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Billings, Montana Highly Qualified Reading Teacher with Eight Years Classroom and Tutoring Experience

Teaching is more than just a career. It's not what I do, it's who I am, my calling. I believe that every student can learn, it's a matter of finding the right strategy in order to increase learning. Student engagement and student interest is most important. Students must be valued, and must be the center of learning.

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Educator with 25 years of experience in all content areas, grade levels through high school!

I base my classes on student engagement, creativity, personalization, and collaboration. I believe we all learn best from assignments being meaningful and important. Therefore, my teaching is founded on relevant projects that are interesting. Through this approach, I then incorporate the skills.

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Passionate international educator with 10 years of English and Literature teaching experience

I have undergraduate degrees in education and masters degrees in literacy and theology. I think students need to have practical, hands-on opportunities to learn by doing-- whether it be breaking apart a work of literature or writing an essay. I am not going to tell you the answer, I will give you the tools to discover the answer on your own.

North Lauderdale
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NBCT Master's Degree Reading Teacher with 28 years experience in Coral Springs

I have a Master's Degree in Reading. The first step is to diagnose the area of concern through a series of tests to identify the specific problem that the student is having.

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Certified Bolingbrook educator and coach of 7 years offering instruction in Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Skills

I am most interested in learning above all else. In my lessons, I look to empower students to find out what they love to learn more about and how to articulate or write about that passion. In doing so, I hope to pass on this love for learning. I make special efforts to ensure a consistently positive learning environment that allows for creativity and exploration.

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Reading Intervention Specialist with Lindamood-Bell Training with over ten years of experience!

I provide a systematic framework utilizing multi-sensory instruction based upon Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes' techniques for struggling readers in order to help them catch up to grade level. I also provide assessments that help identify a client's underlying strengths and weaknesses related to reading, spelling, and comprehension.

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Political Science and Communications student offering English, Literature, and Essay Composition lessons to students of all ages.

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at UCLA in both Political Science and Communications. I graduated from Downey High School in 2016 as Salutatorian (#2 out of 1000 graduates) with a 4.8 GPA. I will be offering lessons to high school and middle school students looking to improve their overall mastery of English grammar, syntax, and composition.

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Strong English student and writer in Tampa, Florida with plenty of tutoring experience!

I can give lessons to high school age and younger. Whether it's going over the structure your essay should match, or helping with grammar, I can do anything! Just let me know what you need help with and I will build my lesson around you.

Pembroke Pines
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Outgoing, passionate, & dynamic educator, with demonstrated capabilities in teaching, instructional coaching, interactive technology, with a Master's Degree in Literacy--looking to facilitate students

My lessons are individualized and tailored to meet the needs of your child's, based off data collected from Diagnostic assessments. My mission is to put the "fun" back in learning, where students are motivated and excited to learn. At the same time, I instill morals and hold all students accountable for their own learning and academic success.

White Plains
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Elementary Education Teacher with specific background in special education teaching grades 1-6

My teaching methodology is to engage students through the use of multi-sensory activities and lessons. Every student is an individual that has specific goals and needs, and the use of differentiation of instruction can help to meet the unique needs of each student.

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University of Michigan Elementary Education/Language Arts student offering tutoring in Language Arts subjects

By spring of 2019, I will have a Bachelor's degree and be certified to teach anywhere from K-8. I have also worked with students younger than kindergarten while at a daycare. I base my lessons off of the needs of the students. This depends on whether the tutoring needs to be aimed towards spelling, writing, editing, reading, etcetera as these each require different structure.

Valley Center
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English Literature student offering English help, ACT/SAT prep assistance, and essay help

I give lessons to high school students. I approach each lesson first learning a bit about the student-- their experiences and passions provide an insight to me as to how they view the world, which is vital when it comes to the interpretation of literature or writing essays.

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SUNY Fredonia Childhood Education Student offering literacy lessons with over 5 years of experience.

I provide tutoring to students who are in elementary school (Grades 1-6). I believe in teaching to the student's capabilities, and not what a piece of paper tells me they can do. I enjoy hands on lessons that put the student's learning front and center.

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Bachelor's Degree Graduate with over 250 Hours of English Tutoring And Teaching Experience

My teaching methods are based strongly on modern pedagogical approaches to comprehensive education for your student. My goal is to not only create excellent students of English, but also to create excellent critical thinkers with the ability to realize their ambitions and goals.

San Diego
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A Recent College Grad Ready To Help Other Students Succeed From San Diego

My teaching method is to present the students with concrete details on a new subject while asking what sticks out to them. It is also important to have the students work environment be as comfortable as possible. Teaching how to accomplish new tasks is also important to students.

Fort Lauderdale
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Orator and creative writer with 20+ years of solid experience will teach you to write and speak beautifully and influentially.

