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Berklee scholar and alumnus with more than 10 years teaching experiences gives guitar and music theory lessons for all ages and levels in Boston area.

I graduated Berklee College of Music (summa cum laude) - guitar performance. During my studies at Berklee every semester I earned placement at Dean's List and 10 March 2016 I also received John LaPorta Award for outstanding achievement in my major.

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I've played guitar more than 30 years, started with metal then learned classical guitar and jazz. I can teach you guitar at beginner and intermediate levels. I also teach physics at community college.

I teach how to dissect and analyze a musical piece so that you will understand what's going on. I'll give you practice tips and set personal goals that fit your current status. I will teach you methods that you can apply on your own.

Dana Point
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Learn Guitar In Your Home in Dana Point, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano

I use a holistic approach, teaching complete songs, the chord structure, lead patterns, riffs, bass runs and the lyrics. Learn the song, all the parts, then on to the next one. If you already know your basic chords, we can progress very quickly. I have over 500 songs in my repertoire. I can teach you how to play rock ‘n roll, blues, soul, jazz, and folk.

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Guitarist of Memphis, Tn band Mobius Pieces gives guitar lessons to all ages and in all styles.

I base my lessons on the individual student. If the student wants to know minimal music theory to get by or none at all;I don't force them to learn the theory. Same thing goes for reading music, it is a great skill to have but if the student just wants to learn how to play, that's what I teach them.

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Skype Guitar Teacher - Berklee Alumni with 8 years of teaching experience From Argentina - JAZZ, Blues, ROCK, Tango, Folk

My teaching method is focused on all the instruments since I apply the musical theory from the harmony and ear training on the instrument. The classes are based on the interests that the student wants to study and from that the curriculum is built.

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Worship Leader and Jazz Guitarist offering Acoustic Guitar and Guitar Theory Lessons in Colton CA

I give lessons to aspiring acoustic guitarists of all ages. Your lessons will be tailored to your interests. You can bring me songs, genres, and techniques that you would like to master, and I will help you learn what you desire to learn.

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Private Guitar Lessons with Jim Cruz, Experienced Pro Instructor in McDonough, GA

As an experienced guitar instructor, I endeavor to make guitar lessons fun, practical and productive!!! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, a musically frustrated novice or even a professional level musician needing to deepen their musical knowledge, I can help you! I teach on both electric and acoustic guitar.

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Want to play your favorite songs on guitar? I will make you sound great!

I believe that the environment and the way you teach and handle children has a great influence on what kind of people they become when they grow up. I believe that children learn best by copying adults and that it is therefore very important to not only say the right things, but to be a good role model.

Los Angeles
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Pro guitarist/ experienced teacher offering music lessons of all kinds in LA!

I have Master and Bachelor degrees in Music. I'm very patient and am committed to the student's goals. Even though we're working hard, we should be having fun. If you're a beginner or a hobbyist, I've got a lesson plan for you. If your goal is to be a professional musician, composer/writer. or performer. I've got a plan for you as well. I customize YOUR lessons to YOUR needs and learning style.

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Guitarist with 10 years of experience offering guitar lessons at home and online

My teaching method consists of leading by example as well as relating towards player experience.

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Music major with past teaching experience offering guitar lessons to all levels

My teaching method begins with basic chords and rhythm, moving into scales and sight reading later on. We will then work through different genres and styles of music in order to further the student's understanding of the differences between these styles.

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Freelance guitarist with +6 professional years of touring, performing and recording in studios sessions offering lessons.

I like to see my students develop a passion for music. I know many people want to get better at music but has absolutely no idea where to start. I specialize in teaching you how to be good enough to eventually start teaching yourself how to play the guitar. I am able to teach all genre of music.

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Experienced Guitar teacher offers classes and lessons in Orange County - 30 years experience!

I teach all skill levels and ages, so my approach to each student is very structured but tailored to the students skill level and individual interests. I have written two guitar method books "(Foundations for Guitar" and "Expanded Blues Guitar") and I publish a weekly video lesson blog via YouTube and my own website MarkWein.com.

Los Angeles
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LA's top guitar & music teacher with 24 years experience teaching all levels, styles and ages

Part of why it is fun to learn guitar with a private instructor, is that you can learn whatever you want to learn at any given time.

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Session and Solo Guitarist for 12 years and Private Guitar Teacher for 8

My teaching method is completely student-centered. I teach each individual student what and how they would like to play. I use my various knowledge and experience of music and formulate a lesson plan that suits the student's particular goals, learning style, and personality.

Boca Raton
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Multi instrumentalist with music degree gives piano/guitar/bass/music theory lessons near Boca Raton

I have taught privately and through music schools for several years and have taught students of all ages and levels. I believe that everyone is capable of learning at least the basics of music to accomplish what they want from musical instruction.

