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Professional English Actress and Director providing one on one classes and group lessons in Brooklyn and NYC

I taylor specific workshops or lessons for individuals or groups, specialising in Shakespeare/ Improvisation/ Ensemble Theatre/ Audition Prep/ English Dialect Coaching/ Voice and Text/ Acting - depending on the goals and aims of my students. I have worked extensively as an actress and coach and love helping people to improve their skill set and build up their confidence.

Lake Oswego
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Hey Portland! Let me help you get there! College Prof with over 23 years of experience can enhance your reading, writing and presentation skills.

I can assist students in developing their skills in reading, analyzing writing and public presentation. I work with each student individually and create lesson plans that are fun and address the particular needs of a student. I believe in the power of positive reinforcement coupled with discipline. If you are willing to try and I can help you reach your goals.

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Acting Coach With 23 Years of Experience Creates Individual Program to Suit You!

My teaching methodology is quite simple- it is directed toward the class or student I am teaching. I have practiced a great number of acting techniques and can fluidly move in and out of them to find what works best for that specific student or class.

Las Vegas
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Comedian/Princeton lecturer with 20+ years experience teaches comedy online/phone. Writing, performance and the business of comedy.

Stand-up comedy?! I got your stand-up comedy lessons right here! Really, I do. I've been performing and teaching comedy for over 20 years and I've developed lesson plans and a teaching style that will show you the secrets of writing comedy material and how to expertly deliver it on any stage.

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Local instructor for beginner puppetry and improvisational and musical theater training in Bakersfield

I have had almost ten years of education and experience as a local actor, musician, and improv-partaker. I began in high school, and have always stood out among the crowd (at least according to my teachers and peers). I have continued to pursue theater as a whole since then and really just want to help others realize their dreams as well.

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Experienced director and actor giving acting, directing and audit prep classes. Will come to your home, or you can come to my theatre company's studio in Canton. Covering canton and Akron areas. Bache

I give lessons to any age group over 10 years old. My degree is a 4 year bachelors of the arts in theatre studies. I work in many methods, but particularly follow Richard Seid, viewpoints, Stanislavsky, and method (not to the extreme, basic principals). I am always learning new techniques, so my lessons will not become stagnant and myself and my students will grow.

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Masters in Clinical Ministry with experience in teaching grades 1-12 over the past 30 years of my life - Trained in theater arts and musical theater. Taught English, History and Life Skills on a high

Masters in Clinical Ministry - Loma Linda University B.A. in Social Sciences - Azusa Pacific University Certified Case Manager - Loma Linda University Theater Arts - Citrus College Worked on set of movies/t.v.

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So you think you can act? This Musical Theatre major can help you!

I mainly approach acting lessons with a mixture of different acting techniques, such as Meisner, Growtowski, Bogart, and Uta Hagen. I believe in Stanislavski's goal: the art of experiencing. The basis of acting is related to combining action verbs with your objective. Everything else streams from that, and we will have fun exploring that.

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Professional actor/director offering lessons in comedic, dramatic, and improvisational acting and theatre.

I use a multitude of pedagogical styles to address student concerns. We will dabble in both scripted and improvisational acting. I am looking for eager actors and theatre fans ONLY and am not interested in working with apathetic artists.

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Actor with 10 years+ experience, New York City, Comedic and Improvisational Acting to all ages and experience levels.

I teach on a both one-on-one or group relationship. I will work with new improv groups that need guidance and more technique when approaching performance. With acting, I work as a director, and also a coach. I have experience and foundation with different acting methods, therefore, I come at a student from many different techniques.

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Mwalimu, Teacher, Mentor, Counsellor, Historian, Social Commentator, avid learner... embracing live in all its diversity

BSc. Chemistry; MDiv Theology; two decades of engaging various African cultures to explore the human condition. If we are to develop we must be community oriented and wholistically considerate. I learn best by engaging in another's life and walking together on their journey.

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Graduating college with degree in theatre, professional actress. Teaches self care for the actor as well

Using methods of stage movement/Suzuki methods, we use personal actor truths to bring honesty to characters. Work on letting go of the ego to bring character and story to the front. Often, lessons would begin with what YOU would like to work on, a monologue, going over the resume, scenes etc. I will watch, take notes, and go from there.

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Retired professor of acting, with experience in film, tv and stage, for personal coaching or classes.

My approach to acting is based on Stanislavski's method, with specific ideas and techniques culled from the score of teachers I have studied with. Script analysis comes first, then purpose is determined, followed by active choices to obtain the objective, with all the emotional life available to the actor.

North Castle
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Acting for 15 plus years and now newly committed to Adelphi University's Theater Conservatory

My teaching method is based on my own experiences along with the teachings of Sanford Meisner, a man of many talents. Sanford Meisner is my mentor as I have read every book and manual he has authored along with watched some of his past students.

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Commedia Dell'arte Actress for 10 plus years outside of Pittsburgh area looking for students!

I give these classes at a basic understanding level, or higher depending on the student(s) knowledge of Commedia dell'arte.

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Dare to Delve into Drama in Dynamic Dallas with Diverse, Dedicated Alexandra

National arts journalist and NEA Annenberg/O'Neill Institute Fellow Critic with a lifetime of experience in performance arts, creative writing and directing innovative educational camps and programs. Express your true self while learning effective drama skills in a safe, respectful environment.

Los Angeles
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Act and Book the Job, Beginners to Pros, Taught by a Casting Director and Professional Actress. From Stage, Commercials, TV & Film. L.A. Based but can use SKYPE for outside area calls.

