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Bilingual Psychologist, teaches you how to Relax through the use of Hypnotherapy.

As a teacher I must know the level in which my student is in. So, the first thing that we should explore is how much He/She knows about Relaxations and Hypnotherapy, as well as which are His/Hers Goals. From there, we shall start planning, based on results of exploration. Exercises will be held. They will be adapted to student´s schedule.

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Reiki Master practitioner and joyful teacher offering Reiki, meditation, and massage tutoring with touchings of NLP practices and over a decade of experience

I'm a Certified Reiki master and teacher, meditator with background in Buddhist meditation, Christian meditation, massage practitioner with 2 decades of experience. I teach using a balance of teacher guided instruction and student guided instruction.

El Paso
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Medical Doctor With Great Knowledge in the Mind Techniques, Nutrition and Natural Therapies.

I will explain to you step by step with great patience in everything and how to improve your life in every aspect with a lot of many mind techniques. I was a teacher in two Medical School for several years and I love to teach.

Punta Gorda
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Master Hypnotist With Over 29 Years of Experience Offering Instruction to You

I break every aspect of hypnosis down into learnable and practical steps that can be practiced and mastered in the real world before moving on to the next step. I explain every concept in understandable terms to make it as simple as possible to have the confidence to use what you have learned in real life.

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Licensed Psychotherapist (25 years in practice) teaching mindfulness, stress management and relaxation classes

My teaching method is one where my students feel safe, supported and empowered. I teach my students to think put of the box and I put 100 % presence in my work.

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My focus is on the overall health of the people I serve and teaching this to my students. Supporting people to establish a link to primary health care, emotional care and health promotion activities are the areas of focus of my classes.

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Fully Certified Master Trainer in Hypnosis with 12 years experience teaching Hypnosis

You will learn effective accelerated healing and pain erasure hypnotherapy techniques. Some lessons will be about surgery preparation, childbirth with hypnosis and more...After you finish your training with me you will be eligible for certification in the field.

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Medical doctor, psychotherapist, and hypnotist offers hypnosis and Psychotherapy lessons on Skype

I help my students to develop practical skills needed to perform the art of hypnosis as well as understanding the theory behind. I give away all my secrets because I believe that hypnosis should be much more widespread and used to help people.

Greater London
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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Addiction Recovery and Anger Management lessons in London or via Skype

The student will learn about Hypnotherapy and how to induce therapeutic trance in their clients to help with presenting symptoms such as smoking, slimming, stress, phobias, fears and anxieties, addictions, depression and anger.

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Help in Rockhampton from a local mindfulness holistic counsellor with many years experience in teaching and in alternative and mainstream health

I am a very relaxed educator and each person is different so each approach I have to teaching is different. People learn differently and start from your own background of knowledge. I will meet you where you are at your level and take to where you want to be in your training.

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Life Coaching; Happiness Management; Self-Empowerment. Learn how to live the life you have always desired !

I hear my clients talking about their problem or the difficult situations they face. From a life coach's perspective it becomes more flexible to target the problem area and work on it with my client. What I ask from my clients is however, their participation and patience.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Relaxation, Mental peace, Training Subconscious Mind for Massive Success and Uniting Twin Flames

My methodology is that I neither advice nor suggest. Instead I provide tools to empower. As a life coach, I can provide support for any situation in one's life. And I have expertise in Twin Flames coaching and thus I can help in uniting Twin Flames.

1st lesson offered free !

Hypnotherapist offering sessions to help clients manage anxiety, overcome personal obstacles and achieve their goals. If you're struggling to find a positive solution to your problems then hypnotherap

I practice solution focused hypnotherapy, which means my sessions are centered around helping the client achieve their goals. Unlike traditional therapy, which delves into past events and can feel invasive to some people, our sessions will explore how you think about the future. We often think about future events in a negative light. We worry we'll say the wrong thing, or people won't like us.

San Agustín del Guadalix
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Meditation, Mindfulness, Intuition, Empath and Yoga Teacher in the North Zone of Madrid

My methodology is to design individualized sessions, specific to the needs of my clients. My Youtube channel is available for consultation. The link below is just the introduction of my channel. It's my entire channel, dedicated to these topics in the generalized way so you can see exactly what I do. Although my channel is in English I do sessions in both English and Spanish.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Perth hypnotherapist offers assistance with stress, PTSD, weight loss, stop smoking, and other unwanted habits.

