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Experienced adult and teacher by education offering reading, literacy, test prep and GED test prep in Lebanon, IN and surrounding areal.

I approach each topic based on the needs of the individual. Not everyone learns the same way and I try to customize lessons based on what will work best for the individual. Additionally, I have determined through experience that learning is much more enjoyable and valuable when it can be applied in a way that is purposeful to our daily lives.

San Antonio
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Expierenced college grad providing a fun way to develop your English Language Arts skills.

Any student in any grade level seeking improvement in English & Writing. Lessons include both fresh and creative tasks to capture the joy in studying. Assessments include detailed analysis in areas that need improving as well as areas that are successful.

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Political Science student at UGA offering english lessons to all ages in Athens, Georgia.

I believe that practice is essential to succeeding. I try to keep learning fun so that my students want to learn the material, for doing so makes learning more successful. I feel most comfortable teaching kids >13, but would consider teaching anyone.

Castle Rock
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College Nut passing on her knowledge of English to the young minds

My teaching method is: * building a one on one relationship with my student. *Using the pause method while instructing. *Fostering independence through repeated instruction, patience, and requesting feedback. *Passion for learning and passing on knowledge.

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Elementary School Literacy Tutor offering English (and all things related) lessons in Annapolis,MD

My teaching method depends on the student that I am working with at the moment. I understand that there is no "one size fits all" for my methodologies because every student learns in their own way. I initiate "success plans" for each student during our first session.

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Reading and Coverletter/Resume Tutor with 3 years of experience in Merced CA

My teaching philosophy is best described as engaging, inclusive, and developing. My educational background and experiences have greatly shaped my philosophy of teaching and the way I approach students. A lot of my teaching experience has been providing Violin instruction to 4th and 5th graders, a mentor to youth, and as an elementary teacher assistant.

San Jacinto
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English/Language Arts Tutor with 3+ years experience in Riverside County (Avid Tutor)

I approach a topic by having to brainstorm all the ideas and thoughts that are needed to complete an essay. Essays are not the easiest things to write, but having the ability to spew different kinds of ideas allows the writer to scribble these ideas and organize them into coherent paragraphs; for a successful paper.

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Lovely Educator with 5 years of k-6 teaching experience available this summer only!

I firmly believe that not all students learn the same. Students require differentiated teaching strategies in order to acquire a new skill in given subject area. My teaching method vary by subject taught, but I normally begin by understanding a student's area of need then moving forward to introducing a couple of strategies that can support the student in meeting their goal.

Moss Point
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English teacher with multiples years of experience working with students at all levels!

If there is one thing that I have learned over the last few years, it is that each student has a different way of learning. It is up to me to help them figure out what that is and play to those strengths.

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English Literature student offering writing help to all ages with 3 years experience

I have a passion for writing and reading that can apply to any age group. My teaching method is tailored to each individual student as much as possible. Everyone learns a bit differently after all! In terms of delivering information and advise, I am direct and straightforward.

Apollo Beach
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Political Science senior and expert essay writer with knowlege in all proffesional styles (MLA,APA,Chicago)

I can help with essay writing by using the same strategies I employ in my own papers. I will help the student formulate a research question and thesis. Second, I will help the student gather credible sources and share my knowledge on obtaining valuble information from those sources. Finally is essay structure and writing.

(1 review)
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Seasoned English teacher offering tutoring in literature, writing, reading in Phoenix AZ

My teaching methodology is to approach each student where they are and go on from there. I use as much of my students' prior knowledge as possible and build on it. It's important that my students do the work themselves. I am just the facilitator, there to guide my students through the maze of academics.

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Experienced Elementary Teacher From Lansing Who Inspires Students' Love For Reading & Writing

I create differentiated and engaging learning experiences that cater to my students' abilities, interests, and needs. I believe in equipping students with the tools that they need to be lifelong learners. I celebrate student achievement and welcome opportunities to grow.

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Passionate Middle School Teacher offering tutoring for English and Language Arts online!

I teach Middle School Writing currently. I am licensed to teach K-12 English/Language Arts. I like to have a routine for my students to follow with clear expectations. I vary the activities and my teaching style to make sure that all of my students are reached. I also try to incorporate student interests whenever I can.

Little Rock
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History/Government/Geography/Reading tutor in Little Rock, AR. 15 years' experience. (Just please don't ask me to do math.)

I have a history degree and teach like I was taught: relate history to current events. Show how history is important because it repeats itself. I try to make it as interesting/relevant as possible.

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Passionate, Word Loving University Student Provides Assistance with Literacy and Academic Writing

I am a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University; I absolutely adore reading and writing and also love sharing those passions with younger students. I am a patient and compassionate instructor- I fully understand that academics (especially reading and writing) can be challenging. I will, however, challenge each student to do their very best work every time.

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Experienced Reading Literacy Tutor with over 20 years of teaching experience available

I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education with certification in Special Needs Interrelated Kindergarten thru twelfth-grade experience willing to help struggling students become successful. I am located in Columbus, Ga./ Phenix City, Ala. area. Easy going and Patient.

