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Iowa City
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Former college composition instructor offering English and writing lessons in the Iowa City area

I believe that the best way to improve one's writing is to write as much as possible. Therefore, I am a strong proponent of frequent free writing. I evaluate writing in terms of higher versus lower order concerns (examples of higher order concerns include structure, content, and clarity, while lower order concerns have more to do with sentence-level issues like grammar and mechanics).

1st lesson offered free !

From brainstorming to publishing your writing homework can be fun and adventuresome

My lessons in writing for elementary and middle grade students make sense and connect the learner with life long writing skills and techniques that can be used for a lifetime. Make writing enjoyable and entertaining by connecting real life and personal experiences make learning writing fun.

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SAT Expert with Over 14 Years Experience |In-Person or Online |Tucson, Arizona

The first time I attended college, I worked for Kaplan near the University of Arizona. In my time working for Kaplan, I quickly came to understand that students wanted to be heard rather than told.

Port Aransas
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Academic English Professor with over 25 years of experience in literacy, literature, and writing.

My teaching method includes making sure my students leave the lesson having confidence in their abilities to perform and complete the desired tasks. I understand that students all learn differently and I tailor my approach to fit the student's needs.

Mint Hill
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English tutor with 4.4 GPA and 95+ grade in all English classes

My typical process with a new student: First, I determine what issue the student is having in the subject they've hired me to tutor. Do they need help with a specific assignment, is there a core element they aren't understanding, do they have trouble studying, etc.? After the issue is determined, I would create a plan for the following meetings.

Long Beach
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Writer and rhetorician with a Masters degree and over 1 year of teaching experience

I approach learning English in the same way a carpenter approaches building a house. I start with a strong foundation in English (sentence structure, concepts of grammar, subject-verb identification), and then I help my students build their knowledge of English, to the point where students feel comfortable and confident speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English.

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Top Journalist School Graduate and Current Assistant Editor in DFW with Three Years of Experience

My teaching methods are very hands on. With a person by person basis, I will assess what type of pace the student can move at—patience is a virtue after all! I was the student to always ask a million questions (and still am in my job), but that's the point of learning. How can we improve if we don't ask? I am attentive to each student's needs no matter their skill level.

1st lesson offered free !

Award-winning, professional Writer, former UCLA professor, offers hands-on, writing assistance in all areas.

I tailor my teaching to the needs of the student, whether that's basic writing skills, to advanced and Business English. I include both school assignments and "real-world" applications, including college applications, essays, resumes, reports, memos, Press Releases, and much more.

1st lesson offered free !

Writing is a contagious disease that is not fatal, try it...you might like it!

My methodology is to model NOT tell students how to do what I ask. I choose subjects to read and write that my students will enjoy and don't want to end, taking suggestions from them. The expectation is that my students and I dialog ... I'm not a lover of monologue. Students participate more when they have a stake in what's going on and enjoy it.

Mount Ephraim
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Experienced English Teacher in New Jersey who has a passion for writing.

I use two different teaching methods, visualization and active learning. Visualization helps transfer knowledge to a deeper, longer-term understanding of what is being taught. Active learning involves small discussion groups, and collaborative problem solving, which creates higher engagement overall.

1st lesson offered free !

Former University Professor who can help you become a stellar writing superstar!

I teach writing and English holistically meaning that I help students understand that the words we choose to express ourselves rank equally with the meanings we hope readers and hearers obtain from what we write and speak. If we learn to read well and to write well, little can stand in our ways to keep us from securing our goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Speech-Language Pathology graduate student with a degree in Linguistics and several credits in both academic and creative writing.

I focus on what the student needs in terms of what his or her teacher is expecting, because that is the basis for how grades are decided. Structuring essays based on both the teacher's rubric (if one is provided) and the generally prominent outline for how certain essays are formatted.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Performance Poet of six years gives writing and phonetics lessons in North Texas

I teach writers as young as ten (10) and as old as one hundred (100). As long as you are eager to learn, I am eager to teach! As a tutor, I approach each lesson, student, and project individually and uniquely. I understand that when it comes to creative expression, results are almost always based on that day or moment's atmosphere/mood/motivation/inspiration.

San Antonio
1st lesson offered free !

Writing instructor with experience working with traditional and adult learners. Additionally, was former director of a Writing Center.

As all of my teaching experience has been at the university level, my students are made up of traditional college students who are right out of high school, as well as adult students returning to school. I teach in online, hybrid, and on-ground environments. What I love about teaching is the opportunity to learn from and work with students from all over the world.

1st lesson offered free !

English--Academic, Business or Creative, grow with Dr. Martin as hundreds have around the world!

