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I've played guitar more than 30 years, started with metal then learned classical guitar and jazz. I can teach you guitar at beginner and intermediate levels. I also teach physics at community college.

I teach how to dissect and analyze a musical piece so that you will understand what's going on. I'll give you practice tips and set personal goals that fit your current status. I will teach you methods that you can apply on your own.

Los Angeles
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Learn to really play and understand music from an experienced LA guitarist.

Lessons are structured with a balance of theory, technique exercises, ear training, improvising, and learning songs, with a strong leaning on the student's preferred musical style. If a student should like to focus on any one of those areas in particular, I'm happy to accommodate! Both private and group lessons are available.

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Guitarist with 10 years of experience offering guitar lessons at home and online

My teaching method consists of leading by example as well as relating towards player experience.

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Guitarist with over 15 years experience playing, recording and teaching. I love to share my knowledge!

I love the guitar and music in general. I try to help my students do the same by introducing them to the basics of the instrument while at the same time showing them fun ways to use those basics as fast as possible. I try not to focus to much on mundane technique instruction and instead try to teach what is required by making it practical and useful to the student at the level they are at.

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Southern California woking singer / guitarist with 25 years experience in performance and tutoring the music craft.

Music needs to be fun at its very core. It is important to get started correctly, but ultimately it's all about the songs and entertaining people. I share my background as a gigging musician to students to the performance level.

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Experienced guitar player offering tutoring in Electric and bass guitar in Detroit

My lessons will be very straight forward, starting with guitar exercises allowing students to become more comfortable with the instrument; leading up to more in-depth lessons in scale and chord structure and functional harmony. The lessons will be personalized for each student depending on what aspects of music they would like to focus on.

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Rock/Metal guitarist with over ten years of experience, teaching in the UCF area.

My teaching method is first and foremost based on what the student wants to learn. Anything from basic techniques to music theory and sweep picking. Nothing is off limits. My main demographic focus will be to help beginning and intermediate guitar players hone their instrument. I want students to enjoy themselves in a fun and stress free learning environment.

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Berklee-trained professional touring guitarist teaching guitar lessons in LA to all ages

He enjoys passing on wisdom gained from years of playing in professional bands and studying music to people of all ages. Ben continues to strive to push the limits of his playing, and encourages his students to do the same.

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Electric Guitarist with 10 Years of Experience and Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music

My lessons are geared for a wide range of students, whether you're a beginner or advanced guitar player. As a graduate from Berklee College of Music, I incorporate harmony and ear training into my lessons, but apply it to material that interests the student! For instance, if a student is interested in soloing, learning songs, or guitar scales, etc.

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Experienced Vocal Coach and Guitar tutor. Find your own true voice of expression!

This is what I offer in my lessons as a vocal coach to you. I deal in only the facts, not methods or fads that are more like crash diets than true singing. The facts are in the biology of how your voice works. How the body makes sound, projects sounds and sustains sound.

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Professional guitar player with a very great passion to teach rock music

always teaching music with passion and make the people fall in love with the instrument,trying to understand the favorite music style of the student and let him play what music he likes,that's the best way to teach how to play the guitar

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LessonsWithMike.com: College instructor offering in-home guitar lessons anywhere in the Twin Cities!

Each student is different and I teach with that in mind. All of my students are provided with the same material out of the gate but I then try my best to adjust to the students learning style to get their full potential to shine through.

New York
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Crazy metalhead gonna teach you how to play electric guitar from scratch to shred!

I am a very calm and patient teacher. I provide the pace of learning to the student's needs and abilities. If You want to focus on for example rock music i can teach You how to rock! If you want, I can limit the theory of music to a minimum.

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Metal Guitar Coach with 11 years of guitar playing and 5 years of song writing experience

I teach based on many concepts that I have taught myself. I am here to basically give you a push into learning guitar. I can also help those who have prior experience in learning guitar to hopefully step up their game and increase confidence (and speed)! I am here for whatever you need.

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Learn Rock and Metal bass from a professional musician. Groove and Power!!!

I want my students to start playing on day one. Bass is about groove and feel and that’s what I try to teach.

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Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

Long Beach
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I have 30 years experience of all types of guitars slide electric acoustic I am the authority of all types of guitars and amps and processors

I don't have any one method of teaching I'd like to find out what's best for the student and me

Cove Bay
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Music student in Aberdeen offering convenient guitar lessons at your own home

I base my lessons on the individual student. I won't try to make you learn what I want you to learn. With me you get to decide what I teach you. This ensures an engaging experience you don't want to miss.

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Guitar tutoring from a guitarist with 25+ years of experience. Using tabs, chord diagrams and metronome!

I will start by finding out where you are on your guitar journey, and what you are wanting to get from the lessons. Could start by learning chords using chord diagrams and progress to rhythm. Or learn a particular song you have in mind. Get to grips with song writing, or work on certain techniques.

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Guitar Teacher with ten years experience offering lessons around the Burnley area.

I can provide lessons to complete beginners as well as advanced players who wish to improve. I have a patient and layed back approach to walking students through all aspects of playing. I am available out of hours to give free advice via text or phone call.

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Student with 12 years experience of playing guitar and in a band offering Guitar lessons in Brackley

My teaching method is to first assess the student and know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. From that I can create a number of exercises for them to improve on in certain areas. Also by teaching multiple riffs and helping to create their own, they can start to develop their own identity in playing which is really important.

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Enthusiastic,affordable guitar Lessons at your doorsteps in Scarborough and Toronto area

Focuses on developing in-hand experience of the instrument through scales, technical exercises, songs, harmonies and melodies.

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Student of the School of Fine Arts at the Bachelor's level Mexico City Specialty in Classical Guitar

I like to teach at a more personal level and I take as a base the musical tastes of my students to work, I always try to make my classes as pleasant as possible and I structure them based on the need, advance and where you want to go, both theoretical, as practical and interpretive; student.

San Juan
Angel axel
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Music Producer teaches Guitar lessons with advanced method from level 0, CDMX South and Center

Through the 14 years that I have been teaching, I have made effective techniques as well as I have left aside others that are not so much. My general ideology nowadays is: No matter how technical the exercise is, it must always be musical and stimulating for the new performer, even for the one who has never even played in his life.

1st lesson offered free !

Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar! now you can with my help

I teach students who want to play in bands, or just want to learn an instrument, tailoring each lesson to the needs of the individual student and their individual learning abilities. I am committed to help students achieve their individual goals and learn the guitar in a fun way.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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Music degree student offering guitar lessons for both beginner and intermediate level players!

I usually tailor my lessons to my student’s level. I use diagrams and tabs to make everything much easier to memorize.

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Experienced Guitar Tutor from Greece, London, West Ealing, Jazz Guitar Degree 8

Hello, my name is Panagiotis and I am professional guitar tutor from Greece. I' ve graduated from Filippos Nakas conservatory with a jazz guitar degree in 2013 and due to my 7 years of experience in guitar tutoring I have developed the necessary skills for high quality guitar, theory and harmony lessons.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Hi, I'm Joseph. I have been teaching for over 10 years, and currently provide beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele. Before teaching I played in many different bands

I cater my lessons to the individual, making lesson plans for each student based on what they want to learn and get out of their instrument. I will also highlight areas that my students need to work on, teaching various techniques and content that suits the individual needs of each person.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitarist with lots of experience will get you shredding in no time!

I am a fun loving individual and like to approach lessons by learning more about what my students's goals are so that I can teach them individualized lessons that help them achieve the results they want. I love seeing students progress and improve.

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