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Professional Chemist with 3 years of chemistry teaching experience at the University level

I have earned PhD in chemistry from Howard University. I have been privileged to teaching general chemistry and analytical chemistry as a Teaching Assistant and Chemistry Instructor at the University.

Palm Springs
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Organic Chemistry Researcher offering chemistry tutoring in Palm Springs with 5 years of experience

I have found that the best way to learn organic chemistry is through pattern recognition. I have been successful with tutoring organic chemistry through showing and explaining the trends that we see within reactions.

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Chemistry teacher. Degree is chemistry, not science education. I will absolutely help.

My teaching methodology is to stick to the standards. I do not want to teach anything that will not be tested on. Straight and to-the-point is the best way to go for science classes. By doing this, I am an effective tutor. Students come in, ask a question or two, I help them, they have an "ah ha" moment, end of story.

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I have 2 Associate Degrees, 40 years exp. in related field, Louisville, KY

I favor hands-on experience a must; however, I can explain in simple terms the operation and function of basic equipment using simple analogies. I use positive encouragement as a way of instruction using showing, shadowing, and independent action by the student as an excellent tool and an effective technique in learning.

North Bethesda
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PhD Chemist Specialised in Inorganic and Material Chemistry offering lessons in the Rockville/Bethesda area

I can teach and help students from high school through to university/college level. I can tutor individuals or small groups. I can offer help with homework, assignments, lab reports and course revision. I am available in person or online. However, I do not have a space of my own to host lessons.

Dr. shamim-ara
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I am Mrs. Pervin, Doctorate in Chemistry, offering chemistry lessons including physical/organic/polymer/inorganic, and other chemistry related courses in Kannapolis, NC

Good course materials with sufficient problems/examples and case study are very effective. I feel that "seeing is believing" and so audio-visual aids like using power-point slides for lectures, providing handouts, showing video clips to emphasize important points and Websites are effective learning tools with proven impacts.

Franklin Township
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PhD chemist willing to travel to tutor various chemistry courses in public and private locations

My teaching methodology is one that puts more of an emphasis of understanding the underlying concepts rather that focusing on memorization. In chemistry, if one can grasp the concept (for example retrosynthetic analysis), then the need to memorize everything is minimized.

Dana Point
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Experienced pharmaceutical scientist offering mentoring in chemistry to aspiring students in Orange county, CA

The goals of the student will define how we work toward them. I'll help students to define the goals and develop the learning strategy. Then, we will go through the coursework together, asking questions based on critical thinking and finding the answers in the literature or experiment.

Kansas City
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Chemistry expert with 5 years experience gives lessons from home to all ages

i give detailed explanation which are relevant and easily understood by a student. i am always willing to repeat a concept of the student does not understand very well so that he/she can be satisfied. i give lessons to both undergraduate and high school students. In addition, my response time is within 10 minutes.

San Francisco
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Chemist PhD with international experience offering chemistry lessons in São Carlos and São José do Rio Preto to all ages.

I approach each topic depending on the level of the student. With patience and care, is possible to teach all ages. I start talking about the subject to evaluate the knowledge of the student and, after, I can start teaching.

St. Louis
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Chemist/physicist/inventor 5yrs industry experience 2patents+1pending/9publications/14commerically-launched products. Seasoned R&D scientist who is making a career change and looking to give back to t

B.Sc. Organic Chemistry and Physics (mathematics and philosophy minors) From MO S&T. I have just spent the last 5yrs in industry in the biotech/chemistry R&D field.

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With my Master Degree in Biochemistry, I can make Chemistry easy for you

In my experiences and innovative teaching methods, I can give lessons for (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.). I have great skills in the latest PC and iPad Apps for presentations, webcam, teaching online by conferences rooms such as GoMeeting and others. I am good listener and have strong communicating with students, and friendly personality.

Saint Paul
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Chemistry professor at Central University of Venezuela with a Msc. in Environmental Engineering

My teaching method is based on what the student needs, focused on weaknesses and looking for giving tools and machanism to understand and solve problems in an easy way. My classes are for people who are going to go to college, are already in college or university.

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Professional scientist offering chemistry and mathematics lessons in the Iowa City/Coralville/Cedar Rapids area.

