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Fort Collins
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Experienced chemistry tutor who graduated with a BA from UTSA, who can help with basic through organic chemistry 2, and has also tutored areas of math and physics!

I believe that clarity, patience and positivity are key to a good educational methodology. A student who feels comfortable enough to ask any question will have more fun and learn faster than one who feels intimidated or pressured.

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I.T professional who has found tremendous I.T success with only 6 years of verifiable IT Experience, though I started my I.T journey at the age of 7. I am looking to help others succeed in math and In

I used to work at an Elementary School as a Computer Teacher. My approach was to try to find a way to relate to a student then explain a topic they may not understand, in a different way that they can relate to. I make sure that the person I am tutoring, actually gets the material, instead of just giving out answers. I want you to succeed.

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Engineering student offering math help to all ages with 3 years of experience

I wasn't always interested in school and education. It is when I first started middle school is when I found something about myself. I found out that I hate history and I love math. History and I are enemies because I hated memorizing all the facts and dates and class always seemed boring. With math, I felt comfortable with the content.

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Brigham Young University student offering math sessions with 3 years experience and a high success rate

I give lessons to anyone in math up to calculus. I write notes for instruction with the student, so nearly everything covered will be summarized at the end of the lesson, and student-tutor interaction is constant throughout the process. Practice problems are typically given after note-taking, with tutor guidance as needed. Patience is key to a successful session.

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Certified Bilingual ( Spanish) Math Teacher with 20+ years of experience offers tutoring in Boston

I can teach any level of Math going from Arithmetic to Calculus. I also have been doing SAT and ACT prep as well as helping students prepare for college with placement test practice and college-readiness classes. Due to my experience I can easily adapt and follow curriculum and requirements from different schools, teachers and a variety of curriculum resources.

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Harvard graduate with thirty years' experience tutors in virtually all subjects, Oakland and East Bay

I tailor lessons to the individual needs of my students. I've tutored over 400 students at every level and with every sort of interest or challenge. Basically, I really like my students and will do whatever I can to help them succeed.

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Accountancy student offering mathematics lessons in Biloxi with one year of experience

I tutor fifth and sixth grade mathematics. My teaching method is breaking down the question asked and working it out step-by-step. Once the correct answer has been found, I would instruct the student to do problems similar until they fully grasp the content.

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Math and IT teacher With 20 years Experience both High School and University Level

My Teaching methodology is discussion based I want the student to think about the problem and to critically evaluate and suggest the solution. In that way the student better understands the topic and is able to tackle any problem in that topic.

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Bioinformatics student offering math lessons in Pittsburgh. Taught at Mathnasium for 3 years

I am a second year- sophomore student in college at Pittsburgh. I have been teaching at Mathnasium (a math institute) for the past 3-4 years. There, I taught students from grades preK to 12 (and sometimes college students). I can teach anywhere between basic elementary school math to advanced high school math. I even help students prepare for SAT Math.

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Math teacher, with 20 years of public school teaching experience, offering online math lessons

I graduated from high school from Magnolia High School. I have a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in secondary mathematics education. Both of my degrees are from Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia. I have been teaching for 20 years. Of those 20 years, about 16 of them were spent teaching various math classes.

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Lessons in All Math and Beginning Computer Science by experienced Engineering Student

I employ a teaching style catered to each student's individual pace and needs. I do my best to quickly determine where a student is struggling, and give them the tools they need to practice those skills on their own. This not only saves valuable minutes during lessons, but teaches my students "how to fish" on current and future assignments instead of simply giving them the answers.

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Recent graduate with a BS in Mathematics offering math tutoring in CT

I like to guide each student into understanding each problem by not just showing how to complete it but but by showing why that process is effective and correct. I very much enjoy seeing that "ah ha" moment when a student finally understands what has been stumping them for so long.

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Math teacher in Denton, TX with extensive tutoring experience serving learners with a variety of needs

I provide lessons for middle school, high school and college student, or students at any level wishing to learn/review middle and high school math topics My teaching method is catered to each learner specifically. I like to find new ways to help each student in order for each student to be the most successful.

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I'm an engaging and patient second year math teacher tutoring in Indianapolis

I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Math Education and am comfortable teaching anything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. I am a very personable educator, who focuses on the fundamental understanding behind each lesson. I typically start by an overview of what you need to know, then work through examples with my student, and finally let them try examples on their own.

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General Chemistry (Intro; I; II) Let me make your life easier. (Fayetteville, AR);(Bachelor of General ED: Chem & Math Emphasizes)

Unorthodox. They want me to expand this into 40 more words. You tell me where your struggling, you tell me what your goals are, and I map out a way to get there. Even if I am the umpteenth tutor that you have reached out to, I know I can assist you in reaching what ever goal for the subject you may have.

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All Level Math Tutor with Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics in Chesapeake

I am very passionate about teaching and making sure the student understands. I have many different styles of teaching and the one(s) that I use depend on the student. In order to discover which tool to use, I need to understand what type of learner the student is, which usually takes about 10 minutes of solving sample problems.

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Special Education Teacher from South Jersey that has taught all subjects for the past 8 years.

I approach each lesson individually. Every student learns differently and it is extremely important to meet the student where they are at and then help them grow and learn from there. I believe that every student has the ability to learn.

Saint Paul
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Private Math/Science tutor in the Twin Cities with 8 years of experience

I prefer students to come to me with materials to review, assignments to work on, and questions. I find that I excel in my ability to explain a given topic/concept in multiple ways, and can relate complicated concepts to real-life examples and comparisons. I am patient and understanding. I love to learn and I enjoy aiding others in doing the same.

Las Vegas
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University of Utah grad with a degree in chemistry looking to tutor chemistry and math.

