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Spandana bhattacharya
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Science subjects(biology and chemistry) tuition to primary and middle school levels in Richardson,Texas

I have 5yrs of experience in academic profession in India. I have Masters degree in Biochemistry from Calcutta University,India.I have been teaching chemistry and biology for primary and middle school levels. I am easily approachable and guide students in one to one session clearing their doubts and helping them to grow in depth subject knowledge.I conduct regular assessments as well.

Chula Vista
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Surgical nurse educator gives lessons on health, nutrition and anatomy for nurses and/or allied health professionals.

I am a nurse educator, and I am passionate about supporting people to learn more about health, and nutrition, and nursing topics. In one on one instruction, I will first find out what you know about the subject, and then create a plan with you to provide you with the information that you need to succeed. I am very organized, and patient.

Newport News
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Newport News Public School Tutor Gives Math and English lessons to middle and high school students in Hampton Roads

I am a tutor and long term sub for NNPS. I have worked with the 21st Century tutoring program/ stem program for about 5 years. I help with math (6-10), English (6-11) and SOL preparation. I use the same curriculum and strategies as NNPS teachers. I attend strategy meetings regularly to insure students success. I offer a pre-test/ practice test for SOL prep.

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History/social science BA and AA Degree CSU Domingues Hills and Cerritos College

I have a Bachelor's Degree in History from CSU Dominguez Hills and an Associates Degree from Cerritos College in History and General Social Science. I have met the requirements to enter graduate school for a single subject credential. I am a former special education student.

Richmond County
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Making Science Fun and Learning Interesting, Understanding Everyone Learns Differently at their Own Pace

I love science and I love applying it to the real world and helping others to understand and appreciate the natural beauty in this world and in all humans. Science and health sciences are not subjects for memorization. I will help you actually understand and learn the concepts so you will not have to memorize or cram for exams; because you will fully comprehend the material.

Las Vegas
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Physician and medical education specialist wants to help you succeed in obtaining your medical professional goals

I approach each topic with a thorough understanding of the subject matter and a thorough understanding of your learning style. We move at a sustainable and reasonable pace integrating class work with additional examples from my experience and yours. The framework is ideal for your knowledge base at every level.

Los Angeles
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Professional Nutrition, Health, Diet, Author, Expert Tutor in Spanish/English in Los Angeles

I am a Professional Nutritionist and Health Author. I wrote two best selling books for Bantam, and published countless magazine articles. I can help you get through any Nutrition, Health, or Fitness Course in Spanish and English. I can help you write anything in this area as well.

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Medical Student and former EMT offering science, medicine, and writing tutoring in Boston

I am able to tutor for a number of science and math courses for elementary through college, depending on the specific courses the student needs assistance in. In addition, I can help with clinical classes such as EMT certification and medical school classes.

Voorhees Township
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Medical student tutoring Biology and Chemistry SAT, Biochemistry, organic chemistry, psychology, ecology, biology, and other sciences in South Jersey area.

I am a current medical school student and have previously worked as a tutor for many subjects in NYC and Long Island NY. My teaching strategy usually begins with assessment then I work with the student to create a game plan in terms of how many times a week they want to meet and their academic goals. During each tutor session I assign practice problems or work through problems with the students.

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MD/MPH mentor in Danville, PA offering tutored lessons in life sciences and medical school prerequisites

I attained an MD in 2012 and MPH in 2014 from the University of Arizona. My undergraduate majors were in Biochemistry and Spanish from Arizona State University. I have training in integrative and preventive medicine as well as a close connection to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Las Cruces
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Secondary Science Instruction: Biology, Human Anatomy & Phys, Health and Wellness, n

I have over 15 years of experience in secondary science education. I enjoy teaching online as well as in the traditional classroom setting. My teaching style is interactive, fun, and engaging. Teaching is my passion and I love learning along with my students.

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I have the passion to teach and I have done Doctor of pharmacy with distinction and want to help other so let's join me to improve your knowledge and skills.

My self is Adeel Ahmad and I am a pharmacist and also a private tutor . I have done my pharm.D with distinction. I like to teach because I love teaching. EDUCATION Doctor Of pharmacy Intermediate Higher secondary school certificate.

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Taking A & P, and a bit overwhelmed? Help is on the way!

I am a retired medical doctor, but have not forgotten how I succeeded in my first time through Anatomy and Phys (A & P). At several Albany colleges, I taught A & P-and tutored several students. Even a great student will find the new terminology and volume you need to memorize a challenge. If you'd like to do better than presently, I can help with this key class.

Belle Plaine
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Pharmacy Technician teacher who specializes in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, biology and ecology. I live in Belle Plaine and am willing to drive as far as Maplewood Minnes

I am a college instructor who is happy tutoring all age levels in most sciences. My specialties are as follows: Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Ecology and Biology. My lesson structure style is typically lecture, labs and assignments. I am a very laid-back teacher who can adapt lessons to meet the students' needs. I am friendly, fun and I love laughing.

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Medical Office Management, how to take care of an office as the manager. I live in Auburn Maine. I have a Masters Degree in Health Education Sciences.

I have a Masters Degree in Health Education , I love teaching on ground (class rooms) but have been teaching via webcam for over 5 years. On ground teaching for over 10 years. My love for teaching has been inspired by the many diverse students who show an interest in the subject of medicine and/or managing a medical office. HIPAA is something I stress and Patient Care by Medical Assistant's .