I prefer to go through homework problems with the students, and observe the thought process. In most cases, it is more effective to communicate the underlying theory, rather than teach a set method by simple rote memorization. I can also clarify theoretical matters and give lectures if necessary.

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1st lesson offered free !

Math and Chemistry Tutor gives lessons to middle school, high school and college levels in McAllen TX

I got a bachelor degree as Metallurgist Engineer(Chemistry) in Russia and a master degree in Education (Mathematics) in USA.. In my class usually 1st I determine the weakness of the student,2nd I give the student the theoretical support and finally We( the student and me ) work in solving exercises.

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High school math, chemistry and physics teacher with over 15 years of experience. Located in Pasadena, Texas

I use standard research-based classroom teaching techniques with a heavy emphasis on math and science face-to-face tutoring. My teaching methods are practical and goal-directed to ensure the student achieves their desired level of mastery. I know a large number of math teaching techniques to aid in problem solving.

Los Angeles
Palo Alto
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Physical chemistry PhD providing chemistry, math and physics lessons in or near Palo Alto, California

I usually first determine the study style of each student, and what they need to understand in the subject. I explain in a way that is easy to grasp and let the student practice to make sure that they really understand.

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Chemistry and biology teachers with many years of practical and theoretical experience

First is to asses level where the student is in. From that point slowly introduce new material. After introducing with the new material student has the time to get familiar with the new material by doing some exercises. Then feedback by asking student a few questions.

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Experienced MIT trained professional chemical engineer offering STEM lessons in Edmonds, WA

ESI made extensive use of the Northeastern University Cooperative Program to staff short term research programs. Over a span of 15 years, more than fifty Northeastern students obtained industrial research experience at ESI where they learned how to plan, execute and document research programs that could last from 3 to 6 months.

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Chemistry Graduate offering chemistry and mathematics solutions/lessons online with 5 years experience

my teaching method is mainly question and answer in addition to practical demonstrations and use of examples. mainly focusing on degree and high school students.

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Chemist Ph.D Tutor: General, Organic, Inorganic. Bay area: Marin, Berkeley, San Francisco

I will teach anyone who seeks to bolster their chemical knowledge and problem solving abilities from high school and college chemistry students in core classes, biochemistry graduate students seeking chemical expertise, to business owners who wish to gain industry-relevant chemistry insight.

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Teaching is my passion. Chemistry is just understanding. Connect and learn.

Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Ashfaq, Master in Chemistry and Scholar in education teaching is my passion. so cone and join to understand the word chemistry in very easy way. Not only by words instead practical.

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Polymer chemist and dogmom in Raleigh-Durham with a passion for science and mentoring!

My teaching method is to create a trusting environment, and to encourage lots of questions! I also find I am very effective in simplifying difficult topics. I have historically tutored and mentored high school students and younger who are interested in STEM disciplines.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry Tutor with PhD degree within Orlando for $20 per hour

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (CHEMISTRY) July 2017 Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan, Taiwan ROC Distinguished International Graduate Scholarship MASTERS OF SCIENCE (BIOTECHNOLOGY) June 2013 Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan, Taiwan ROC Distinguished International Graduate Scholarship Biotechnology Excellence Award (Top 2 Graduate) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN...

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Professional chemist gives tutoring to students of all ages in all areas of Chemistry.

I tutor students of all ages in all areas of Chemistry. I received my bachelor's of science degree in Chemistry. I have two years towards my Master's degree, with a concentration in Organic Chemistry. Most importantly, I make learning Chemistry fun and rewarding.

Salt Lake City
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I’m a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering with a BS degree in Chemistry.

My teaching method is starting from basis. You can build a very tall house when you have strong foundation. I will help students understand the bases first and from there learn how they are connected, then apply the relations to different scenarios.

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Master in Chemistry with 6 Years of Teaching Experience in Chemistry, Science and Math.

I base my classes on understanding how much my students know and the method I need to use to get across the subject easily such that the basic concepts are clear. I like to give practical examples of things so that the topic is clearly understood. My students have been from Middle school, High School, College and Graduates.

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All things science -- professional educator offering tutoring services for the sciences and related mathematics

I approach learning by first finding out the subject, the topics covered, and the amount of time necessary to complete the course. After assessing what my student knows, I figure out a way to make the content "real", concrete and accessible for the student. Students need to not only "know" the content, but be able to apply it to any situation.

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