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Degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education with 10 plus years experience in personal training and coaching.

I provides lessons to students from elementary through college level courses. Lessons address the needs of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners, with specific learning strategies tailored to each student. My passion as a tutor is to provide an exciting, productive, and successful learning experience for each student.

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First Year Medical Student in Phoenix for MCAT Prep or Related Sciences

I teach my best when a student has worked through some material, but still doesn't understand it well. I try my best to put it in simple terms and use analogies that are relatable to everyday life. I take a hands on approach by working through the problem with the student and discussing my steps along the way. I am confident I can adapt to fit your needs.

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Certified Science Teacher of 16 years. Provides lessons to Middle School and High School students.

I am a Certified Teacher of 16 years. I have a degree in Education and Sports Medicine. I am currently in a specialized position where I mentor and consult first year teachers. I believe in personalized learning and hands-on experiments for Science.

San Antonio
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San Antonio resident (BA/MBA) offering Kines. help to those in need!

Each students learning style is different; therefore, it is imperative to maintain a flexible teaching style that is catered to each individual student. Whether you are a tactile, visual, aural, physical, or verbal learner I am here to help you achieve your full potential in the classroom.

San Antonio
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Kinesiologist in San Antonio with 5 years of experience and a brand new master's degree!

My teaching method is based on the person I'm working with. Everyone learns differently, so I like to teach to the person I'm working with. I try and keep my lessons consistent, but cater them to the individual, as well.

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Struggling with Nursing Classes or boards? Stop here. Money back guarantee! Rochester NY individual with knowledge to share!

The only way to teach someone is to have experienced it yourself and know what works. Have been teaching for many years and I am a point blank, honest,upfront, this is what you need to do to advance. Lesson structure is based on your learning style and topic at hand. My methodology as a teacher is quite unique and down to earth.

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Experienced Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy, BS in Physiology and Neurobiology offering biology, anatomy, and kinesiology tutoring

I have a Doctor of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College and a B.S. in Physiology and Neurobiology from University of Connecticut. I am a skilled teacher with several years of graduate-level teaching experience. Subjects of expertise include anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biology, neurology, and physical therapy.

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Medical Student and former EMT offering science, medicine, and writing tutoring in Boston

I am able to tutor for a number of science and math courses for elementary through college, depending on the specific courses the student needs assistance in. In addition, I can help with clinical classes such as EMT certification and medical school classes.

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MD/MPH mentor in Danville, PA offering tutored lessons in life sciences and medical school prerequisites

I attained an MD in 2012 and MPH in 2014 from the University of Arizona. My undergraduate majors were in Biochemistry and Spanish from Arizona State University. I have training in integrative and preventive medicine as well as a close connection to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Manalapan Township
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Online High-School, AP, and College Physics Tutor, along with Kinesiology & Biomechanics

My name is Shivani Wood! I am almost 22 years of age, and just finished my undergraduate degree in Bachelor's of Sciences from Nova Southeastern University. I love the field of Science and do not limit myself to anything particular. I have a passion for many different fields such as Physics, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, and Neuroscience.

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College accepted into a competitive Occupational Therapy Assistant program currently at ACC

My teaching method is revolved around discussion and demonstration. Questions are always welcomed. I believe in helping you come to the correct answer through guidance verses repetition of information, allowing you to brainstorm and really get into the skill you're trying to learn.

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Kinesiology student at UIUC, photographer, NASM certified personal trainer, and research assistant

I teach by means of invoking questions and experiments to help you remember information.

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College professor gives lessons in Kinesiology to students of all educational levels.

I'm a college professor in Exercise Science that uses Problem-Based Learning, lecture and application questions to teach all aspects of Health and Human Performance. I give lessons to students of all ages including middle school, high school and university students.

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Professor Asonfac. Areas of expertise: College and University level Health Sciences, Nursing.

I use evidence-based teaching (EBT) strategies to accomplish predetermined lesson objectives that meet current professional needs. I use innovative teaching strategies that are attuned to multiple generations and capture all learning styles. I believe in students centered teaching enhanced by good interpersonal relationship.

Palm Bay
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Tutor and former college biology, anatomy & physiology instructor gives lessons to middle school, high school and college freshmen/sophomores.

I started tutoring while working on my Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Then, I was tutoring students with learning disabilities (blind, memory loss, etc.). There, I was trained by the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs' Department of Education on how to address the student’s individual educational needs.

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Super enthusiastic Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Professor offering fun and informative science tutoring from Worcester, MA

Beyond striving to ensure that students learn the fundamental content of the courses that I teach, my objectives as a university instructor are as follows: (1) to provide a positive classroom climate; (2) to hold students to a high level of expectation by providing challenging and relevant information; (3) to foster undergraduate interest in research and engagement through collaboration; and (4)...

