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Pop/Rock keyboardist and guitarist with 10-15 years experience based in Nashville, Tennessee.

My teaching method is based on using technology as a resource, whether it's listening to recordings or watching live performances on youtube. I assimilate the student in the music and styles being learnt and guide them in replicating the sound, style, and feel of the performer.

El Monte
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10+ years experienced guitarist offering inhome lessons in LA county district to all ages

My role as a teacher is to supply my students with the right skill set to pursue their own creativity. With music, there is no set solution to any given problem. That is why I enjoy being very flexible with my students. Any piece of repertoire can be played and interpreted in a variety of ways. I strive for originality and encourage my students to do the same with any piece of music they play.

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Professional guitarist with 15 years of experience peeforming and teaching around the world

I believe that the best way to teach is by student engaged and motivated. I teach my students the music they want to learn while teaching them other aspects of music in parallel. I would usually teach a student a song and then teach him the major scale and make him connect the theoretical content to the music.

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Guitar Lessons With International Performer in Portland - Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz

I cater to what my student's interests are and am happy to take suggestions for material they'd like to learn in lessons. At the same time, I feel it's my responsibility to draw from my background as a music professional and show the student material they may be unaware of.

Los Angeles
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Guitar Instructor trained through the Bruce Hornsby's Creative American Music program at University of Miami offering guitar lessons to students of all levels in Los Angeles

I teach all skill levels, and I cover a broad scope of disciplines, depending on the skill level of the student, from technique intensive guitar-specific things (basic technique to specialized, i.e. arpeggios, fingerstyle) to music theory application, songwriting/composition aid, improvisation, reading etc.

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Professional shredder and educator in Brooklyn, NY offering guitar lessons to all skills and ages!

Students of mine have been as young as 4 to as old as 55. I believe each student requires a different approach to learning and I dedicate a lot of time to figuring out what works for and inspires each student. Alongside that I believe it’s very important to build a positive relationship with my students and be somewhat of a mentor to them, especially as students get older.

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Music producer, composer and performer with experience of over 15 years and over 10 years as an educator.

My method is to understand what the student wants to learn or if they are not yet certain, try and work with different styles to build interest. Once I establish that the idea to build on theory, techniques, sight reading and listening skills based on where the student's interest lies.

Las Vegas
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Professional musician in Las Vegas teaches guitar and bass to students of all skill levels and ages.

My lessons are completely student focused. I will teach you whatever it is you want to learn on the guitar, and I will also teach you the "why" of certain techniques you are learning. At the first lesson I will evaluate your goals and make a game plan to get you there. Over the first few lessons, I will observe your learning style, and adjust my teaching style to match.

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Music graduate with 20+ years experience gives guitar lessons in all genres to all ages and skill levels!

I offer group and private lessons in all genres to all skill levels. I have curated my curriculum with a multi-faceted approach, which includes technical prowess, performance, music theory, and music history. The main focus of my lessons is to instill the idea that my students are musicians first and foremost. Being a "guitarist" is secondary.

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Get funky in Denver with a young passionate musician and learn guitar!

I am a very hands on teacher and like to teach children and beginners to show them how exciting playing the guitar can be. The beginning stages of learning the guitar can be daunting but with my help, I can bring joy and fun to the learning experience. I like to teach on a song based curriculum. Students can pick a song they would like to learn and we work on it together.

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Musician and educator with experience in elementary education, music technology, and theory

I'm a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist with a degree in Music Education. I'm most experienced teaching children in grades K-6, but have taught all ages (including adults). I like to structure lessons based on the student's interests, incorporating national music education standards and building a foundation for lifelong musicianship.

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Jazz guitarist with extensive teaching and touring experience gives in home lessons

I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music who teaches guitar lessons tailored to the needs of each individual student. I create lesson plans based on the students interests, and take all the necessary steps to help every student achieve their goals.

Ormond Beach
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Teacher: Middle School History and Math. Can Instruct: Guitar, Intermediate Level (played professionally)

I have a Ph.D. in Education. I have taught for 36 years in Illinois Middle Schools. I was a teacher, guidance counselor, assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent and Wrestling Coach. I have also played guitar for 50+. I have played both professionally and for leisure. I have recorded songs and written songs since I was 21 years old.

San Antonio
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Guitar Lessons in San Antonio Texas, Performance Degree All ages All Skill Levels

Associate of Applied Science in Guitar Performance from the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. I try to instruct the student in a way that fosters exploration of music and the guitar. I teach music theory as well as playing skills.

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Austin Musician Gives Bass, Guitar, Mandolin Lessons at Home, Acoustic and Electric

Hi! I'm a self-taught guitarist and bassist living in Austin, Texas (the live music capital of the world). I offer online lessons to beginners who have never held a guitar through advanced players who would like to try more challenging songs or techniques. Once I can assess where you are in skill level, we'll begin with some chords and progress into playing your favorite songs.

Birch Run
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Beginner to Advanced level guitar lessons, tips, and techniques for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar playing.

My name is Travis McInerney and I give guitar and bass lessons ranging from basic chords and progressions to intermediate-advanced solo and lead technique, songwriting tips/lessons, and cover song tutorials for anyone who wants to work on their guitar playing! Focused on the rock, metal, and blues genres but all genres welcome! Just tell me what you would like to work on and lessons will occur...

San Antonio
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Fine Tuner of where you want to go / Guitar player with 13 yrs playing experience classically trained and self taught.

