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If you want to have the Best Japanese Teacher, this is Akemi

My teaching method incorporates both discussion and demonstration methods that enable the student learning process. I prepare the subject matter according to each student and their capabilities assessing their level of skill throughout. I like to initiate the conversation and why it must be this way in order to allow the person learning to comprehend the meaning of the translation.

Red Wing
1st lesson offered free !

Japanese Translator gives Japanese beginner or early intermediate lessons in Minnesota or remotely

I tailor my teaching style to my student. I can either go through a book such as Minna no Nihongo or Genki, or use other supplemental and more interactive material. I prefer try to engage a combination of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

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10 years of Japanese speaking experience, I offer beginner's Japanese lessons in Madison WI.

I tailor my approach to the student's goals, whether that's Japanese for professional use, traveling, or academic study. I like to work hard on the basics in order to cement a good foundation for future Japanese study. I focus on proper grammar and good pronunciation in order to prevent future bad habits.

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U of MN graduate with Japanese Studies major offers basic Japanese lessons in Minneapolis area

I approach each lesson by first assessing the student's skill level based on their knowledge of hiragana, katakana, basic vocabulary, and sentence structure. If the student is starting from scratch, I begin with an overview of the elements and structure of the Japanese language and provide them with learning tools and resources if they are without.

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Japanese Language and Culture enthusiast, who wants to impart their knowledge to others.

My teaching methodology changes according to the person I am working with. I am a firm believer that not everyone learns the same way and that it is a teachers job to modify their teaching methods to best fit with the students their are teaching.

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Engineering student at Oregon State University, offering lessons in math, science, and Japanese

I have a college level understanding of the material I want to teach, and can apply it to whatever level my student is at. I like to follow a textbook or anything that will guide the direction of the material to be learned, but will also include things that come to my mind as we go. I am very patient with my students, as it takes a lot of time for anyone to understand new concepts.

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3 years of studying by myself and communicating in Japanese with natives.

I am able to teach to beginner Japanese learners. I have enough experience through teaching Japanese people and also having extended hour long conversations in Japanese with native speakers. I can teach pronunciation, vocabulary words, slangs, and daily conversations. I can go over and review grammar concepts and sentence structure.

1st lesson offered free !

10 years Japanese teacher who speaks Spanish and English, All levels welcome

I base my classes on my students learning ability. it depends on how do they like to learn, visual, oral, etc. Homework it is very important for me because it allows them to keep up and come up with more questions.

Saint Charles
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Native Japanese speaker offering Japanese lessons in St.Charles, MO. I'm happy to help you out!

I give lessons to all levels from beginners to those who feel more comfortable on using the Japanese language. I am happy to help you become more confident in speaking Japanese, as well as the part where you are struggling with.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese Language Tutor with College Experience Offering Lessons for Students All Ages

As I focus on a problem area, I explain the lesson contents to the best of my ability. From there, I give example sentences in English and translate them to Japanese for the student. Once they understand my example, I have them create a few before going back to the question itself.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese conversation with young Japanese men (me) !! I only speak Japanese.

I know most affective method is say more and listen more. so I will only speak Japanese in my lessons. (My English is not so good). I record our conversation, I send you feedback after class. In addition to this, I will give you homework, it is easy and simple. I make some sentences for you from our conversation. It is OK you read these sentences aloud.

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I have spoken and have listened to Japanese language for 25 years

Japanese is a very rich language with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Japanese elemental school teachers teach students how to sing beautiful Japanese children's songs which are made of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. After teaching basic alphabet of Hiragana, Katakana and few symple Kanjies I will start teaching Japanese children's songs to students.

Hazel Park
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Japanese tutor to help you learn this complicated language in the Detroit area with 4 years of study

I can give lessons to those just entering the Japanese language world, and those that also want a larger sense of the Japanese writing system. Those in a beginner or entry level intermediate class would be best. I prefer giving lessons based on starter level first, then slowly becoming more complicated and extensive as more lessons go on.

Kansas City
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1st lesson offered free !

Japanese translator and native speaker gives fun Japanese lessons for all levels

I am a Japanese-English translator who was born and raised in Japan and live in the United States. I have a bachelor degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha with English/Linguistics major. To teach verb conjugations, I use the methodology which is learned by Japanese native speakers. It is easier, more effective and logical to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

College graduate with 8 years experience gives Japanese language lessons

I have always been interested in East Asian cultures. I started with Japanese; moved onto Korean as well in college; later on I studied Mandarin too. I have been studying Japanese for a little over 8 years (4 years in high school and 4 years in college). I also tutored it in college. I try to assess my student's level, take note of their problem areas and build a study model for them to follow.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese lessons or help with classes for students of all ages. 15 years living in Japan and teaching English and Japanese. - Online or in person!

This really depends on the needs of the students. Very willing to work with each individual student (or group) to come up with a lesson style that works best for them. Overall, I find a comparative approach to the grammar of the target language with one's native language to be a great way to help patterns stick - as opposed to rote memorization.

El Cerrito
1st lesson offered free !

Japanese student offering lessons in learning Japanese to all ages with 2 years experience

I give lessons to anyone regardless of age, and can tutor up to college-level Japanese. The early levels involve quite a bit of memorization, especially if you want to learn the various writing systems Japanese uses, but I can help with learning the written language, as well as pronunciation and grammar.

1st lesson offered free !