I have coached and given acting seminars around the U.S. for over 20 years. I graduated from University of Richmond with a Theatre Arts and Communications B.A. degree. I have been a professional actress for over 30 years and am a member of SAG-AFTRA and Equity. My on the job training includes Improv having worked at the Groundling in L.A.

Loch Lloyd
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I am a film, stage, and commercial actor with 8 years of experience in the field, pursuing a degree in theater.

I want to work with each student through a piece of either their choosing or my choosing. Because I have experience in the field, I will coach each student individually through methods that work best for them. If you have an audition coming up, I can coach you in the best way to ace that audition. If you're just getting your foot in the door, I can teach you the basics.

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I am super eager to teach acting. student at Oklahoma City Community College. taken multiple classes on acting. also will be playing in Rodgers and Hammersteins 'Cinderella' as the Prince

my teaching method is a more interactive approach. i will try to push you by setting up goals for you so that you have motivation. My lessons will be both fun but also helpful. Just from being around so many actors, a class gets boring if you aren't doing things and just sitting and listening.

Arden Hills
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Professional Actress and Teacher offering acting and singing lessons/classes in Minneapolis/St Paul

I seek to give students a well-rounded and thorough understanding of whatever subject I teach. I believe the educational journey is just as important as the final result. If I do my job right, my students will learn to find joy in whatever subject they are learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Training Actor for 12 years giving Lessons in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

I meet each student where they are, theater teaches a person a lot about themselves and life itself. I am to align the student's work with who they are and challenge them to express themselves and to work in different ways that will encourage them to be their best selves and to push boundaries.

1st lesson offered free !

A professional actor with over 20 years of experience. I teach in Pittsburgh, PA, and in parts of West Virginia & anywhere via Skype or Google Hangouts. Specialize in audition prep & on-camera acting

I teach a variety of techniques including Stanislavski, Meisner and Practical Aesthetics. 6-8 week long workshops are tailored for certain things such as Improvisation for Actors, Audition Prep and On-Camera Technique. I also teach privately for audition prep and general acting per students needs.

San Antonio
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Former Theater Student of 6 years available to to offer theater lessons from home

It's difficult to have a set teaching style for theater as any student is going to learn how to act differently. While I will do my best to make sure certain basics are provided to all students the nuances of acting is something that will be developed one on one with each student.

South Milwaukee
(6 reviews)
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Drama major with many years of experience working with children of all ages offers acting classes

Improvisation classes/Play production/One-on-on acting work Acting is interesting and fun! Usually students who enjoy acting are talented in it and want to do a good job. This is a wonderful basis for a good teaching and learning experience.

Fort Mitchell
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B.F.A Acting Student/GSA Alumna apart of a comedy improv troupe gives lessons to middle school and high school levels in Northern Kentucky

Acting is a wonderful, but intense and complex art form that requires honesty, attention, and spontaneity! We sometimes, as actors, get so caught up in our text and trying to unveil all of those complex emotions that we often get stuck. We forget how to just be sometimes.

1st lesson offered free !

Performing arts if you want to learn please call me and I can give you lessons

I will be teaching you the basics of the performing arts and I may have you put on a small play for me. When in this class please be responsible and respectful to the others in this class.

Queens County
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Professional actress on TV and in comedy improv available to teach/coach in NYC area.

I have trained and performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade and most recently guest-starred in a series co-written and directed by the executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer. I trained for theater at Trinity Rep Conservatory, part of the Tony-award winning Trinity Rep theater, with intensive study of the Meisner technique. I can do monologue coaching or scene study.

Owings Mills
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Playwright, actor, set designer in dramaturgical study excited to help other theatre lovers

All students learn differently, i like to work with their way of learning so they understand things clearly. Students are encouraged to take risks and expierament.

(5 reviews)
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An actress with experience for more than four years excited to get the ball rolling on your acting career!

I want to see where you are at with your acting and where you want to go. We'll lay out your goals, then make a plan on how to pursue them. Then, with each webcam session we'll try to conquer what your trying to achieve whether it is doing your best in a monologue or trying to master a role for an upcoming play.

1st lesson offered free !

Seasoned Director based out of North Carolina giving professional acting and audition lessons. Graduate of Full Sail University in Orlando, FL and owner of Hanging by a Rope Productions.

Bachelor's of science in film and video production. I have worked with all types of acting styles and have been part of all types of acting auditions. Learn the skills you need to be successful in movie and television acting business from a teacher who's worked on many different ends of production.

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Improvisational theater is a type of live theater performance where everything is made up right at the moment it is being performed. There is no script with a plot and dialogue. Improvisers come up with a performance following suggestions from the audience, a current event or other source of inspiration. It is a great way to teach creativity and for people to enjoy themselves as they watch a performance unfold where not even those acting it it know what will happen next. Professional Improvisers give performances in different places and specialize in a specific genre like comedy, political matters or they do it all. Perhaps you are interested in this form of art or you are part of a group who would like to get started but don't know how. A good place to start is with private Improvisational theater lessons. The challenge might be where to find teachers who give lessons in improv. SuperPROF presents a quick and convenient solution in form of a database of 100,000 qualified teachers offering lessons in 250 subjects all around the US. You can use this US-based website to find not only improv acting teachers but an acting teacher giving lessons in other stage or screen acting, leather craft teachers, drawing teachers and one offering sculpture lessons. Get onto SuperPROF, find a tutor in your area and start honing those acting skills.