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Saint Cloud
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Elementary School Teacher of 20+ years gives tutoring in Reading in Saint Cloud

I believe each child has his/her own styles of learning and work best at their own individual pace. I love working one on one and watch young minds grow and strengthen not just in academics but in self confidence that will help them aspire towards greater things in the future.

Wichita Falls
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Effective Online English Tutoring -- All Levels! Professor with 40 Years of Experience.

I am a published poet, essayist, and novelist with an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. I love to teach, and I teach students on all levels with patience and expertise. I am a trained and experienced online instructor who is adept at communicating virtually.

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Help with Spanish never been easier! Interpreter at your fingertips...!! Call now. ...

Hello friends! I'm originally from Ecuador. Spanish is my native language. However I grew up in NYC And as a military spouse I've been allover the US. I love sharing my language with others, whether is teaching, tutoring, interpreting or translating. Spanish is an easy language to learn.

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English is the key to everything - from romance to honours graduation. Why don't you do it well?

College English major with years of experience, I can structure my lessons to you and know various ways to explain things for different types of students. I can be patient when people have difficulties, and if a price is out of your range it can be negotiated.

Saint Anthony
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English Education Student Who Wants To Help You Succeed At Your School

I'm a Junior studying English Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. I excel in literature and basic grammar. I love to teach and work with people who may just need an extra boost to do well. I love to get creative in my teaching and can work with your learning style.

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Reading instructor with extensive experience, training, results, and my own doctoral dissertation on how to improve reading instruction.

University of Connecticut, BA in English/Political Science Western Connecticut State University, MS in Elementary Education Central Connecticut State University, MS in Special Education University of Connecticut, Sixth Year in Education Administration & Technology Application Nova Southeastern University, EdD Doctorate in Educational Leadership Teacher, Educational Diagnostician, Special...

Woodbridge Township
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College student interested in giving biology and math lessons to middle/high school students. Also gives college prep tutoring in Woodbridge, New Jersey

Currently a sophomore in college studying biology in the doctorate of physical therapy program. Engaged and interested in helping students maximize their potential in math/biology related subjects, as well as college prep exams(SAT,ACT).

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Youth English Tutor in Salisbury, MD. Assisting with Reading Comprehension and Writing

I am an English Tutor who also teaches intermediate Spanish. I am patient, fun and attentive. I am near the Salisbury, MD area, and work with ages 6-18. Each lesson plan is individually designed to suit each student. My focuses are reading comprehension and essay writing.

Cañon City
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Tutoring available for greater academic achievement for your students success in his / her accademics

My background and education at several different lower Ed certifications in many different areas of study. Education consists of an associate's degree in art a batchelors of science in criminal justice and security administration and a Master's degree in criminal justice and security administration.

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Anderson's Adventures in Literacy provides high quality lessons to pre-k through 12th grade students by a highly qualified reading specialist with over 15 yrs experience.

I hold a double A.A degree in English and Liberal Arts, a B.A degree in English Education, and a M.A. degree in reading. I am Oklahoma certified to teach Early Childhood, 5-12 grade English, and Pre-K through 12th grade Reading Specialist. I believe that through differentiated instruction all children can learn at his or her own pace.

West Bloomfield Township
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Formerly certified public school teacher, college composition instructor with BA in English, MA in Writing gives reading and writing support to students in the West Bloomfield area.

I hold a BA in English & Elementary Teaching Certification, from Michigan State University and a MA in Creative Non-fiction writing, from Northern Michigan University. I have experience in teaching elementary students reading and writing, middle school students language arts and American History and college composition 101 & 102.

New Port Richey
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Certified Teacher Tutor. Pasco County, FL. 20+years experience. Grades K-8. Certified, Basic Education, E.S.E and ESOL.

Barbara has over twenty years of education, obtaining an Education Specialist Degree (also known as A.B.D.) in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University, including a Master's Degree in Curriculum/Instruction with an emphasis in reading from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Florida.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in nursing is available for reading, writing, grammar, and study tips lessons for students pre-k through 12th grade in Morgantown

Hello, I am nursing student at West Virginia University. I have a high school diploma and graduated with well over a 4.0 GPA. I am very studious and I excel at teaching new ways to remember tips and tricks to succeed. I give lessons to children starting in pre-k with basic reading and phonics all the way to the 12th grade.

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Writing made easy: Fun lessons for all ages and all grade levels.

Bachelor's Degree in English and Journalism from Texas A&M University I specialize in getting elementary age students to love writing by making it fun and simple. I can work with students as individuals, in small groups or in larger classes. I have 34 years experience as a newspaperman writing about a wide range of subjects.

State College
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Penn State Law Student with a passion for theory and plays piano and drums.

