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American Studies student and junior fellow offering writing, reading, and Latin help to K-12 students

I ask each student, no matter the age or grade level, to come prepared to each lesson with specific questions and goals relating to the subject. Whether its topics to be better understood or assignments to perform better on, being able to quickly narrow in on the source of the trouble allows me to better structure our time together to achieve the best possible results.

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High school graduate who is great at teaching, reading, literature, and writing .

I am a high school graduate, looking to teach young kids how to read, write, and speak proper English. I am bilingual, speak both English and Spanish. Am very good at helping young children get to learn before they reach a higher level of education.

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Latin teacher offering to tutor Latin to all levels and English in Greensboro

I use a range of sensory mnemonics to improve your speed at Latin grammar. You will have tools based on your approach to studying. I create and adapt readings to help you build understanding. From following along with the book - to writing your own, I will help you get to the level of Latin you want.

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Princeton Classics graduate with five years of test prep tutoring experience in New York, Florida and Online

Sarah worked for two years as a private tutor with an acclaimed tutoring agency in the greater NYC area. She was trained in tutoring the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SHSAT, SSAT, SAT subject tests in Literature, Latin, and Math levels I and II. She has well over 1,000 hours of tutoring experience in the NYC metro area and helps her students capture over 50% of possible remaining points on average.

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Math is like a horror movie; it's fun if someone is with you!

I learned long time ago that each student is unique; we all learn in different ways. DIFFERENCES ARE GOOD! Over the past five years, I have tutored a student over a thousand miles away from Grade 9-12 and then through the first semester of junior college. He is now flourishing at college on his own in Computer Science.

San Diego
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San Diego prof explores language, logic, Latin, ethics, aesthetics, and artificial intelligence

I teach college level philosophy courses. My method is conversational as I lecture and encourage questions to sharpen focus on the material at hand. I assign readings for each session and begin with a review then take up new material.

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Experienced tutor pursuing masters degree in Ancient languages, loves learners of all ages!

I base my teaching method on what is best for my student. Whether they work best with physical learning, visual, or traditional lecture style, I make my lessons interactive, fun, and colorful. I especially appreciate engaging students with games, reverse teaching, and creative projects to think both critically and interactively with their subject material.

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Chattanooga based Latin teacher with 20+ years of classroom and tutoring experience

My main goal in tutoring is to help students gain more confidence and personal satisfaction in their Latin studies. We begin by approaching what students consider to be their most pressing "problems" as far as grammar, translation or any other detail. Then, lessons can be structured to run concurrently with the student's classroom study.

Newport Beach
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Classical Studies PhD (Latin and Greek) with over ten years of experience

My teaching method depends on the student's current ability level, the textbook they might be required to use, and what their ultimate goals are. My primary focus is to help the student to gain proficiency as well as (and this is very important) succeeding in the classroom. Each teacher is different; it is my job to help the student be successful in their particular classroom environment.

José ignacio
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Languages lover wants to share what he loves trying you to love it too

I think we need to improve so many things in our educational system, the authority should be replace for mutual respect, while listening is the most important fact and in the communication.

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Albuquerque, NM's Poet Laureate Emeritus wants to help you find your voice.

Through techniques I've learned from the past twenty years of following self expression, emotion, and poetry, I help to inspire participants by demonstrating the performance of emotionally charged work. Using writing prompts and inspirational, techniques we will create a work of honest and authentic self expression.

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Latin Tutor w/ M.A. in Latin (Charleston, SC) - uses digital tools

I have a M.A. in Latin and have taught 7th-10th grade Latin for 14 years in a private school in downtown Charleston SC. I primarily use the Cambridge Latin Course, but I also use the digital tools of Quia (for online practice activities and quizzes) and Google Apps (for online interactive lessons).

Saint Marys
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Creative Writer offering lessons with 5 years of Academic and Creative tutoring experience.

I have a Classical/Montessori approach to tutoring--I adapt to whatever method is best for the student, but keep it more conversational and exploratory--learning doesn't have to be boring! I have high energy as a tutor and am more than willing to have flexibility in lesson structure to best fit the individual needs of my students.

Baton Rouge
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Flexible, patient instructor with over a decade of experience in multiple subjects

I start by identifying the pupil's learning style and then crafting a sequence, format, and pace to the instruction that will suit his or her needs. I also believe in gradually introducing increasingly rigorous expectations as the pupil becomes more comfortable, so as to avoid stagnation.

La Palma
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Spanish tutor with more than 30 years experience with children and adults

My teaching method is with practice, using TPR technics and Props. Visual aids and books. I give lessons to kids of 6 to a teenager of 14. I have great confidence with my students.

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Student/Teacher of the Classics offering lessons on etymology, grammar, literature, writing, and language

I teach my classes with small lectures, activities, and engaging discussions. Class is supposed to be fun and exciting, not dull! I will look at comparisons between the Classics and other civilizations/content areas.

Myrtle Beach
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Fluent Latin tutor with 4 years experience located in Myrtle Beach, SC

I am looking to teach total beginners- those who have never had experience with the language before! Together, we can use whatever learning path you feel is best for you- visual, auditory, or kinetic- for an individualized learning experience. At your own pace, we will delve into this beautiful language and translate some great pieces of Roman literature.

