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College Writing prof and Fulbright Scholar living in Tucson, AZ wants to help students (and adults) wishing to develop and improve their skills. Can work in your home or online anywhere in the world.

The most important part of teaching is to get to know your student(s), their goals and objectives as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This is best achieved by diagnostic lessons as well as personal interview. Once we develop a mutual and achievable goal, the results will follow. I will work with students and adults from ages 12 and up.

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English/literacy teacher with over 20 years experience offering individual and group lessons, on line and in person.

Whether individually or in groups, my teaching philosophy has also been student-centered which is why I am successful as a tutor. I work hard to meet the needs and expectations of both student and parents. Individual and small group lessons is the best way to teach reading and writing of all kinds.

Pembroke Pines
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A published poet and author with B.A in Literature and Spanish Literature and extensive experience both as a private tutor and a school teacher.

I approach each topic from a place of fascination and discovery; there is an uncharted sea out there of each and every student. My methods of instruction go beyond the comprehension of a subject; they are meant to encourage creative and profound thought, inspiring a deeper, more analytical way of thinking. They are persuaded to develop their opinions and ideas.

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English language & writing tutor offering lessons in Minneapolis area with BA from U of MN

I approach each lesson individually, assessing my student's needs, strengths, and problem areas on a personal level. I offer lessons to anyone in need of help with their English skills, all the way from elementary to college students. I like to look over the course syllabus or guidelines (if applicable) before starting, so I can craft a lesson plan and gather any resources that may be helpful.

Saint Petersburg
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Elementary teacher and former newspaper editor and reporter with 30 years experience offering help in English Literature at home.

My teaching method is to make learning easy for a student. I like to keep lessons simple at first with later lessons increasing in complexity. I try not to talk down to a student. I want them to understand the lessons without confusion.

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College student at the University of Richmond majoring in Leadership Studies and Psychology.

My teaching method is helping the student develop a strong thesis as a baseline for the paper and establishing an appropriate argument according to the prompt being asked. I want to guide students in making the writing process smoother and more enjoyable, all while making it the strongest writing possible.

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Compassion English tutor with with 15+ years of teaching/coaching college students in Arizona, especially to international scholars.

My teaching methodology involves encouragement, humor, and the Socratic method. I feel strongly that students should learn to think critically and be able to defend their beliefs in a fair exchange. I'll also do my best to discover the individual's learning style and proceed accordingly. That said, I also am a firm believer in progress, not perfection.

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Improve your written and oral communication skills with an expert writer and ESL teacher. Available in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota to help you move forward in your academic studies or career.

I base my teaching methodology on the needs of my students. I draw from various types of activities to accommodate different learning styles. Apart from that, I focus on an authentic, communicative approach when I am teaching ESL. I have also helped low literacy students improve their reading and writing by working with them at the level they're at and moving forward.

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Certified Bolingbrook Educator and Coach of seven years offering instruction in Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Skills

In my lessons, my priority is to empower students to determine their passion, learn more about it and articulate and write about that passion. In doing so, I hope to pass on this love for learning. I make special efforts to ensure a consistently positive learning environment that allows for creativity and exploration.

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Multi-faceted writer and PhD student with 8 years teaching experience at university and high school level offering individual and group tutoring

When I talk about teaching, I talk about three things: 1) my philosophy of what I call a “pedagogy through over-sharing,” often by using humor in the classroom to keep students interested and engaged; 2) the importance for students to develop a concrete (as opposed to purely theoretical) knowledge base; and 3) inculcating within students a sense of historical change over time (as opposed to con

Sarah p
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Literature and Writing student offering online/video call help with English (both written and spoken) for native and non-native speakers.

My teaching method is very fluid; I usually spend the first part of the first session asking questions and getting to know the student so that I can tailor our lessons to their specific learning style. For non-English speakers I tend toward an immersion method of teaching.

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College Entrance Essays and English Test Prep can be fun! Merrimack Valley MA

I have taught art, music, and English in the US and overseas – I love to learn from students and adapt to teaching styles that they can relate to. Students tell me that my relaxed demeanor helps them to achieve their goals.

High Point
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Experienced English Tutor with High Levels of Education Seeks to Tutor Other.

I first assess the levels of English in my student(s) then I tailor my teaching approach accordingly. I will mostly use the one-on-one tutor approach as I found that to be most effective; however, in situations where several students would participate then I would use a combination of one-on-one and interactive lectures.

San Diego
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Teacher/ Experienced Professional for all writing, reading, literacy, & resume/cover letter writing needs

My teaching method is by establishing a basis of your knowledge and building a lesson plan from there. We will establish a set of goals together. Each lesson will be a set of building blocks that will bring you towards those goals.