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MSc Sports Physiotherapist offers private/group Physiotherapy lessons in London & Windsor area

My teaching method is goal-oriented and aimed at improving intrinsic motivation of my students. I base my tutoring on Bloom's Taxonomy - to classify learning objectives and goals. I believe a student learns best when facilitated with the right questions and when autonomy is passed on to them. I very much use a shared decision making strategy for approaching a problem and problem-solving.

Newton Poppleford
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Osteopath and Sports Science graduate offering anatomy and physiology lessons in Exeter

I base my methods on keeping things simple but easy to implement, understand each student if different and adapt my approach based on whoever is in front of me. In short, I coach and empower you to succeed by yourself.

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Chris - UWA Graduate / Honours Student running Sport Science tutorials for local Perth students

Personalised lessons where learning by discovering is at the forefront of every tutorial. Students I have taught have always enjoyed the challenge of learning and being guided to answer any questions they raise themselves. I always have the students needs at heart and strive to help and improve their work in every way.

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Master in physiotherapy (Neurology) teaches physiotherapy, neurology and kinesiology in Delhi NCR

I believe in active learning where the students actively learn a topic by discussing and questioning throughout the process. This is how I approach my students to learn any topic which they find difficult and boring. Along with this I prefer relating suitable clinical examples with the topic.

Navi Mumbai
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Researcher and fitness trainer (life science/Pharmaceutical/nutrition/fitness), provide classes to students of Pharmaceutical technology, nutrition, fitness, chemistry, biology, biological and life sc

Teaching methodology: discussion, demonstration, video presentation. Classes are for degree students and also for school students facing difficulty in science, chemistry and biology. If in same city (Mumbai), can also teach in person. The teaching would be a fun and supereasy for any topic.

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Young Physiotherapy student from Mangalore teaches online to students all over India

I believe that learning is for life..so I use example based learning to make the topic understand to my students so that they are able to apply both theoretically and practically... Classes are for BPT students only... Positive environment only...so student will learn better and apply..

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Australian Sports Physiotherapist offering private physiotherapy/anatomy lessons in Hertfordshire and North London area

Being someone who learns far more effectively with a hands-on, interactive approach, I am well aware of the common issues students face when learning about anatomy, clinical principles, and assessment treatment approaches - even more so back when I was a student myself.

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Graduate Sports Therapist with experience in a number of sports at all levels giving Sports Science related lessons

My lessons are aimed at those studying for GCSE/A-Level/Degree and can be adapted to match the student's needs and learning preferences. I am patient and adaptable and believe if a student isn't grasping a concept then it is my responsibility to adapt my teaching method to facilitate this.

Prince Albert
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Pedorthist willing to teach biological and chemical science classes to people needing help.

My teaching method is individual and classes are specialized to the needs and interests of the student. Courses that students are taking dictates what needs to be taught. I need to also understand the background of the student to help make the teaching more relevant.

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Teaching physiotherapy with clinical aspect using experience of 7 years. Online teaching doesn't have any boundaries of location.

Having degree of masters in sports Physiotherapy with clinical experience of 7 years in Physiotherapy. Main emphasis is on clinical teaching of how to treat the patients with recent advancements. Already taught and still teaching students at UG and PG level with maximum student scoring first class marks.

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Learn Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and related subjects from an experienced professional with extensive teaching experience

Learn from a retired University professor - online or in person. Teaching 1:1 or a group, with classroom experience. Lessons are complete with figures and models, if possible with the topic. No question is stupid or smart - it is a question.

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Cheltenham based final year sport science undergraduate with experience in professional sports

I fully believe 'no question is too stupid', as if you're unsure about something it's always better to ask to check than worry about it even if it's perfectly correct. I hold myself to high standards and always very analytical in my work and how I can improve myself in all areas and like to share this standard with others.

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An experience PT and tutor offering sports science lessons in London. I am a great motivator and knowledgeable tutor with over 15 years experience in personal training and training athletes.

I teach college students who are currently doing BTECs or NQFC diplomas. I get my students to take ownership of their learning by helping them through the research process. 70% of your learning will be discovered by you, but I will always be on hand to help and support.

New Delhi
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➢ To evolve in a professional field of technology or teaching by continuously enhance my knowledge,skill & experiences ➢ To be counted among the dependable & proficient employees in the organisations

1. Awarded 1st position in Science PPT at state Level. 2. 2nd position in social science at primary level. 3. Incharge of ”school Achievements”.’(Powerpoint Presentation) 4. Incharge of “Research and Development” department. 5. Participated in Theater education & Paintings like :- Warli,Madhubani arts. 6.

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