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San Jose
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Stanford PhD with 10years experience offering Biology lessons San Jose all ages and SAT

I am a full time scientist who loves to teach. I have a PhD and have been studying biology for almost all my life. I am good in English and I base my teaching on simplistic views of the natural world, something beginners can relate to and find interest in. I am experienced to teach Biology M and E to SAT students.

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University of Cambridge PhD in Biochemistry Wants to Make you a Biology Wizard

I received my BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK and my PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge. During my education I studied a range of sciences including Math, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Physiology, Anatomy, Cell Biology and neurobiology. I currently teach students for AP Biology, Chemistry and Psychology 1-to-1.

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Medical student offering biology lesson online with 8 years of private tutoring experience

i have been a visual learner with a short attention span, so when i started tutoring i made sure to keep it short, fun to study and very visual. i mostly tutor premed or highschool students but younger students are fun to work with as well.

Hickory Hills
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Science Tutor with 8 years of experience, a MA in Biology, & a Professionally Licensed

I have the ability to explain concepts in a number of different ways depending on the needs of my students. After 8 years of teaching I have come across many different students and taught to a variety of different ability levels (from special education to honors). At my disposal I have visual aids, power points, analogies, worksheets, and mnemonic devices.

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I am student pursuing IBDP, I have taken and passed the AP biology exam and am on my 3rd year of advanced biology. I am currently taking IB Biology HL yr 1, so you can easily say I LOVE bio. I am very

I like mindmaps, flashcards, analogies, I often use diagrams in my own notes and like to write summaries on the topics I’m learning, memory training, bullet points, google slides, working with apps, brainstorming, open-ended questions, discussions, YouTube videos

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Biologist giving Science lessons in Math, Biology, and Chemistry in Savannah, Georgia

I'm a recent Biology graduate looking to give lessons in all of the middle and high school sciences and undergraduate collegiate biology coursework. My methods mainly consist of guiding the thought train through relevant material and solidifying concepts to help students reach their capstone potential.

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BioTech Tutor Teaching Biology With Some Technology Added in the Mix. Cells.

Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology BS at University of Hawaii Manoa Cum Laude. Teach with individual learning in mind. Accommodate learning times and subjects. Flexible schedule. Active learning and participation in lessons. Students have fun while learning. Learning for future use or passing a class, tutor experience is positive.

College Park
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Experienced biology/Chemistry specialist gives lessons to all levels in College Park, MD area

I am a biological scientist who give lessons to high schools and lab technicians. My teaching methodology is lecture based as well as tutorial instruction (Personalized tutorial), whereby an individual student is helped to strengthen what he/she doesn't understand. I also include study assignment method, which I believe help a student to keep studying for more understanding.

San Francisco
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College grad with BA in Cell and Molecular Biology offers biology tutoring to middle school, high school, and college students in San Francisco.

I am a college grad with a BA in Cell and Molecular Biology. I patiently adapt my teaching style depending on the student's learning style. I believe in using kinesthetic methods and real life examples and analogies to help with mastery of difficult material.

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Need help with your biology SOL in Yorktown, Newport News, Gloucester, or Williamsburg? I have a BS in Biology & Chemistry, and a Masters in Microbiology, and can help you pass!

I am a former high school biology teacher who has taught SOL material. I know how challenging it can be, so I am here to help. I can break down difficult concepts for you in a way that you can grasp, using various methods to teach you, such as hands on activities, lab experiments, videos, or on location learning.

Jersey City
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Biology graduate student with 5 years tutoring experience in Jersey City/New York

I provide lessons to all levels and ages of students. Most of my clients are high school and college age and need help with a range of biology and hard science classes. I personalize every one on one session and try to help students feel comfortable and confident. In group settings, I try to address all concerns in a time efficient manner and use lesson plans geared towards that individual class.

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Recent graduate offering biology lessons and college prep help in Hampton Roads

I tutor in general biology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, and college prep. I tutor the way I learn best, acting as a resource to allow my students to apply the knowledge they have while facilitating growth. I am understanding of frustrations in learning hard sciences (I had more than a few myself) and am always willing to cater to the needs of the individual.

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Biology masters student offering Science, English, and SAT (Reading, Writing) lessons in New York

I have perfected various study skills that have helped many of my students with efficient uses of their study time. I not only base my lessons on the subjects required for students but also various methods on how to study for specific subjects.

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Enthusiastic educator with 11 years of experience offering lessons in various life sciences in the LA area

I am a public high school life science educator. I have been teaching for the last 11 years and tutoring for over 15 years. I have taught well over 2,000 students in my classroom and tutored hundreds of students over the years.

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Cell Bio, Biology, and Molecular Bio: A UC Riverside Bio Student's Passion

I can give lessons to undergraduate students and below. The following is a general outline. If you need help on a lecture, or book chapter: 1. Review lecture/chapter. Isolate what you do and do NOT understand. Write questions down (This will give you more bang for your buck). Of course, I can still try to reteach your lecture, if needed. 2.

