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Coral Gables
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Former Univ. of Miami Lecturer offers tutoring in Miami, FL or via Skype

I combine my theoretical knowledge of the relevant subject matter (Accounting, Management, Strategy, etc.) with my "real world" and "practical" personality, to deliver a lasting teaching message to my students. The goal is to make you "understand" rather than simply "remember long enough to pass the test".

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Senior economist with lots of experience in many fields of related inquiry with Harvard B.A. (magna cum laude), Stanford M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in economics, who loves to teach!

My teaching methods have always been adjusted and are responsive to the needs of my students, because everyone learns differently. I like to use examples that illustrate and contextualize theoretical issues, preferably based on my own personal and professional experiences. Case studies are also useful tools.

Round Rock
Doctor aima
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Post-Doctorate in Organizational Development and Change, with more than five years experience in organizational change action planning; and leadership-management initiative planning; and employment of

My name is Aima Jeffresswood, I spent five years as a stressed out doctoral student until I achieved my doctoral candidacy in 2016, and graduated within the top five of my cohort the same year. Since 2011, I have assisted and tutored graduate-level health sciences students; particularly in research projects research methods; leadership-management conceptualization and implementation.

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Former risk management executive with more than fifteen years experience in finance, economics, and trade.

I am comfortable in teaching on an individual basis as well as in group sessions. I like students to come prepared to class and be interactive with the teacher. I am a passionate speaker who will rely on a lot of practical business cases to illustrate theoretical concepts about economics, finance, and trade.

Laguna Beach
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University Professor of Business Providing Online Tutoring of Business and Management Topics

I have learned that the first step to teaching is focusing on the needs of each learner. I strive to understand each student’s communication and learning styles, goals and interests, and limitations. I then interact with each student in a way that will make them most comfortable and receptive to the course material.

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Accounting and Business Tutor in the Hampton, VA area with 12 years of experience to SHARE!

Teaching should always strive to move beyond the simple sharing of facts and knowledge or even the training of a certain skill set. My teaching philosophy is based on this quote by William Butler Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.

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Project Management Profession with 28 years of experience in the aerospace/defense industry.

Teaching Philosophy I believe that to be most effective as an instructor, one must create an environment that is interactive and collaborative that promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This type of environment accommodates a variety of learning styles and encourages students to present their opinions while respecting the opinions of others.

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Higher ed administrator with 15 years of management and nonprofit experience in Texas

My teaching methodology is to learn about the student first and then give a more real world approach to theories. I find giving real world experiences makes things easier to learn. I am a patient person who understands the difficulty of learning complex topics.

Baton Rouge
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High School Teacher, Principal, College Tutor, 18 Yrs. Experience, Flexible Hours, Friendly

Learning should be fun. Tutoring sessions should be fast-paced to maximize efficiency, yet relaxed. I am very personable and find great fulfillment in helping people succeed. My schedule is flexible. Locations are flexible. I find that most folks are surprised at how easily they attain information and acquire skills once it is presented in a way that they understand.

White Oak
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Senior Manager with more than 35 years experience offering business related lessons

I am very much a personal instructor -- I used, for example, Power Point to assist me in my instruction. I vary how I convey information to students (sometimes by lecture and sometimes by practical examples).

Queen Creek
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Successful business executive offering 25 years of experience in all phases of business, management, and marketing

I approach and each topic based on student needs and understanding. We all learn differently and I have found that by first listening and learning, I can then begin a dialogue to help create the best environment necessary to create a positive and lasting learing experience.

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Graduate of Finance & International Business offering concise lessons in Raleigh, North Carolina

I begin by seeing where your struggles are, first and foremost. In grasping things that you don't understand, and do understand, I'm able to discern what we need to focus on and what we can leave out.

1st lesson offered free !

Business School Professor of 35 years wants to help you make the grade

My teaching methodology is very student focused and I focus on helping each individual student to the best of my ability. I get positive feedback and results every time. I am also happy to give advise regarding academics and career direction.

Winter Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Results driven, experienced educator and business person, with a concentration in Adult Education

Student-centered instruction [SCI] is an instructional approach in which students influence the content, activities, materials, and pace of learning. A teacher’s job is to give students the opportunity to learn independently from one another while guiding them toward the skills they need to be effective.

