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Experienced SQL, Reporting and Analytics Tutor for IT Professionals or Beginners, REMOTE/Sarasota

Some of the positions I held while earning my degree include: an academic instructor, IT department head, network engineer, solutions architect and business intelligence developer. I have built networks (virtual and physical), designed websites, written C# and VB.net applications and taught certification tracks. I understand that learning is an ongoing process.

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.NET Developer and former High School and College Teacher, offering professional training and instruction.

I have spent my career in IT in the Lead position on projects, and offer instruction from the very basic to the highly complex issues, dependent upon the needs and understanding of the person being instructed, including elderly end users.

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Banking Business Analyst 8 year experience offering tutoring in basic computer skills and information systems.

My method is engage, I look at the material that needs to be covered and after a basic analysis of my student(s) ability to understand the material I teach the lesson and a very effective way to the student(s). I will use different scenarios and examples to even creating a simple game for them to learn profoundly the subject matter.

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College student looking to get some experience in teaching, have a certificate in Microsoft office

-I can adapt to any situation, I know how what styles work with students and what don't -I like to bring a sense of ease to these sometimes difficult and frustrating topics -Computers are my forte, I promise if you stick with me, you will learn to love computers and how to excel in word ;)

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Heavy software, database and development background with active background in soccer coaching.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy Teaching at the university level requires a mix of solid theory along with a clear and concise application of those theories. Students at this level should be expected to apply and interact in a manner that helps them succeed in future use; however, the professor has the responsibility to teach with patience and clarity.

Donna jeanne
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Software Technical Support Analyst with over 20 years experience offering software support training.

I enjoy teaching students the skills that they will use on a daily basis. I teach in easy to understand terms and share the knowledge I have acquired and have used for many hears. I listen to each students needs and address their needs directly.

Newport Beach
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Computer Programming Wizard 35+ Yrs experience - VB SQL Access WordPress ; am an active blogger

I approach each topic by first evaluating the student's current understanding of the subject and proceed to build on that baseline knowledge by building a real world application that can be deployed on the internet, or local platforms. Grades are given but the proof of learning is determined by whether or not the deployed project works.

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Need help building a computer? I have build Several and i would be more than happy to help you build one for yourself.

My philosophy is with hands on you get the real feels and you get to see and feels what is going on. I don't really like lectures when it comes to teaching i honestly feel they make the student lose interest in the subject.

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MySQL 101 - Learn how to install, configure and use the MySQL database.

My teaching method varies based on the needs of the student and the material. For many of the computer classes you will have access to a web based server to apply the material you have learned. The labs are designed to reinforce the material.

Las Cruces
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I can't teach you EVERYTHING about databases, but I can teach you a LOT

I like to lecture, then do exercises, so that the students get both forms of learning. You will have some homework to do, but not too much that you can't get it done. We can tailor the classes to exactly what you are interested in learning.

White Settlement
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Certified Teacher, looking to help as many people as possible in advancing their education!

I love teaching and really miss working to help people advance in their education. I believe in making learning fun and creating activities that are based on an individuals learning style as I know that everyone learns differently.

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Computer Information Technology MS_Access, MS_Office MS_PowerPoint, WordPress, HTML, Computer_security, Linux, Windows 10

I am a Cyber Security professional. I hold a MS in Cyber Security Technology. I work as a Professor of Computer Information technology at my local community collage. I use Labs and live video conference to provide a hands on learning environment.

Culver City
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Engineer teacher offering Introduction to Modern Database Systems lessons with 14 years of experience

Knowledge of Relational Model and object-oriented design skills Knowledge of Case Tools (Enterprise architect, startUML 2.

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Degreed Accountant (BA) with 33 yrs experience--the last 10 of which were heavily MS Access related--wishes to help teach newbies or low-experience students some practical uses of MS Access database w

I like to speak with the student via Skype/video chat while sharing a live screen of the actual database with the student, allowing the student to watch my approaches and pass the keyboard back and forth so as to emulate the steps I have shown them--so that the student can see all of the action in real time as we speak back and forth over the audio stream.

