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San Jose
(4 reviews)
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10 years of experience with academic tutoring at san jose california -home

Learning by doing,problem solving skills,troubleshooting skills and apart from that every student must have enthusiasm to learn new things in order to move forward in this technology world so every student given an assignment and have to show me by everyday

Little Rock
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Educator seeking students to teach and tutor math and technology for all ages!

My teaching includes one-on-one as well as group. I base my classes on the pace and skill level of each course with my approach in trying to be as straight and to the point as possible. This leads to an opportunity to answer questions without being too lost in the details.

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IT Professional with over 20 years experience, ready to assist in your learning in Chicago

I am a self taught professional, so I believe the best method of learning is hands on. Not just picking up a book, but actually getting your hands on systems and software to use. I like to show and have others follow along and do what it is I am doing.

San Ramon
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Computer science student with a lot of experience in tutoring on point

My approach is to answer your questions and not to repeat things you already know. I like to cut to the chase and if it doesn’t make sense then we can go a little deeper to exactly where things click with you. I’m extremely patient and I take the extra mile of making sure you get things as well as you’re comfortable with.

Oak Creek
(2 reviews)
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Private courses (Physics, Coding) from a 25 years experience Associate Prof. Dr. in Milwaukee

As a teacher, I believe in mixing up my teaching based on the material, rather than trying to fit the material into the same pedagogical box. I try to cultivate an enthusiasm for the study of communication by illustrating my own enthusiasm for the material. I love what I do and I let that show in the classroom through the charismatic presentation of course material.

Las Vegas
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A laid back educator with knowledge in Math, Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting, and much more!

I like to make a plan for what I will be teaching the day of class. Before the lesson begins, I like to hand out guides that will help students understand the material that will be reviewed during the session. Also, I like to move at a pace that is comfortable for everyone.

Parsippany-Troy Hills
La Quinta
1st lesson offered free !

Technology Consultant with 25 years experience offering basic computer skills instruction in La Quinta, Ca

My teaching style is to go at your pace. I want you to understand all concepts of one subject before we move on. I will have short quizzes ( but will not grade them ) to help you see where you are, and if we can proceed.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Fundamentals from Shreveport LA from a veteran IT Support Specialist with Fortune 500 experience.

1. History and Names of Computer gurus. Hardware and Software fundamentals. 2.  Brainstorming  Problem Solving Method  Computer assisted learning(CAI)  Programmed learning 3. BRAINSTORMING:  Brainstorming is a group creativity technique that was designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.

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Minneapolis (and surrounding suburbs) based math tutor with ten years of experience

I teach with the concept of critical literacy. I don't just help my students complete their assigned homework, but teach them in a way that breeds autonomy, logic, critical thinking, and ability to independently find solutions to problems.

1st lesson offered free !

UNC Asheville Physics graduate teaching undergraduate math and physics in the Asheville area

Geared towards freshmen and sophomore level courses in physics, math, and computer science. Will use materials student is already using or is familiar with, and connecting that to their personal goals and interests. Whenever possible, I prefer to teach with hands-on (or digital, if necessary) experiments rather than straight theory.

1st lesson offered free !

Mathematics tutor with 6 years of experience teaching from grade 1 to college students. Have completed and gotten A's in every math class up to Introductory Analysis.

Step 1: E-mail, Text the topic before the day of tutoring. Step 2: I will go through the required material and provide practice questions if needs be Step 3: If the student would like to go over again, we can schedule another time or go overtime at the students request. I will work as long as the students want me to work so there are no issues with scheduling.

1st lesson offered free !

College student working towards elementary education degree, looking to work with students!!

My teaching method is very visual and full of examples. I try to make it fun and relatable for the student. Also, I am very interested in technology integration and hands-on activities. I am very flexible and can adapt to most styles that a student may want to use in order to learn the material.

La Verne
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

College student with proficient knowledge with mathematics. English tutoring lessons also available.

My teaching style is to take each problem piece by piece until you understand the material proficiently! If there is any issues with the material we can come up with a new way to make sure you the student can understand each lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

UW Technology Masters Grad with 3 years of Teaching Experience in Seattle

I offer personalized help, with various approaches, different explanations, and visual illustrations as needed. I will go over class materials, assigned work, and previous assignments depending on students' needs. I can also provide additional sources for practice materials or create assignments.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

"Business consultant with 10 years experience offering Algebra lessons at home in LA"

My teaching method includes lecture, practical, and problems to reinforce the concepts. I like to use real world issues to capture the attention of students. Decisions are made daily which we have to react to. My goal is to reinforce a useful approach of 'how to' utilize what you have learned.

Olmsted Falls
1st lesson offered free !

PhD level tutor in math, statistics, psychology, and science with over 15 years experience!

