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Youth and Adult Educator with 17 years of teaching biology, geography, and environmental sciences

I teach via the Socratic method. When a student approaches me with a question, I take the time to ask questions to direct them towards the answer on their own, so that they can learn the process to find the answers and not just "know" the answers.

Salt Lake City
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Professional biologist and educator with almost two decades of teaching experience in the sciences.

I have a M.S. in Biological Sciences and have spent my career working as a research scientist and educator. I approach teaching by learning how you best learn and adapting our sessions to meet those specific needs. I have the skills needed to help you succeed, whether you are wanting to excel in your 9th grade science class or are preparing for your college entrance exams.

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Geology graduate gives Biology,Geology and other selected lessons to students in Nigeria.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Geology with two Diploma qualifications in Science Laboratory Technology and Computer Studies respectively. I have taught various subjects at the primary and secondary school levels.These subjects include Biology, Geography, Mathematical Development, History, English Language, Social Studies, Integrated Science, History etc.

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Certified Biology and Special Needs teacher, specializing in education for over 5 years

My method to teaching is a very hands on approach. I love to relate content to real life experiences and take an approach to learning from my student's perspectives.

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Biologist in Galveston Texas with 3 years experience teaching from Middle School up to College labs.

As biology is a diverse field I employ a variety of methods depending on the needs of the student or class. I prefer working on understanding core concepts through interactive teaching including specimens when appropriate. When necessary I can help with rote memorization through flashcards and other tools.

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Experienced Teaching Associate and Research Assistant at California State University, Fresno, California

I teach undergraduate students at California State University. My teaching methodology includes fun activities to easily grasp the topics while relating them to day to day life.

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Recent college grad who loves marine bio that teaches biology and oceanography!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Biology from Ursinus College, PA. My method of teaching is focused on first answering any questions/clarifying difficult concepts followed by having the student teach what they learned back to me. Teaching is one of the best forms of studying possible.

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Over 10 years Experience in teaching of Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology and other life/ biological Sciences

I am a very adaptable person who's main mission as a tutor is to meet the needs of my student(s). I am someone with a lot of energy and enthusiasm with respect to human interaction. I build a relationship of a "team to success" with my student. I bring to life topics that I teach, ensuring that my students grasp , know a topic and can relate it to somethings that brings clarity to them.

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Biologist teaching Biology in Baton Rouge at libraries with degree in Biology Education

I am a Scientific Honors Society member and past president of honors society for three years. I give lessons to undergrad college students as well as high school students. I teach the concepts of science practically as well as from the book to give the student a well rounded approach to learning course material.

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Environmental professional with over ten years experience and degrees in biology, chemistry, and engineering

B.S. Environmental Biology, focus on microbiology, cell biology, and physiology. How can pollutants negatively impact the body and the environment? M.S. Environmental Science, focus on applying microbiological, chemical, and physical principles to clean up pollution and minimize negative impacts of pollutants in the environment. Ph.D.

Corpus Christi
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Marine Biology PhD Student Biology, ecology, life science, scientific writing, college prep

My basic philosophy in teaching is that we're all born scientists--that is, we're all naturally curious. That's what it's all about. Sometimes though, science classes can make you feel like it's just too complicated... or too boring.

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I have completed my 12th standard in PCMB stream CBSE.Now moving on to college.I have completed my 12th recently and i have prepared myself for competitive exams.So i can assist many lower class stude

Often students feel that its better to learn from friends rather than from teachers.As I am of their age I can be a best tutor as well as a friend.

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Marine biology masters graduate student In Bristol ready to pass on knowledge!

My 'teaching method' depends heavily on the student, who they are, how confident they are and what they're aiming to learn/struggling to understand. Firstly I want to understand the curriculum that the students themselves are studying at school so I can base my own tutoring to reflect this. I want to make sure each session helps students understand a key element of the topic being studied.

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A biologist with a PhD degree and more than 10 years of teaching experience

I believe in keeping courses student-centered, and I strive to create an open dialogue among my students, breeding an environment that facilitates collaboration and the cross-fertilization of ideas.

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Do you have problems with subjects such as natural sciences, biology or chemistry? Or maybe with cell biology, ecology or ichthyology? ... Contact me and together we will learn!

My teaching method is based on good communication with the student, in order to clarify their doubts and work on those issues in which present a greater difficulty. During my classes, fundamental concepts will be reviewed according to the theme of the study, and workshops will be held to strengthen the knowledge acquired.

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Joy radiopharmaceutical master student gives biology and english lessons with over 7years experience.

I am highly interested in passing knowledge in anywhere I am opportuned to. My lessons are very simple to understand but comprehensive. I prefer to use diagrams to explain some terminologies making it inviting and not boring . I am good in sciences and English language because of my background in studying pharmacy .

