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Non-profit CEO with over 20 years experience in social work and faith base sector

I have taught ages 12 to 60, with a variety of skill set, personalities and educational backgrounds. I like using examples that relate to ones understanding and life experiences. Using visual aids also helps in teaching. I think teaching/learning should be fun so I try to create lesson plans that allows fun while learning.

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Leadership Skills and the ability to learn Pitching is essential to the success of our lives. The skills are essential, relevant, and transferable across different areas of life. ;)

My teaching methodology is qualitative and quantitative. I have a relaxed manner of instructing. The skill of being able to listen is learning; and, I still, love learning. Reciprocal respect is shown when listening is involved. There is a time to speak and a time to listen. I approach each topic with what the student already knows, wants the student wants to know, and what the student has learned.

Las Vegas
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Daytona Beach
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Career Coach Master Seeks To Help You Find Your Niche, Land the Job, and Enjoy The Ride!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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Successful business owner in Georgia with over 10 years managerial and career coaching experience

My goal in every interaction with a student is to understand the ultimate goal...I believe in coaching to the heart. We can make hundreds of plans, goals, processes but if they don't fall in line with that person's "why" then none of them will work.

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Recognized and awarded high-performing, strategic thinking professional with more than nine (9) years’ experience in the Career Services and Job Development

My teaching styles promote extreme self-learning and helps students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. Which dynamically trains the student to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration.

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Freelance career specialist offering job search/resume writing/career counseling lesson in Texas with 3 years of experience!

I typically start my lessons with a consultation. You will tell me about your problem areas, prospective career choices, conduct a resume review, etc. depending on your needs. Our goal is to get you a job you will enjoy! I am currently a graduate student working on becoming a neuroscientist. However, I have over three years of experiences working with students on career success.

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Entrepreneur with 20 years experience offering Leadership and Career Coaching in Northwest Indiana (Chicago Area)

I coach new entrepreneurs, business owners, college and grad students, presenters preparing a speech, and those transitioning careers to business or visa versa. I am personable, patient and kind, but also really good at assessing where you need assistance, analyzing the situation, and providing relevant knowledge and experience.

Diana karina
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Learn from someone who knows about leadership, hiring, and proffesional development. My experience will help you a lot!

I don't have a unique methodology. I use a variety of methods and strategies: mostly interaction, participation, everything that make students reach their goals, owr goals. Some methodologies I will integrate among others, are Total physical Response, Bloom's taxonomy, Constructivism.

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I teach math and english in fun and interactive ways so each of my students can succeed. My area of focus is Central Florida and Davenport Florida. My traits are like no other because I use efficient

My teaching method is to first understand where a student is struggling, why the student is struggling and create an individualized program in order to achieve success. I believe there is no one size fits all. Every student learns differently and is capable in achieving success.

Chapel Hill
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School Administrator with over 15 years of experience in elementary education and STEM

My coaching approach is based on first helping people to understand their why to reach where they would like to go in their chosen profession. This is done through conversations and exploring opportunities in the profession together by finding others who are doing the job you want to do and also by exploring other opportunities that are similar.

West Hartford
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MBA Career Coach with over 10 years of experience as a headhunter and in higher education.

I support students and professionals needing help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, LinkedIn profile creation, networking, negotiating, job/internship searching... I customize advice and guidance based on individual needs aimed to obtain tangible results.

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Medical Business Manager with 10 years of incrimental experience in both retail and medical management.

My teaching method is very practical and proactively designed. I leverage leadership fundamentals with the theory of psychology, focused on how people think and work. I believe in influential leadership and teach behaviorism for both leadership and team. I enjoy the philosophical background for team and company development and teach metric driven focuses to help design leadership priorities.

Los Angeles
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Social Media Expert - Alternative Marketing - Growth Hacking - Incubating the next generation of Social Media rockstars

His teaching method is based on hand on experience, and personalized learning. Each person has unique qualities; the challenge is finding these qualities, nurturing them, and guiding "students" to focus on their strength rather than conforming to a certain system. Basically providing the conditions, the tools, and the mindset for students to start learning on their own.

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Realize Your Most Valuable Super Competent Creative Learning Abilities In Skill Rehearsals With John Coals In Denver, CO!

What Happens When You Utilize Practices Which Create Enormous Positive Impact On Your Confidence, Ability, Energy, Awareness, Intelligent Intuitive Knowing, Skill, Well-Being & Inspired Action? Just appreciate the two or three things that are most important to you right now...