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Accounting, Information Systems, and Supply Chain graduate with real-world experience! Can Teach.

I approach each student as a friend! I am not a professor talking at you or lecturing you, I am a friend that would like to help you figure out the problem.

1st lesson offered free !

Law student with a BBA in Business Management offering business lessons in LA and online.

I can teach elementary/middle/high school students as well as university scholars. I base my lessons on each student's individual needs and learning style. It is important not just to get the task completed, but to move forward with an understanding of the subject, and I teach accordingly.

1st lesson offered free !

Management professional and academician (PhD candidate) focused on developing knowledge and teaching using field-related and multidisciplinary research and emerging knowledge and practice.

A coach who adopts a teaching method that encourage open discussion and critical thinking involving emerging thoughts multidimensional views, and collaboration. Thought arwaa: economics, geography, public administration, management and organization and research. Specialization: leadership and organizational change: Multiiculturism/Biculturalis and management and organizational change.

New York
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PhD in business, specializing in strategy, management, HR, and health and wellness here to help

I am a student centric teacher, focusing on what the student needs and wants to make the work meaningful and easy to understand. I like using PowerPoints as a reference tool, I like using case studies to test knowledge, and dialogue through questions, Skype calls or other forms of communication.

1st lesson offered free !

Marketing Consultant with 20 years of experience. Instruction anywhere in the US

I have an MBA in Marketing and Corporate Strategy and my teaching method is by discussion. You share what you are struggling with most and we will discuss until you master them. I use real world and hypothetical examples to help communicate concepts.

1st lesson offered free !

Marketing Director with product management experience offering business lessons and skills in Houston.

My teaching method is a student-centered approach to learning. I believe that the student plays an equally active role in the learning process. As the teacher, I am to coach and facilitate the students learning and overall comprehension of the material.

1st lesson offered free !

Experience in competitive managing, intuition of your employees where you get the most productions. Organization in a business setting. BA in small entrepreneurship and Business Management.

My teaching method is proactive in the arena of business, it allows for minimal error and testing incorporate what is being comprehend.

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PhD in Organizational Psychology, passionate about teaching- international business, management, psychology subjects

My teaching method is "student participation". I strongly believe that regular student discussions make them more involved in the subject.

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Tutoring in Business, Business Writing, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, E-Commerce, Insurance, etc

strategy, law of electronic commerce, strategic management, entrepreneurial management, venture capital, new venture initiation, business application development (programming), internet technology, computer networking and communications, systems analysis and design, World Wide Web design, and Business transformation/reengineering.

Laguna Woods
1st lesson offered free !

A business owner with 30+ years of experience helping with Business Entrepreneurship skills and startup.

- I have a certificate in Entrepreneurship from one of the oldest incubators in the nation. - I use the telephone, Internet, and email for communications with the business owners and aspiring owners for their startups. - I work with you developing strategies and methods which will produce for your business.

Los Angeles
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College graduate with a Bachelor's in International Business from a prestigious university

My teaching method is based on what is good for the student. What works best for the student because everyone is, indeed, different. I like to go by the book but twist it and relate it to common issues so it is much easier to comprehend.

1st lesson offered free !

Retired business professor with years of one-to-one writing, tutoring and study improvement expertise.

In one-to-one tutoring, I initially assess each student's learning style to determine the best instructional approach and reassess regularly to ensure the continuity of instruction to learning remains. In classroom instruction, I focus on the learning of concepts and their application.

New York
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Helping you find a Safe Haven for your Digital Assests to Rest

My teaching method is unique and for anyone who has a willingness to learn. My classes are full of information and ways to increase yourself and your life. I am easy going and love to help those who want to help themelves.

Rio Rancho
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30 plus years with a solid business background in the public and private sector.

My teaching method is to explain, apply, review results and work on weak areas.

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Business Prof. with over 15 years exp. in management/operations will tutor at home around Huntersville

I like to approach each subject separately, break down each section to make it easier to grasp concepts.

New York
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Management Professional teaching marketing, human resources, business and management to all ages

Use of the Interruption System: I enable my understudy's to take dynamic part in mentoring sessions. To guarantee understudies don't block out and lose enthusiasm for what I am instructing, I utilize frequent pauses to guarantee the understudy has comprehended what I have recently been clarifying.

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