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Need help with your brand new apple product?? Am here to help!

I graduated high school in 2014 and I am now working on my degree in Agricultural Leadership with minors in religion and in animal science.

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Instructional Designer with over 20 years working with computers and students.

I like to teach out of the box so that students can see it from another point. I am very easy to get along with and try to have a understanding of your needs. Can teach at all levels if needed.

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Information Technology professional gives IT and computers lessons and tutoring to all ages

I am a Masters Degree student in Information Technology giving lessons to all ages who are interested. I use practical, real-world examples to convey complex topics in a simple-to-understand manner.

Palm Beach Gardens
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Easy to understand and follow classes on the basics of your Apple products.

I am self taught and familiarized with apple products through 8+ years of experience.A currently enrolled college student interested in helping others understand and utilize the materials at hand. Open and willing to help out and coach people of all ages.

Rapid City
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Passion for integrating new/necessary technology into personal and business use to any individual or business.

My teaching method is to relate the technology to personal use and explain what matters specifically for individual needs or wants. Break down a complex issue to bite sized pieces that are manageable for any person seeking answers to technologys constantly changing questions.

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Computer Basics: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, IOS software, Android software, windows software, Apple.

High School Graduate. Skipped the 11th grade. Currently attending Louisiana State university. 17 years old. Advanced knowledge of computers. Used to code robots in my high school robotics club, which we used to compete in robotics competitions in all around the state.

Lake Havasu City
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Junior Mobile developer offering Android, iOS and C# lessons to all ages.

My teaching method is I teach them in a step by step process per topic and let them understand the topic. I let them execute of what we have discussed for better understanding and I am open in questions raised.

La Puente
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An aspiring software engineer looks to share his knowledge about computer science and math with other students in Walnut, California.

As a student myself, I greatly understand how students may feel pressured, overwhelmed, or even disappointed while learning. As a result, I have grown to be a very charismatic tutor that encourages the students, and makes them interested in the subject, which I achieve through enthusiasm and passion by first introducing the topic, followed by a lesson, and ultimately concluded by practice problems.

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South Jersey professional iOS developer with 4 years experience offering lessons and tutoring for beginner and intermediate developers

I am a visual learner, and prefer to teach that way as well. I will often choose to show you an example of how to do something, and then help you through doing the same thing yourself.

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An A+ certified analyst looking to obtain the position of a Skilled Support Analyst where my experience and abilities will contribute towards the smooth running of the service desk with an organizatio

Group lessons, no ones left behind...notes notes notes! If you can dream it you can be it! Dont be afraid to ask questions. Everyone gets confused at times.

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IT Director with 20 years of experience in Asheville, NC offering tutoring for a variety of subjects.

The IT field is not about memorizing facts and procedures, it is about learning how to problem solve and think on your feet. I focus on problem solving skills that will help in a real word environment. Asking questions is how you learn. I encourage my students to ask as many questions as they want.

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Basic teaching of computer use if not tech savvy in this fast pace world

Patient ,Fun, and Informative My teaching method is pretty informative,but fun at the same time . Starting from the basics of how just about any operating system works or either demonstrating the manner to use a software package, phone,and etc.

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Apple Expert that loves teaching all Apple products and services, even business-related.

I prefer to teach with the thought of what benefit you get out of the course. For example, why did you buy an iPhone? Was it to take pictures or was it to capture memories? Learning should be fun and have a benefit.

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Computer Tech With Certificate From MTTI Gives Lessons At Home Or in Classroom

I seek to break all the subjects down into small units and provide the student(s) time to take notes and ask questions in between to aid in their learning. I hope to help others understand the basic components and functions of a computer.

New Braunfels
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7 year IT professional offering assistance with computers, and any other types of technology

I love to teach computer in every day terms, with everyday experiences that is relate-able. I would love to work with all grades students who need assistance with homework, or even enthusiasts that are interested in learning more.

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Coding is wonderful so is it's final product. It's about the Journey and it's destination.

I am programmer. Spend 8-9 Hour every day in programming applications and train. I have always loved teaching and have tough senior students while I was studying. Though I have not been in touch of academic teaching for a while but my day to job needs me to train the fresh talent that we hire.