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Over 19 years of proven Information Technology experience in software and hardware support

My teaching method is always understand the customer while resolving the issue as quickly and correctly as possible.

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Computer Programming Grad, 4 years exp. Offering lessons to teach you basic concepts

My teaching method is one on one, and I apply my skills and knowledge toward every individuall

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Basic Computer Literacy - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and general computing knowledge including tips and tricks.

My methodology is quite simple. Find applicable ways for students to understand what i am teaching. For example, something we all know and have had a hold on is receipts. So to explain a real world use of Microsoft Excel, i would create a little 4 item database and show exactly how the transaction is done from the time you scan an item is done to the point where the final total shows.

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IT professional with over 20 years of experience providing insights and knowledge for technology of all types.

Lot's of people struggle to understand the technology around them, I'm one of the people that enjoys teaching others about that technology, helping them to love it too in the process. I'm patient and willing to listen to those that I teach. I like to make sure that folks understand the topics that we are working on.

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DBA with bachelors degree in computer information science offering tutoring in basic computers and database technology (SQL) to students of all ages.

I believe in hands-on learning. I guide students through database creation and development, but let them do the actual work, since, in this field in particular, you can’t truly learn it until you do it. I am patient and believe in positive reinforcement rather than negative.

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Software Engineer with 8 years of experience gives IT/computer science tutoring in Worcester and surrounding cities

I am an experienced IT/Computer Science Trainer. I give lessons to those who are interested in applications development and also college-level students who are interested in going beyond what they are taught in school. My approach is lecture notes presentations, practical demonstration and coached participation and then assignments to test what has been taught.

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Learn from a professional with, SQL, Excel, Access, etc, located in Washington, DC

I share my expertise which I developed over many years in systems management. I can help students learn concepts and practical applications for Excel and SQL compliant databases such as MS Access. I'll help you work through your assignment/ project.

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Computer programming and databases tutor for SQL, Computer Information Systems, C++, and HTML. With around 2 years of experience of tutoring.

My teaching method is to build confidence in other to achieve their goals. My main goal is to teach rather than do the work for them. I would like them to be confident enough to do the next assignment or chapter by themselves with the techniques I practice or know of.

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"Engineering student offering Core Java and Database lessons online with 4 years of experience"

Mostly I will be teaching via PowerPoint presentation or from prepared teaching Document. There will be 45 mins class and 10-15 mins for revision and discussion. As per academic course I will manage my course guide and explain one bye one topic. If there is a practical subject , I will also explain each terms with programming example.

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Basic teaching of computer use if not tech savvy in this fast pace world

Patient ,Fun, and Informative My teaching method is pretty informative,but fun at the same time . Starting from the basics of how just about any operating system works or either demonstrating the manner to use a software package, phone,and etc.

Little Elm
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Software Trainer & Solution Provider in Dallas with more than 25+ yrs of corporate experience

I bring 29+ years of IT experience with working knowledge several Software’s. Lessons are available for following levels: Primary to Advanced students.

(11 reviews)
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Databases - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(1 review)
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Database Design of On Line Transaction Systems in SQL is a key strategic, integrative skill beyond programming. I can make this learning journey fascinating, exciting and passion igniting for you!

Real world, real world, real world application balanced with academic rigour and strategic guidance with tips for assignment and examination success.

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Database courses. I offer you database courses. I am a computer engineer

I am an engineer in computer science I propose of courses of support in Math and Info. I am patient and above all always listening. I always reassure myself that all the concepts have been understood before going to the next step.

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Experienced database expert offering to help with MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 related task

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

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Data Scientist with 20+ Years of Experience working on Microsoft Access and Automation using VBA Macros teaches online on Skype

My Teaching Techniques are simple and practice-oriented. We will do a lot of practice when we learn new concepts and then once we are confident, we will move to the next topic. Structure of Classes depends on the topic we are discussing.

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