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Knitting lessons for ages 8+ offered in Philadelphia. Individuals or groups; teacher can travel.

I supply materials for beginning knitters in order to help ensure good initial results. Having taught people of all ages and skill levels, I am able to alter my style of teaching to fit each student's way of learning. Intermediate students receive help with reading patterns, tips and tricks of the trade, troubleshooting, fixing mistakes, and more advanced techniques.

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Learn to knit chic projects from an instructor with 14 years knitting experience in an artsy Richmond home.

vI am a warm, friendly, and patient knitting instructor who will give you the motivation you need to keep at your work until you get it! I model, provide written instructions, step-by-step photos, and may even use video to help demonstrate techniques in a way the learner learns best.

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Instructor of Crochet and Knitting. Over 30 years experience. In the Modesto area.

As your instructor, my goal is to help you become successful and independent in the craft you pursue. I will be available between lessons (and after) should you need guidance, and will offer resources so that you may continue to grow your skills with confidence. Lessons are scheduled at your pace; an average of 1.5 hours each. All necessary materials for each lesson will be provided.

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What do you want to make? We can do that on a loom!

I love arts and crafts of all sorts and believe creativity is one of our greatest gifts. I have been loom knitting for several years and have over a dozen looms. I enjoy making scarves, afghans, wash clothes, purses and a variety of other items.

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ATX - Want to learn to knit or need some knitting help?

Learning to knit can be intimidating. I learned to knit over 15 years ago and still remember what it was like to hold the needles without a clue what to do! Or do you knit already but feel overwhelmed by some patterns or projects? Are you stuck on a project? If you want to learn to knit, or learn new techniques or need help advancing your knitting skills, please reach out.

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Master of needle works with a specialty in knit and crochet. No person is too difficult to teach.

Success is my goal. I address each individual personally. I specialize in teaching left as well as right handed people. We start with a small project. At the end of the project skills will be learned to move on to the next challenge.

Grand Forks
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Knitter with 7 years of experience looking for people wanting to pick up knitting as a hobby

I teach by showing and helping the student to follow along. I can also help the student choose the pattern they want to work on and help them decipher it and knit it up. An informal environment works the best.

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Science and Geology, Arts and Knitting, let me help you get to your answers, in Anchorage AK, degreed professional with years of experience. Software: ArcGis, AutoCad, Excel, Word, Adobe Publisher, Pr

I have a Geography degree from Portland State University with 20 + years of mapmaking and drawing, a Geology degree from PSU with 15 years of soils identification, rock and stratigraphic analysis. Knitting and Embroidery are my hobbies of 10+ years specializing in fitting. ESRI ARCGIS master and able to train and get you going to the end. Autocad and technical drafting. Map making and design.

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Well tech u how to knitt let me know please if u

I when to school and graduated and my mother in law tough me how to knitt and i have been doing it ever sence and i can do placted canvice my grandma tough me.

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Retired School Educator with 39 years of experience in the school system. Experience includes previous tutoring, Schhool Psychologist, Social Worker, and School Counseling backgrounders and working wi

I base my tutoring with individuals or groups of students on their cognitive ability level, progress with academic achievement and other factors that may contribute to his or her learning curve, such as motivation, focusing and study skills, for example.

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Stitchwork enthusiast offering lessons in pattern/chart reading, specific stitches, and simple patterns.

Every student learns differently, so it's important for the teacher to cover all forms of learning in each lesson. I do this by explaining the steps, showing the process, and repeat the steps with emphasized movements so that students can follow along.

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Multi-faceted academic Tutor available with over 30 yrs experience in each category!

I have over 30 yrs exp in tutoring and motivating all struggling learners in order to achieve better grades academically. My background is in business, education/academia, as well as areas inside the needle arts and art education throughout my community.

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Learn something new! Never got to learn those hand-made skills, or has it been so long you've forgotten? No problem :) I'm here to help! The joy of creating something with your own hands is something

I prefer a very hands on approach with the SEA method, which is: Show Explain Attempt/Assist My goal is to try to hit every learning style so that everyone gets the chance to get the information in the way they learn best!

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Experienced, highly accomplished knitter can teach burgeoning yarncrafters of all skill levels.

I assess individual skills and structure the pace of lessons to each person’s abilities and the techniques they wish to master. We’ll start with a few basic projects, and I’ll be able to answer questions along the way.

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Available to give knitting lessons for beginners in and near Sewickley PA

I have been knitting for years, for myself and for friends and family. I would be delighted to pass on this skill to others. Beginner knitters of any age would be ideal.

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Passionate crafter with five years of knitting experience offering lessons in the Boston area.

I have a preference for English knitting (aka "throwing") but I've also gained experience in Continental Knitting (aka "picking") as well. The lessons will be focused on basic skill development, but will also develop into longer-term project-based learning. Students are encouraged to bring their own interests and ambitions to the table.

