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Philosophy B.A. graduate gives philosophy and history lessons with analysis of daily domestic/international news in Columbus

Have you ever wondering what philosophy is? Or are you simply curious about how philosophy can enhance people's lives and their values? Philosophy helps people understand themselves and their lives better.

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NJ university professor teaches college art history, philosophy, plus all levels ESL/English composition, ESL and philosophy online or near Westfield NJ.

I have a BA in philosophy and art history from Bryn Mawr College and the Sorbonne, an MA in art history from Yale University, an MFA in fine arts and film production from Boston University and a PhD thesis in art history and anthropology completed at UCLA and to be filed at the University of Oslo, Norway, in 2018-9. I also have an ESL credential and have taught ESL and English in S.

Sand Springs
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Professor Offering Philosophy and History Tutoring to Tulsa-Area Students of any Level

I am a 16-year Doctorate-holder, who has taught, on-line, on-ground, and everywhere in between, preparing easily digestible lessons for each student, on a wide swath of subjects within the several disciplines, and am prepared to walk you through each subject!

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FUN ! Why does education have to be boring ! Retired teacher/prof from New England with 22 years in history, economics, and most of the social studies.

Inspire Inspire Inspire Inspire Inspire Inspire Inspire Inspire Inspire... and give students honest answers to real world questions and not just theory. You need the truth and skills to move forward. That is my job to provide you with real-world tools.

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History/Philosophy major, MA in Education student, Social Studies educator in training

I am a firm believer in adopting a growth mentality. I believe that everybody can learn and that the goal of an education should be the cultivation of the individual. If an individual improves their ability to critically think, write, and speak, then they are prepared to succeed in any discipline and aspect of life.

Mayfield Heights
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Philosophy and English student offering Philosophy and English lessons in Cleveland to all ages

I approach each topic by looking at the foundations surrounding the subject. Should a subject require a lot of foundation, said foundation will be explained first, before being combined together during the conclusion. Should a topic be more simplistic, then foundation will be explained while the topic is explored naturally.

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When hard working persons' efforts of their great determination then success happens

Dear students, I am a passionate lecturer with extensive knowledge in Philosophical studies and Anthropological Sciences. I hold Licentiate and Masters Degrees in Philosophy. My academic dissertation was on the works of John Ralws in view of Social systems of justice and fairness in socio-economic and political spheres. I believe that knowing to do right thing is the highest level of justice.

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Retired philosophy instructor offering lessons in Seattle with 10 years teaching experience

The Socratic method is effective in engaging students to develop a reasoned approach to everyday questions. Through this dialogue, a connection can be made between historical origins as they relate to the present. Therefore, readings and questions that relate to them are crucial to understanding, and form the basis for evaluating mastery of the instructional material.

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Social Studies teacher with 11 years of experience in Philosophy, History, and Language Arts serving the North Atlanta area.

My teaching method is based on discussion and promotes understanding through questioning on the part of both student and teacher. I also work extensively to prepare students for written assessments, mainly through practice essays which I score using official rubrics and then review with students with the goal of continuous improvement and increasing comfort.

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Experienced psychologist and social science tutor ready to help you earn an A GRADE.

I offer guides to writing tasks, by showing the student what to do, when to do it, and where to do it. This, of course is dependent on how fast the student grasps the concepts. I approach different students differently.

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Senior Master Teacher with a PhD and 30 years of teaching experience in history and philosophy.

I have always taught via the Socratic Method. That is, I teach by engaging my students in a question & answer dynamic. That can be quite challenging...and thus I have always balanced that challenge with humor, often directed at myself.

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Double PhD available for tutoring in English, history, international affairs, and Western world literature.

I do not teach, I educate. Knowledge, in my view, is not forwarded by the teacher but achieved together with the student. Instead of focusing on methods of delivery, as contemporary education tries to do with various media, we will focus on unpacking concepts and issues and observe their multidimensional ramifications in socio-political strata in order to understand them.

Huntington Beach
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Graduate Historian offering tutoring in languages, history, and academic writing (5 years teaching experience)

My teaching method is auto-didactic, meaning that I teach students how to teach themselves. I focus on this by having students learn how to dissect information and make it applicable; mainly via writing and multimedia exercises which demonstrate understanding and mastery of the subject in question.

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From Learning the History of the Aeneid to learning about the Avengers

I mainly give lessons to individuals in middle school and in high school. My techniques mainly stem from patience and engaging with the students. I try to incorporate the interests of the students into the curriculum to help them better focus. For instance, some of the students I taught in the past loved Minecraft and I was able to integrate the concept of Minecraft into physics and geometry.

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Criminal Justice student with a passion for the way the mind and body works.

I'm in my last year of college and I love psychology. Psychology was one of the classes I had to take for my degree and I passed it with an A. My teaching style is interactive. If you just read out of a textbook, it will be boring. So I'll have activities set aside for our subject to keep the students on their toes.

