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North Andover
(6 reviews)
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High School Biology Teacher with 20 years experience giving online lessons to anyone in need.

My teaching method is hands-on. I encourage students to discuss the content so that they can remember it easier. I also enjoy playing quiz games (like Kahoot!) to see how much you've learned. I use Zoom as a teaching platform which allows complete interaction with students.

(2 reviews)
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Able to cover all levels of biology related to the human body. Half-way through my medical degree and headed into a surgical career, so able to make these subjects fun and applicable!!

Current medical student, near completion of my medical degree at MUSC and on my way to becoming a surgeon. Completed my BS in Biology at Furman University in Greenville, SC while on scholarship. I use problem solving as my preferred method of teaching. This way it becomes an interactive session for student and tutor.

Union City
(6 reviews)
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Seasoned Clinical Laboratory Technologist here to simplify the complexities of the natural sciences!

My methodology is to use simple language, analogies, problem solving and positive feedback to breakdown complex scientific material. I encourage questions and critical thinking to demystify what is misunderstood. In essence, I use what the student already knows to help them understand what they don't.

New Orleans
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College Professor (retired) who loves teaching biology in the New Orleans area

I have been a university professor, with a Ph.D. in Biology, and have taught many areas of Biology for over 30 years, including life science, biology, and Anatomy and Physiology. I have worked for over 20 years instructing middle schools, high school and college instructors on the best methods to effectively teach science. I can show you how to get past your nervousness about science.

Kings County
(2 reviews)
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Medical Student who gives lessons in Biology, Anatomy, Microbiology and Cell Biology to middle school and high school levels

I am currently a Third year Medical Student, with experience of tutoring college and medical students. I can give lessons in Biology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Cell Biology to all levels up to College. I am very easy going and understanding, seeking ways to make learning your subjects easier.

(2 reviews)
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Recent Master graduate in Human Biology with 6 years of teaching and tutoring experience.

My teaching methodology is whatever works best for the students! I create an initial framework to start with and then adapt and amend this to help suit the students' learning needs. I am happy to create a variety of different assignments to help students progress through their learning, and like to set mini-goals along the way to help motivate my students.

(1 review)
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Recent college graduate with Biology degree offering Biology and Chemistry lessons in Sayreville, NJ with 3 years experience

I prefer to teach high-school and college students. My methodology consists of asking students questions and then giving them small kernels of information so that they can comprehend the process on their own. I use outlines and deconstruct topics into smaller sections so students don't become overwhelmed. Also, I like to find ways to make the material relatable to students.

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Biochemistry Grad offering expert help in MCAT, Biology, Chemistry and Academic Coaching

My goal is not just to help students with specific subject help, but to teach students how to approach their studies in a way that is more effective. I hope to that with each lesson, my students feel more confident in their abilities to not only tackle current hurdles but take on future ones.

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BioTech Tutor Teaching Biology With Some Technology Added in the Mix. Cells.

Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology BS at University of Hawaii Manoa Cum Laude. Teach with individual learning in mind. Accommodate learning times and subjects. Flexible schedule. Active learning and participation in lessons. Students have fun while learning. Learning for future use or passing a class, tutor experience is positive.

(1 review)
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I have a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and provide online or private lessons in Honolulu, Hawaii, to high school and college level students in Microbiology.

I am passionate about science and interested in helping students improve their understanding in Microbiology. The basic knowledge of Microbiology is what I would like to help you achieve. I enjoy getting creative, use mnemonic devices, your favorite song, etc...

San Francisco
(1 review)
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College grad with BA in Cell and Molecular Biology offers biology tutoring to middle school, high school, and college students in San Francisco.

I am a college grad with a BA in Cell and Molecular Biology. I patiently adapt my teaching style depending on the student's learning style. I believe in using kinesthetic methods and real life examples and analogies to help with mastery of difficult material.

Milford Charter Township
(3 reviews)
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Medical Student that started college at 14yo with a multitude of subjects to teach you!

I make sure above all that what I am teaching is both clear and simple, no matter how complex the subject may be! I like to make things fun so that each lecture is unique and never boring.

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Biochemist with 7 years experience teaching and tutoring in the life sciences!

I am a biochemist with a passion sharing my love of science with others through teaching. I have experience in teaching high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Throughout my years as both an instructor and a tutor, I always tailor my instruction methods to best fit each student.

Sugar Land
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College graduate offering high school & undergraduate level tutoring in Biology and Chemistry Courses!

My teaching method involves breaking down larger concepts into smaller, more approachable topics. I present each topic through multiple teaching styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) in order to reinforce the material and to accommodate all types of learners. I also find great value in connecting the material to real-life examples.

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Medical student with 5 years experience tutoring in all of the hard sciences, mathematics, or writing.

Personally, I always cherish and appreciate the opportunity to help guide students in realizing their abilities and potentials already present within them, as well as, guiding them on their academic journeys', in "learning how to learn.

