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Egg Harbor Township
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Elementary teacher with 13 years experience in all academic areas looking to help students achieve independent academic success through hands on learning.

My methodology is that education should be hands on focusing all all areas of their intelligence. Adapting lessons to the students needs assures success across all content. As a teacher and parent I have learned first hand the importance of hands on learning. Students learn by creating and building.

New York
(8 reviews)
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Young and Experienced Psychology and Sociology Teacher Offering Superb online Quality Tutoring

My classes are fun, interesting and overall challenging but fair. I develop critical thinking skills that are essential for the modern day worker through debate, academic writing, and research. I have a special emphasis on grammatical and writing skills that will improve your essays, speeches, and academic performance.

San Antonio
(4 reviews)
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Educator and Education Administrator offering College Application, Essay and Scholarship Help to High School Students

I am a College Administrator with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education. I taught High School history for two years. I am interested in helping high school students with College applications, entrance essays and scholarships. I plan to help build writing, resume building, scholarship and school research skills.

Belle Vernon
(1 review)
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Honors Student gives tutoring on how to be academically successful, including study methods and organization

I approach each lesson by first allowing the student to explain what they already know and what they expect to learn. From there, I design a customized plan based on the student's specific needs. I try to engage students and make sure their questions are answered sufficiently by the end of the lesson.

(6 reviews)
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Pre-medicine and Biochemistry Student gives math and science lessons at home in Jacksonville, IL

My teaching method is based on helping the students to understand the concepts. I strongly dislike cramming information. More so, I hate to merely know a thing and not understand it. As a result, I always seek patterns, break down concepts, remember and apply previous knowledge, and carry out various actions to comprehend new information.

(2 reviews)
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Certified Reading Specialist, Special Ed. Teacher and Elementary Teacher Available to Tutor!

Are you struggling in reading or math? I have a BA and Masters in Special Education and a Reading Specialist Certification. I also am a certified Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant. I take the time to assess each student to find their strengths and weaknesses.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced and Passionate Houston Engineer/Tutor Will Help You Learn and Grow

I teach by first learning from you. I want to know what your learning style is so that I can adapt to it. You're a visual learner? To the board it is! Are stories more your speed? We'll write a book. I want you to be comfortable with me as your tutor and friend.

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Graduate student of composition and rhetoric, experienced writing tutor and editor, and skilled presenter.

My teaching methodology is based on adaptation - recognizing the individual needs and circumstances of the student in order to find the best learning approach that suits them. As a writing tutor/aspiring English Professor I want to help not only with working through the task at hand, but giving each tutee/student confidence in their abilities first and foremost.

Daytona Beach
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Homework, Tutoring, and Babysitting Guru Desires For You To Soar To The Top!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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Your Virtual Tutoring Pro: over 32 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Let's create a culture of wisdom together!

Your Virtual Tutoring Pro with over 32 years of experience, fully prepared to focus on you. Over 32 years of experience lends me the ability to quickly assess your learning issues. Research is a passion which is a immense boon for my students and the next step after assessment.

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30 years teaching Business, Criminology and Political Science, Dr. EDD/ET, MBA, MSS

I have worked all my life and gone to school at the same time - I know what you are going through. I can help you get through it - reviewing concepts, assignments and just plain helping to explain concepts. I also develop the course to fit your needs and use a system called Familiarize, Acquire, Practice and Validate to make sure you not only understand but can use the information.

(1 review)
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Syracuse University Student Assistance for Homework Help, After-school pick-up, and Academic Tutoring

Enhancing a student's growth by working with them at their own pace. Available 24/7. Positive, patient, and educated in math, history, English, and more.

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Zoologist/Biologists with 106 graduate hours and a 3.72 average. Hire today.

I vary my teaching methods depending on the student. Some learn by seeing and touching, some by media and some by other means of technology. I make an effort to find the best method for each student since every student is different. Critical thinking is a very large part of understanding how to succeed.

(1 review)
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Postdoctoral PhD in Healthcare and Administration Available and Excited to Teach Nearly Any Subject Matter to Any Age or Level Student

I use complementary methods of teaching rather than a "one-style fits all approach". Frequently I use the standard lecture style of teaching to begin a lesson before venturing into discussion with students or the student. Because each individual learns and processes knowledge differently, I tailor all individual lessons to the student's preferred method of learning.

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Patient and dedicated tutor with several years of tutoring experience in academics.

My teaching methodology involves a flexible approach based on the specific needs of learners. I start with the basics and make sure students understand theory, gradually applying theory in real situations. I have earned a Master's degree in Adult Education and a Bachelor degree in Business.

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I'm a licensed paraprofessional looking for online tutoring students. As a paraprofessional I work very well with students that are ADD/ADHD, developmental disabilities, MRDD, Autistic, and Behavior p

I try to tailor my approach to each individual student. No two students learn the same, therefore you have to learn to adjust your methods.

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High School graduate gives help with homework to middle school levels in George County

I am able to give tutor lessons in multiple fields: english, math, science, and history. I am a 2017 graduate from George County High School. My lesson plans will differ for each student depending on how he/she learns effectively. It's a goal of mine to make sure he/she shows growth.

