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Linux System Administration and Network Management/Administration with 30 years in Telecommunications, Dunnellon, FL

Students self-study and find a roadblock and call me. I can do all teaching remotely using Desktop Sharing and/or telephone. Additional rate charges incurred for any in-person training, but is available upon request. All travel & lodging required must be paid in advance at GSA per diem rates for estimated length of training given.

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Computer builder, User, teacher & fixer with 40 years experience, website developer, Professional Control Systems Engineer & instructor

I am a Registered Professional Control Systems Engineer. Classes are for engineers and meet the NCBELS.ORG requirements and computer classes meet clients objectives. Engineering classes are done with Power Point Presentations on in my home theater for 1 to 8 students.

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I've taught thousands of people in over 8 countries. I'm passionate about helping others achieve what they seek through learning technical skills, employability and planning a successful trajectory.

Having studied and taught in other countries I value communication. I love inspiring others and being inspired by them and I think that really makes learning worth it. I've studied different learning modalities but my own personal preference for learning is visual and kinetic, which means I like to see something done and physically do it myself.

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IT Engineer with broad experience offering IT classes to all ages and levels

Learn by doing is the best method, i will give you the basic tools to startup and help you troubleshoot in IT related issues you might face. I found it to be a very productive way of teaching. Make mistakes and i am here to help you solve them.

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Exceptionally empowering tutor with over 25 years experiencing tutoring beginners, and advanced computer users and students.

I base my classes on the needs of my students and tailor them to current IT trends. I set a clear and concise program with extensive hands-on approach. I utilize visual presentations and "no question is a stupid question" approach.

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Sr. Network Engineer with 24 plus years of experience will to help and teach.

The way I would teach you would give you the hands on version of the class , I have trained 5 of my personal family members and they hare all making 100k plus in there new career. I can teach you how to protect yourself from security threats and how not to get hacked.

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2 yrs teaching STEM in the Phoenix area. College level Linux coursework.

My teaching methodology is based on illustration, conceptualization, personalization, and captivating interaction through enhanced educational tools. Illustration entails providing instruction through proven ideas such as Kagan's Education Theory. Conceptualization involves understanding a students thought process and train of thought.

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IT Network & System Administrator offering basic computer & networking lessons with over 8 years of experience located in Durham NC.

My teaching method is hands on and geared for all ages ranging from beginner to intermediate level lessons. I have a very upbeat personality with a sense of humor that I believe works for a light and fun learning experience.

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Cyber Operations and Network Security Student offering Computer Lessons - 4 Years Experience

I can give lessons to anyone between high school and college. My teaching methodology is mainly hands-on but I can cater to the student if needed. I believe that because you use computers all day, it is better to actually use it rather than take tests and do homework.

Beacon Falls
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Software developer offering Linux usage lessons in Connecticut with 4 years experience

My teaching method is to introduce a mapping of concepts to real world examples and demonstrate usage, after this I verify understanding by asking the student to explain in their own words how they would define the concept, as well as demonstrate usage of this concept.

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Technical Support looking to teach people about computers and hardware. Located in west jordan

Listen to the students and find out what they want to learn and work with them hands on on projects as well as provide learning objectives to each student so they can learn more about that subject.

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Computer Scientist for hire in Albuquerque, NM! Helping people learn Databases, Big Data, and of course most programming languages.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of New Mexico, Currently Ph.D student in Computer Science emphasis in Data Analytics. I like to teach students not only how to program, but also why we use the methods we use so students can apply the methods to other algorithm and solutions. Demonstration and explanation are the best ways to learn any computer language or method.

Corpus Christi
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Information Technologist with over 10 years experience in Computer and Networking basics

My teaching methodology is one-on-one, or in a small group. I use "explain, and learn by doing". I use feedback to ensure teaching methods are effective. I re-enforce training on material that proves to be more challenging. Once the material is understood, we proceed to the next level.

San Angelo
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Concentrate on MS applications and basic language technology for over 15 years.

My technique involves preparing the student for certification exams, material and job skills, to motivate them to succeed in the technological areas they wish to pursue.