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Biomedical Sciences student offering to tutor Biology online, for students up to GCSE Level

Stressing about exams coming up? Too much to revise in a short period of time? Need to ask questions that you're afraid to ask in class? Fear no more, Ang is here to make you kick butt in Biology :) I will be using platforms like Skype (don't worry, I won't make you video call me if you're not comfortable) to help tutor you.

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Exclusive tuitions for all branches of biology for classes 1 to 12

I base my class on strengthening the foundation by means of communication and interaction......it begins with me asking the question and you answering.....and once you get the topic into you....you start asking and I am bound to answer! That's it....

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Biologist with a Masters degree in Agrarian Sciences with experience in group or customized classes. Biology, chemistry, statistics, experimental design and English classes in Villavicencio and surrou

After a brief evaluation of the student and an interview I decide how to adapt my teaching methodologies to their personality and interests, in this way I generate a structured or semi-structured learning environment that seeks to generate confidence, which in turn nurtures creativity, fundamentally based on the significant learning and American study techniques.

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Teach Social Sc & Environmental sc in Dumdum,Kolkata , and have completed PhD in ENV Sc

My method includes teaching to share the knowledge better,so that students know the subject better and gain confidence.I take periodic assessments to confirm that the subject is clear with my students. I pay more attention to help students understand the basics. Above all, I love to teach with my full efficiency.

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PhDEnvSc delivering individualised tutoring across the WA curriculum (Maths, Science, English, HASS)

I am currently offering tutoring for Middle School students in Science, Math, English, HASS and ATAR Biol/Human Biol. University level tutoring on request.

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12 years of teaching and research experience integrate smart class teaching with technological inputs in biology

 Use of teaching aids like LCD projectors, Internet enabled computer systems; Wi-Fi enabled laptops in classrooms. Enabling students to think interdisciplinary. Quoting applications relevant to the topic, extracting videos and images to inculcation auditory effect, citing from newspaper cutting and Google doodle, relating an analogy, Role play by students.

Jardim Nova Alianca
João felipe
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Biologist with technical-scientific experience in the area gives classes in biology and related areas via skype or in place to combine

My classes are intended for students of elementary, middle, pre-university and undergraduate courses that involve the subject of biology, be it in the area of health (medicine and nursing) or production (agronomic, forestry or veterinary engineering).

Coochiemudlo Island
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Semi-retired ecologist with PhD in Biology/Statistics wishing to tutor high school and university students on line.

My teaching method is to initially converse with the student to ascertain their skills level, determine what goals they may have in a relevant professional sphere, or associated role, and then begin with single topic discussions to eventually build a 'library' of structured information which can then be applied e.g.

Jardim Marambá
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Recently graduated Biologist and biology teacher gives classes for any age group

My teaching methods are personal, trying to best suit the needs and specifications of the student, if the class is school reinforcement the students own materials will be used in a way that allows him to understand in the school context the materials, so that it is easy the transposition between content learned in reinforcement and in school.

Waurn Ponds
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Recently graduated biologist offers help in studies concerning biological sciences, especialised in ecology, biodiversity and conservation.

I firmly believe that biology can be misunderstood if the basic concepts are not clear. My teaching method starts from the basics, and from there, the student begins to understand more complex facts, always guided by my knowledge. If there is a question left unanswered, I will rapidly look for recent studies to supply the latest information about the topic.

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Young Venezuelan Biologist who wants to teach Biology/Zoology/Entomology across Canada via web

My teaching methods are very flexible, because all students learn in different ways. I do first a diagnostic test, to get to know my student. Then, I start to teach my subject and always paying attention in the reaction of my student.

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A First Class graduates of Biology Education with 2 years teaching experience...inculcating knowledge is my passion. I can teach Biology, Educational courses,Agric, and Basic sciences in Bauchi state

It gives me great pleasure when my students contribute during teaching/learning process, so my teaching approach is mostly discussion/demonstration method. That is for the higher classes. But for my pupils is mostly teaching/demonstration method. I teach all categories.

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Biology Classes, in Rio de Janeiro, with a master's degree in environmental engineering!

The teaching method is adapted with the subjects, with the learning mode of the student, making the understanding of the discipline as efficient as possible. Exercises updated in each class, followed by the corresponding corrections, so that the student can review and assimilate with greater ease.

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Sadia , Zoology student gives Biology lectures to School and College students.

This is teacher Sadia, have five years teaching experience. I am passionate about teaching and always try to make my teaching an interesting one, so that my students not only enjoy their lectures but also learn the contents in descent manners. After having done with dilivering the lecture i used to revise the things so that, it may help the students to memorize the things at the spot.

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