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West Valley City
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I have about 3 years of experience playing Hearthstone. I play mostly Druid, but lately I have had an affinity for Shaman and Mage.

I grew up with a bunch of younger siblings and cousins, it was always my job to show them the ropes and help them understand why their doing something, rather than just showing them how to do something. Overall I think this has taught me patience and how to be precise/specific. I love meeting new people and look forward to helping you play your best.

1st lesson offered free !

Legend ranked player, helping new and returning plays grasp the game and push ranks!

My method of teaching is one on one coaching allowing my student to make their own choices and letting them observe and reflect on mistakes and good plays.

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Games are a great opportunity to learn new skills and have blast. I study physics and mathematics, and experiences with games early in life enabled me to explore novel scenarios and expand my mind.

When interactive experiences such as games are involved, my favorite way to learn is to dive in and swim. I prefer to be in the background waiting for the student so their experience of the subject can me more pure.

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Experienced and friendly Fortnite player (550+ wins) teaching courses in basic / advanced knowledge (building, weapons, strategy)

I prefer to give lessons via Discord / Teamspeak / Skype. In order to be the best teacher, I would like to see the player in action first in a normal game, and from there I can decide the skill level of the player. I am absolutely open to other teaching methods if it is desirable for the player.

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Legend Hearthstone Player, who is in the TOP European TOP Spring Players, teaches you how to think for yourself and succeed in this strategic card game

I'm Javier, Hearthstone player since the Beta, and I've got several friends reach the Legend rank (the maximum, the rank after 1).

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Former gamer looking to Coach up and coming amateurs - with a drive to WIN!

My lessons benefit students actively looking to improve themselves in their given field, and with a passion and genuine interest in the subject. Private sessions offer the best experience as it means I'll have more time to interact with the student one on one. Workload will vary depending on the student.

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Semi-pro player on fortnite and other games, I could give all the necessary advice to become at the top of individual performances!

I have a lot of experience on Fortnite (+350 top 1 and many hours of play). I am precise in my explanations and pedagogue.

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High school student Terminal with many hours, good ranking to share his knowledge and techniques at all ages! Social and versatile I can give courses next to the Defense o

As far as you start the game; I will accompany you in all the tutorials, as well as personalized lessons according to the necessities. I will also accompany you on free time, history to see your evolution and advise you. If you are looking to climb, I can teach you the tips and tricks and all that is essential to a good climb.

1st lesson offered free !

Advanced player offers intensive classes to learn from the basics to expert.

My teaching method is to start with 10 basic points to learn how to play. Once the player has acquired more experience, then continue with more advanced topics that strengthen the skills and tools that he has at his disposal.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional esports player coaching in Starcraft 2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone

I hold a consistent place in the top 50 of Europe's Grandmaster ladder, and go toe-to-toe with top-tier professional players in tournaments on a regular basis. I am a thorough coach.

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