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Spool knitter here to give you new ideas and have some fun

I have been spool knitting since I was little. It is a fun way to keep your hands busy and actually get something out of your time and effort. If you have never done this before I can show you how to get started, or if you are a pro knitter we can just bounce ideas off each other.

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Learn crochet in Gresham/Portland or online - make your own lovely garmets, accessories and gifts for friends. Learn to read patterns.

I was taught by my mother how to knit and crochet when I was 7. I have been successfully teaching crochet and knitting for 25 years to students of all ages and abilities. Learn to: Crochet and/or Knit How to manage yarn tension Hand placement Terminology ReadinhPatterns Learninh to pick yarns Use needlework as an active meditation.

Los Angeles
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Avid knitter with 15 years of experience offering lessons in Los Angeles

There are only two stitches in knitting--knit and purl. Everything else is just being fancy.* My job is to teach you those two stitches, and, if you're interested, how to cast on and bind off. I can do cables and lace too, of course, but that said, no one knows everything in any subject and knitting is no exception. Consider that your disclaimer.

Villa Rica
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Express Yourself: Creativity & Purpose (Knitting) and Design & Image (Make Up)

I use show and tell with verbal directions and visual examples. I enjoy creating blankets and scarves to keep and give as gifts. Many children and adults have asked me to show them how to make something special. I as so excited about the growth of self confidence that follows my clients after a session with me each and every time.

Round Rock
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Learn to knit online or near Austin Texas with or without a pattern

Retired RN and Grandmother with decades of knitting experience offers in person (I live in Round Rock Texas outside of Austin) or video-chat knitting lessons. Beginner or Intermediate. Learn to correct mistakes, to produce an even tension, to knit with or without a patternand more.

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Teach knitting in louisville ky and help young children with math homework

I teach knitting. I make up my own patterns to knit. I also like to help grade school children with their math homework. I try to make it fun for children when helping with math. I start with the basics. I been knitting for over 30 years. I will teach knitting in groups.

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Part time knitter helping others of any age learn the basics online

I am a college graduate, who looked towards crafts. I am self-taught in knitting and crocheting through books and online help. I want to be able to help others learn the basics and move on from there at their pace to teach how to read patterns and new types of stitches to be able to create your own projects.

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I have been sewing since I was 7. I can teach anything from pattern making to construction.

I like to teach based on how you learn best. Is it step by step? Is it demonstration first? Maybe its trial and error? I like to do what it takes to help you learn and even try new methods if one ins't working.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced knitter in Rogers looking to give knitting, crocheting, and sewing lessons to any age interested.

I prefer to teach the basics and then learn what my students are interested in. I find it to be much more successful to teach somebody how to work a pattern they have chosen than to have them practice on swatches.

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Knitting and crochet lessons in and around Dallas, beginner and intermediate levels.

I teach the way I was taught. First I'll teach you the basics, then customize your lessons according to what you want to create. I can teach you intricate patterns, constructing shapes, picking which type of yarn will hold it's shape or show off your pattern the best.

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Professional certified tutor of crafting and origami in North Carolina regional area

I am a holistic teacher of craft and have had years or experience creating by hand. I have a college degree in Psychology and English and so I understand people and how to explain steps clearly. These lessons will inspire and simplify.

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Sewing classes all levels supervised by a professional over 30 years experience

Hello, I pass on my beautiful job of seamstress with the education, the pedagogy and the rigor necessary to those who want to learn for the first time, to improve, and preparation for exams. - To prepare his model, to choose are fabrics to cut, to heat, to iron, to build, to assemble, to try, to rectify, to adjust, to surjeter, to sew etc ...

Caroline m
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DIY: from Zen Knitting, lingerie sewing, random sewing, crochet, origami, parts printed on a 3D printer, to recycling and reuse of materials.

I love to make things. Create, say to my friends "I made that". I'm picky and like things tailored to my body, my needs. I do not like consumerism or produce waste. I avoid disposable things. I Love REUSE. Professionally working with mathematical abstractions and then I feel a need to have a hobby "to make things", to "thinking with my hands.

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Come to create with your hands! Bring wool, needles and desire to have a good time

We gather together for two hours, we drink tea, we weave, we tell anecdotes ... As before, when time was a gift. You bring your project, I help you to do it. Blankets, amigurumis, accessories, recycling ... A little of technique and then your creativity. Small groups.

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Fiber arts offer individuals with the ability to craft their own artistic fabrics. It is more than just knitting a sweater or some other form of clothing. An individual can knit a rug, a tapestry, blanket or a wide range of other fabric based items. However, understanding how to knit is not something that is generally past down from generation to generation any longer. Instead, it is something that is now usually held only by certain individuals who have studied the craft of fiber arts. For anyone interested in sharing with this understanding, they can take lessons from knitting teachers. These knitting teachers provide some insightful ways to express oneself, all with the help of the beautiful fibers. Of course there are so many other artistic class options available to students. Make-up lessons are available for those who want to work on stage productions, while beekeeping can be a experience new to all sorts of people. Chair repair teachers and a circus teacher provide insightful information on other courses as well.