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Experienced university professor available to tutor students in English and the Humanities

Each student has unique needs and I try to focus my sessions on meeting those specific needs in a thorough yet encouraging manner. I teach a wide distribution of levels from Junior High through Graduate School. Over the years, I have taught a number of students for whom English was not their first language.

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English Tutor/Instructor with an M.A. in English Degree, Extensive Experience in Teaching Students Essay Structure, Proofreading, and Citation, alongside Literary Criticism/Comprehension/Research (Loc

Initially, I like to get to know my students so that I can tailor their needs to the approach I take. Feedback from students is crucial; getting to know what they are comfortable with and what they may feel self-conscious about in their academic skills allows me to focus on building on weaknesses and encouraging strengths.

San Jose
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School principal with 15 years of experience advancing and motivating all levels of learners (tk- graduate school)

I have tutored students as young as 5 and students taking graduate level exams (GRE, California Teaching Credential, etc.). I am excellent at tutoring in ALL academic areas, English Language Arts, Writing, Math, History, Science, etc. My first steps are to get to know the student, their likes, dislikes and interview parents or (for adult learners) discuss challenges they may face.

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Certified teacher ( Pre-K thru 6th Grade) with over 15 years experience offering tutoring in Reading and Math

Hello fellow students! I feel we are all always learning, including teachers. My name is Randee and I love to teach. I currently work with Title 1 students tutoring in Reading and Math (ages Kindergarten-5th grade). I graduated from Eckerd College. I would say my philosophy on teaching is that every student learns differently.

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Experienced and knowledgeable teacher helps you with English, ESL, Spanish or Portuguese via Online or in person

I base my classes on the Lesson Plan to be followed and own and shared knowledge of the world with the students: to associate what they are learning with the world. I try to make students communicate in the best possible way, with patience and once the pattern is established, I give them the opportunity to express themselves.

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Reading Mastery Teacher with 15 years of tutorial experience. I love to incorporate music in all of my lessons.

I approach each topic with the intent to make learning exciting and fun. Keeping each student attention can difficult at times, especially after being in school all day and then has to attend a tutorial session with me. I make a game out of it with incentive prices after a couple of weeks of successful sessions with me.

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Great Books Instructor, Tempe, AZ. 10+ Years Teaching Experience w/BA, Masters (Education) and JD. Focus in developing critical reading/thinking skills.

Instruction in the "Great Hearts" teaching philosophy. Primary sources (both books and short material) with guided Socratic discussion following the reading. Books covered might include Huck Finn, My Antonia, The Great Gatsby, Walden, The Grapes of Wrath, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Federalist Papers.

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Patient tutor offering assistance in Reading, Language Arts, English Composition, and Spanish.

I'm very calm and patient by nature. I go over the material with students to see how well they understand it. I explain and clarify any misunderstandings they might have, I ask and answer their questions, and assist them when needed.

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Experienced English, History and Special Ed teacher (both classroom and online, K-12)

I have a student-centered approach and use the "I do, we do, you do" model of instruction. Any new area of learning starts with a form of pre-assessment to see what the student already knows, and then work from there.

Castle Rock
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French and linguistics college graduate gives reading and writing lessons to all ages

Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language (French) with a minor in Linguistics from George Mason University. I like to use a variety of tools and methods to help students have fun while progressing with their reading and writing. Language can be used in fun and creative ways, and I love helping students realize that and their potential.

Los Lunas
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English Grammar Tutor who has Taught in College, International Schools and other Adult Education Settings

I have a Doctorate in Education from Texas Tech, a Master of Science from Georgia State University and a Bachelors and Masters from Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia. I was a project engineer when I finished my undergraduate (with Southern Engineering Company) and progressed to teaching because I enjoyed research and computer applications.

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Energetic and creative certified Teacher of English (K-12) and Reading Specialist (P-12)

I love to use creativity to engage all students. I use materials that are relevant and interesting to those I work with while making connections to topics/interests/hobbies of students. I love incorporating great books and texts into my lessons.

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Communication Specialist available for your academic needs from Algebra to English Grammar!

My teaching method is eclectic and focused on the material required for comprehension as well as the skilled delivery needed. I am a student-centered educator owing to the classic work of Carl Rogers--the client/student determines the specific needs to be met and methodology required by faithfully representing how much they know and how much they want to know.

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Portland metro area, ABD/MA in sociology, 10 years teaching experience looking to help students

My teaching method tends to be discussion based but I adapt to meet my students' needs. Students can expect a variety of small and large group activities (based on class size), creative projects, critical analysis, and materials that are related to lived experiences and the larger society.

West Covina
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Former 2 Year School Newspaper Editor-in-Chief & IB Student, aspiring teacher who loves to help

My teaching method is to teach by example. I will show my students examples of what they should and should not do. I will have them analyze texts by themselves at first, then go over what is good and what is not good in each text. We will go cover what makes an essay a "good essay".