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Part-time teacher will assist with all Language Arts, Cultural Arts, Reading, Comprehension, All levels. Pasadena MD.

My teaching method is to first determine where the student is with their learning and what type of learning style would best suit the student. The next challenge is to bring the content alive, break the lesson down and collaboratively teach using multiple strategies.

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Avid Academic with 3 years experience teaching gives English Lessons (all levels).

I prefer to tutor high school students and below. No student is the same and we all struggle with different aspects of education. I approach a topic by first seeing what you feel are your strengths and weaknesses, from there we can work together to make those weaknesses strengths and your strengths even better.

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Graduate of top Preparatory School focusing on English Levels 1 and 2

My teaching methodology is a consultative approach along with using visual tools and examples. I also employ sided by side personal teaching methods. I believe given the right information delivered in the correct way results in genuine long term learning.

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English Lessons from a Master's Students from the comfort of your own home!

My teaching method is based on practice more than theory. I think learnign through experience is the best way to learn. I also belive students should be active in the classroom. I want engaged learners that want to apply the learnings outsid eof the class as well.

Los Angeles
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Creative Writer offering help in multiple subjects in and around the Westside of Los Angeles

Wherever you are is the starting place. Wherever you'd like to be is the destination. I'll help you get there, get close to there, or get to someplace you'd never even imagined you could go. It's all about personalized instruction.

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Dual Certified Special Ed/Gen Ed Teacher with 7 Years Experience in South Jersey

I believe that all children learn differently and need to be met where they are in order to be successful. I pride myself on my ability to adapt instruction and materials in order to meet each individual child no matter the content or grade level.

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Talented writer wishes to help you with your writing at any level and on any project.

My teaching methodology is driven by establishing smaller goals that break up complicated tasks into smaller ones. From there, once a few tasks are knocked out, I find that students get the hang of the work quickly and can tackle just about any writing task.

Cleveland Heights
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Cross age tutor in English speaking and writing for foreign exchange students.

My method really depends on the student! I know that each person learns differently. I have experience teaching both young children and young adults, so I am able to adapt my lessons accordingly. I believe that learning uses all of our senses, and that's how we best learn. Which sense is emphasized the most depends on the student.

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Certified educator helping to put the FUN back into the fundamentals of math and literacy!

My goal is to reach the student at their point of need and build up from there. My job is to discover how the child learns best and develop a personalized plan that makes learning exciting and helps the student gain the confidence needed to master the skill. I emphasize that everything is difficult until it is easy.

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Serious reader loves to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to all ages and skill levels.

I believe in a solid foundation, so we begin at the beginning and work our way up, stopping to fill in blanks as needed. In reading, I mix visual, auditory and kinetic learning as needed.

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Retired teacher/tutor offering online tutoring to individuals and small groups in Academic English.

I prefer to work with my students very closely using the tools of assessment, commentary, followed by a second assessment. There's no pressure in this. It's just to make sure the students are all on the same page and absorbing the material.

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Home schooling three children allowed me to understand the different learning styles and adjust teaching style and curriculum.

For the most effective teaching, I prefer my students to involve a physical part of themselves to be involved in the whole learning process, whether visual, auditory, or hands on methods. I have also found it best to allow my students to walk through a problem while I coach them so they can have actual experience and confidence giving them the ability to learn how to solve problems independently.

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Master's in Public Health Graduate who Loves to Write, Read, and Teach

I can't really say I have one single methodology or consistent habits. I want any teaching I do to be as effective as possible, which means that me, my students, the physical space, etc., all contribute to how I will approach a subject or teaching experience. Overall I value fairness and doing whatever it is I can do to maintain students' engagement.

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English tutor with a Master's Degree and over 12 years of teaching experience; willing to tutor in local libraries and other public venues in and near Mentor, Ohio.

Because of my previous teaching experiences, I am qualified to teach all components of English instruction: grammar, literature, reading, and writing. I have taught literature courses in Greek/Roman/Norse Mythology, Shakespeare, American Literature, World Literature, and British Literature, including the corresponding history involved in the creation of each.

Thompson's Station
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I am a retired secondary English teacher/Creative Writing teacher with 26 years of experience.

My teaching methodology includes the following: *Assess the need of each student with a pretest or by viewing past performance *Intentionally reteach the skills that need improvement by providing explanation of area of improvement, guided practice, independent practice, and quizzes *Provide a tutor-made test at the end of the lesson

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Retired Lawyer with 40 years of business experience and academic professorship credentials

My teaching methodology is to be inter-active. I do not lecture, I teach by engaging my students and make them a part of the experience. I keep tutoring personal and flexible. No two students are alike in personality or learning skills. No one style fits all. I teach to the student not have the student, not force the student adapt to my style.

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Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
11 months ago
(2 reviews)

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