create lessons which tailor the pupils needs. I would teach the basics and band methodology to pupils of any age. I am a casual put professional tutor which makes lessons fun and enjoyable. I believe that working in an ensemble is a good way of teaching and will play along side my pupils making lessons fun and educational.

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Experienced blues guitarist offering beginner and intermediate lessons in Elgin and Forres

I am looking for students who want to take their playing to the next step along the path - those who want to start to accompany themselves while they sing, those who want to move from acoustic to electric, those who want to move from playing chords to playing lead.. these are steps i have taken myself and wish to share what i have learned.

Port Melbourne
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Discover your Inner Musician! Improvize with Confidence! Play & Sing Your Favourite Tunes

My teaching methods vary from student to student. I understand the importance of listening skills and empathy when teaching and interacting with the students. I strive to be a clear communicator. I strive to make the learning process to be engaging & fun with activities and getting the student to participate in the lesson, instead of being a passive observer.

Carnon Downs
Przemyslaw 'prez'
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Falmouth University graduate based in Truro specialising in fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Also happy to teach beginner electric and classical guitar. DBS qualified.

I specialise in acoustic guitar. I can teach advanced fingerstyle guitar, but also aspiring electric and classical guitarists. During the first lesson I ask students what music they listen to and what they would like to learn. My teaching method is to design lessons that will suit my clients requirements and create lesson plans to every student individually.

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Guitarist/Music producer/Composer with music theory and practical playing experience for online class

My teaching method is 25% theory and 75% practical. I will assess your existing playability and tailor the lesson plans for your needs, based on your interests and what you want to learn.

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Chilled Guitar Tutoring for beginners who are looking for a fun teacher

My teaching method is to keep the student entertained by teaching songs and riffs but also i teach the theory behind things such as scales and the CAGED system. I take my time with each student and i am patient to no end.

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Rock Guitarist offering Guitar lessons from beginner to Advanced Higher in central Scotland

I base my classes around where the student is, and what fundamentals they require. The constants across all abilities will be a focus on the techniques needed to play guitar, as well as a havy emphasis on playnig to a metronome. Whether preparing for an exam, or you just want to get better, my teaching will make you a well equipped player.

1st lesson offered free !

If you just need someone to get you started or you’re in it for the long haul, I can happily get you there.

Everybody wants something different out of these lessons so I plan them accordingly. You will learn theory, scales, chords and advanced techniques but it’s all done whilst playing your favorite songs. Whit Guitar/Bass you will also learn maintenance from cleaning, tuning using ears only to upgrading pickups and adjusting the action using various techniques.

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Perfect! Javier is an excellent teacher and goes the extra mile to ensure that I am understanding and practicing the right rhythm of each new part of the song I am learning. Highly recommended.

Jessica, student
5 months ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! Inigo is very knowledgeable. He is punctal and comes prepared for the lesson. My son is always looking forward to have the guitar lesson with Inigo. Very happy to have him as a teacher.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(4 reviews)

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In case you are just learning to play musical instruments, or you love music and you are seeking to learn the guitar, then you are in the exact right place. At superPROF, there are numerous guitar teachers who are trained and are experts at playing the guitar. They offer guitar lessons for any interested persons at affordable rates within an agreed time. They will take you through all the required steps to ensure that you master both the basics and technical stuff. The guitar lessons will vary for beginners and those with knowledge of how to play the guitar. You will learn how to play guitar, how to hold it, tune it, strum it, play your first chords as well as play your first song on the guitar.The guitar teachers offer private lessons exclusively online. It is done so for convenience as people from other countries can access their services. We also offer music early learning activities - for children lessons. Our bass guitar tutor and transverse flute teachers can also help you learn to play the respective instruments. If you are interested in learning to play the wind instruments you can also get tutors.