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Woodbridge Township
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College student interested in giving biology and math lessons to middle/high school students. Also gives college prep tutoring in Woodbridge, New Jersey

Currently a sophomore in college studying biology in the doctorate of physical therapy program. Engaged and interested in helping students maximize their potential in math/biology related subjects, as well as college prep exams(SAT,ACT).

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Youth English Tutor in Salisbury, MD. Assisting with Reading Comprehension and Writing

I am an English Tutor who also teaches intermediate Spanish. I am patient, fun and attentive. I am near the Salisbury, MD area, and work with ages 6-18. Each lesson plan is individually designed to suit each student. My focuses are reading comprehension and essay writing.

Cañon City
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Tutoring available for greater academic achievement for your students success in his / her accademics

My background and education at several different lower Ed certifications in many different areas of study. Education consists of an associate's degree in art a batchelors of science in criminal justice and security administration and a Master's degree in criminal justice and security administration.

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Anderson's Adventures in Literacy provides high quality lessons to pre-k through 12th grade students by a highly qualified reading specialist with over 15 yrs experience.

I hold a double A.A degree in English and Liberal Arts, a B.A degree in English Education, and a M.A. degree in reading. I am Oklahoma certified to teach Early Childhood, 5-12 grade English, and Pre-K through 12th grade Reading Specialist. I believe that through differentiated instruction all children can learn at his or her own pace.

West Bloomfield Township
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Formerly certified public school teacher, college composition instructor with BA in English, MA in Writing gives reading and writing support to students in the West Bloomfield area.

I hold a BA in English & Elementary Teaching Certification, from Michigan State University and a MA in Creative Non-fiction writing, from Northern Michigan University. I have experience in teaching elementary students reading and writing, middle school students language arts and American History and college composition 101 & 102.

New Port Richey
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Certified Teacher Tutor. Pasco County, FL. 20+years experience. Grades K-8. Certified, Basic Education, E.S.E and ESOL.

Barbara has over twenty years of education, obtaining an Education Specialist Degree (also known as A.B.D.) in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University, including a Master's Degree in Curriculum/Instruction with an emphasis in reading from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Florida.

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College student in nursing is available for reading, writing, grammar, and study tips lessons for students pre-k through 12th grade in Morgantown

Hello, I am nursing student at West Virginia University. I have a high school diploma and graduated with well over a 4.0 GPA. I am very studious and I excel at teaching new ways to remember tips and tricks to succeed. I give lessons to children starting in pre-k with basic reading and phonics all the way to the 12th grade.

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Writing made easy: Fun lessons for all ages and all grade levels.

Bachelor's Degree in English and Journalism from Texas A&M University I specialize in getting elementary age students to love writing by making it fun and simple. I can work with students as individuals, in small groups or in larger classes. I have 34 years experience as a newspaperman writing about a wide range of subjects.

Rapid City
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Certified Reading Specialist available for assisting students of all ages in the Black Hills

I have my masters degree in literacy leadership and a South Dakota Certified Reading Specialist. I will assist students of all ages to be better readers. I am open on scheduling and location of lessons. Curriculum will be based on each individual student and their needs.

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Retired teacher/tutor offering online tutoring to individuals and small groups in Academic English.

I prefer to work with my students very closely using the tools of assessment, commentary, followed by a second assessment. There's no pressure in this. It's just to make sure the students are all on the same page and absorbing the material.

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Home schooling three children allowed me to understand the different learning styles and adjust teaching style and curriculum.

For the most effective teaching, I prefer my students to involve a physical part of themselves to be involved in the whole learning process, whether visual, auditory, or hands on methods. I have also found it best to allow my students to walk through a problem while I coach them so they can have actual experience and confidence giving them the ability to learn how to solve problems independently.

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A Ph.D in Language and Literacy with six years of teaching method classes for pre-service teachers focusing on ESL and bilingual education in Texas and three years of teaching reading and writing skil

My teaching principles focus on my understanding about students’ prior knowledge, learning environment, lessons specifically designed for each group of students, instructional adaptations, and on-going assessment. My lessons are based on students' needs. My on-going assessment would guide my teaching.

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Master's in Public Health Graduate who Loves to Write, Read, and Teach

I can't really say I have one single methodology or consistent habits. I want any teaching I do to be as effective as possible, which means that me, my students, the physical space, etc., all contribute to how I will approach a subject or teaching experience. Overall I value fairness and doing whatever it is I can do to maintain students' engagement.

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English tutor with a Master's Degree and over 12 years of teaching experience; willing to tutor in local libraries and other public venues in and near Mentor, Ohio.

Because of my previous teaching experiences, I am qualified to teach all components of English instruction: grammar, literature, reading, and writing. I have taught literature courses in Greek/Roman/Norse Mythology, Shakespeare, American Literature, World Literature, and British Literature, including the corresponding history involved in the creation of each.

Thompson's Station
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I am a retired secondary English teacher/Creative Writing teacher with 26 years of experience.