I think learning should be fun as well as informative. Education changes lives. The ability to comprehend and to see things from different perspectives enhances a person's understanding of the world around him or her and colors their existence. I try to encourage students to use their imaginations and to apply what they learn to that to which life exposes them.

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Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing, and English Grammar Tutor Located in Ruston, La

My teaching method is gathering related content and material to the subject for students. I research different videos and analyses for the particular subject we are covering. I believe that the Internet and technology benefit students and their ability to find answers to their questions.

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Former reporter and mom offers literature and writing lessons in Dallas area for all students looking to excel.

Modeling and practice are the keys to teaching and learning. I try to describe my thought process to my students as I model the skill they need to learn; then it is their turn, and I ask them to always be conscious of how and why they are doing what they are doing (i.e. writing) so they can explain it to me later.

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English literature and writing expert here to help you with your written and oral communication skills and literature comprehension and appreciation.

I have taught students as young as preschool and as old as returning learners in late-middle age. I tend to use positive reinforcement. I believe that each student has special skills and talents, and also has special challenges. My goal is to enhance your skills while teaching you strategies to overcome your challenges.

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Experienced English tutor, offering subjects in Rhetoric, reading, and writing lessons to all

I am master's degree holder in English and I tutor students who are dedicated to learning new concepts that will enhance their performance in using the English language effectively.

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Certified teacher teaching literacy for early readers in which I produce gifted and talented students.

I believe that the winning combination for a student to be successful is to have the parent, student and teacher involved and build a rapport with good communication. I believe in all phonemic awareness strategies, in which I implement. I work in whole group as well as small group, in which I'm able to target the area that needs help.

Hamilton Township
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Enthusiastic and creative teacher with over 20 years experience offering tutoring in reading and writing.

I have a positive attitude, I am a very empathetic and a solution-oriented person. I greet each day, each staff member, each parent and each student with a genuine smile and a desire to begin the exciting journey that happens every day in education. Each person I come in contact with has their own set of skills and weaknesses.

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Teaching Ninja with experience in teaching and tutoring elementary students for 10 years. Specialize in Math and Reading/Writing , but also love Social Studies, Science, elementary Spanish, art and mu

Teaching is my passion! When I was 10 years old, I had a teacher that totally changed my life. She cultivated a love for learning in my life, and I have not stopped looking for ways to further my learning since. I absolutely love teaching elementary students. I have also taught preschool and high school. My favorite subjects to teach are reading and math.

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English Made Fun! Experienced tutor for children, teens & adults. Wilmington, NC

Senior at University of North Carolina at Wilmington with lots of experience leading Study Groups and tutoring fellow students. Formerly homeschooled my own children who have all gone on to receive their graduate degrees. Current member of National English Honor Society. Also have diploma in Practical Nursing and lots of experience in patient education.

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8th grade English Language Arts Resident Teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies

I am a recent Spelman College graduate from Camden, South Carolina. I obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Education Studies. I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee, where I am enrolled in the Nashville Teacher Residency Program. I will obtain my middle and upper school teaching certification in May 2018.

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Levantine Gulf Egyptian Morrocan Sudanese Iraqi Arabic Linguist - BA in The Arabic Language 15+ Years Teaching/Translating all the mentioned dialects. Internationally friendly tutor.

I begin by testing the student to better understand what level in Arabic they are at, and I adjust the teachings to each and every students learning style. I am familiar with teaching through all the different methods, which include. Auditory, Kinetic, and Visual.

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"When I walk along with two others, from at least one I will be able to learn."  Confucious

I have been a class room teacher for almost thirty years. I've taught fourth, fifth and sixth grades. I also have a Masters in reading and am Title One certified. Geography and reading go together. Skills in reading expository text. Organized, responsible and caring are adjectives I would use to describe myself.

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High School Student gives English and Math Lessons to Middle School and High School in Salinas, CA

I am a High School student and I can give lessons through High School level. My lesson of instruction is to analyze the student's difficulty and ensure a simple step by step instruction.

Solana Beach
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Professional and published creative writer provides after school tutoring and lessons to junior and middle school levels in Encinitas, making it a fun, creative exercise.

I have a bachelor's degree in Economics and I am a creative writer and a coach. - I enjoy making teaching a creative, fun and enjoyable experience for the student. My lesson structure follows the OPA approach: Objective - I make the objective of the lesson clear to the student. Purpose - What is the purpose of this lesson in the student's life.

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Education is the gateway to your future. My philosophy is, "There are no problems, only challenges."

I am a university and high school professor and give lessons to students from grades 10-12 and all university levels. I am TOEIC (Teaching of English for International Communication) certified. I use the "Socratic Method" of teaching with emphasis on interaction with the student and student participation.

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Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
5 months ago
(2 reviews)

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