I have no single methodology other than to meet the students at the level that they are at. I want my students to feel comfortable with the knowledge they have and realize that they are going to expand upon that base over time. I teach in a manner that has been desrcibed as patient and empowering.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate Student is Business Analytics offering Maths and Science Lessons in Detroit Area

As a graduate student, I have known what learning methods work best for what part of the syllabus. Practice makes perfect. I use mnemonics to help you memorize what needs to be memorized (you remember them for life). I encourage understanding theories without losing focus from methods to get good grades.

1st lesson offered free !

IT professional with 30 years experience on Long Island, NY offering lessons on a wide range of Microsoft products.

Assistance and training in all Microsoft products, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Office 365 apps. I take a hands on approach to see what level the student is at and progressing from there at the pace the student can handle.

1st lesson offered free !

Math, physics, new materials, optics, electromagnetism, displays, photonics, liquid crystals, photoalignment, nanotechnology

The teaching philosophy is based on the following principles: (i) combine the efforts with the students to provide them with the required knowledge and skills; (ii) to be the most up-to-date in lecture materials, complying with the existent level of science and technology; (iii) spare no efforts in improving the teaching process, adequately responding to the students demands; (iv) wide...

West Valley City
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Salt Lake City loves algebra teacher Bachelors degree in IT & Associates degree in Electronics. 10 years of A’s in math classes from Electronics to Accounting to Algebra.

I like to tutor one on one. I like to start with basic math concepts and build on them. Math is like building blocks if you don't have a solid foundation in basic math you will struggle as you proceed to the higher math classes.

1st lesson offered free !

Academic tutor with advance knowledge in Mathematics and information technology with the degree in Computer Science and Cyber Forensics.

My teaching method is pretty simple. I look at students problem and let give them a little bit hint first about how to solve the problem. After giving a hit if the student still don't understand the topic I will start from the beginning and try to explain him from the roots. I will help the students until they understand the topic and they have clear solution of their problem.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

10+year IT Professional offering all levels of Computer classes, in plain English you can understand! (Ocala, FL Area)

I am a very patient teacher who always tries to avoid a "canned" approach. I like to listen to my students and customize what I teach based on what you really want to know and also you own personal experience / comfort level. I also have learned to translate geek-speak into plain-old-English so that you walk away confident that you truly understand what we went over.

1st lesson offered free !

IT pro with 25 years experience has taught many folks on the job. Boston North Shore.

My approach to teaching is to focus on "hands on the keyboard" learning, adding readings and homework as needed to keep progress steady. I can tailor the approach to the interests and experience level of each individual. I can also help with resume writing to prepare for the first job out of school, and advise on job search techniques.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Guru with tons of experience in all things tech available in Waco, Texas!

My teaching method would be patience. I think patience is what the world needs more of, since we are in a go go society, and sometimes, so students dont get frustrated, you just need to be patient.

1st lesson offered free !

Math lover teaching all forms of math and few forms of fun!

I firmly believe in learning by doing. Thus, I prefer exhaustive practice of any concept that I pick to teach or even study for myself. I prefer in interacting with my pupils than giving them lectures. My sessions are real fun and informative and I make it a point to make my pupils know that every day of learning is an accomplishment.

1st lesson offered free !

Java Programmer can unwrap the secret of IT for your understanding and usage.

I approach each topic with very good understanding of a practical end-result in my student's mind while introducing them to the topic from fundamentals all the way up. I relate abstract sections with practical real-world examples around us for understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

College Professor with 20 year experience can teach you SQL, Statistics, Excel, and more

Knowledge can be classified as conceptual, procedural, and strategic. To master a subject, you need to learn the concepts, learn some procedures for problem solving and then be able to choose a problem solving method for new problems. I aim to teach the students at these three levels.

1st lesson offered free !

Criminal Justice major with a solid 4.0 GPA, able to teach any subject around, Talented trumpet player in marching and concert bands city-wide, I currently speak French, Spanish, Italian, American Sig

My teaching methods vary. I believe in engaging my students in every step of the learning process. I believe that the student and the teacher should be a team and I conduct my lessons in that same manner. I am very diligent and believe that success is key and fun should be incorporated into that success.

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Perfect! Matthew has been a very helpful tutor for me in CSE 142. Matthew is very patient, insightful, and fun to work with. He easily adjusted to my learning style to teach me how to understand concepts better than if I attended lecture alone (personally, I...

Van, student
2 years ago

Perfect! I recommend Matthew to other aspired Programmers. I've learned key concepts in Computer Science, & am gaining insights everytime we meetup. He responds to my questions & emails. And even is giving a letter of recommendation for me. Great find.

Brando, student
2 years ago

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