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Meryl chidera
(3 reviews)
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Data Science major. Currently a ‘python’ junkie. Studying CSS currently and I love passing my coding knowledge

I don’t have a standard teaching methodology. I believe each student learns in their own way. Each student is unique and their learning methods are different so I would get to know my students and I would teach them according to how they each learn best.

1st lesson offered free !

1st(Young) Adventurous game developer of Nepal, and certified White Hat Hacker

1. Visualization It can be very hard for students to understand a list of disconnected facts. Knowledge that is organized and connected to concepts with a goal of mastery, including the ability to visualize the concepts, can lead to the ability to transfer knowledge and to a deeper, longer-term understanding of what is being taught. 2.

College Station
1st lesson offered free !

Programming graduate in College Station with 15 years experience offering computer science lessons

I teach complex, abstract topics simply. I break down complicated subjects into discreet, understandable parts. I focus on plan and design, I identify and find solutions to problems, I teach creative and understandable code writing, and I demonstrate programming directly from written, verbal or graphical descriptions.

1st lesson offered free !

Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience available for your math and computer programming tutoring needs!

I have given lessons to students (K-12), college students, and adults, everyone learns differently. I find that most learn by doing. We will work together to determine the best learning approach for you. We will go through the materials and having in depth discuss and working through sample problems together.

Silver Spring
1st lesson offered free !

Chemical Engineering PhD student with a BS in Computer Science in MD

My philosophy is one that believes most people have the capacity to learn anything if it is presented in the appropriate way for them. For some that may be explaining the concept over and over and for others that may be through multiple examples. I prefer to tailor my sessions to the student as I believe schools should be more broadly.

Pinellas Park
1st lesson offered free !

Rockstar Developer Offers Insider Secrets to Easily Quickly Learn Any Programming Language

My degree is in Computer Engineering and have given lessons to experienced professionals as well as entry-level students. I use mostly discussion and demonstration with lectures to share critical knowledge and practical experiences. My lessons are humorous and very interactive.

Moreno Valley
1st lesson offered free !

Computer Science Student offering C++ lessons in Moreno Valley with 3 years of experience.

My teaching method is to start by introducing what is computer science and what are the advantages and disadvantages of communicating with a computer with code. The bases of tutoring computer science is to learn the main functions of using programming languages and how to operate code/debug code.

New Orleans
1st lesson offered free !

Expert computer scientist with 10 years of experience offering lessons remotely or in person in New Orleans

While I primary teach to adults at the undergraduate college level, I also provide lessons for high school students curious about computer science and programming who want to get their hands wet learn more about whether it's a career they might want to pursue.

1st lesson offered free !

IT student with a self-taught and formal education in IT offering computer lessons in Fresno

My teaching method is based upon that old saying about leading a horse to water. This means that I teach to understand, *not* to pass a test/homework assignment/whatever. I mostly give lessons to fairly-beginner levels as I just started school, so I'm still learning myself. However, I will try my best to help anyone, even if that means I need to learn it with them.

1st lesson offered free !

Industry Proven Software Engineer. C# / Game Development / HTML / CSS. Will Train you to be an Industry Leading Developer

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

1st lesson offered free !

Java Programmer can unwrap the secret of IT for your understanding and usage.

I approach each topic with very good understanding of a practical end-result in my student's mind while introducing them to the topic from fundamentals all the way up. I relate abstract sections with practical real-world examples around us for understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Web Developer with 20 Years Experience Tutors in UCF and Orlando Area

My approach to teaching is simple but highly-effective. I outline using a real-world scenario and break it down into short lessons for students of any experience level. I am a very patient and understanding teacher, pacing lessons according to my students current skill and comfort level. I want my students to learn without frustration.

Kings County
1st lesson offered free !

College professor with extensive experience can tech to earn some money with web design freelancing

I am a part-time college instructor and also a personal tutor, teaching the subjects listed above for many years. In college I have regular different levels classes, from studio to web design, with specific curriculum. As a personal tutor, I adapt my methods specifically to an individual, his/her age, abilities, interests, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Great way to learn programming languages C, C++, JAVA and Data Structures.

I am a graduate student and an instructor in Computer Science. As a student, the best way to learn is in a friendly environment. Learning through examples helps you remember well. We can go through different levels of couching based on your knowledge and requirement.

Pacific Grove
1st lesson offered free !

Want to be a Coder or learn how to build apps or a site?

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry University of California at Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Biomedical Engineering University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA . Net/C# Certificate University of California Irvine - Irvine, CA My primary focus was biochemistry and I have been able to combine this with many years as a programmer to provide me with so many incredible opportunities.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Administrator/Developer with over 16 years of experience, very Patient and Professional.