My teaching methodology includes the following: *Assess the need of each student with a pretest or by viewing past performance *Intentionally reteach the skills that need improvement by providing explanation of area of improvement, guided practice, independent practice, and quizzes *Provide a tutor-made test at the end of the lesson

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Certified Orton-Gillingham, grammar, and ACT guru in Cincinnati can help with anything English

I see what the student is being asked to do and what she/he can do, usually accomplished by looking at past work samples and having them do a diagnostic assessment for me. Without this information, any planning I did would be guesswork.

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Reading and Math Tutor in Mooresville with more than years of experience

I've heard kids say, "I hate to read" or "I'm not good at math" countless times. What I've found is what they really hate is being confused and frustrated. They hate feeling like everyone else in their class can do what they find difficult. Children need foundational skills to be good readers.

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Retired Lawyer with 40 years of business experience and academic professorship credentials

My teaching methodology is to be inter-active. I do not lecture, I teach by engaging my students and make them a part of the experience. I keep tutoring personal and flexible. No two students are alike in personality or learning skills. No one style fits all. I teach to the student not have the student, not force the student adapt to my style.

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English and French tutor in Burlington, VT focused on language and literature

As an English tutor, I devote time to understanding and practicing the function of essay writing -- I consider it an important skill in applying for colleges, in addition to a significant part of the SAT. I pay close attention to both spelling and grammar, and the various ways to approach improvement in both.

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Mastering Words in a Digital World: All genuine literacy skills, (reading, writing, speaking, spelling, phonetics,) are today both rare & more important than ever.

I teach using both traditional & proprietary methods. Teaching a single student allows for a more personalized technique , whereas as teaching a class requires a more generalized approach. The fundamentals of effective instruction for full literacy are essentially unchanging in either case.

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Writer with a decade of teaching experience seeks serious scholars, struggling students, and deadline devotees

My teaching methods come from the ideas of Lev Vygotsky's "scaffolding" -- the building of knowledge upon existing knowledge. I prefer to have students take notes during the process of prewriting and researching, as well as when organizing, so they can revisit these whilst revising their essays (or other texts, depending on what we're doing).

South Gate
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20-year Elementary Veteran Teacher offering to teach struggling readers of all ages

Getting to know student strengths and weaknesses is the first step in designing lessons that will address the specific difficulties that need development. In addition, getting to know the type of learner I'm dealing with helps me understand what strategies to pull into my lessons.

Highland Park
Rhys aden
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Advanced English student looking to tutor someone in need of some extra help in any grade level of English. I am an eleventh grade student who has taken advanced English since third grade and excels w

I teach using a lot of metaphors and similes to get difficult points across and come of with fun and silly tricks to remember things easier. The way I teach will depend both on what the student needs help with, and the way the student can learn the easiest. As a writer myself, I make sure that my grammar is as perfect as I can manage and I pride myself in having a broad vocabulary.

Port Orange
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College Graduate offering ACT and SAT preparation for all High School Students

My teaching method includes a combination of instruction to new material and application to the students life to make the methods more understandable and relatable. I also allow time for questioning and construct my way of teaching as I discover how the student learns best.

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Final year graduate student in business administration/information technology with a BS in criminal justice/human services.

I use Student-Centered Methods of Instruction Differentiated instruction is the teaching practice of tailoring instruction to meet individual student needs so that students can move onto the next standards or topics when they’ve mastered what they’re currently working on.

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ELA + History Teacher in Boston with 7+ years experience. TFA / Vandy Alum.

I tutored writing in college, then taught English, History, and high-stakes exam prep at NYC's largest charter network. My students have achieved outstanding results on Common Core State Tests (Top 1% in state in 2014 and 2016) and SAT exams (97th percentile average in 2017).

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Reading Specialist with Harvard degree and 12 US patents wants to help LD and Struggling Readers.

I adjust my teaching to each student. I usually begin by having the student read text out loud, specially formatted a phrase at a time. This is read out loud before hearing it spoken. This is ideal for correcting bad reading habits. Then we progress to reading a punctuation interval at a time; this is ideal for improving comprehension and improving fluency.

San Diego
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Experienced and avid reader/writer, looking to provide any help I can to those in need of developing and/or fine-tuning their English reading/writing skills.

A teaching method is something that can and should be extremely variable, as is every student's learning style; this is why I adjust MY teaching method accordingly. The method in which I employ is solely based on that of what I mentioned above: the learning style of the student.

New Albany
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English & ESL Tutor for Grades K-12 & Adults Available in local area

I start my lessons by providing a pre assessment to determine where my student is struggling. Then dive into the content and do a post assessment toward the end of the lesson to see what he has learned afterwards.

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Writing is a contagious disease that is not fatal, try it...you might like it!

My methodology is to model NOT tell students how to do what I ask. I choose subjects to read and write that my students will enjoy and don't want to end, taking suggestions from them. The expectation is that my students and I dialog ... I'm not a lover of monologue. Students participate more when they have a stake in what's going on and enjoy it.

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Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

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