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Mathematical Physics researcher (NASA alum) with 20 years math tutoring experience uses active learning (e.g. Socratic method) online and in Oakland, CA

I just moved here. So, I am starting cheap ($20/hr) to fill up my schedule. I'm pretty sure it is the cheapest rate around. I am a mathematical physics researcher (with degrees in both math and physics). I have been tutoring for 20 years. I tutor almost all undergraduate math and physics classes and some graduate courses.

Santa Cruz
John gabriel
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8-Year Experienced Mathematics Teacher, Tutor, Trainer and Lecturer in College and Grades 5-12

Students who have retaken a course under my instruction after failing the first time under another professor would say that they understood concepts better because of my analogies and metaphors, my abundant and carefully selected examples and exercises, my system of doing examples from easy to difficult, and the way I discuss concepts from concrete to abstract, from particular to general.

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Passionate and FUN Gifted Education teacher with over 15 years of online and classroom teaching experience- math content specialist Pre-K through 8th grade!

Lesson Plan First, I believe that learning should be FUN! We remember the things that we enjoy! I like to always have a clear understanding of the needs of the learner. I will talk to students about the areas of frustration, and also the parents (when possible for younger learners) to get as much information as possible.

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I am a computer scientist with a mathematics minor that loves teaching math.

I try and make math fun for kids. I don't expect them to learn extremely quickly or extremely slowly because every child has their own pace. Massive amounts of homework is unnecessary because critical thinking is far more important.

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Ivy League graduate offering math tutoring in Philadelphia with 3 years experience.

I believe that the most important way to enjoy math is to figure out how to approach a set of problems, instead of just going through the problems. Instead of solving the puzzle with you, I like to guide you such that you can figure it out on your own, and apply that methodology to similar problems in the future. I will go over concepts as many times as you need. Other than that..

Little Rock
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I recently graduated from the University of Arkansas of Fayetteville and have an Electrical Engineering degree. I'm currently working in a power company and have some free time during the weekend. I l

This depends on the subject but my favorite quote is "Practice makes perfect". Electrical Engineering degree was one of hardest one among other engineer degrees. I did a lot of practice after class and while helping others provides me with more chances to practice my knowledge of the subject. Eventually, I become good at it so practice is my methodology to learn.

San Antonio
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Undergrad Mathematics Student (Junior) Available For E-Learning & in Person Tutoring in Mathematics, Physics, Logic, and College Prep

I am currently a Junior at Texas State University. I am pursuing a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Business Administration. I have a 3.0 GPA. I have tutored through my university and have completed 75+ hours of coursework which I believe more than qualifies me to be able to help other students in the areas of study that I have indicated.

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I have 15 years experience teaching grades pre-5th grade basic mathematics skills and how to be a successful math student in the future while having lots of fun while doing so. I use fun several incen

I find out each student likes and dislikes and what motivates to do their best in the classroom and at home during homework time. Whatever their response is I try to incorporate it in every lesson. I also have incentive prices they can work toward just to give them something great to look forward too as well as get on the right path of success.

New Haven
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Applied Mathematics student offering various math lessons in the greater New Haven area (CT)

I am an upperclassman looking to give guidance into the world of mathematics for those who need assistance with coursework or prepare those who would like to seek ahead.

Mission Viejo
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Hi! I'm a UCSD student with 4+ years in General Chemistry, Algebra, Natural Sciences, etc.

My teaching method is to build confidence in the student by drawing the correct answers out of them and to encourage asking questions. At the same time I have with how to take notes better, how to study better, and also how build strong study habits.

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Struggling with Math? Want a better grade? Former Math Professor in Greensboro can help!

As an individual tutor, I craft each lesson to meet the student's individual learning needs. I vary my methods early in the tutoring relationship until I find the one (or ones) that work best for the student in question. However, as a general approach, I tend to view the process as a coach rather than an instructor.

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Math Tutor and Consultant with engineering and mathematics background in New York City.

My teaching method depends also on the students. Some students need to be challenged while others need to be guided in a constructive way in order for them to get confidence in the subject and resolve the problems on their own.

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Austin learning Center Tutor offering math and guitar lessons in Austin TX.

I'm a 25 year old entrepreneur fresh out of the financial world and looking to make a switch to education. I have experience teaching middle school to high school math, but I'm also hoping to teach music as well! I recognize everyone learns differently, at various speeds and methods.

Coral Springs
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Doctor in Education with specialty in online instruction tutors math and science to middle school and high school students via the web.

I am a passionate lifelong learner and I have taught middle school students (science) in the classroom, and have taught university students aspiring to be teachers via online format.

Quartz Hill
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Receive math and Spanish tutoring from someone you'd least expect: a professional rock bassist. Available in the Antelope Valley, Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Caustic.

Hello, my name is Ray Biggerstaff. I primarily tutor high school and college students in any level of math or Spanish. I use a white board when I tutor so the student can see the examples as they are worked out. I am very passionate about and fascinated by mathematics and Spanish, as I believe any tutor/teacher should be with the subject that they tutor/teach.

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Mathematician and software engineer with a talent for explaining challenging subject matter.

I introduce a subject with the bottom line: what is the simple idea at the heart; why do we care; what do we need to master it. In mathematics, I emphasize that success is not based on memorization of formulas, but rather understanding the root idea, and a bit of practice. Many people have a fear of mathematics, but there is an easier way.