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Former PharmD student turned Embalmer in South Jersey Tutors Biology/AP Ad Nauseam

My teaching method is a combination of repetition and real-life examples. While I want students/peers to read their material thoroughly, I can also allow them to view "textbook situations" through "real life" examples.

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Cell Bio, Biology, and Molecular Bio: A UC Riverside Bio Student's Passion

I can give lessons to undergraduate students and below. The following is a general outline. If you need help on a lecture, or book chapter: 1. Review lecture/chapter. Isolate what you do and do NOT understand. Write questions down (This will give you more bang for your buck). Of course, I can still try to reteach your lecture, if needed. 2.

(1 review)
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A passionate biomedical engineer graduate teaching varieties of Biology in DFW, TX

I have two different aspects in my teaching. First of all, I like to see your method of learning. After the trial class, I try to design classes and/or tutoring tailored to your method. Secondly, as mentioned in my profile, I want to know why you want to study biology.

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Need a tutor for Biology ? Biotechnologist offering Biology lessons in Denver . Let's learn together.

I am interested in applying for this position to tutor kids . I am currently teaching Science in North Middle school , Aurora. I have student teaching experience on the third- fourth-, and sixth-grade level, in both suburban and urban school districts. I have extensive tutoring experience in a variety of fields. I have tutored in subjects like science for children of all ages .

Jersey City
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Prepare for Medical//pre-Medical/health sciences from a biomedical professional with college and high school teaching experience!!!

I am a teacher for college level courses in Biology and Microbiology. I have taught undergraduate courses in Community Colleges and Universities. Presently, I also teach high school Environmental Science and Scientific Research. I use several different ways of teaching content depending on learner types that I understand through a survey.

Park Ridge
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Pharmacy School Student giving Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology of all levels

My name is Simon Jubrail and I give lessons from highschool level all the way to college level classes. My lessons range from Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and biology. I’ve used studying methods to teach my classmates that works greatly.

Ballston Spa
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Biology educator gives lessons to middle and high school levels in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Fun and enthusiastic educator with a bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Education, who loves working with middle and high school level students. Lessons vary based on students specified needs, and goals for each topic, and include various means of learning information, from textbooks, current events, videos, and even personal experiences.

1st lesson offered free !

Ivy League Graduate with major in Neurobiology and minor in History gives lessons to anyone from middle school to college. Entry level bio to high level neurobiology, and any history, near Reading, PA

I am an Ivy League graduate comfortable teaching most biological subjects and levels, as well as history. My lessons are centered around developing an understanding of the fundamentals behind a subject, so the student can then extrapolate those to broader ideas. I am a patient and thorough teacher, who can adapt to a student's needs and learning style.

Port Arthur
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Career Student in Biology tutoring grade school students in Anatomy and Microbiology

My name is Vicki Green. I love Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology. I have 105 semester hours at Lamar University-Beaumont. I was excepted in the Nursing Department in 2008 but was diagnosed with a brain tumor and did not complete my degree. I will train you in the techniques to easily learn and pass Biology courses online.

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Biology Tutor for Middle/High School students available in Southern Delaware. Flexible Hours

My name is Erin White. I am a student at Salisbury University studying Biology and Secondary Education. Biology and Teaching are both subjects that I am incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about. I am offering tutoring services to elementary, middle, and high school students in the field of Biology.

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College instructor tutors in Biology courses at middle school through college level

B.S. in Chemistry and Biology, M.A. in Biology. I have approximately 15 years experience teaching and tutoring at grade levels from middle school through college, including adults returning to high school. I can work within a guided independent study or provide more structured lessons. Also have experience with the PCAT and MCAT if you need test prep help.

Colorado Springs
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Biology made easy. Post Graduate in Biotechnology with around 4 years of experience in R& D ready to give lessons in Biology to the middle school students.

I am a post-graduate in Biotechnology and willing to give lessons to Middle school and High school level students. My lesson structure is designed to help make even the difficult concepts easy but at the same time challenging the students to think out of the box. It will surely increase the curiosity of the students.

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Research scientist with Master's degree in molecular biology tutors high school and college students in Buffalo

I have a master's degree in molecular biology and I was a teaching assistant at UB while I was receving my degree. I taught Genetics and Biochemistry labs. My style of teaching is to put biological concepts into simpler terms so a basic understanding of the topic is reached.

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MGR Graduate Biology & Physiology Tutor with 2 years teaching experience in Austin, TX

I've completed my Bachelor's in Dental Surgery from Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai-INDIA. I've a 2+ years of teaching experience in Dentistry subjects, including Biology & Physiology. To start with new students: - I actively involve students in their own learning, - promote student discussions -Help students learn science in interesting and enjoyable ways.

1st lesson offered free !

Ph.D/M.D offering basic, advanced, and pre-med science Tutoring in Phoenix, AZ

I am able to work with high school students and up. I like to structure my lesson plans in a flexible way that allows for the material needed to be covered in a comprehensive way. Initially I like to discuss areas of concern with the student and create a plan that focuses on the needs of an individual rather than trying to get through an entire syllabus or all course curriculum.

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