New York
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Health professional/faculty offering expert tutoring in writing, health education and health psychology.

Having many years of teaching experience in Health & Wellness Psychology with diverse student populations, the development of my teaching philosophy continues to evolve and grow within the learning environment. The demands in terms of time investment for the preparation and delivery of the course material are equally important in online and traditional classrooms.

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Zolingo's Spice for Life is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through exploring the benefits of food, spices and simple lifestyle changes.

My teaching method is truth and fact based information. I am a student of nature and believe we still have so much to learn. I believe life is a process for progress. As long as we are learning in life we never fail. We grow wiser.

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Doctor graduated in Medicine and surgery gives lessons related to medical sciences

I am a female Doctor graduated in Medicine and Surgery. I graduated in Colombia and I can offer classes to any subject related to medical sciences such as Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, and Surgery. I speak fluently English and Spanish.

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Learning Has No Limits Expand knowledge is the key for seccus .

General Sciences Education Psychology Health Science Tatur Creativity Maintenance Design PC Skills Software Editing Multimedia & Text Materials Transform Thoughts Into Practicing Providing Solutions Photography Painting Paint Designs Decor Woodcraft Technician Typing Problem Solving Building Modules Counslting Tatur Profiler Religouse Computing lessons...

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College Highschool and elementary students in Carrollton LatinEcology and social studies

I am an experienced teacher who has taught nationally and internationally for 14 years and students of various ages and levels thereby being well equipped to teach you and make you succeed.I explain and give examples and we all study together giving room for questions .

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Middle School, High School and College level Algebra Tutor in the Lynnwood, Everett, Mukilteo and Edmonds Area!

Hello, my name is Jordan and I am a college student at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, WA and I have extreme experience in algebra.

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Individual tutoring for students in grades K-8, as well as adult GED

Retired Special Education Teacher and K-8, Charter School Principal. I have 23 years of formal experience and have a private tutoring service at (concealed information) Graduated from Buena Vista University, in Iowa, and continued education at California State University Bakersfield, for Administration degree.

Boca Raton
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Zuzu's Tutoring services: Certified teacher wishing to start tutoring, I am available

Education :I have a Masters degree in Organic chemistry, Bachelors in chemistry. I have completed a Masters degree in Education (Reading/Curriculum and Instruction) I have taught Science for Broward county public schools as a certified teacher.

Abdur rehman
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Teaching is my passion

I am a medical school graduate and my grades have been excellent throughout my career, teaching has been my passion since very first day of my medical school. I come down to the level of students and talk to them according to the level if their information and try to give new information gradually.

North Charleston
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Professor Ag. Wizzard Available to Amaze and Teach to Wonders of Science

I am Whitney Joh and I have three graduate degrees; a Masters in Education for Instructional Design, Masters in Science for Instructional Design for Online Learning, and a PhD in Biology. I use a variety of teaching methodologies depending on the students ability to assimilate information required for success.

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Medical Student tutors Science, English, and Life Skills

I am 6 months away from graduating with my MD and Masters in public health. I have a Bachelors of biological science. I have been tutoring for the past 9 years at the elementary school through medical school level. I have also taught at the university level for first year students and have administered home school curricula for home schooled students.

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Professional educator,professor, author, and television host with 16 years experience in academia

Professor of Anatomy and Physiology with additional training and education in pre-clinical sciences (microbiology, pathology, neuroscience, cell biology, nutrition). Teach undergraduate, graduate, adult, and senior high school level students using passive and active learning and other pedagogic methods.

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PhD in Pittsburgh PA as Chem Biol Pharm tutor and thesis/dissertation editor

PhD in medicinal chemistry with BS in both chemistry and biology. Online or in-person (Pittsburgh PA area) tutor in general, organic, analytical or biochem, as well as biology and pharmacy basic sciences courses. Thesis, dissertation and scientific paper editing services.

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Psychology - Career Information for beginners in the Midwest; by Forensic Psychology Masters Candidate & (K-Adult) Special Educator.

Greetings! Here, you will learn what psychology can do for you. I'm retired now. However, I've enjoyed a varied work history over my life time, but went back to school full time when one of my sons started having problems in public school due to mental health issues.

1st lesson offered free !

Instructional Designer (MS IDT) teaches middle school through college level Art, Graphic Design, Communications, Writing, English, Psychology in Western New York State

I have a masters in Instructional Design Technology, a BA in Communications, and an AAB in Graphic Design. I teach middle school through college level using a learner-centered experiential method that includes multimedia learning resources and the latest in learning technology.

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For a student who is looking to expand their knowledge base and improve upon what not only the grades but also their ability to utilize the obtained information, it is often necessary to seek out the assistance of private teachers. These instructors are able to tailor create private lessons for students, so each student is able to obtain the information they require and work on the areas of specific topics they are struggling with. This way, a student who requires test prep tutoring private teachers or medicine private lessons, they are able to obtain exactly what they require. With so many different subjects offered in school, it can prove difficult for any student to stay on top of all of their courses. Not all children learn in the exact same way, which is why hiring on a professional tutor for individual sessions is so desirable. The health and social sciences private teachers can work with students, while the individual health and social sciences private lessons allow each and every student to receive the specific attention and assistance they require. With the private tutor's assistance, every student should see a drastic improvement in their educational stability, no matter what the topic is.