Bilingual IT professional offering Japanese lessons in Columbus Ohio for beginners of all ages

My teaching method is interaction based rather than passive lessons. I initially explain the conceps and give the students some practical activities to help them connect to the concept. I like to quote my experiences when i lived in Japan to explain the scenario to the students.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese Instructor Online or In Person Affordable Fun Easy Fast Flexible Experienced All Ages

Simply tell me your current experience and learning goals. I have been studying new, different ways to help people understand the Japanese language in a faster and more efficient way. If you are brand new, I can have you speaking within the first hour, and if you have some experience in the language already I can accommodate your needs. If you are interested in passing the JLPT, I'm your guy.

1st lesson offered free !

Young Japanese Tutor who worked in Tokyo with translation and teaching experience

I teach freelance private lessons for those wishing to speak as a Nihonjin speaks. not as the books or anime speak. How one speaks in Japan will effect everything, so its important that its done accurately. this is what I have to offer to all those who wish to become immersed in Japan.

1st lesson offered free !

Beginning Japanese Language Tutor from Ridgewood, NJ. Have tutored Japanese on and off for past 10 years. Fluent in spoken Japanese. Intermediate level in reading and writing.

I focus on communication rather than being super intense about grammar and sentence structure. If you are a grammar-oriented student, I feel very confident that I can teach you grammatical rules and reading and writing too. I have learned them all myself as a student.

1st lesson offered free !

I was live in Japan for 16 years, so I can teach Japanese language! I will teach you the "sound"

My teaching method is "sound quality". I want my student to learn the sound and reduce their accent. Then, it's going to be perfect languages. It is same thing as English. If you don't speak clearly, they won't understand.

Bonita Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Native Japanese speaker living in Florida offering Japanese lessons to anyone :)

My teaching method is starting with the basics; learning phrases that are key in communicating essentially with native Japanese speakers. I provide elementary level Japanese lessons from speaking to writing, and mastering pronunciation.

1st lesson offered free !

Japanese mom gives Japanese language lessons from kids to Japanese beginner for college students and adults

Bachelor of Art in Social Psychology in Japan A.AS in Computer information Science in San Francisco. Nail School in 2013-14 in Japan. Jel nail and manicure basic certificate holder. Taking correspondence course in progress for second Degree. Plan M.S still.

1st lesson offered free !

Let's share a fun time and exchange English and Japanese with me!

I'm Japanese and I came to Los Angeles to study English. I want to speak English more and make loco friends. So I want to exchange our language English and Japanese with you. I can teach you all about Japan and basic Japanese language.

Saint Marys
1st lesson offered free !

Harvard Student gives Japanese lessons in Saint Marys Ohio to replace dayjob

I currently attend Harvard Extension School. I am hoping to graduate with a BA in Economics in 2020. I am fluent in Japanese with 1 year experience in translating in the automotive industry. As for lesson structure, I will begin with writing (hiragana, katakana, kanji) and teach vocabulary as we go along. Then I will proceed to teach sentences.

1st lesson offered free !

Bilingual Japanese college Student majoring in Psychology giving lessons at a beginner's level

Hi, I am a senior at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. I major in psychology and minor in art. Since pre-school, I have attended a Japanese Language School up to my senior year in high school and I am able to read, write, and speak Japanese fluently.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

Japanese lessons offered by a native Japanese speaker with advanced degrees from both Japan and the U.S.

I speak 3 languages, 2 of which I learned as an adult. As a learner of language myself, I relate to various challenges students encounter in learning foreign languages, which I incorporate into my teaching.

College Station
1st lesson offered free !

Native Japanese speaker, currently tutor graduate students at my university and would love to help more people learn Japanese!

I usually look at your level and based on your strengths and weaknesses try to see what we should focus on every week to make progress. I enjoy conversation and scenarios as well as quizzing through vocab and sentences.

1st lesson offered free !

If you want to speak Japanese, I can be your conversation partner via Skype :)

while we are having conversation, I will speak mostly Japanese, but I can also speak English if you need. I will use both two languages based on your level.

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Perfect! It is hard to find a Japanese tutor in the twin cities but I am glad we found Mary. She has been helping my daughter for a short time now. She is excellent and we're getting great results. Mary is amazing! Glad we found her.

Victoria, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Akemi Sensei is a really great tutor. I’m never bored with my lessons. I’m learning a lot with her being my tutor. Each lesson is fun I love it a lot so far.

Lena, student
2 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Akemi is a great teacher! She provides the perfect material to teach you what you need to know while having fun doing it! I needed to learn business Japanese and Akemi's way of teaching made it so much easier to learn. She has a great response rate...

Aixa, student
7 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Her lesson plans are well thought out. She's so sweet!!! 10/10 would recommend!!!

Katie, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Be supported by the best tutors in your japanese lessons

Its so exciting to take Japanese lessons and find out about the Shinto religion. Japan is also known as the land of the rising sun. What do the Japanese teachers have in common with the Serbo-Croatian teachers? Nothing much except that they are both looking for the right kind of students who have the passion and interest to study about the language and culture. Look next door to India and find what the Marathi speakers want. They too want to take Marathi lessons with Marathi speaking teachers. A Catalan tutor once said that learning Catalan is more exciting if the students have a keen desire to learn the language. Japan is the land where the people are as sweet and wonderful as the Armenian people. Look no further to find the perfect student or teacher. Japanese culture and language is easy to learn if you have the will and determination to do it. Japanese people will welcome you if they find that you are also one among them knowing everything about the country, people and culture.