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College student great at all sciences, arts, and test prep in Roseburg.

Hello! I am attending a 2 year college to pursue an Associates degree in Psychology then later want to get my Bachelors. I'm friendly and am willing to teach anyone who needs help, though math I am limited on since I definitely struggle with that subject once I hit the algebra part. I am big on note taking, analogies, and pictures.

Moreno Valley
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TEFL certified teacher who teaches English to primary and secondary school aged kids as well as senior and juniors in high school in the Moreno Valley California area

I am TEFL certified and can teach struggling English language learners how to better speak, read, write English. My lessons a consiced, easy to follow, and straight to the point. In my lessons there is a lot of "talk time" in which you the students will be able to practice your speech as much as possible in one lesson. I love to involve my students in as much of the lesson as possible.

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Graduate student-level science tutor that specializes in almost all biology courses and up to/including general chemistry

I'm an experienced industrial and academic scientist who has 9+ years of experience in the field and tutoring at the university level - including Uconn, Eastern Connecticut State University and Central Connecticut State University. I specialize in biology and chemistry, and excel at explaining things at an understandable level typically through visuals or analogies.

Fort Meade
(1 review)
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Who will motivate and encourage students to consistently work at their homework? Doing their homework for them and not enabling them to do their own creates a part-time job for the parents and stunts

I listen to the student to find what the greatest barrier is to their understanding and proper motivation. Using this approach, the student will tend to show the path needed for their success. That doesn't mean it is an easy task, but experience will often create the right solution. I also promote a partnership with the parents, if the student is a child. Together we can work the plan to success.

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Teacher with 12 years of experience offering academic tutoring to students of all ages!

I approach each topic based on the needs and ability of my student(s). I believe it is important for students to have a connection and purpose to the material. The use of examples especially to the student's life is very important.

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Experienced middle school teacher (5+ years) with flexible tutoring schedule greater Boston area

Since beginning my career as an educator I have been passionate in my commitment to three things: forging collaborative relationships with students and their families, implementing practices that produce inclusive environments and creating lessons which foster flexible, equitable, and analytical growth within each learner. I have dedicated my career to each of these pursuits.

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Educated and experienced in Business, Writing, Information Technologies, Laboratory Research, and Science disciplines.

My teaching method is to create a warm and friendly environment, to ensure a healthy learning environment is mutually established between myself and my student. I use various teaching aids to ensure information is clearly conveyed from myself to the student.

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Learning With Alex Is More Than A Lesson It's An Extraordinary Experience

Alex is studying at the North Carolina A&T State University, in North Carolina. She is obtaining a BFA in theatre. During her studies, Alex has honed her skills in creative writing, written communication, and essay building. After graduation, Alex plans on earning a master's in arts education and administration.

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Licensed, Creative, and Compassionate Educator with over 10 years of teaching experience

Master's Degree in Education with a focus on Special Education, 2011 Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University, 2004 I work only with the assumption that all students learn differently and are going to require multiple representations of content and repetition of skill before being independently successful.

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Need to pass a class? Have no clue how to study? Learn best methods here!

I am originally from northwest Indiana where I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree at Indiana University Northwest. At IUN I was a tutor and eventually taught my own lab class. I can give helpful study tips and will help any student I can who is willing to learn.

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Physics and Astronomy major in Northampton MA wants to help students understand Mathematics. Will teach you all the shortcuts!

Hey you! My name is Silvia and I'm about to get my bachelor's in Physics and Astronomy. I have yet to take my GRE which is unfortunate but that's where you come in! I'll constantly be studying my mathematics and what's better than helping you along the way? I'll take whichever subject you're on and we'll study it together.

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College student in sciences to assist with Middle School and High School homework.

•Studying Bachelor of Geosciences, Senior Standing. •Associate of Science, Everett Community College. •AS9100 Internal Auditor. •Worked in aerospace and manufacturing environments. •Courses taken in language arts, writing, mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, biology, geography, social studies, religion and history at a college level.

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Teacher with 20 years experience in higher education, secondary school with variety of subjects and individualized instruction

I am an experienced special education with expertise in aligning student needs with curriculum. I make sure that all students learn what they need to know in a manner they are comfortable. I have two Master Degrees in education and PhD coursework in psychology.

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Methodology is important for all students as it maps out a clear path for understanding certain topics and ideas. There is always a method for learning, but for many students, it can prove difficult to obtain this and to follow the information the teacher is providing. That is exactly why it is so necessary for a student to seek outside help when they struggle to grasp the particular methodology of a particular subject. In general, a teacher is going to provide one way for a class to follow through with the methodology. However, this is not always the best way for every single student. Due to this, private teachers can come in and fill in the gaps and give students who are struggling the ability to learn and stay on par with the other students (if not completely move past them). The school support private teachers create private lessons for each and every student, based on the methodology they are struggling with. The methodology private lessons can then, from there, give students a new way to look at the course material. This way, the methodology private teachers can ensure the very best academic tutoring private lessons service.