I had some formal guitar training in high school with mariachi and chord progressions as well as classical guitar training. I've taken my own guitar education and looked through learning multiple scales or building music or chord progressions and being able to see the ease of using the circle of fifths.

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Jazz guitarist of 12 years coming from folk, blues, and rock, love to teach any genre or style

I enjoy focusing on things that challenge my students, so that they can grow beyond what they thought was possible. I am willing to teach any level and any age. Playing the guitar is a joy beyond any other, I intend to spread that joy.

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Over 30 years experience! Private guitar instruction in my studio or your home.

I use music theory as a foundation for teaching all styles from Bach to Rock. My system really helps beginners learn more quickly.

Punta Gorda
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Singer song writer with years of experience, that makes it fun to play .

I teach what you want to learn. You ask me and I will provide the best that we can offer , together we can make it happen. The skills you will learn will come from within yourself and will be full filling.

Los Angeles
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Jazz/Rock Guitarist + Bassist + Vocalist with 12 years of Experience, Affordable Lessons Online

I approach each topic individually based on the student's experience and learning style. I've had some students get things quicker than others which is why I prefer to avoid group settings. I also prefer to work towards students interests. There's always a way to find rudimentary materials in things that are interesting as opposed to running boring drills.

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Music education student in college with previous teaching experience for six months

I mainly teach beginner players. I use guitar books, and my experience in music. I go with whatever pace you need and I will try to help in any way I can. I am easy to be around and learn from.

New Orleans
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Bilingual (Spanish/English) Guitar Teacher to Help You Build Confidence On and Off Stage!

My teaching focus is on sharing my personal experience as well as helping you find the tools you need to develop your craft in the way that feels the most you and allows you to create music on your own.

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Rock/Metal guitarist with over ten years of experience, teaching in the UCF area.

My teaching method is first and foremost based on what the student wants to learn. Anything from basic techniques to music theory and sweep picking. Nothing is off limits. My main demographic focus will be to help beginning and intermediate guitar players hone their instrument. I want students to enjoy themselves in a fun and stress free learning environment.

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Guitarist and rock band member with 31 years of experience giving lessons from home.

My teaching styles vary, depending on the individual or group. My belief is that everyone is teachable; it just depends on what mode of learning is comfortable to them. I am fairly patient because learning guitar takes time and repetition. Anyone can be comfortable with my teaching so long as they have a strong desire to learn.

Santa Cruz
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Guitarist of 6 years who proficient in music theory and reading music. I can also can teach a wide variety of styles from jazz to metal.

I find that 1 on 1 teaching or very small group teaching works better. Then that allows me to really learn what each students strengths and weaknesses are. From that I can try to develop a way of learning that works for them.

West Haven
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Musical strumming with ease. Play guitar catchy songs with ease day one.

Students will begin each session learning to tune the guitar with a battery operated tuner. The lesson will continue with single note applications easing the finger strength. Both harmony and melody will be taught using notes and later chord structure.

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Author of Guitar Basics and Five Forms Guitar Method. Bachelor of Music Education and years of experience. Learn to play across the strings and up and down the neck in time. Have fun. Develop finger c

I teach how to hold the instrument and both fingerpicking and with plectrum pick. There are Five Forms of major chords based on the roots located on each string. Navigate in any direction. Humans have two legs and therefore I teach basics at a tempo of 60 beats per minute which is a healthy steady pulse of one beat per second. Basic beat divided into one, two, three and four equal parts.

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Music is a language. We speak Guitar|Learn Rhythm Lead and Bass| Rocksmith Club | Rockville MD

1| My method is a fun, energy-packed and safe environment where kids are encouraged to love God, music, their band members, and their electric guitar or bass. My desire is to partner with Church, Schools, parents to teach kids (6 and up) basic music skills using technology, rock, blues and worship, and this to serve as foundation for their musical growth and performances in their lives.

Paradise Valley
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Professional guitarist with 35 years experience now giving private instruction in Scottsdale area.

I generally like to start by finding out what motivates the student, this gives a better idea on the approach of lesson structure. No two students are alike, and for this reason I try to fit lessons to the individual, this gives a better experience and faster progress for the student.

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Perfect! Javier is an excellent teacher and goes the extra mile to ensure that I am understanding and practicing the right rhythm of each new part of the song I am learning. Highly recommended.

Jessica, student
1 month ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! Inigo is very knowledgeable. He is punctal and comes prepared for the lesson. My son is always looking forward to have the guitar lesson with Inigo. Very happy to have him as a teacher.

Kamal, student
1 year ago
(4 reviews)

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In case you are just learning to play musical instruments, or you love music and you are seeking to learn the guitar, then you are in the exact right place. At superPROF, there are numerous guitar teachers who are trained and are experts at playing the guitar. They offer guitar lessons for any interested persons at affordable rates within an agreed time. They will take you through all the required steps to ensure that you master both the basics and technical stuff. The guitar lessons will vary for beginners and those with knowledge of how to play the guitar. You will learn how to play guitar, how to hold it, tune it, strum it, play your first chords as well as play your first song on the guitar.The guitar teachers offer private lessons exclusively online. It is done so for convenience as people from other countries can access their services. We also offer music early learning activities - for children lessons. Our bass guitar tutor and transverse flute teachers can also help you learn to play the respective instruments. If you are interested in learning to play the wind instruments you can also get tutors.