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Using positive reinforcement to encourage a love of learning I have successfully tutored many children between the ages of 5 – 14.

I have successfully tutored many children and teens using methods relevant to the individual student's need for: * Reading decoding and comprehension * Basic writing skills * Organizational skills (reports, projects, homework assignments) * Math and Science comprehension * Computer competency I have coached adults in all phases of career options, job searching, and interviewing...

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Economics and Theatre major at Sarah Lawrence College, offering career counselling and Economics coaching classes.

I approach each topic from the basics. Be it economics, or college applications, it is imperative to have the basics clear. It's important to understand the concepts and go into the roots of the topics that you are are having issues with, or are interested in.

Deerfield Beach
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Project manager and trainer with 20 years experience give help with Project Management exam prep (PMP and CAPM).

My exam prep classes are currently based on the PMI PMBOK 6th edition. I teach exam prep by recommending readings from the PMBOK plus additional participant workbook information each week. A sample exam will be included to help students see where they need to target their study.

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Surprise!, AZ coach with extensive training and experience inside the classroom, on the field and in the boardroom. Contact me today for your education, athletic and/or business needs!

Available for direct instruction or training for coach-the-coaches / teach-the-teachers workshops. I understand the importance of ability and age-appropriate coaching and teaching. As well, the need for developing positive habits. Each one of my students, players, coaches, and clients receive personalized instruction, designed around their own needs and goals.

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Accomplished professional with 15 years of experience transforming high-potential people into leaders in Gilroy and Morgan Hill

My teaching method is simple and includes four elements: (1) the person I teach must have the commitment to reach their potential, (2) a coach or mentor other than myself who is where the person want to be in the future, (3) an action learning project that is mission critical to them and extraordinary ambitious, and (4) my instruction and guidance.

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Experienced High School Special Education Teacher & Set-Tutor in the Motion Picture Industry.

My teaching method varies depending on students' strengths and perceived weaknesses. There are dozens and dozens of different methods & tactics I've researched and implemented throughout my career. I find listening to be the first step in creating a successful strategy to maximize results.

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You are at a turning point of your career or you want to develop your leadership influence, I can help you to find your right path!

For me, the most important thing is to help my customers to find their answers within themselves to develop their own strategy and reach their career and personal goals. So my work is based on listening, questioning, teaching appropriate tools that can help my customers to better deal with their challenges.

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Edupreneur offers leadership training to individuals seeking to enhance their level of competitiveness

I subscribe to a multimodal platform that combines the use of technology, video conferencing, media, lectures, and reading materials to engage learner participants. My approach is active and discovery learning whereby I engage students to connect, research, curate and share their prior and new knowledge.

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Professional Career Coach I teach you how to maximize and build your career platform.

My teaching methodology is to learn more about you the employee and what your wants and needs are. I will also teach you how to become better at seeing the trends in your career field, so that you are ready to ask for that raise or ask for that promotion.

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Bilingual Spanish professor Orlando based with Masters degree that is passionate about Career Coaching

The Demonstrator and coach style that retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The demonstrator is a lot like the lecturer, but their lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. Pros: This style gives teachers opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

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Human Resource Manager in CT with over 25 years of experience offering advice in career development, job searching, interviewing tips and more.

In my career, I have given advice to employees at all levels, from entry level positions to executive staff. I prefer to approach each lesson individually to allow for open and confidential conversation. I can help you achieve your career goals whether it's beginning a new job or transitioning into a different profession.

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17 years of documented experience driving inner professional growth and personal development. Centralized contribution to goal achieving and maximizing potential.

I start all my classes by getting an understanding of what someone wants out of the class and how their goals will line up with current underdeveloped pathways. I always make sure what type of learner I am dealing with, Visual or Hands on.

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Excellent leadership qualities over 15 years of experience in leadership + BA Degree in leadership

My teaching method is to make students comfortable and confident in themselves, teaching them that all things are possible if you work at it and refuse to quit. We go over subject matters until I know the student understands. It is important for my students to understand, no question is a dumb question.

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P.A.T. Inspiring your inner self to explore being your own boss Entrepreneur

One of my goals is building the students self-confidence. My student deserves and will receive my total attention. Respect of my student's personal dignity, means I must accept that individual without judgement. I like to have fun with my students, and time management is important, that means I will be on time and prepared.

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Education administrator with 18 years of experience in K-8 and early childhood education.

Every student has the right to learn and receive a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. As an administrator and teacher, it is my responsibility to make sure that happens each and every day.

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