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Former Apple specialist teaches introduction to iPhone, iPad, and MacBook in Paris

You have just purchased your first Apple device and you do not know how to use? You have an iPhone or iPad since a long time but you feel like you're not using your device at its maximum? Take an introductory course to Apple devices and learn to master today's technology! The courses are intended for new buyers of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple TV etc ...) of all ages.

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Need lessons in Windows, Android, IOS, Excel or the operation system of your PC lets you be assisted by an HBO Student

My method of teaching is to see with you together the problem and solve it, I will give you advice while you experiment with the problem. I will go through everything step by step and I will explain it several times where you don't get it.

Caxias do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul)
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Mobile Development using Ionic, create Android & iOS apps quickly and easily

What will you learn in the Ionic Framework course? At the end of the training, you'll have developed a Weather application using Openweather.

Ciudad de México
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Software Architect @ Globant at CDMX. 10 years of experience developing mobile apps.

I like to teach by example. If the student does not advance, we return to the point where he stayed until he is comfortable with the knowledge. My courses are focused on students of upper level - superior - masters and doctorate I give special attention to people within the industry.

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Professional user offers support to Apple products. iPhone, iPad, Apple ID, iOS, iMac, Macbook Pro, MacOS, etc.

Through patience and alignment with the client, I know how to learn concepts and usage skills. Based on a specific question, I will give a coherent lesson. Here the foundation is laid first, on which following more specific knowledge is taught.

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Mentor for Android and IOS App Development and Java with Computer Science Subjects ....

My methodology is give the good basic approach to students means once basics are clear with practical then you learn well and then practice on that .. so I give examples practically .. theory and bookish knowledge is just for learn but we need practical share its must ..

Torre de Benagalbón
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Professional of the computer science and new technologies with + of 15 years of experience


1st lesson offered free !

Computer science - programming language c c++ java android ios react mobile app development,Bangalore

My teaching method is using slides, live coding, problem discussion, algorithm design, question answer session, theory discussion, practical industry example, recent technology trends. I can teach 10th standard to engineering students, software professionals and mobile developers.I can teach recent trends in technology.

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Engineer grad with passion in teaching Computer concepts have taught to Private Engineering colleges in pune.

My approach of teaching is to lay a basic foundation of a particular topic that will be discussed, and upon that build the theme of topic with examples that students can easily relate to in day to day life. My classes are aimed to students to need to gain basic understanding of programming concepts,mobility development.etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Working Software professional in Bangalore, passed out from IIT. Love teaching computer science fundamentals.

My teaching method is based on Design Thinking and Self-Learning. Good design understanding and analytical thinking is very important if someone wants to become a good software programmer. I always try to keep sessions interactive ,informative and highly motivative with lots real life practical examples. Class structure involves: 1. Important topics 2. Prerequisite Fundamentals. 3.

1st lesson offered free !

Lead engineer in a reputed MNC in Noida with 7+ years of experience in iOS development. Passionate about new trend and technologies in the market. You can contact me for learning Objective-C and React

My teaching style is Facilitator. I promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge. This way I can train students to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration. A computer science student or a fresher in IT field can contact me to learn iOS development.

Charanjit singh
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I have 7 years of development industry experience, I can help you get started with Android, iOS. I can reach you in jalandhar anywhere

I think computer knowledge should be practical based not on theory. Although I cover up theory as well but I make sure that student understands the practicality of the things that we learn so that the student can really end up using all the concepts learnt not simply learning them.

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IOS expert teaching iphone/ipad app design and development to new aspirantscurrently in Gurgaon

I’m an iOS expert currently teaching in Gurgaon to undergraduates who aspire to be next game changer in mobile development in iPhone/iPad. I focus on basics first and love to increase level of my content in phases. Every class is followed by practical lab session to test the learning curve of my students.

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IOS Expert, C,C++,Java and Computer Teacher at Gaur City 1 Noida. a

High level structure for classes and advance tecniques used for teaching. Online classes also available. IOS Expert classes are available for the weekends also.

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