Most importantly, I aim to find a teaching method that the individual student benefits the most from. Personally, I enjoy kinetic learning, meaning I teach the theory of what it is we are studying and then work through examples together, in a practical way. Hands-on learning gives the student several different avenues to learn the material.

Los Angeles
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A current English major studying at Yale University offering to tutor in the Los Angeles area.

My teaching method is very personal. I first get to know my student, both academically and more personally so that I can best tailor my lessons to them as an individual student. I strongly believe that every person learns differently, and I believe that we should embrace and use this rather than generalizing our methods of education.

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ESL professor with over 6 years teaching in China is offering classes in English Expression made simple.

My teaching method is to make you think and use English to express your thoughts. I want you to feel confident when you speak or write and for others to understand you. I have taught primarily college students and adults.

1st lesson offered free !

Brandeis University graduate offering comprehensive essay writing and college application preparation expertise

I believe learning should not be frustrating. I have had plenty of bad tutors in my day; tutors that made me feel less-than and moved quickly. I firmly believe learning should be on the student's pace as most subjects build upon themselves. Furthermore, analytical writing and academic essay writing is not inherent to the average student. Practice makes permanent and good practice makes good habits.

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English Professor with 8 years of experience ready to support your learning goals!

I work collaboratively with learners to uncover their goals, difficulties and individual situations. I use student-centered teaching methods that allow the learner to set the agenda so their concerns come first and I apply skills that will support them best achieve their goals.

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Top Journalist School Graduate and Current Assistant Editor in DFW with Three Years of Experience

My teaching methods are very hands on. With a person by person basis, I will assess what type of pace the student can move at—patience is a virtue after all! I was the student to always ask a million questions (and still am in my job), but that's the point of learning. How can we improve if we don't ask? I am attentive to each student's needs no matter their skill level.

Fort Stewart
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Bachelor's degree an English Teacher with an experience teaching students in primary and secondary level

My teaching method is based on the students level. I have different approach to the students in primary level and secondary level My techniques and method to become a good instructor is to become ready and always approach the student in a good way, make them feel comfortable and always start with a good communication.

Carol j
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Certified Public Accountant shares love of reading and creative writing in Chicago

My teaching method is to focus on the student as the center of the learning experience. Discussion of a writing assignment, for example, may include using sensory perceptions or past experiences.

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Experienced K12 tutor offering math, reading and writing lessons in Mcallen, Edinburg, Mission TX.

My teaching philosophy is simple, making sure I am addressing the issues that the students are having and helping them solve and understand those issues. I usually like to give a mini-assessment to see where the student understanding of the material and then customize my lesson planning.

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Grammar Grandma with a Bachelor's degree in English and 40 years of experience is patient, kind, and wants to help YOU improve your English skills!

Learning is a highly personal experience, and it occurs naturally and most effectively when information is presented in a way that is meaningful to the individual. Students need to know why it is important to master particular concepts and in what ways it will benefit them to acquire this knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

College student working towards education degree, looking forward to helping students succeed!

My teaching method is very visual and full of examples. I try to make it fun and relatable for the student. Also, I am very interested in technology integration and hands-on activities. I am very flexible and can adapt to most styles that a student may want to use in order to learn the material.

South Bend
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Experienced and innovative educator specializing in English and creative writing. Twenty years experience teaching English literature, expository and creative writing to primary, secondary, and colleg

My teaching method is highly personalized, interactive, collaborative, and nurturing. I believe that each student is unique and has different needs, and so I plan each class session with the aims and goals of each student in mind. My methodology relies on strengthening critical reading skills, which leads to deepening each writer's understanding of the craft of writing.

Horizon City
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12 Years experience teaching English Language Arts Reading in El Paso, Texas.

My teaching method, is to tech to the students individual needs, and strengths. I have taught from grades 3-4th, as well as 9th grades, 11th grade and 12th graders. I use data to determine where the student will need assistance.

Tinton Falls
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Today a Reader/Writer, Tomorrow a Leader- English Teach with a Love of Language

My teaching methods revolve around the needs of the student. I want to make sure that my students are engaged and are open to learning. I do this by getting to know about some of their interests and presenting content in new and fun ways. I love playing games to practice reading and writing skills, as well as math facts and information.

Holly Springs
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Business professional with real world experience to help develop proficiency in language.

I am a firm believer in a three step approach to learning. First I show the student the proper form desired. The next steps involve the student and myself doing to job together. Then, the final step is the student performing the job alone, demonstrating his/her mastery.

Long Beach
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English tutor with 20 plus years of experience. Will give private or group tutoring sessions in and around Long Beach, California.

I love to teach and I love working with children and this is what God put me here for. I have taught in various capacities for over twenty years and i wish to keep on teaching for as long as God will allow me to do so.

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Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
11 months ago
(2 reviews)

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