My teaching method is quite simple: begin with listening: what do the students bring--strengths and struggles--tailor and individual plan for each which allows them to really enjoy learning and growing; continue to encourage and support, adding new challenges as they develop; share their delight in achieving more than they had thought possible.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly distinguished student that’s qualified to teach in several subjects such as PreCalculus, Spanish, Chemistry, English, foreign languages (Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, English) and much more!

I’m a very charismatic and personable teacher. I try to make lessons fun and engaging by making sure the student is retaining key points from each lesson. For instance, if I were to teach a language, I’d practice speaking it with the student as opposed to bland, guided practices. But for math, I’d explain the concept and see the student’s progress using practice worksheets.

Green Valley
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Teacher with 20 years experience in reading comprehension, English, and essay writing

My teaching methodology is baed on a Multiple Intelligence modality. Hands on, visual, and reteaching for mastery. Finding and making real life connections to bring learning to life for each student. Teach, Practice, Reteach and then Master are goals I set.

1st lesson offered free !

Writing's a passion, learning a joy, let me help you find both.

I teach my classes by example. I can't ask my students to do what I can't myself. I believe learning can and should be fun whenever possible. Using writing drills, punctuation reviews, and short poetry readings to assist in polishing writing skills. I use simple straight forward building techniques for more formal papers.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate fiction writer looking to help inspire and cultivate the ideas of other writers. Can help with academic papers, proof reading, beta reading, idea generation and more.

I want to be able to personalize lessons to the students individual needs and interests. It is important that they are receiving valuable information they can build on for their style of writing.

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New Port Richey
Kim j
1st lesson offered free !

Home Schooling MOM will help tutor your child,1-3 grades, my home, private room.

My teaching method is of what the child likes, and then they like to learn because they picked it out. We learn the words of normal everyday life, then we write them down. Then they learn them in a sentence. There is homework but it starts out small, then is added on each day. I don't push work on the children, because they will hate to learn. I use learning as a game.

1st lesson offered free !

Bay Area screenwriter/ comedian who wants to help your writing stand out

I help students who are eager to become successful in their academics. I promise to teach you the in's and out's of achieving an A on any of your assignments. All I ask of you is that you tell me all your problems and I will indefinitely take your worries into my consideration and make it exemplary.

1st lesson offered free !

Adjunct professor of English/Writing with over twenty+ years in the business world = a return on your education.

An important influence on my teaching writing was McCrorie's "Telling Writing." During instruction, I compose online for students to observe. The idea is to demystify the writing process--it is accessible to anyone willing.

Mr. jayson
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Folk Stories and Bedtime Stories: The Lost Art of Telling a Fable.

My technique is pretty simple, I believe in full immersion. I will show you some really cool stories, how they should be built, from the bottom up, and then I will expect you to make me some stories. These stories will be read to the class for feedback and certificates will be given at the end of the course for those that pass.

(2 reviews)
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Professional Academic Tutor of Essay Writing, Essay Development/Preparation and Fundamentals of Writing

Six years later, I have found a structure to teach the concepts of developing, writing and editing essays and making sure the student is present during the entire process. First, I get to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses of writing. Afterwards, the student is given an outline to get them started with the writing.

1st lesson offered free !

A well seasoned Tutor who has multiple teaching methods and remains with student until he/she learns the lesson

My name is Ken Welch who has several years' experience with tutoring all levels of math and accounting, CPA exam prep, SAT prep, GED prep, APA writing, English Literature, and other general education courses. I remain with a student until he/she comprehends the lesson(s).

Glen Cove
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Retired Attorney with Master's in Education and Psychology with English Teaching and Tutoring Experience

Hi, I'm Alan. I currently tutor English to more than 20 students monthly, each with unique needs. My skills are tools to help each student reach his or her individual goals. Learning French in school was difficult for me, so I understand what it can be like to become comfortable learning new academic skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Writing - Developmental Editing, Copyediting - Proofreading, Dissertation Writing, Academic Writing, Business Writing, etc

I do not have lessons prepared in grammar though I can certainly prepare them. I usually help students with proofreading. I proofread papers based on form and content with the following criteria in mind. For content, I look at the macro issues at work: validity, cogency, avoidance of fallacious reasoning, and soundness. (Some style manuals (e.g.

Pembroke Pines
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Ph.D. member of the Editorial Freelance Association with more than 10 years writing and proofreading experience in an Academic setting.

Excellent communication is essential to inform, describe, convince, or tell a story. It needs to consider the audience for whom is intended, is it general, knowledgeable or an expert audience? Is that audience in an academic setting or a more casual one? As a writer the underlying principle is to proofread, proofread, proofread. That is the difference between a good writer and a great one.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Creative writing lessons for anyone looking for the spark of creativity in Los Angeles

I am a college graduate from Spain with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Most of my professional experience is in film and TV, but I am also into Short Story and Novel writing as I work on my own personal projects. As a teacher I like to focus on each student to create a different workflow for them adjusting myself to their necessities.

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