I teach by trying to understand what you already know and building on that. I don't like to think of myself as a teacher, but more of a supplemental resource to help you understand a certain subject or idea. I like to start by having you show me what you know and I will fill in the rest.

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UC Berkeley student offering math lessons to all ages (basic math to calculus)

From my own experience, I use many tips, patterns, and acronyms to help memorize formulas and concepts in math. I believe that practice problems and mock exams are very helpful, I will grade and go over strategies to improve their problem solving skills. I have some practice exams from UC Berkeley calculus classes to help students who are looking for more advanced problems as well.

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Bachelor's graduate in Chemistry offering Chemistry lessons in Huntington with 5 years of experience of the subject and 3 years of teaching/tutoring.

I have a Bachelor's in Chemistry and I help anyone who needs it (high school or college). I typically explain at my level of knowledge and slowly simplify my explanation until it is good enough for my student to understand.

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Undergraduate Mathematics Major offering to tutor in Mathematics from Algebra to Calculus in Cleveland and Chattanooga,TN

I am able to give tutoring services to students ranging from freshmen in high school who are preparing for the ACT or SAT, to college students currently (or soon to be) enrolled in a college-level Math class. I can tutor in all mathematics subjects and in intro-level Physics classes.

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Engineering student offering maths and chemistry tutoring in Gainesville with 4 years experience.

My teaching method is a balance between being thorough and compartmentalizing subjects/concepts. I always try to show students the meaning behind concepts so they understand the topic, rather than just teaching them meaningless formulas. I believe that there are no students who can't succeed, only teachers who haven't discovered how to teach in a way a student would understand.

Liberty Hill
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Food Engineer loving teaching math and chemistry. I have 2 years tutoring and helping students.

I teach math all school levels. I love math and chemistry, and I try to transmit this feeling to my students telling them to practice. I would give 2 to 3 ways to solve a problem and then you are going to decide which one is the easiest for you, anyway we are going to have the same result which is important.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering Student offering interesting and fun Physics and Math tutoring in Tacoma

I seek to share my knowledge with all those willing to listen, and enjoy taking the time need for the student to truly understand the topic. Examples are key to demonstrating the best approach, and interactive learning is invaluable to the progress of the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Boston College math major and former tutor wants to teach math over the summer!

I like to first present a topic and try and put it in easier terms that are at least roughly analogous and that will help people understand it's meaning. For example, in explaining how derivatives are, I would explain that they are the INSTANTANEOUS slope of any given point. Then, I like to refer to a few easy examples, gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

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Math and science tutor with over four years experience in HACC and Wyzant.

Introduce topics using multiple representations. Solve the problems many ways. Have students communicate their reasoning. Help student develop their own way to solve problems. Finish class with a summary.

1st lesson offered free !

Secondary Math Education major, taken up through calculus ab in high school and willing and able to tutor math to anyone wanting to learn!

I can give anyone in calculus ab or below lessons, as well as proof read papers. When teaching, I tend to gear my methods towards what I find to be best for the student. Initially, I will have the student inform me of the ways in which he/she believes they learn best, and then formulate my methods towards them.

Klamath Falls
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Physics and astronomy graduate student with over 3 years of teaching experience serving the Rogue Valley and Klamath Basin

My idea of teaching is to not only help students learn the material for the exam, but to also help them develop the skills they need to succeed in future math and science courses. Learning the sciences can be frustrating, and I realize that not every student will learn in the same way. I make sure to teach the material in a variety of ways so that all learning types may benefit.

1st lesson offered free !

Astrophysics graduate in Bozeman, MT with extensive experience teaching calculus & physics applications

I teach by encouraging guided discussion and hands on work. In the past few years there have been multiple studies that show the best way to learn and absorb knowledge in the STEM related fields is by submerging yourself in the topic with discussion, and working with teams.

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Perfect! I hired Sukurat to teach my seventh grader who is doing 9th grade Math. She could understand her and Sukurat helped her solve her Math problems. Sukurat seems to have a good knowledge of Mathematics and was very helpful for her. I do hire her...

Sheena, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Outstanding tutor. Very sharp and willing to take her time to explain the concepts.

Ben, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We hired Milena to help our son, an engineering major, work on his Calculus skills over the summer. We found her to be serious, yet friendly, and very knowledgeable. As my son said, she really 'knows her stuff!' We would definitely recommend her!

Fran, student
6 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent! Fotios, over the course of 4 months, has really helped my daughter develop her problem-solving skills. He makes the subject engaging and can pass on his enthusiasm to his students. I really think she will do very well in the Physics...

Emmanouel, student
11 months ago
Fotios ioannis
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
11 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Peter has helped my daughter in vector calculus and differential equations. He has helped with homework problems, test preparation, and concept understanding. All together Peter's tutoring has had a great benefit for her. I expect he would be...

Eric, student
11 months ago
(1 review)

TPL_NB_PROFS_FORMATE@ great math tutors near you!

In some shape and form, math is able to explain just about everything in life. For some people, math is truly one of the greatest subjects to learn. It holds the answer to so many questions, so learning as much as possible about math can lead to a grasp of information that is not owned and obtained by many people. However, to others, math is just another subject that can prove incredibly tricky, as if a certain math formulas and math questions are not completely and accurately understood, everything else around it can prove devastating, both to the student and to their grade. That is exactly why, should a student struggle with any form of math, they need to seek out the help of mathematics private teachers. These private teachers create very specific math lessons for each student. This way, a student know what they need to study and work on in order to not only catch up with the class, but eventually surpass the other students.

All sorts of different topics are related to math and the mathematics private lessons. Some of these classes include physics private lessons, chemistry private lessons, biology private lessons, plus engineering private teachers can help with statistics private lessons as well.