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UC Merced Mechanical Engineering Student Offering Affordable Lessons and Tutoring For Mathematics

The key to my success in past students was implementing patience into my tutoring. I don't believe that any student is not teachable. Every student has the capacity and capability to learn if the instructor gives that student the patience he/she deserves.

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Chemist with 4 years of tutoring experience and a Masters Degree in Chemistry. Let’s learn together!

I like to break down the concepts and give examples and then work through practice problems together to help build upon a solid foundation. Practice is key but I will make sure you have the tools you need! I am comfortable working with various levels of background knowledge.

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An AP Calculus Student Offering Math Lessons in the Savannah, Georgia Area

I figure out what the student needs help with and go from there. For example, if someone doesn't understand an entire topic, I might go over the entire topic or even fix holes from previous topics that the new one builds on. Such as, if someone doesn't understand long division, I might go back and make sure they understand basic division.

Los Angeles
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College Graduate offering High School level Mathematics lessons in the SFV in Los Angeles.

Understanding each individuals' learning method is the key. Some students find certain concepts easy to understand, while others may have to put extra effort to. That is where I come in. My way is to tailor my teaching style to each student so that they can bridge the connection that is missing.

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Math Tutor in Towson, Welcoming Students from Elementary to High School Level

I see where the student needs to build foundation on and depending on school work, I will practice the concepts that fit best for the student. If the student needs me to approach the topics differently, I will change my teaching method to fit the student. Going over quizzes, homework, and tests are always a good start and re-explanation of a topic is no problem.

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College student majoring in math, offering tutoring in mathematics up to calculus, online.

When teaching, I think it's important to focus on what the student is having trouble with. During sessions, I will focus on equations they have pertaining a subject or an assignment they may have. I give lessons to students ranging from all types of ability with mathematics.

Sandy Springs
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Get your math/ International Baccalaureate Math SL preparation here! We can do this!

First I will do an example of the math categories we are studying then, I give a practice problem first to see what you already know and where you are making mistakes so that I can help correct your confusion. I function on steps for organization.

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Medical school graduate with perfect SAT mathematics score offering tutoring in math.

I like to start by getting a sense of the current understanding of the student. From there, I formulate lesson plans around the areas that need improvement by teaching those areas in ways that are easy to understand and recall.

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A person looking to teach elementary to middle school math who is very understanding, patient, and concerned. Call 301-74-8356 for services.

I teach based off of repetition of whatever problem the student is doing. I would teach the concept three times and then let the student do it. I am also very lenient and fair. I would allow students to review their work enough times before I see it.

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K-6 Academic Tutoring...affordable, reliable, and effective! Can tutor online or in the home!

I like to first identify how each inidviudal learns most effectively. Some learn best visually while others learn best working together side by side. Then using those strategies I like to tackle basic concepts and slowly migrate towards the intricacies of each topic.

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Computer Science student offering Math (Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Discrete Math) lessons with one year of experience

My teaching method depend mainly on understanding the theory behind the topic. This allows the student to imagine how the topic is implemented in real life which helps in making it easier to recall the methods and approaches to solve each and every problem.

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Honors math student from New Jersey offering lessons in algebra and quantitative methods online

In oder to help those I tutor to better grasp a concept, I first demonstrate the process and thoroughly explain as I go. After I complete the demonstration and explanation, I like to know whether or not there are any questions, so I know what I was not clear on. When the student is out of questions, I allow them to complete a problem on their own.

Indian Trail
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Theoretical and Computational Physicist with 8years experience teaches all Science courses (Physics,Math,etc)

Each student is different! So the first thing I get to know is your ideas and your level of understanding about the stuff we study. My teaching method combines the deep understanding of theory and concepts through analytic derivations from first principles, to the quick "enchantment" with examples and graph visualizations. More detailed information is lesson dependent.

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Math it all the way up with 3years of tutoring experience. High-school/College

My teaching method is very easy and simple. I teach just the way I have learn it and I always try to explain to students in an easy way. Sometimes professors can verify so many formulas and students get lost.

San Diego
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Online tution for mathematics for all levels is offered here for st

simple teaching methodology starting from the beginning and easy to understand for all levels and you can ask any questions directly without hesitation i will explain clearly and fruitfully.

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Licensed Science, Math and English Teacher ready to help you learn today!

My teaching method is typically guide on the side, but some students prefer a more traditional teacher ( I am flexible either way). I prefer to be adaptable to student needs and their preferences. I am very personable, patient and positive. I love to see people succeed.

West Palm Beach
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Experienced Math Tutor, Teacher, and Test Prep Instructor for Arithmetic and Algebra I Lessons

I teach mathematics in a sequential and logical order, explaining clearly why a new concept is the way it is based on previously established facts. In addition, when solving word problems, I teach mathematics similar to language translation, where you translate from words into mathematics and vice versa.

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Very Experienced Mathematics Teacher. AP Calculus and AP Statistics trained! Plymouth CT

I can break down any topic in multiple ways to help you understand any topic. I am well versed in the calculator as a tool and can support you in its use. I have delivered lessons in all mathematical topics.

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High School Student offering Mathematics lessons in San Jose and Campbell, California

I base my lesson on the homework and classwork that students are given to help them strengthen what they are weak at. I don't usually encourage using calculator while doing math although sometimes it is needed. I am always patient with my peers when I help them.

