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I am well versed in the making of architecture and building standards. Inasmuch, I have worked and collaborated with design teams to produce a variety of commercial and residential architectural proje

I am motivated driven by innovation. Moreover, I am about the making of architecture. I seek to be ever more involved with architecture. My teaching method is formed by understanding the design language found in the field of technology, construction, and design.

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Interior Designer with a specialty in Wicca 101. Beginners level course.

I am most able to teach Interior Design at the basic level and beyond if need be for the alternative lifestyle. For students of any back ground and or level of for this course. I have study at various colleges.

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Need help with you art skills...Degreed Art teacher for hire in Richmond VA

Hello, my name is Noelle Loving and I am a certified art teacher giving lessons to beginners and intermediate students. I hold degrees in both art education and interior design. I work currently as an art teacher and previously as an interior designer. If you would like to improve your drawing, painting, or design skills, contact me for more information.

Villa Rica
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Top performing Architect with 8 years of professional practice providing Design and detailing lessons

I provide general step by step courses that helps your understand and how to design homes & commercial buildings Course breakdown: Schematic design - We will go over how to take clients ideas and provide on site sketches 3D Modeling - I will walk you through the process of how to model as a professional Design development - This set of courses will show you how to create presentation design...

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College Student With Experience In Interior Design Giving Lessons in Design Presentation

I am a senior in college, majoring in interior design. I know all about drafting floor plans either by hand or in AutoCAD and/or Revit and creating 3D models using Sketchup. I can provide lessons to any level using the principles and elements of interior design. I am passionate about Interiors, making me a fun and energetic teacher.

San Antonio
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An engineer offering technical advice and help with design, interior design and visual identity

I help academic students, who study architecture, landscape architecture, computer graphics or interior design. I provide help with furniture design, logo design, visualisations, intersections and plan drawing. Every design is different so its price is established individually. I also provide technical advice.

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Bim specialist teaching Archicad From Draft to render according to American and Australian standers

you will be taught the workflow , meaning how to create the project from sketches until the final documentation I prefer to use games to spice the learning process ,also teach other basic softwares to add more to the experience

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British Interior designer for over 15 years living in California teaches you to love your home

I am an Interior designer and my students are generally very keen on design, but are not sure or confident enough to start on their own. I have a set subject area for the session e.g. lighting/color and then I take open questions to allow the students to direct the session to their collective needs where possible.

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I am an interior architect with three qualifications (diploma, batcholor, master in art design and architectur) from london England, can teach high school, college students. I am an international awar

I work with the students to develop their conceptual thinking and technical ability to deliver their vision to the world. I create a schedule of targets that help the student develop their assignment to a professional level and reach their potential.

Greater london
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Interior Design courses, Interior design Diploma, Interior design Tutor London one to one London

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm. Travel depending on my schedule.

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10 years experienced professional career Architect & Urban Designer gives Private Lessons

I have worked professionally for 10 years in Architecture and Urban design for Projects in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. My role was on designing, meeting with clients, create project briefs and meet deadlines. For the last 3 years I give private lessons to Undergraduate & post graduate students covering all their modules, essays and design projects.

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Private Tutoring with Award-winning Architect with 10 years Academic and over 6 years international professional experience.

I'm extremely passionate about architectural education. I was educated myself at numerous world-class institutions, gaining three first class degrees and winning a number of awards for my own academic projects. I have private tutoring and guest critic experience both here in the UK and overseas.

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Lecturer at Istituto Massaua offers lessons for qualification as a surveyor and high school CAT

I teach as a lecturer since 2014. Currently I am the operational manager of the company Tilllate.world, based in Switzerland, the largest international community for nightlife photography, we cover more than 20 countries. I collaborate with Google Inc. as a Google certified photographer for the insertion of places and photographs in the Google Street View database.

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Architect with international experience providing tutoring for Architecture students - and help on projects

We can work on your ongoing university projects, concept design, technical details, 2D, 3D, competitions, and so on. We can work together either online/ webcam or meet face to face and do the final push before submission. I cover all of Greater London.

