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Sport coach manager, and former soccer player in Jupiter,FL. English, spanish and french speaking

Teaching method is work on physical capacities but also, technical capacities. Explain the strategies and the positioning on the field. How to cover the field and work for the others on the field. Teaching is showing what has to be done and how it has to be done. Have the learners praticien it and then correct it.

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Training for all Sports, kids teenagers are welcome come join and have fun

My name is Andrew who went to Maple grove High school and Keuka college. I have my BA in sports Management, i would like to train all kids in different sports like soccer, hockey, baseball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and the list goes on. I'm willing to train kids and teenagers Boys and girls of all ages.

San Diego
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Ex semi-pro Italian soccer player and dynamic coach training offered in San Diego CA

I grow up doing sports and in particular soccer. In the Italian culture soccer is the main Sport and the most popular. I have been part of a soccer club since I’m 7yo. I achieved to play in third division (soccer five) for 3 years.

Shahbaad Markanda
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Handball coaching.best oppurtunity to teach world second fastest team game.lets go........rock o

i am handball coach,ex army person and fitness trainer.i teach handball with new techniques and new ideas.so its time to teach how to play worlds second fastest team game.i am working in this field since 1997.

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Hey, I'm an 18 year old guy who can teach you a thing or two in sports. I take math and science till 10th too

Well, I'll teach you the basics ofc, for the first 5 classes or so, and I'll move on to the skills and tricks later on. I'll even organize matches with other teams regularly.

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Aerospace engineering student who has a great experience in drones, and UAV

For the basketball one thing that you should have is dedication and then with this thing you can easily beat anyone. and with a great dedication you can easily achieve your goal. i believe in this strategy and by this i played my nationals with in 2 years.

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Sport student offering depth of knowledge of many sports for an individual or group

My teaching method is that i like you to get to the answer on your own but with me giving you a slight push and helping hand towards the answer this so you learn as well getting the right answer.

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Sport Development with Coaching Graduate teaching in Ulverston with 1 year experience in teaching children

I like to use sport to make learning fun, I believe any subject can be taught through fitness and sport in general. I am always enthusiastic and fun and enjoy teaching children and watching them progress through sport. I not only teach sport but can teach children Maths, English and Science as well as other primary curriculum subjects.

Houghton le Spring
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PCET student with a degree in Sports Coaching, offering coaching in Sunderland

I am at PCET student at Sunderland University and I have provided sports classes to an American summer camp for the past 3 years. I prefer to get involved with the sessions so I can have a hands on approach and stop specific situations to teach a better technique.

Uttar Pradesh
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B.pe.d from d.c.p.e I m professional volleyball player ever give specific training

Giving a knowledge from basic to professional level and its start from first day to last day with all scientific law,s and principal's under needs of students Teaching is also help student to Learn systematic skills and knowledege during class room and lecture methods

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Norwegian viking loves to teach general ball sports technique, soccer, basketball, handball etc.

Learning by doing. Sports is physical, so i think the best way to learn is to do the activities physical. Play and learn is a good way to take away the focus on performance, and therefore more focus of having fun. That makes it easier for those who aren't very athletic to keep there motivation up.

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T.g.t physical education and specialized coach like hockey, football volleyball and badminton. - 4 Yrs 6 Months experience

B.Ped From M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly Final Year's result awaited  Qualifying D license certi ficate caurse for professional coach of football. (AIFF)  Qualifying the exam of Hockey um pire conducted by U.

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Personal trainer and collective sports such as football with extensive experience and knowledge in the sports field

Personal trainer with a university degree in Sports and a personal trainer course, more than 4 years of experience in the sector, always adapting to the objective of the person, with the possibility of personal training, online training, routines for runners, preparation of oppositions.

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Student of handball game hows the josh.., u can also win with me

my method is what is the best way i can teach a lestion about my game and hows u work about all.

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Iam a Sports management proffessional and a Sports Promoter. I completed my graduation and Post garduation , and am still doing my research in sports and management , I am from Malappuram and i hope i

I have my own ideas , sometimes its very different , sometimes its following one , but iam sure that about i will motivate , inspire , and lead them [Students] to success. My system not only from syllabus it will take a big part from their day to day life and include their future.

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Retired professional Sport players providing efficient training for students intrested in respective sports

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Play game for winning not for fun,be serious in game & ready for new task.

My teaching methods is very simple,the requirements for game should be proper and we'll ,the technique given to you is very simple.

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Student of Social worker, still provide handball training to school and college level students.

My teaching method is step by step apply practice task, motivate players, inspire players.

1st lesson offered free !

I played handball since 5 year and also i am national player.

my teaching method is how to correlate anything with daily life which will be very helpful and good for studies

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I like sports myself so i can do a few physical activities as well. I know a bit about handball, badmington, netball, rounders.

I dont really have a teaching method but i would like to make learning fun and help others to want to participate in sports

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All skills and drills will be taught..defence Spl for goal keepers

Dedication, perfection, teamwork, hard work, work outs, warm ups and warm down ,self taught, stamina,defence affence, presence of mind coaching

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Students from school til engineering college wil be though about handball in Bangalore

I will be teaching how to play the sport and few tips and how you can work on your strong points to be better than your opponent

D dhiraj
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Students who wanna to explore sports and learn new modern day techniques.

My teaching method is class room or in sports fields.

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I teach u like a friendly enviorment and u can learn the best of my knowledge.

I have teach the best of my knowledge with good fitneas skill.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports enthusiast wishing to share best practices and support your physical development.

I would like to share with you my passion for sport and wellness felt after each session. Know one hour weekly sports is the best antidepressants. You probably need someone to advise you, support you, mentor you or motivate you. My classes cater to as many as I would fit to your level so you can set yourself targets that are consistent with your business and your experience.

Sant Cugat del Vallès
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Player in the national league in Spain and in the national team of Egypt.

Being a coach is responding to your vocation. This can be very different from other professions. Most people who seek coaching identify with a strong sense of purpose in doing so. In recent years, coaching has become a popular career option for many people. Although there may be different reasons why someone chooses to become a professional coach, it is not for everyone.

1st lesson offered free !

A game of mind that decides the winning side of the handball.

My teaching method will depend upon your ability to go with the flow and I start with the basic need of the game.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a national player of handball sport and gold medalist award and I have been doing in this game for 7year.

My teaching method is first I trained students by physical exercises and basic games rules, then second I give a theory class.

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Handball is a popular game that is played by both men and women in international sports meets like World Championships and the Olympics. If you are or know someone who has talent in this sport, you may see yourself or them play at such meets with some good training. Your challenge may be in getting this talent nurtured. A solution is offered in form of private tutors whom SuperPROF brings right to you. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a rich database of 100,000 tutors located all around the US who offer private lessons in 250 areas including sports coaching. You can use SuperPROF to find tutors offering private handball lessons and fitness lessons. Apart from handball teachers, you can also find self defense instructors and any other sports tutor you may need. You can even find rock'n'roll teachers who can show you how to rock like Elvis Presley and other rock stars which would be a fun break from grueling handball training.