Virginia Beach
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Highly educated mathematician with 9 years of experience tutoring and teaching all subject in mathematics in North Carolina and Virginia.

I strongly believe that anyone can learn Math as long as they have the right teacher, the appropriate teaching method, and lots of practice. I make it easy for anyone to learn Math, regardless of their level. I have tutored friends and classmates; I pay close attention to identify and address the source of the problem. I have prepared students for tests and exams with great success.

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Available in Norman, OK area. 4+ years of tutoring in several different subjects.

The first session will be to establish rapport with the student. If the student already has an assignment they need help with or an exam they need help preparing for, we will go ahead and start covering material. Otherwise, I will speak with the student and/or their parent about their current performance, struggles, and goals.

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Engineer with MBA -16 years of work experience and has passion for teaching

I like to make my class as practical as possible as well has finding appropriate problems which helps the student to relate makes them to understand the concept better and hopefully they will have the concepts learned forever. This helps to understand the concepts better.

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Math major offering math and English lessons with six years of experience.

Starring at a problem as if working on it will kill you? My teaching method is to find ways to make the complicated look easy. Like a scientist, I believe there is a simpler and more efficient way to do everything.

San Diego
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Science and mathematics tutorials from a professional scientist and engineer with over 25 years experience

As a retired professional engineer and mathematician, I am offering science, mathematics and logic tutoring and lessons to students at levels from middle school through university undergraduates. My teaching method is example based.

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5 years of Math tutoring experience with B.S. degree of Mathematics and Application

My teaching method is based on student's understanding of Math. I would find out the misunderstanding part from student, fix them, then build connections between concepts and apply to student's paperwork. After that, I would reinforce student's fundamental skills and build-up some advanced skills.

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Offering Maths & Physics tutoring in an engineered way having 8 years experience.

Preferably I opt to teach students of grades 6 to 10 or O-levels coz I feel myself more proficients in the subjects of these grades. My technique of teaching is to build the students from basics, make them proficient in basic concepts and after that assign them the coursework topic to do that at their own, ask/discuss with me where they feel difficulty.

New York
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Experienced, passionate, and aspirational private tutor for elementary and middle school students

The success that I have had with my students can be attributed to fostering a mentoring relationship with them. Being a successful tutor and imparting the necessary academic skills is easy, but the most effective part comes from instilling a sense of trust from my mentees/students: someone who looks up to be like a big brother, asking me for advice outside of academics.

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A math student who literally does math for fun offering math lessons in Central NY region

I like to teach one-on-one, and I like to tackle the problems head-on where the person is having trouble first. I like to try and use interests of the student to demonstrate mathematical concepts in an organic way. Basically, I try to make math sound more interesting and less like a chore. Tips, tricks, and explanations on why are what I also try to provide.

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Doing maths is making yourself happy.And maths just like water, you can drink it!

My teaching method is not just solving problem.I relate the problems with our social lives to make easy for students, and I like to do more problems in one topic. Additionally I like to show each step which means I do problems step by step .before I came here I had been a university tutor in my home land country (Ethiopia).

Bossier City
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With 15 years of professional tutoring experience in all subjects and grades-specialty is math and English-combined with a love for my job, I am an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher.

My teaching method is aimed at making sure my students are fully engaged for the entire session. I do this by constantly switching their activities. I am always prepared with several different projects that are aimed at learning the same content. I also break the monotony by allowing them to play a game for five minutes or so.

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Perfect! I hired Sukurat to teach my seventh grader who is doing 9th grade Math. She could understand her and Sukurat helped her solve her Math problems. Sukurat seems to have a good knowledge of Mathematics and was very helpful for her. I do hire her...

Sheena, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Outstanding tutor. Very sharp and willing to take her time to explain the concepts.

Ben, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We hired Milena to help our son, an engineering major, work on his Calculus skills over the summer. We found her to be serious, yet friendly, and very knowledgeable. As my son said, she really 'knows her stuff!' We would definitely recommend her!

Fran, student
6 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent! Fotios, over the course of 4 months, has really helped my daughter develop her problem-solving skills. He makes the subject engaging and can pass on his enthusiasm to his students. I really think she will do very well in the Physics...

Emmanouel, student
11 months ago
Fotios ioannis
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
11 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Peter has helped my daughter in vector calculus and differential equations. He has helped with homework problems, test preparation, and concept understanding. All together Peter's tutoring has had a great benefit for her. I expect he would be...

Eric, student
11 months ago
(1 review)

TPL_NB_PROFS_FORMATE@ great math tutors near you!

In some shape and form, math is able to explain just about everything in life. For some people, math is truly one of the greatest subjects to learn. It holds the answer to so many questions, so learning as much as possible about math can lead to a grasp of information that is not owned and obtained by many people. However, to others, math is just another subject that can prove incredibly tricky, as if a certain math formulas and math questions are not completely and accurately understood, everything else around it can prove devastating, both to the student and to their grade. That is exactly why, should a student struggle with any form of math, they need to seek out the help of mathematics private teachers. These private teachers create very specific math lessons for each student. This way, a student know what they need to study and work on in order to not only catch up with the class, but eventually surpass the other students.

All sorts of different topics are related to math and the mathematics private lessons. Some of these classes include physics private lessons, chemistry private lessons, biology private lessons, plus engineering private teachers can help with statistics private lessons as well.