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IT Guy,Windows, Mac, Linux Maniac and Enthusiast, Hacking, Networking, Computer Information, Portuguese and English

Pratic, A little bit of knowledge and then pratic to keep everything you learn in your mind!

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IT practitioner blends excellence in technical support and service delivery skills transfer!

My teaching methods are based on own training that I undertook in the train-the-trainer coursework. I provide training to all students, individuals, groups, beginners, intermediate and experienced computer users. I believe that there is "no question that is a stupid question". Train the student to be a trainer in turn.

New Hartford
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Computer Science Student with 4 years experience in NY, offering everything from Programming to basic computer help

I'm 20 years old and I've been working for my High School as an IT Technician for 4 years now. My first Computer Science class I ended up helping most of the class and the teacher with their codes. I would say programming becomes easy once you understand it a little better.

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Competent Certified Computer Trainer Willing To Teach Basic And Advanced Computer Skills

I'm a certified computer engineer with over 10 years of experience working as a support technician and computer engineer. I enjoy teaching both adults and children how to use computers as part of everyday life, and how to make devices do what you want them to do.

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Experienced bilingual computer engineer, offering IT lessons in Boise, Meridian and Eagle areas

I have been endorsed for Network Technologies and Computer Science/Information Technology, Limited Occupational Specialist (LOS) grades K6-12. I believe on an interactive/participative teaching method when possible -hands on practice,- with the use of technology for possible remote sessions when required.

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Learn Linux by a software engineer with 10 years experience using Linux

The Best Linux Tools for Teachers and Students. ... If you have a niche, Linux is ready to meet or exceed the needs of said niche. One such niche is education. If you are a teacher or a student, Linux is ready to help you navigate the waters of nearly any level of the educational system.

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Let me introduce myself, I’m a fantastic Teacher, I know how to reach the most difficult student and teach just about any grade level. I know many different methods and have a natural teaching ability

My teaching methods are to first know what a student’s level is, I then start a plan for each student, I use a number of books and other aids. It also depends on his or her locations and their requirements, and also the grade level, I also teach ADD and ADHD students.

Santa Rosa
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Software Engineer offering Java, Python, C# lessons in Sonoma County with 3 years of Industry Experience.

I like doing practice problems and small coding projects to develop a good knowledge of the various programming languages I teach.

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Malware Removal - Privacy Expert - Networks - Repair Many years of education and Experience

I spent many years using tech as a hobby and learned many different techniques to assist new interested users to actually utilize the knowledge.

Terre Haute
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Break The Fear Of Tech With an ex-Apple Inc. Genius! Come Learn and Grow!

My teaching method is personalized to my individuals or adaptive to groups. Being an artist myself, I have always learned from a mix of visual, audio, and hands on experiences. These methods and more are what we will be using to gain new heights.

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Computer Technician and Server Administrator of 16+ years will travel to you. Located in Sherman, TX

I have acquired valuable experience in all facets of troubleshooting, installations, and maintenance for various desktop and server operations, hardware, and software. I specialize in Windows and Linux operating systems and I possess a unique talent for translating highly complex technical information into terms and concepts that the end users can readily grasp.

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Former programmer offering tutoring in basic Linux systems, web design and programming, and basic python implementation

My teaching method is largely determined by what I am teach, what they know, and what they wish to accomplish. I'm more of a tutor or consultant as opposed to a teacher, and I will help you with your specific problems in a given area.

Piscataway Township
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9 years experienced former software professional with Masters of Computer Application degree

For information Technology teaching I understand its always needed to provide practical training rather than only book based studies. They should know how the things are actually used in the industry. So being a part of the industry, I can give them an overview on how the book based knowledge is being used in the real world.

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Ready to learn how you can host your website and android app

I prefer to teach online using Skype. Usually I take examples and some videos to simplify the concept for the audience. I arrange work shops and hackathon to test my students.

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Experienced programmer with over 5 years of experience offering to teach native mobile application design in Android, iOS and Windows

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

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