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Recent Masters graduate in history, philosophy, and political science teaching in Lansing area

Masters in History. Bachelors in History and Philosophy. Focus on teaching to think, not just to learn facts. Why/how things happen, not just what happens. Foremost desire is to aid in intellectual development of student. Dialogue and conversation remain the best methods.

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Trust in Me if You Want to Succeed! It's a Guarantee

I am a Senior Psycjology major at Coastal Carolina University. My goal is to work with kids by becoming a school psychologist for high schoolers. This opportunity will help me a lot with my field of study.

Pewee Valley
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My name is kyle young I studied history anf social studies at wku and love helping and teaching

I base classes and lessons off of what the student is lacking. I first get a deep comprehensive analysis of what the student understands and can articulate.

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Online published PhD tutor in philosophy (logic, history of philosophy, philosophy of education, political philosophy)

University/college students are preferred. My method of teaching is Socratic but requiring students to read assigned material before interaction. Students must have a desire to learn (love of truth), instead of merely pursuing a degree. Favorite philosophers of mine are Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, and Marx.

Santa Ana
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I teach philosophy while trying to get my foot in the door!

I try to teach students based on their generation's culture. I believe a class will be more interested in the material if the teacher presents material that the students can relate to in their generation. Keeping the class engaged is important.

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Graduate student, working on his Ph.D. in Philosophy; licensed Social Studies and History Teacher

I have a Masters in Education, but my teaching philosophy is basically K.I.S.S. Differentiation, personalization to the student, etc, ultimately boil down to making the material accessible, and facilitating the student to wrestle with the content in a relevant way.

North Strabane Township
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Cultural Critic with a Masters Degree in Rhetorical Theory offers tutoring in Philosophy, Sociology, and Cultural Studies.

When designing a course of study, I try to identify a contemporary issue relevant to the course. I select readings and construct lectures or guided discussions in ways that illuminate the relevance of the readings to the issue under consideration as well as the broader field of study in which the lessons are situated.

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Undergraduate KU Student with strong philosophical training, open to groups or private

Ultimately I want to make sure the students understand whatever concept they are struggling with in the classroom or elsewhere. Generally, my teaching methodology involves my own self personally studying the reading beforehand rigorously, and then one-on-one conversations concerning the best interpretations and application methods.

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BA (Philosophy) graduate from University of Southampton (UK) offering Philosophy/History/English Lessons

With regards to ENGLISH LEARNING, if you are wishing to learn from me directly: I base each of my lessons around a central theme or dialogue which is meant, not only to trigger the students' interest, but also tie in well with the main objectives of the lesson, be it vocabulary/grammar attainment/review and/or the improvement of the skills of listening/speaking/reading/writing.

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Professor, with degrees in history and philosophy, offering tutoring on said subjects and social studies in general.

My teaching method is a cultivated mixture of (1) personal engagement oriented to the growth of the student with them questioning and thinking about the topics; and (2) also ensuring they learn and grasp the significance of the bigger picture and trajectory of the themes of the course.

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Psychology Major from Liberty University seeking to show others how to use Psychology in the real world

Have you ever watched a doctor diagnose a patient based off of the symptoms that are present? This is a very good example of how I like to teach my students. I do not merely want you to know a text answer, I want you to interact with the signs ans symptoms of various disorders. I also want you to feel like you have a firm grasp and understanding about the various concepts in psychology.

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An experienced Oxford University graduate, offering support with British University applications.

My teaching method is based on the Oxbridge tutorial system, and I think it is incredibly beneficial to have experience of this before facing an interview, as they tend to follow this format! The focus of my Oxbridge interview tuition is on building your confidence to speak academically and your ability to offer a critical perspective about what you’ve been reading.

Ham Lake
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Philosophy Student (with an MA in Philosophy) offering philosophy and general humanities lessons in Minnesota

I prefer tutoring people at the Elementary, High School, or community college level. My teaching methodology includes establishing an openness to what students need in order to succeed. I will ensure that I provide the best service for optimal outcomes.

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Private tutor in the Livermore area with experience helping children, teens and adults develop critical thinking skills in the reading, writing and speach/debate of english, history, politcs, etc.

Learn how the student learns, empower students to feel confident in their abilities, relate the subject matter to their personal experience, help them to organize handouts/asignments/reading etc and ultimately get the student familiar enough with whatever is required of them so that they can continue their studies independently of a tutor.

1st lesson offered free !

College student that graduated from a Private Catholic College prep school, St. Patrick's - St. Vincent's, with honors, passionate about the study of history and currently studying U.S. History

I teach in a way that engages the child rather than panders on a subject until it is finished. I understand how frustrating it can be to listen to something that a teacher doesn't even want to teach. having interest in the subject is key, and I do well by educating myself in all points of the subject at hand.

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Perfect! Giovanni is a tremendous and talented teacher. He guided my study of philosophy, starting with the ancient Greek philosophers. He's thoughtful and well versed in philosophy, languages, and literature. He will accelerate and deepen your grasp of...

Wendy, student
9 months ago
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