My approach to teaching is by example, and hands-on or on-screen, as much as possible. Programming includes a lot of trial and error involved in the learning process. I like to teach at your pace to make sure you are understanding the subject properly before moving on. I use Skype desktop sharing is a great resource that can help with troubleshooting and debugging.

1st lesson offered free !

HTML Website Design Tutor with 14 years Experience Teaching Website Design Technology

My teaching method is Discussion Method. I carry my Students along and I don't just bombard them with information. I allow my Students to be involved in the Instruction and Learning Process actively. I approach each topic by demonstrating the theory in a very practical way that makes it easy for my Students to understand.

Grand Junction
1st lesson offered free !

Ready to learn about computers, MS Office, programming languages like C, JS, VB and more? I have a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering and have taught students at many levels including college

Everyone has a different way of learning. That's why the traditional classroom is ineffective for many students. I take the time to discover how you learn and customize the course material to best suit your learning style. Do you look forward to assignments in class? If you don't, then something is wrong.

1st lesson offered free !

Master's Degree holder and Tutor of Computer Science/ Programming for 8 Years

I have done face-to-face teaching and online ones. I am a very patient instructor who understands where you are with these classes because I have been there and may be there again next week :) My goal is to get you to your next sweet spot.

1st lesson offered free !

Making technology work through communicating with languages. Available in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Most recently working in Client Engineering development using different programming languages.

The methodology is adaptable and flexible to the audience. An informative assessment is discussed to gauge individual or group needs and form curriculum. Discussions in different fashions are used to carry out and engage each person in the learning experience.

Shelby charter Township
1st lesson offered free !

Master's Degreed computer professional with 30+ years experience offering down-to-earth tutoring to all ages

I tailor all of my teaching to the individual needs of the audience. I can teach from the top down in a lecture format, or listen to your needs and provide ad-hoc lessons.

Cape Girardeau
1st lesson offered free !

10 years of Technical Support, Research, and Software Development in Cape Girardeau!

I like to start by explaining to people that in IT, it's okay to fail. In fact most advancements in technology have been the result of multiple failures, and if you intend to break into the field or wish to understand it more, you need to understand that failing is okay. After that, asking the right questions and learning to exclude the wrong questions will get you on the right path.

Niagara Falls
1st lesson offered free !

Software developer and a teacher in NYC with years of experience and of course patience.

I love mental modeling of solving problems. It needs imagination not complex calculation or memorization. Understand the problem, start with absolute basic, make plan, work on your plan, iterate, do not be afraid of making mistakes, learn from your mistakes, do not take your eyes off the current problem.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Over 20 years professional experience developing web & mobile apps and ten teaching

I like hands on mentoring using real world examples. I can teach in person or online via Skype, TeamViewer, etc. I am also available for phone consultation. I like to mentor individuals and small groups. Regular classes and sessions can arranged at package rate.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer programmer with more than 20 years of experience in IT field. More than 12 years being associate professor.

Based on standard academic courseware being conducted following live examples and step by step practices handled for each topic by the help of student.

1st lesson offered free !

I teach concepts regarding computer information systems and how to properly program them.

I have found there to be a big gap between your experience in school as opposed to the actual real world. There is such a disconnect between the two, and I would like to show how the two are disconnected. My teaching methodology is to teach what you really need to know in the real world.

1st lesson offered free !

I have a bachelor in Mathematics from Creighton University and has 4 years experience coaching students in Omaha Nebraska.

I use my building block strategy, making learning new concepts easier. The strategy entails breaking down big concepts into smaller pieces, and then building it back up again. So, whether you want to become a better coder, build projects, or get your future job. I am going to help you to become successful.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

IT and Web Developer professional with over 20years experience, here to help you

I approach each topic by giving first trying to understand the level of knowledge of my students and then custom tailoring my material accordingly. I use a blend of theory, real case scenarios and hands on projects in order to reinforce each topic.

Orland Park
1st lesson offered free !

Full Stack Web Developer in Chicago with 3 years experience, Javascript nerd.

I approach each student individually and do my best to tailor my lessons accordingly. I believe in industry best practices and like my students to be prepared to work in the real world. Learning is collaborative and I give as much as I get.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Science teacher with 15 years of experience in teaching. Software Engineer for IBM

I focus on the students and their individual needs. I prefer question and answer format (in either direction). Sometimes humor works, sometimes it doesn't. I pride myself in the students success in both attitude and results. If I am helping a student to finish an assignment, I don't want them to wish they never have to write another program again.

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Perfect! Vikas is really an excellent tutor. He starts from the basics and patiently answers all questions along the way. I very much recommend him.

Sybil, student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

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