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From a distance (Skype) but also on location (Noord NL) Personal Fitness workouts!

We are going to look together what you are needed. Together we will look for the ideal workout program that I can offer you online or real life! Injuries are taken into account. You also get a subtle kick under your ass like an incl price, if you can't get to it.

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Sports coach in Perpignan and its surroundings (fitness, cardio, performance, nutrition, mental).

-I offer fitness training, fitness, diet monitoring, advice of all kinds; waiting for my physics course in September! -My training method will adapt to each according to its objectives, a person wishing to lose weight will have a different training of a person wishing to gain muscle mass or strength -True and advice on diet that is an important part of the success of a sport program; a follow-up...

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Sports & Games entertainment secession for Kids, Fitness & weight loss for everyone around Dubai, available anytime in weekdays & evening on weekdays.

Before I plan for a class I would understand the student physical ability, Mental flexibility, interest, skills and based on that I will start up and develop their physical fitness & skills slightly.

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Professional coach parkour, waterfall physics falls, combat scenic), acrobatics on the island of france

The courses are open to all persons (men and women) from the age of 13 years. * Whatever the chosen specialty, the course is as follows: - Cardio, joint warm-ups, muscular stretching. - Oral presentation of the techniques of the day. - Workshops specific to a movement. - According to the advance, chain of techniques learned.

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Construction Student Happy to Tutor and Teach Sports Programs to Youngster kids

Personally, I would view my teaching method as Fun and Practical. My lessons would be equally as tough as it is enjoyable, and as I am still a kid (18) I think I would get along perfectly with kids of all types. My teaching methods are not Linear, they would be adjusted on the needs and wants of the kids.

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Teacher with 10 years of certified experience in the Pilates method and Feldenkrais offers individual and collective courses

My classes are structured by a series of basic traditional exercises of Pilates method aimed at regaining awareness and toning the abdominal corset necessary for the support of internal organs and the spine. To train the concentration and attention of my students I use the Feldenkrais method to relieve tensions, alleviate chronic pain and improve posture.

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Veteran Athlete and Fitness Professional offering inspiration and guidance toward individual and team goals, in the Burlington, ON area.

My teaching methods are individually based on the needs of the athlete, student, team, or person looking to improve their physical life. Although the structure is scientifically based according to my education and certifications, every body is unique and the science is applied on a case to case basis.

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Activ Fitness trainer offering the best solution for your body in the most effective way

My teaching methode deffers from people to people. it has to do with what everyboby wants, depending on their needs.We discuss over someone needs and we find togther the perfect solution.The most important is to follow the best program form every individual.

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15 Years Teaching Physical Education and Fitness, Health and Well-being and a Qualified Health Coach. I am motivated by helping adults / students achieve your plan. We work together and and build arou

I work with you. I use my developed skills in behavior change to help motivate you. This will incorporate your personality, life stage and of course setting achievable goals that work for you. I will be your coach to help guide you on your journey.

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Personal trainer with 10 years of experience gives online sessions! BA degree holder

Yoga- pilates- strengthening exercises and stretching techniques via Skype lessons for individuals or small groups that they want to improve their health and body condition! Therapeutics exercises & rehabilitation for injuries. Pre and post natal sessions And also advice about nutrition and everyday life wellness.

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Personal coach and trainer that build your muscle long lasting and exellent

Hi student my self Rahul I am from India and I start my carrer as personal trainer now a days every one want good personality what's why he or she go to gym and doing execrise but students which exercise I do ,when to do,which diet to eat on gain or loss he don't know don't panic I tell you in my class thanks.

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24 years of experience including exclusive consultant to founder of Cirque du Soleil

The ultimate movement cleanse for recovery and high performance. See fitness with a 360 degree microscope. The algorithm of movement is applicable to rehabilitation, conditioning, and training programs and are based on principles of Fitness Intelligence to develop the 7 functional human movement patterns and the 6 athletic qualities of everyday life and sport.

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German Sports Student give Classes in Sunshine Coast Studied Sports Science at Christian Albrechts University of Kiel

Im open in what area we could do the training. Im addicted to outdoor workout and outdoor Classes. But if u got a Space we could do it at yours at well.

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Professional Calisthenics athlete offering Calisthenics,Street WOrkout lessons in Solihull. Ninja Warrior Competitor,Street Workout Champion , Muscle up , Pull Ups, Dips, One Arm Pull Ups, Front Lever

My teaching method is about oldschool Calisthenics , with basic exercises and than with advanced exercises . I can teach you to do one arm pull ups, muscle ups, ring muscle ups,front lever,human flag,dragon flag,pistol squats,and all exercises to do in a corectly form.

Greater London
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Iam a fitness trainer and bodyfitness athlète have expérience in gym for long years ago .aerobic classes crossfit fit bodybuilding ABS classes...also nutrition

I teach online to help people arround thé world to change expérience and do différent way tout have participate classes and get thé better health .second be fun classes Every time and every where .