El Monte
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10+ years experienced guitarist offering inhome lessons in LA county district to all ages

My role as a teacher is to supply my students with the right skill set to pursue their own creativity. With music, there is no set solution to any given problem. That is why I enjoy being very flexible with my students. Any piece of repertoire can be played and interpreted in a variety of ways. I strive for originality and encourage my students to do the same with any piece of music they play.

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Professional guitarist with 15 years of experience peeforming and teaching around the world

I believe that the best way to teach is by student engaged and motivated. I teach my students the music they want to learn while teaching them other aspects of music in parallel. I would usually teach a student a song and then teach him the major scale and make him connect the theoretical content to the music.

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Guitar Lessons With International Performer in Portland - Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz

I cater to what my student's interests are and am happy to take suggestions for material they'd like to learn in lessons. At the same time, I feel it's my responsibility to draw from my background as a music professional and show the student material they may be unaware of.

Las Vegas
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Professional musician in Las Vegas teaches guitar and bass to students of all skill levels and ages.

My lessons are completely student focused. I will teach you whatever it is you want to learn on the guitar, and I will also teach you the "why" of certain techniques you are learning. At the first lesson I will evaluate your goals and make a game plan to get you there. Over the first few lessons, I will observe your learning style, and adjust my teaching style to match.

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Music graduate with 20+ years experience gives guitar lessons in all genres to all ages and skill levels!

I offer group and private lessons in all genres to all skill levels. I have curated my curriculum with a multi-faceted approach, which includes technical prowess, performance, music theory, and music history. The main focus of my lessons is to instill the idea that my students are musicians first and foremost. Being a "guitarist" is secondary.

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20 year fingerstyle player with extraordinary rhythm comprehension. Acoustic art is tough to master!

Every student learns differently, so classes are customized to fit individual needs and wants. You pick what you want to learn. Daily exercises are the key to musical growth and I have practice exercises for every skill level. I am a firm believer that catering to a students’ needs, wants and wishes with guitar is the key to keeping them constantly growing and improving.

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Jazz Bassist with 5 years of intensive study offering jazz bass and jazz theory lessons in the Greater Springfield Area

My approach to teaching is to allow the student to explore their own voice, while showing them the ways in which to navigate the complexities of harmony and rhythm. The lessons will consist of the following: sight reading both chord symbols and melody lines, identifying when a certain technique is appropriate, creating interesting bass lines over a single tonality, and a study in "the pocket".

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Jazz guitarist of 12 years coming from folk, blues, and rock, love to teach any genre or style

I enjoy focusing on things that challenge my students, so that they can grow beyond what they thought was possible. I am willing to teach any level and any age. Playing the guitar is a joy beyond any other, I intend to spread that joy.

Santa Cruz
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Guitarist of 6 years who proficient in music theory and reading music. I can also can teach a wide variety of styles from jazz to metal.

I find that 1 on 1 teaching or very small group teaching works better. Then that allows me to really learn what each students strengths and weaknesses are. From that I can try to develop a way of learning that works for them.

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Guitar instructor with over 20 years experience offering lessons in contemporary and classical styles.

I tailor my lessons to the interests of the individual student. I encourage sight reading, but do not require it to get started and often find a mix of traditional notation and tabs tends to get better results and keeps students interested.

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Portland based guitar teacher with 10 years of experience, a zest for teaching, and travel ready!

I am a true believer in personalizing the lesson to the students needs. Learning guitar is meant to be a fun, challenging experience whether you are a beginner or a veteran. I offer an upbeat, exciting lesson that will always continue to expand and grow your knowledge base.

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Musician holding the degree Master of Arts in Music: Vocals, guitar, and more in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a vocalist, guitarist, composer, and music historian who loves to work with new material. I am looking for all types of students, and am happy to work with topics in which the student is interested. I am also comfortable providing suggestions for music and language projects, which typically incorporate history and vocal music into an eclectic approach to the guitar.

West Valley City
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Fun-Loving Teacher of Improvisational Acoustic + Electric Blues/Jazz Guitar. 38 years experience playing + writing. Studied at Berklee + self-taught. I own the largest library of books, workbooks + vi

My main teaching method revolves around LISTENING to music first -- in order to identify what style of blues + jazz guitar you love most. From there, I will focus on teaching you to play that style. Next, we move forward -- making sure you are "on target" and learning to play music you REALLY want to play.

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BA in Music plus ten years of Teaching music in Guitar, Bass, and Drums. All ages and experience levels

I utilize the same techniques learned growing up taking lessons at the Fort Washington School of Rock and my experience working with children of all ages and skill level. I teach to the level of my students, always making it fun and with purpose.

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Perfect! Javier is an excellent teacher and goes the extra mile to ensure that I am understanding and practicing the right rhythm of each new part of the song I am learning. Highly recommended.

Jessica, student
7 months ago
(26 reviews)

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