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Former student of the Ecole Boulle and ENSAD preparing to contest the great schools of art and design

I prepare the tray (artistic undermined), licensing and design as well as Masters competition of design and architecture arts schools (ENSAD: 4 admitted Beaux Arts in Paris: 1 admitted ENSArchitecture Paris-Belleville 2 allowed) and other formations requiring a strong cultural and artistic baggage.

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Interior Design tutor with 15 years experience in industry and 3 years teaching, Qualified with 1st class (hons)

My teaching method is to apply my practical past and present experiences to the given scenario. This will give you a strong overall picture of what you are trying to achieve and why it is applicable. This will provide you with a firm grounding once you fulfil your educational requirements.

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Bartlett Graduate with 3 years tutoring experience giving architecture tutoring in London

My mission is simple - to help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement so you can tap into your full potential and start producing your best work. With me, you'll learn how to work SMART, not HARD. Let's work together and get you the inspiration, tools and confidence you need to not only survive the architecture school, but thrive in it.

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Get help on your Architecture school project from a professional & experienced Architect and teacher. Worldwide online!

In our lesson we work on your drawings together with screen sharing and video chat. We will go over your project, ask questions and develope your design to express your ideas. We start by holding a free intrudoction meeing via video chat and screen sharing, to better understand where you are with your project and what you'd like to learn.

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Experienced senior lecturer offering interior design in/around Edinburgh. I am an experienced, award winning, educator in the field of design, in particular interior design and interior architecture.

Teaching is my passion, and I enjoy working with students and helping them learn. I have experience in teaching design and interior design at almost all levels, and really believe all classes are best when customised to the level and aims of the student.

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Architect gives lessons about graphic design, architecture, layout and software. I also gives consults.

I'm an architect and urbanist, specialist at design think and colors study. I work with graphic design, representation, interior design, architectural design, urbanism, history of modern architecture in Brazil and also teach about ABNT in TCC jobs. I give lessons to beginner students about Autocad, Sketchup, Vray, Lumion, video maker with Premiere, classes of Photoshop and CorelDraw.

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Part 2 Qualified Architect **with 2 years university lecturing experience** offering advice and help on your portfolio for access to higher education in the arts. London based.

Sessions begin with a review of your current work / portfolio and a conversation about what you would like to get out of your time with me.

San carlo-condofuri marina
Maria lina
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Interior Designer & Decorator, offers lessons and courses in Design, History of Art and Architecture.

I deal with Interior Design, Decoration & Visual Design. Over time, I gained the expertise in organizing the technical-graphic work, thanks to the collaboration and management of the Family Technical Office for about 13 years.

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Learn from basics to the professionalistic skills in interior designing and decoration

I approach each lesson thoroughly, systematically and analytically so that the student understand and become a professional in it and use his skills.

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Girl recently graduated with 110 cum laude in architecture sciences gives private lessons !!

First of all it is fundamental for me to have a chat with the person I need to help and understand how he / she is reasoning and what was his / her method of study up to that moment. Only in this way I can understand how to set up lessons and how to approach him/herself.

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Patient Interior Designer gives lessons in AutoCAD 2D, SketchUp, Affinity Designer etc

My teaching methodology is to find out where my student is up to, and talk about what they need to know, so that through conversation I can develop specific training for each student. We then systematically work through it.


Practising architect and academic lecturer at BA and MA level. Based in London

Architecture, Interior and Design tutor - Which subject(s) do you teach? -Architecture and interior design: Concept development and design methodology, architectural visualization and presentation. -Autocad (win & mac) 2018 from beginners to advanced users. 2D drawing, architectural drawing, 3D modeling and rendering. - Rhino modelling & rendering with Vray.

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Want to change a room or your house but don't know how!

I offer three practical, fun workshops for anyone who would like to know how to make changes to their home, no matter if it is as simple as giving a fresh look to single room or to the whole house.

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Want to learn architecture at home then this is the place u should search for

my teaching methodology is mostly practicle based rather than bookish. i want a student first understand the meaning and depth of the subject then pursue with the theory and practicle.

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PhD student in architecture with 2 years of full time teaching experience at university, offering classes in architecture and interior design, construction techniques landscape and sustainability.

I follow a systematic methodology where my prior focus is on understanding the fundamentals and concepts. My presentations are more pictorial and graphical to have more impact on the learner. I also give strong practical examples for theoretical models.

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