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Certified Elementary K-6 Teacher & Masters Degree in Reading & Language Arts

I believe every child has the right to an accessible and motivating education to reach his or her potential. Students should be afforded the chance to master a given objective through instruction using the whole-child approach, which recognizes the “Multiple Intelligences” through which information is absorbed. That said, fun and exploration should not be absent from education.

New York
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Experience Teacher in English subjects from English Literature to ESL learning skills

Hello everyone, my name is Leeor and I am an experienced teacher in English literature ans ESL learning. I have a certificate from the CELTA program and a degree in English Literature and Linguistics. My lessons are student based, meaning the students does most of the work. I adapt to different levels and styles of learning.

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College student in journalism/writing gives lessons in essay writing and english, as well as english speaking, to grades k-12. Lives in Seaside

I am a third year college student attending CSUMB. I enjoy writing, reading and all things creative. I paint and play piano, but maintain excellent structure in my education. I have spent four years tutoring in history, english/writing, english speaking, algebra, spanish, and life/earth sciences. I typically tutor all grades, from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Saint Cloud
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Elementary School Teacher of 20+ years gives tutoring in Reading in Saint Cloud

I believe each child has his/her own styles of learning and work best at their own individual pace. I love working one on one and watch young minds grow and strengthen not just in academics but in self confidence that will help them aspire towards greater things in the future.

Wichita Falls
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Effective Online English Tutoring -- All Levels! Professor with 40 Years of Experience.

I am a published poet, essayist, and novelist with an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. I love to teach, and I teach students on all levels with patience and expertise. I am a trained and experienced online instructor who is adept at communicating virtually.

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Doctoral student giving classes for English language Learners or students that have trouble reading primary grades only

I am currently a doctoral student working on my dissertation which focuses on English language users and literacy. I am able to teach reading to kindergarteners first and second graders that would also include writing. My Philosophy is one of Arts integration.

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Help with Spanish never been easier! Interpreter at your fingertips...!! Call now. ...

Hello friends! I'm originally from Ecuador. Spanish is my native language. However I grew up in NYC And as a military spouse I've been allover the US. I love sharing my language with others, whether is teaching, tutoring, interpreting or translating. Spanish is an easy language to learn.

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Elementary Reading Tutor in Lombard, IL. Reading Specialist gives lessons in homes or library on beginning reading, decoding, comprehension, or writing.

I am a reading specialist (master's degree earned from National Louis University) who gives 1 hour tutoring lessons focusing on missing reading skills. Generally there will be word work (decoding or vocabulary), fluency, comprehension, and writing response practice in each lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

English is the key to everything - from romance to honours graduation. Why don't you do it well?

College English major with years of experience, I can structure my lessons to you and know various ways to explain things for different types of students. I can be patient when people have difficulties, and if a price is out of your range it can be negotiated.

Saint Anthony
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English Education Student Who Wants To Help You Succeed At Your School

I'm a Junior studying English Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. I excel in literature and basic grammar. I love to teach and work with people who may just need an extra boost to do well. I love to get creative in my teaching and can work with your learning style.

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Reading instructor with extensive experience, training, results, and my own doctoral dissertation on how to improve reading instruction.

University of Connecticut, BA in English/Political Science Western Connecticut State University, MS in Elementary Education Central Connecticut State University, MS in Special Education University of Connecticut, Sixth Year in Education Administration & Technology Application Nova Southeastern University, EdD Doctorate in Educational Leadership Teacher, Educational Diagnostician, Special...

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Hi I am a retired Middle School teacher I teach all subject areas a nd I have alslo taugh

My education methodology is test driven, pretest, instruction, then post test. I need to know were you so I can evaluate the instruction. I like to find the students particular learning style and design lessons to fit how they learn.

Woodbridge Township
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College student interested in giving biology and math lessons to middle/high school students. Also gives college prep tutoring in Woodbridge, New Jersey

Currently a sophomore in college studying biology in the doctorate of physical therapy program. Engaged and interested in helping students maximize their potential in math/biology related subjects, as well as college prep exams(SAT,ACT).

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Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

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Literacy is very important for any student at any grade or level. The better a student is able to read, the better they are going to do in their other classes. Reading comprehension is essential, and this is something English as a foreign language students need to grasp quickly, if they are going to succeed inside an English based school system. Completely grasping a foreign language can be tricky, but using the help of private teachers can ease the burden. The majority of these English as a Foreign Language EFL private teachers not only speak English, but also the primary language of the student as well. This way, the student can feel more comfortable with the literacy private teachers and they are able to relate in a way that is not always possible inside of the classroom. With the private teachers, specific, individual private lessons are created for each student. This way, the student knows what to focus on and what is going to offer them the best opportunity of success. From the literacy private lessons to the reading private lessons, after working in one on one sessions, the private teacher can create specific lessons for the student to better improve their understanding of the English language.