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Learn a Free Computer & Internet Courses Online Description Hi The Goal of my channel is to give an Inspirational message, Hope, Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills to everyone who love to learn and get thes

My Teaching method is video, photo and text or live video if nessesary, and my teaching based on basic computer and internet lessons for begginers who can communicate with me in English, French,Arabic as their second alnguage and African Languages like Tigrigna and Amaharic as their mother language or ant to learn these languages.

1st lesson offered free !

PC ABC's - Sauquoit, New York - Information Technology - A+ N+ Certified - 20 years experience

CompTIA A+ CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional with 20+ years of experience in Computer Operation Support Systems and network administration. Evaluate what is known.

San Diego
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Ove 15 Years as a Computer Security and Networking including Clouds Security.

My teaching method are more base on practical ways or hands-on computer troubleshooting that given with the errors or problem with hardware and software. I also have guideline, ebook, videos , and available to email me any question you may have. Some of this material are not all available to have because of proprietary with original owners.

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15 yrs Mass Communication / 5 yrs of Computer Hardware Repair A+ Cerification

My teaching method are virtual labs and reading material.

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Teaching Technology - 20 years experience in Information Technology, I can help you learn to navigate the basics or master the advanced.

I have a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology from the George Washington University. For 12 years I worked for a global company and have taught all types of IT users, different age groups and cultural backgrounds. I feel the best method to learn IT is hands on experience.

Punta Gorda
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Basic Computer Tutoring in Punta Gorda FL Over twenty years experience, at home.

My teaching method, is to go at your own pace, taking one step at a time. I will monitor how your progress progresses, and then take it to the next level, if you are ready, and only when you tell me you are ready.

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Academician, Scientist, Scholar, World Traveler is wanting to be your Superprof in Education, Social Science, Curriculum/Instruction, History, Secondary Education. I cover all locations and possess th

I am a professor an adjunct professor at several universities and possess a BAE, MEd and SEd from the University of Mississippi, an FCP (eq. MPhil from the College of Teachers in London and a doctorate from the University of South Africa.

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Information Technology, History, academic writing. Passionate about my results and students welfare.

Willing to work with almost any student. I have a very broad educational and professional background. Teaching methodology is a combination of lecture and/or an oral presentation of information coupled with a Discussion between participants and a demonstrated lesson for practical application.

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Learn Basic Computer Skills From Me - I have lots of experience, Lots of education and I love to teach.

I work with a variety of learners and every demographic. I try to incorporate hands on work along with visual aids and research. I like to talk to people and discuss concepts with students to prompt self learning.

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Everyone has to keep up with technology; you've taken the first step

My education is by taking classes an learning the methodology of how the basic computer works. I recently taught basic computer at a church that needed a teacher. The technique that I use is hands on and interactive.

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Learn windows server installation and configuration by Experienced professional . This is for 12th pass students, need to join as IT system administrator.

I have pdf materials for each topic, will provide to each student . They can go through the material and ask questions.I will provide more information through new server related materials. I have many books related to topic, which can be helpful to student.

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Experienced Person to provide Training on usage of computers in home for Senior Citizens/ Entrepreneurial Aspirants/ Housewives/Job Aspirants

One to One coaching ,Simple Language. Basic and necessary information to help and understand the usage. Less of Theory and more Practice on Practical Usage. Course Aim : At the end of the Course would be comfortable using Computers for basic things, Internet usage for Browsing Information,Video Chats,Socail Media and handling a Blog if interested.

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Working Professional Teaching Basic Computer Lessons in London - Personal and Group Classes

Basic knowledge with the overview of the topics to be covered. Going through topic by topic and then examining the knowledge as we go along. Testing the knowledge gained. Questioning the thinking process by pondering on the concepts and not the bookish knowledge. Asking for any improvements.

1st lesson offered free !

Advance Teaching, windows , Microsoft office, internet, video conference, computer basic. Digital

I can teach and provide training to school n college student , young n elder peoples. I would like to teach online as well as offiline.

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Fourth Year University Student teaching Introduction to Computer Basics located in Toronto

I am supportive, enthusiastic and passionate tutor. I would be providing individual instructions as well as learning mojules including practice questions for students to enhance their learning. Basic computer class will be for anyone who like to learn essential computer skills to improve their quolity of life and create opportunity for employment.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Teacher from a reputed school, teaches you all the syllabus of Computer from I to X standard.