I like to explain each concept, and then have the students / clients try the techniques for themselves. I then assist with any advice needed. The course is evidence based, and I try to make it fun, while also including plenty of content.

1st lesson offered free !

English language student gives relaxation, meditation, and nature based spirituality classes online

I prefer to teach people about a nature based spirituality such as Druidry through relaxation. A typical session with me would include a one-to-one talk to discuss what the person is looking for/ wanting to accomplish in terms of mental or spiritual health. Then I would proceed to adjust my content and communication to fit with the persons needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Medical student offering biology and health related courses and issues. I have a 4 year experience in lecturing and teaching and I understand what it takes for the learner to comprehend and bringing i

Basically my teaching methods are based on the students way of quickly comprehending things, but basically we'll deal with lessons based on each topic;s subject thus making it way easier.

1st lesson offered free !

I have experienced various kinds of meditation and can devise the perfect and interesting class for you!

I provide meditation sessions of 10 minute duration. Then there are some exercises and worksheets to do to actually rewire your brain and help you clear your problems and attract the things you actually want in life.

1st lesson offered free !

Everyone is a Unique Masterpiece. Get the best out of yourself. Let's start..!!!

I start the class by talking about very common things. I ask powerful questions. I make sure that I keep the mind of my participant open so that it can work with me. After-all, his or her benefit is my motive.

1st lesson offered free !

NLP Practitioner and health professional offering lessons in relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and alternative medicine.

My teaching method is based on neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis as I want my students to slightly relax during the training session so that they can absorb more information effortlessly and comfortably. The learning process has to be a positive and interesting experience. There is no need to stress during the lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Hypnotherapy helping you to lose weight, eat more healthy and manage the stress

My teaching is based upon my 11 years experience is helping people to lose weight, maintain weight loss and keep motivated; as well as address any food addiction such as sugar and/or chocolate or carbs

East Kilbride
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Therapist teaching well-being, Holistic & weight loss techniques as one-to-one lesson

I teach students tips and techniques such as Nutrition, Meditation, visualisation and other Holistic therapies methods so they make informative choice to improve their health and become self-reliant. My classes are tailored-made to the need of each individual or the ailment(s) they would like to tackle.

1st lesson offered free !

Colour Therapy - Online, classroom and whatsapp workshop is available in this topic

For further details on workshop contact us Venue : Classroom workshop , Online Workshop and Whatsapp workshop (Please confirm your program) Age : 18+ Minimum qualification : Basic understanding of colors Benefits : Health , Wealth and spiritual benefits are very abundant in this color therapy.

Englefield Green
1st lesson offered free !

Dedicated DCH hypnotherapist offering stress management, addiction, weight loss and relaxation sessions.

I begin each session by explaining to the client what hypnotherapy is all about. So many people have a misconception regarding hypnotherapy, believing it is similar to what is shown on TV. I then consult with the client to assess his/her issues and decide on which method of hynotherapy is suitable for them.

Eaton Socon
1st lesson offered free !

I can offer all types of well being classes online from hypnotherapy to mediation mindfulness , positive thinking , law of attraction and life coaching

I believe everyone deserves to live a life worth living and that is defined by many different factors personal to the individual so regardless of what you wish to change , improve or even stop and start I will work with you on a 1-1 bases to establish your most beneficial learning style , we all have the ability to be what we want

1st lesson offered free !

Social Worker and Clinical Hypnotherapist (BA, PGDipEd, MSW) with over 13 years experience offers online tutorials

I am responsive to students learning styles and specific learning goals. I share with students the insights I have garnered in my professional career.

North Warnborough
Payten autumn
1st lesson offered free !

A Reiki Master and Teacher that can teach and attune you to all levels.

My teaching method is relaxed yet informative, I do one to one or small classes so everyone learns and understands before we move on.

Dr v.b
1st lesson offered free !

The life is a journey of thoughts either sorrow or may be grief

By online and only one student in one time

1st lesson offered free !

Students interested in alternative medicine, complementary medicine, traditional medicine in all over the world

I am a physiotherapist, interested in complementary, traditional, integrative and alternative medicine. I live in Turkey and London, i work in my private office.

Dr vijay
1st lesson offered free !

Hypnotherapist, Counseling Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Rational emotive behaviour therapy, Career Counseling, etc.

My teaching style focuses on individual counseling i.e. one to one counseling which is primarily based on Rational emotive behaviour therapy...

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