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Molecular Biologist working on translational research gives Biology classes with more than 10 years of experience

I am a Molecular Biologist, currently working on cancer research. I teach students ranging from middle school to college. Each class is structured to grab students' attention and involvement with different activities and examples taken from real life. I want my students to be completely involved in the topics we are covering.

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PhD candidate offering lessons in Biology in the Greater Springfield, MA region.

My name is Priya and I am currently finish up on my PhD from UMass Medical School. I graduated with Honors in Biology from Mount Holyoke College in 2009. I have been teaching and mentoring since 2008 and more recently I have an Adjunct Position at Becker College teaching Anatomy and Physiology.

Jersey City
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Prepare for Medical//pre-Medical/health sciences from a biomedical professional with college and high school teaching experience!!!

I am a teacher for college level courses in Biology and Microbiology. I have taught undergraduate courses in Community Colleges and Universities. Presently, I also teach high school Environmental Science and Scientific Research. I use several different ways of teaching content depending on learner types that I understand through a survey.

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I am a Neuroscience PhD with 12 years of chemistry and molecular biology tutoring experience. Excited to teach at the high school level in the SF bay area

I recently received my PhD in Neuroscience from UC Berkeley. Almost everyday during my 10+ years of laboratory research I’ve had to confront and understand difficult concepts. I’ve developed techniques for understanding these concepts quickly and I have a passion for teaching chemistry and biology theories to others.

Saint Robert
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Certified Secondary Science Teacher of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth&Space, and Electronics in South Central Missouri

I use inquiry techniques to help students learn science concepts in their own way. Of course, content is important, but students of today will be exposed to new knowledge that will replace what we think is fact. Students must learn how best to learn and discover these new topics.

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Biology tutor who love loves loves science and loves teaching kids about how the body works

I graduated from high school in 2017. I am now in college and studying nursing. In high school I was part of a health professions academy and graduated with a CNA and Phlebotomy license. I have taken honors biology, ap biology and know lots of anatomy and physiology. I am now in college biology for my nursing major.

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Ivy League Graduate with major in Neurobiology and minor in History gives lessons to anyone from middle school to college. Entry level bio to high level neurobiology, and any history, near Reading, PA

I am an Ivy League graduate comfortable teaching most biological subjects and levels, as well as history. My lessons are centered around developing an understanding of the fundamentals behind a subject, so the student can then extrapolate those to broader ideas. I am a patient and thorough teacher, who can adapt to a student's needs and learning style.

Kings County
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College Biology Tutor with a PhD in biomedical sciences and cancer research experience

I am a cancer researcher. I have hands-on experience in various fields of biological sciences, and I try to convey this experience to my students using real-life examples that students can relate to. This makes learning more relatable and enjoyable.

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Ph.D. in biology with 10 years of experience tutoring and teaching can help students of all levels with their biology classes

I have doctorate in biology and have taught a number or college courses in the biological sciences, including general biology for majors and non-majors, genetics, conservation biology and environmental science. As a private tutor I can provide individual assessment of students strength and weaknesses and tailor lessons to student specific needs.

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Researcher in Cancer biology gives Cell biology, Molecular biology, Physiology and Biotechnology lessons to all school & collage levels

I am a full-time researcher at a Children's research hospital in Memphis, USA and I love teaching biology to children at mid/high school and also at college level. I teach these subjects using real life/practical problems. I would like to spend my evenings and weekends to teach children/adults who are struggling to understand the concepts in Cell biology/Molecular biology/Physiology.

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Personable and patient Midland, TX Biology tutor with B.S. and 3 years experience,

I am a 26-yr old graduate of Baylor University with a B.S. in Human Biology and 3 years of experience with both in-home and in-center tutoring. I have learned how to consider the individual needs of students while implementing proven instructional methods.

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Former substitute teacher with degree in fisheries ecology gives biology lessons to middle and high schoolers in Liberty, Texas

I have a B.S. in Fisheries Ecology. My background is strongest in biology and ecology but I am confident in my ability to educate in any subject that is needed. I work with all grades in middle and high school.

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Research scientist with Master's degree in molecular biology tutors high school and college students in Buffalo

I have a master's degree in molecular biology and I was a teaching assistant at UB while I was receving my degree. I taught Genetics and Biochemistry labs. My style of teaching is to put biological concepts into simpler terms so a basic understanding of the topic is reached.

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Medical Laboratory Scientist in Northern Virginia offers tutoring in biology and related disciplines

I have previous experience tutoring students in general biology at Northern Virginia Community College. My approach to teaching is to ensure that my students understand the bigger picture first before getting bogged down in the details. How I approach that goal will vary from student to student, since everyone has their own unique learning style.

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Microbiologist With 10+ years of experience gives lessons at home in Folsom , CA

My teaching method is to prepare lesson plans and materials for each student based on their academic goals. Create worksheets and practice tests to prepare students for weekly tests. Identify the needs of the students and adapt the course content and delivery style to meet their needs. Assist with homework and other class assignments.

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Perfect! With all of my heart, I recommend Dr. Lorenzo. I was confused with my seminar paper and he helped me a lot with it. He gave me simple and clear explanation for all the points and made it easy to understand. He's very smart, qualify and...

Shouq, student
1 year ago
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