Haddon Township
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Public school teacher with 19 years of experience provides in-home Reading, Writing, and Math tutoring in/near Camden County, NJ.

I am Dana Zipkin, and I am a state-certified public school teacher of students in grades K-8. I believe in a collaborative, inquiry-based method of instruction. Students learn best when they connect with their teacher, and when they can ask questions and deeply dig into the content.

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Passionate, experienced, knowledgeable teacher wanting to help you succeed in all subjects!

My teaching method is that any child can learn, no matter the obstacles that may be holding them back. If the lessons are tiered towards an individual students' learning needs, and are fun and engaging, and full of manipulative's and memorable songs or phrases, the student will not only be able to recall what they are learning but gain confidence in themselves and their ability to learn.

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Experienced elementary school teacher with high school English certification offering English Language Arts lessons in southern New Jersey.

My teacher methods will be tailored to each individual students. I encourage students to make connections to the material in order to develop a deeper understanding. I try to make things as fun as possible during a lesson, while still maximizing learning time.

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Upbeat, experienced educator offering reading/writing lessons in Asheville, NC for all school ages.

My teaching method is hands-on, engaging, and as real-world applicable as possible. Lessons are age-appropriate, vary based on the student, and are crafted for their specific learning style. I believe learning should be fun and should bring out the creativity in every learner.

Cuyahoga County
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Student aiming to become an intervention specialist with experience tutoring college subjects

I am a teacher who is comfortable working one-on-one or in small groups. I value the theory of Lev Vygotsky which puts emphasis hands-on learning and group collaboration. I provide clarification as needed and work with the student to assist them in coming to an answer.

Fort Worth
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Certified elementary teacher in DFW area with over 10 years experience - strong phonics background

I strive to make learning fun and engaging through the use of props, games and creativity. I am not only able to tutor in reading, but in math as well. I will meet the student right where they are in their learning and will get them to the next level academically.

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Teacher and curriculum developer gives English (all areas, all levels) and science (elementary and middle school) lessons in Wylie

I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I am certified in literacy, English, science, and gifted education for all grade levels. In addition to teaching, I also have two years experience as a curriculum developer focusing on AP Literature and AP Language. My lessons are hands-on, engaging, interactive, and purposeful.

South Orange
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Screenwriter with 10 years of experience gives English speaking, reading and writing lessons at home in South Orange, NJ.

I worked in the motion picture industry for over 25 years in both creative and business development capacities. My strengths are development (of a narrative), story structure, grammar, spelling and using the English language effectively and efficiently. I like to teach primary, middle and high school students and prefer an interactive lesson.

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College student already with one degree, ready and willing to help out in Laramie, WY.

I am a college student with one degree and several medical technical certifications ready to help anyone where needed. I hold a two year degree in general studies, mainly biology, and physical science classes. I am also EMT-B, IV, ACLS, PALS, and CPR/BLS certified. I have taken classes in anatomy and physiology, as well as pharmacology and cardiology.

Palm Beach Gardens
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Ivy League graduate teaching Reading, Writing and Literacy to all ages in Palm Beach Gardens

I tutor all ages in developing strong reading, writing and literacy skills. I use direct instruction and drill and practice methods depending upon the students strengths and weaknesses. For K through 12 students, I center the instruction around their school projects and homework.

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Rhetoric, creative writing, literature, communications, Ridgewood NJ, grammar, research papers, Degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies

I give lessons to students from primary school to college level. My techniques are to provide suggestions and areas of revision for student's papers, instead of simply editing their work. I also provide context and support for literature, but will not read the student's chapters for them.

Pompano Beach
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SAT, ACT Tutoring and College Resume and Admissions Help. Cornell University Graduate. Pompano Beach, Florida

I am a Cornell University graduate who specializes in helping students with ACT and SAT Prep as well as college admissions essays and resumes. I have previously worked as a tutor for ACT/SAT prep and as a resume builder for both students and professionals. I am extremely compassionate and work with students to reach their highest potential in any way I can.

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Proofreading, editing, and creative consultation for writing assignments and other literary projects

I encourage creative expression and abstract thinking through brainstorming and discussion. I give constructive correction with grammar and structure and aim to improve a student's ability to communicate by expanding vocabulary and critical thinking skills. I provide suggestions for more effective writing without undermining the voice and intention of the author.

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An experienced academic tutor, guiding students in math, reading, science, and more

I am an advocate for allowing students to learn at a comfortable pace, yet challenging them to stretch more than they are used to. Even if the student is upset or having a rough day, the tutor should always keep a positive attitude and be patient, because even on the bad days, just being their for someone motivate that person to try harder and go further.

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Graduate student offering writing/reading lesson in Texas with 7 years of experience!

My classroom is open to students from college-level to kindergarten! I start off with a consult to discuss problem areas; then follow-up with a plan of action to ensure success.

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Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

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