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Personal trainer; Physical Activity and Health - Chronic Diseases -Training. I speak English

Each one of you is different, so the training program is the most specific and individualized the methodology is adapted to each person. Essentially, the training takes place outdoor, at the home of the person, the training tries to be functional and fun as well as effective. I use equipment such as TRX, elastic bands, fitballs, dumbbells ...

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Sesimbra personal training in Physical conditioning and streetworkout - 6 years experience

Several sets and several repetitions, train every day except Sunday, ex second day of chest, Tuesday back, fourth legs, fifth shoulders, sixth arms, Saturday abs.

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10years experience in the Sports - Fitness industry. Working in partnership with local schools and Football team

My teaching methods are fun, knowlage full and i feel a great way to keep on to information about certain techniques etc in ÇSports. Example naming the muscles in the body can be a pain.

Paris 4e
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Passionate personal trainer, with 18 years of experience, I will help you go above and beyond your objectives

I base my approach on an overall assessment of your fitness and your performances, then I establish with you a personalized training plan according to your objectives. At regular intervals we make the point to readjust our training according to your progress.

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Online Personal Training Lessons - Exercise Science and Anatomy and Physiology - Healthy Living

The way I teach is based on the person I am tutoring, I will adapt tot their learning style to make the sessions as beneficial for the, as possible

Blackmans Bay
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Love of gymnastics ,dance,,,feel like getting healthy and learning at the same time ? Gym fun maybe just for you ,,in the Hobart kingbourgh aea personal and groups welcome

Each individual is different growing bodies and confidence vary so depending on skills each individual has would depend on what ie) excersize involves , all safe and professional having fun and learning whilst doing so is my motto,

(10 reviews)
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Personal Training in Paris - Complete Fitness Coaching: mobility, strength and endurance

Personal fitness training with the Human to Hero method. Our lifestyle has harmful effects on our body: sitting stiffens our joints and weakens our muscles, our diet is unbalanced and our metabolism is idling. The result is that our have chronic pains, are overweight and are subject to many minor ailments. Fitness is used to maintain the body and to make it ready for its daily fights.

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I am a M.Phill scholar in sports science with an addition pg dip in yoga having 40 years of teaching and coaching/training fitness,yoga , body building and self defense.

my training method is from simple to complex. first developing the fitness and going for workout for the required field. changing the exercises when it is needed.

(2 reviews)
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Fitness, stretching, running wellness coatch year at home or outdoors (in domocille)

Hello everyone ! I am educated and experienced athlete and sports coach who is always looking to develop her skills. The principle of my job is to bring sport, nutrition and health into people's lives. Especially for those who are too busy, shy, scared or not motivated enough to go to the gym. I come to your place (or in a gym or a park, it is also possible) and bring the necessary equipment.

Alta Gracia
(3 reviews)
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Profe offers to improve psychophysical and functional performance to your goals, feel better through exercise, return to your fullness surpass you day by day

I am a university professor of physical education and I specialize in psychophysical performance, my teaching method is aimed at functional training (cognitive, muscular and metabolic task), progressive in terms of sports performance, and structured for muscle building based on the desired goal, with progression systematic workload and activities are intended for all those who have the...

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Waiting for you.. 15 years experience ,result oriented ,super skills sports fitness coach

My teaching method is fitness ,sports fitness training, yoga, trx, weight loss, weight gain, sports fitness, strength, cardio etc.

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Sports psychology student offering fitness, health and English tutoring in the east midlands

My teaching method is holistic, problem based and highly structure to ensure my students know the purpose of the information they are receiving

Biman chandra
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Sports even gymnastics coaching is Being given to the boys and the girls of age 4 to 15 years in Guwahati Assam.

My teaching method will be directive and practical way so that it helps student to teach properly. It is fully scincetific method will be done.

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Student in mvgr college of engineering. And fitnesss coach.and body building workouts.

I mainly expalain about motivational things which is mostly related.to all.

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I am very experienced, participated in many competitions and got higher positions

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Gymnastics is a very exact sport. It is done with very precise movements and winning in competitions means being able to execute them perfectly. There are different disciplines of it including trampoline, vault, uneven bars, beam, floor exercise, still rings and the high bar. Gymnasts typically specialize in one or more disciplines. Training is usually started at a very young age, as early as six years old. While gymnasts each do their part and are judged as a team, getting individual training for the disciplines one is best at and wishes to concentrate in can make big difference. The challenge may be in finding a tutor offering private gymnastics lessons. It is a challenge that SuperPROF provides an easy and convenient solution to. SuperPROF is a US website that carries a listing of 100,000 tutors in every part of the US. Through SuperPROF, you can find private gymnastics teachers. You can also find self defense instructors, skateboarding, kung-fu teachers as well as instructors offering African dance lessons. Use SuperPROF and find that instructor who will turn you talent and passion into competition wins and possibly, medals.