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New Haven
1st lesson offered free !

Individual artist in the Fort Wayne area, I love to teach children. I think you can have fun while learning so I combine games into my teaching and tutoring.

My teaching method is based on engaging the student (s) with a fun hands on approach, there is no reason for teaching a student and art class if they are unable to actually create the art themselves and have fun while doing it!

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1st lesson offered free !

Theatre designer offering drawing classes!Anything from life drawing to charcoal or mixed media.

Depending on your own needs and dreams I will create a unique teaching method. My main goal is to inspire you and help you find your own source of creativity. The first lesson is a good chance to discuss and experiment with different alternatives.

1st lesson offered free !

Illustrator full of energy and with the desire to transmit my love of drawing to others

I like to learn and transmit my knowledge, with patience and pedagogy. I need to know the expectations, skills and tastes of each to adapt my course to the best. My goal is not that the student draws like me, but that he progresses and discovers the drawing techniques that I know.

1st lesson offered free !

Children's Book Illustrator and Freelance Artist, North West England based. Soon-To-Be Qualified Teacher Specialising in Art and Design, Particular Experience With Life Drawing Looking To Share Skills

I believe in experience based, reflective learning and as such structure that into my teaching. I incorporate both individualised learning paths as well as constructive group criticisms and collaboration within my sessions. I have been observe and assessed as a calm and collected practitioner, with skill in differentiating for all levels of learners.

1st lesson offered free !

Creative art student/tutor, turning me and you both into aspiring artists

my teaching method is to communicate with the people i tutor, get to know their skills, and what they like doing in art as well as helping them improve on their skills and teaching them new things while also allowing them to be creative themselves

1st lesson offered free !

A tutor who understands that's every mind is different, here to help

My lessons will consist of explaining what new techniques and processes that we use in drawing, to see what the individual knows by themselves. Im here to help them adapt and grow. I am my own person designer.

1st lesson offered free !

Fashion student and artist that has learned lots of different creative skills and would love to spread them!

Adaptive, I would understand the preferences of the individual and tailor my teaching toward them. I would structure easy tasks for each lesson and subsequent classes. Friendly and eager.

1st lesson offered free !

Think about doing something out of the box .. Oh wait out of the box doesn't exist.. Think creative that's what it is crack any design exam easily with one click

It's easy and fun.. Covering all the things from CAT toGAT and situation test .. Or whatever you wish to learn ..

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

I am a student passed in HSC sharing knowledge about architecture and also hand make sketches.

My teaching method is starting from the basics and also understand the capability of the student and teaching him accordingly.

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