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Math teacher, semi-retired, offering online lessons in all areas of mathematics at all levels.

I work with each student to understand what they understand best and building from there. Through tutoring I've helped many students achieve goals such as passing exams, raising their scores, and most importantly, finally feeling comfortable with a subject that has challenged them throughout the years.

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Recent graduate with a BS in Mathematics offering math tutoring in CT

I like to guide each student into understanding each problem by not just showing how to complete it but but by showing why that process is effective and correct. I very much enjoy seeing that "ah ha" moment when a student finally understands what has been stumping them for so long.

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Mathematics and Physics Lecturer / Tutor with 19 Years Experience Offering Tutoring Services in Greater Syracuse Area

In what I do, as I both teach AND learn, I place a much greater emphasis on "why" matters are as they are (and not otherwise) than I do on rote memorization or simple computation. My belief is that, not only is a greater understanding of nature / the natural sciences achieved in this way, but this approach also leads to greater rates of success (in terms of academic achievement).

Fort Myers
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College professor and former high school teacher with a decade of experience.

I begin by having a conversation and self-assessment of what the student feels is hindering their progress or causing confusion (if anything). If there are roadblocks I look to see what foundational concepts that relate to those topics that may be holding the student back.

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Adjunct Instructor with 10+ years experience in PR/Marketing/Public Speaking. BA & MA in Communications.

I have 10+ years experience teaching college and adult education classes in many areas including business communication, public speaking and public relations and marketing. I have also taugh courses on resume and interview preparation as well as use of microsoft excel in addition to extensive experience writing and editing essays, research papers and dissertations.

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Minneapolis (and surrounding suburbs) based math tutor with ten years of experience

I teach with the concept of critical literacy. I don't just help my students complete their assigned homework, but teach them in a way that breeds autonomy, logic, critical thinking, and ability to independently find solutions to problems.

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College student giving math tutoring sessions to kindergarten through high school in Franklin, NC

I am a college student studying Childhood Education. I tutor all grades kindergarten to high school. I took honors math classes from sixth grade until high school graduation. I am Upward Bound alumni, giving me experience in tutoring, college and interview preaparation.

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Educator with experience teaching mathematics and standardized tests provides tutoring for students across all grade bands and those in college/graduate school in the NYC and Long Island areas.

As a dedicated tutor of mathematics and various standardized tests, I work with students ranging from grade school to those of adult education. My lessons start with a discussion of the topic at hand. Then I like to proceed to ask the student questions to gauge where we need to focus our attention.

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Philosopher and theoretical physicist and writer teaches planetary development, gravity, thermodynamics and astrophysics in Merced, Ca.

Hi, I'm a highschool graduate who is self educated in philosophy and physics. I developed a theory on gravity from studying planetary development. I extend such knowledge into astrophysics and thermodynamics. My method of teaching is utilizing textbook information to teach physics by designing a planet. Drawings, email, Internet, and textbooks will be used as ways to teach.

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College student in mathematics and physics gives lessons to college level and below mathematics, with intro and intermediate physics.

I am a Masters level university student in mathematics, with a Bachelors degree in both mathematics and physics (with a specialty in astrophysics). I teach elementary to college-level mathematics from a ground-up perspective, ensuring students have the necessary basics before building off that.

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Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor in Pittsburgh PA, Student Athlete and Chemical Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University

I am a current student at CMU studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in mathematical sciences. I base my lessons on core concepts in math and science. I prefer to use a lot of analogies to help my students understand better the ideas at hand. I am very proficient in proofs.

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Research scientist gives biology and computer science lessons to high school and up.

I offer lessons to high school, college and adult (including elderly) students. I can also augment your home school courses. My teaching methods are flexible and can accommodate those with special needs. I can teach in your home or online. I strive to set and manage expectations clearly and always try to keep you challenged.

El Paso
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Mathematics Expert with 6 years of tutoring experience in El Paso, Texas.

My favorite teaching method is working out a problem while explaining it both verbally and visually (with diagrams and/or graphs, depending on the specific problem); and sometimes I also like to use the Socratic Method, which consists of asking questions to the students that will make them figure out the solutions on their own.

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Teacher with strong mathematic skills offering lessons and tutoring sessions in Colorado with 6 years experience

I am a teacher who strives to help students achieve complete comprehension. My method involves short direct instruction, followed by guided practice, and ending with supervised independent practice. I like to mix it up and keep it interesting and fun as possible with hands-on lessons and activities.

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The name "logic" makes a course sound rather easy. After all, everyone has logic, so everyone should be able to compete the course without much of a problem. They just need to use their head to deterring what is logical and not. However, this could not be any further from the truth. Logic draws heavily on statistics and other forms of mathematics, so a child who already struggles with math formulas is going to find logic that much more complex and difficult to understand. It also can become incredibly frustrating for a student when they try and try, but simply are not able to grasp the logic concepts. Whether this has already happened or a child is just starting to struggle, it is necessary to bring in private teachers who are able to provide logic private lessons and even statistics private lessons. With the help of these logic private teachers, each and every lesson plan is tailor made to meet the needs of each student. This way, what they do not understand is covered until they grasp the concept. The logic private teachers can even help with test prep tutoring private lessons, if a student is studying for a particular test.