These classes are not only upto X standard students. But, also to higher educators. I can provide video lectures of all. With the help of Microsoft Power Point presentation and pictures and guided by providing not only theoretical but also practical knowledge, I explained the rest.

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Retired programmer with 35 years IT experience offering basic PC & internet skills in Swindon.

I offer a Q&A session where you can ask me about anything you're having a problem with. A few years ago an elderly neighbour of mine asked me to look at a new phone he'd bought that he couldn't get to work. I put my finger on the padlock icon, swiped right and unlocked it.

1st lesson offered free !

Student Requird basic knoladge of Networking, Computer Maintenence, Hardware, MS office, Vmware and Windows OS

I teach everything based on my study and working experience. Good knowledge gain wit my experience. Provide basic troubleshooting steps and Basic terminology about computer Hardware networking cloud computing and about operating system.

1st lesson offered free !

Student who is looking for Computer Knowledge from home can avail s

My teaching method will be through Power Point Presentation also I can share the my desktop where students can see the real time scenario. I would like to take classes for High school students and people looking for basic computer.

1st lesson offered free !

IT Technician with 10 years of experience in Computers and Software Cape Town

I will be teaching computer basics, as well as the different operating systems you get and how it functions. We will first be starting at what a computer is and what components you need to operate your computer. From there we will then move onto computer software, for example, Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint.

1st lesson offered free !

From basic to expert in Computer Science and Information Systems for Primary and High School students

My teaching method is very simple and easy. You ask me questions and i will help you answer it. As a tutor, i can assist you with working with programs and understanding the computing generation more efficiently that will help progress your levels in your academic studies.

1st lesson offered free !

I will teach those Students who are Keen to learn Basics of Computers, Computer Programming, Website Development.

My teaching Method is quiet simple and very much level of understandable. In my teaching i try my level best make understand every aspects of the topic.I will teach to learner from all areas like non Computer professional to Computer Science Students and also school students who are in higher secondary.

1st lesson offered free !

Ex Senior Software Testing Professional Offering Tutions in Basic Computer, Word, Excel, Windows, Outlook and internet explorer.

My teaching method is online or through telephone. I prefer mentoring the students in the above mentioned areas. I prefer sharing real time challenges that I have faced in the past right from the begining of my career as a software engineer till project manager. Hope this helps.

1st lesson offered free !

Students who wants to get cleared the basic of Computers as well as latest marketing skills through Computers like Blog Making, Facebook Marketing etc-etc

My teaching method is very easily understandable by any learner. I used to teach theoretically as well as practically. I used to demonstrate live examples online. How to expose your talent online. Any student can join me for the teaching of Computer.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer technology is inevitable so come learn the basic with us as a building block to your easy life

I prefer practicle teaching rather than any book or notes because they tell you to memorise things that computer machines can remember you just have to pull trigger the thing and prefer those thing and i will show u how to trigger them and make learning fun and easier.

1st lesson offered free !

Primary Teacher gives lessons on how to operate different search engines on the internet

My teaching method is highly student centered and allows space to focus directly where the student operates at using strategies which cater to their specific learning needs. My experience is in teaching students at a K-6 level but am fully capable of teaching students from years 7-10.

Navi Mumbai
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Learn computer basics Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet Explorer

My teaching method is online classes with practical examples. Online classes on Skype. by providing live demos and practical examples. Maximum 10 students per batch. Computer basics are necessary for every field hence anyone can join the batch including school/college students and professional.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Professional with Global Worldwide Infrastructure/Information Security/International Vendor Management/Customer Service/Client Relations Background with 16+ Years

My teaching method is to use a direct approach with maximum details covered in a timely and right manner so as to make a person understand and enjoy the teaching at the same time & comprehend for implying the same teachings effectively

1st lesson offered free !

Become a PC specialist to be online in this competetive racing world


1st lesson offered free !

Teacher gives tuitions on basics of computer, whatsapp, google chrome, facebook etc

I would like to have my classes preferably on thursday and friday between 6.30 to 7.

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