Fall River
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PhD classicist-- languages, test prep, and study writing skills Fall River, MA

I approach any subject teaching for mastery, seeing where student and/or class is and making certain that they understand key concepts and skills before moving on, varying presentation as needed and providing regular assessment and feedback to verify such skills.

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College graduate in English and economics provides English literature tutoring in Nashville

I recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with my Bachelor's Degree in English and economics. I am a literature enthusiast who loves writing and editing essays. My goal is to help students improve their grammar skills and gain writing and reading comprehension confidence, all while developing a greater appreciation for English literature.

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I have been a tutor for 5 years now with a certified degree

i am a tutor i teach languges and pre calculus my favorite subject to teach is art my name is Benjamin Norales i am 22 i am still in collage have a degree in art's study at lamar university MY FAVORITE COLOR IS RED THANKS Ben is short for benajmin

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Reading, Sociology, Guidance Counseling, life skills and Interviewing skills. Essex County. Master's Degree in Counseling

I have a Master's Degree in Counseling with a Certification in Guidance Counseling. I give tutoring sessions to those who need academic help on all levels. •Tutor wide range of secondary school and college students. •Hold group and one-on-one tutoring sessions. •Specialize in homeschool student support and college prep studies.

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Award-winning college English teacher and former GED lead teacher gives writing lessons.

I have three degrees, including a Ph.D., in English literature and language as well as a law degree. I am retired as a Lead GED Teacher, but I still teach college level English classes, including high school students in dual-enrolled and Move On When Ready classes. I am creative, flexible, and committed to student success.

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Latin, English, and German teacher with 20+ years of experience teaching public, private, and home schoolers.

My teaching style explores where the student's level is and where he or she wants to go and accomplish. I teach high school Latin and German. I also have taught college level English literature, freshman composition, research and writing. It's important to connect real life application of the subject to the student's needs.

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Information Specialist with MSLS and teaching certification K-12. Vast experience in public libraries and public schools teaching students to become lifeline learners.

I pattern my lessons individually started with interest and diagnostic appraisals. Knowing the student needs, self assessment and documented assessments provides a springboard for learning.I enjoy using the public library as a teaching site in order to acquaint students with valuable teaching resources available with a library card.

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B.A. in Latin from UNC-Chapel Hill. 10 years’ experience teaching and tutoring.

Traditional approach to Latin that involves “active reading,” anticipating the grammatical functions of words as you read, which improves speed and accuracy of comprehension.

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Tutor who has taught Hellenistic (ancient) Greek at New England seminary for 15 years

Making difficult material understandable! Students have consistently related well to my methods. Many have passed out equivalency requirements at graduate and undergraduate institutions. In 30 weeks, we can present the ancient Greek (or New Testament Greek) "toolbox" -- minimum tools to know the grammar. Or for intermediate students, we can read through a graded reader.

Queens County
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College prof in NYC teaches online phonetics, latin, english, writing, essays, Spanish

I have a Masters in Education and a PhD in communications, am bilingual English Spanish, and have experience in U.S. and Latin American universities teaching and perfecting my students' command of English grammar, writing, style and pronunciation. I now work worldwide on line.

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Online Latin Lessons from a PhD Grad Student with University Teaching Experience

For beginners interested in learning the Latin Language I stress a combination of grammar/vocab exercises and basic translation. There are no short cuts to learning Latin grammar and memorizing vocabulary, but there are techniques that make it more enjoyable and hasten the learning process.

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Former professor gives Latin lessons to middle and high school levels in Phoenix

I have a PhD in Linguistics and have knowledge of Latin grammar that I would love to share with you. I use traditional techniques to help you memorize the noun declensions and verb conjugations. Latin will help you understand English better - as well as the Romance languages (like French and Spanish). We will have fun while you learn Latin.

Dennis j.
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Classical education, Latin, English, Speech,critical thinking, Personal meeting in Monterey County. MA from Louvain, Belgium

Since the tutoring sessions are one on one or at least a small group, I first want to get to know the student and discover their learning styles and what they find difficult or easy. I like to have a few different tasks each session (e.g. some oral, some written), and once I get to know the student, I can look for useful material to bring to the next session.

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Perfect! Amazing! Worked with me on the phone and helped me with my Classical Greek. Has a great knowledge of the subject. First rate, super personality and fun to learn from. Will work with again this year! Fair pricing, will meet in person as well. Close...

Arian, student
1 month ago
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Latin has its hands in almost all western languages. From English to German, Spanish to French, almost every single modern word has a connection to ancient Latin. While not very many people actually speak Latin in a conversational means, it is an excellent language to study as it shows a history of all other languages. Beyond this, understanding Latin makes it easier to learn just about any other western language thanks to the immediate connection someone can form. In order to learn the language though, taking up Latin lessons from fluent Latin teachers is a must. This way, it is necessary to learn all about the language and, by doing so, learn all about other languages as well. Outside of just Latin, learning ancient Greek is an excellent opportunity for individuals as well. English lessons are provided through the school with a classics tutor offering insights into these languages. Literature teachers can build off of the understanding of these languages by pointing it towards reading new books from ancient masters.