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Kansas City
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Sociology (with Cultural Anthropology emphasis) Student offering cultural lessons in Kansas City, 2 years of teaching experience, 5 years of sociology experience.

I have always taught in a hands on manner. I typically use a lot of games, current events, and local experiences to help the students learn. I find it is best to forge a connection with my students and understand how to teach them based on their feedback.

West Palm Beach
(3 reviews)
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A current history teacher in Palm Beach gives tutoring in all social studies subjects!

My teaching methodology revolves around finding similarities in the past and applying it how it affects our lives today in a manner that is engaging to the student. In addition, my curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking as it is vital not only to the study of history but to living in an age of distraction and misinformation.

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“Great Books” tutor with experience engaging in intense writing and discussion on ancient, world, and US history.

When it comes to teaching and tutoring History, I generally adopt an approach that blends recall with Socratic inquiry. This back and forth, in which the tutor maintains an intense discussion with the student, allows that student to come to their own conclusions about difficult works, and to communicate those conclusions in clear, articulate responses.

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Education should not be in the four corners of the classroom it should be online

I teach social studies I am a graduate in political science I have units in teaching right now I'm working on my masters in special education presently I am working in one of the county the largest in Maryland as an assistant teacher

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Post Graduate in Christian Studies with 10 months part time tutor in University

I taught M.A. Christian Studies Distance Education Students.

East Wenatchee
(1 review)
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Future history teacher willing to help anyone who is need of help

I am a graduate from Wenatchee Valley College. I am currently attending central Washington univieristy. I am a history major/education major. I am half way done with my bachelors degree. I can't wait to be a teacher to help students and others.

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Neuroscientist with 25 years of experience offering simple to complex Psychology tutoring

It will depend upon what your goal is for tutoring help and we will decide together whether we need a textbook, a set of readings from the Internet or a set of films or popular books which give one impression of what happens after a stroke or other brain injury and how the real world patients are different.

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College graduate in criminal justice/sociology willing to tutor in and around Erie county

I can develop a teaching method that works for the individual I am teaching. I can be hands on or go by a textbook. I can teach effective study methods for future success in any class, not just the one we are focusing on. I am extremely patient and won't get frustrated with you for not catching on right away.

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Experienced psychologist and social science tutor ready to help you earn an A GRADE.

I offer guides to writing tasks, by showing the student what to do, when to do it, and where to do it. This, of course is dependent on how fast the student grasps the concepts. I approach different students differently.

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History grad offering tutoring for writing, history, and civics in the Boston area

My experience with writing, history, and civics is best suited to high schoolers and early college students. I took a number of AP courses in high school, and am well suited to tutoring for DBQs and other AP Test styles.

North East
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Learn about yourself! I teach Psychology, English, and personal growth studies.

I provide instruction to individuals or groups to those interested interested in understanding the word in which we live. We focus on theory and how it related to today's changing values. We read, we research the net, we discuss, we share opinions and personal stories.

Fort Wright
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Special educator with 23 years of experience in helping students reach their greatest human potential through academic instruction using their preferred learning styles and interests.

My teaching methodology is very distinct. I first build a student learning profile and use the data I gathered to create unique and differentiated lessons specific to the group of learners assigned to me.

Elmwood Park
1st lesson offered free !

I am very caring, highly qualified type 3 and 9 Special Needs teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

I have a Masters in Educational Leadership. My teaching techinques is to find what level the student is at & teach the lesson at their level so the student will be able to grow. I am a very caring pers, who is willing to listen.

St. Augustine
1st lesson offered free !

Political Science graduate offering social studies lessons in St. Augustine to all ages!

I approach each topic with an open mind and I encourage as many questions as possible! A non-biased opinion is key to teaching. This allows students to feel comfortable and unafraid to ask questions while learning topics covered throughout history and structures of government.

1st lesson offered free !

Sarasota Fl. Experienced Social Studies teacher, Christian Counselor, Life , Behavior Skills instructor 22 years

My approach to teaching/ tutoring is the concentration on the individual learning who they are (self image) and becoming comfortable with that person. When we understand ourselves it is amazing how fast we can learn whatever it is we want to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Christian educator History teacher in newark Ohio area with 5 years teaching experience.

I use visual aids on the computer as well as the textbook, and allow students to ask questions about historical figures, events, and key events. I give quizzes and tests from the materials learned, as well as pop quizzes from the section reviews to test students' knowledge in the subject. Students are responsible for their homework and note-taking, as well as the section reviews/chapter reviews.

1st lesson offered free !

Griffin History teacher ready to help. I am a graduate student in education. I am looking forward to working with you.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I taught United States and Global History. You might be thinking "boring" but it can actually be fun. I teach from the perspective of video games and drama tv shows with exciting plots. You will learn history and a little about the characters that have shaped it.

1st lesson offered free !

Master Social studies,History , Government teacher who will help you bridge the gap between frustration to Master. YOU CAN DO IT!!

I am a graduate of Howard University in Washington DC. I am an experienced educator and tutor who believes that ALL STUDENTS CAN LEARN. I utilize a psychological approach to help students overcome an mental barriers to learning. After which we dive in a using a proximal learning technique I help students gain greater understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Analytic Philosopher specializing in Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Feminist Philosophy, and Social Political Philosophy.

My teaching style is primarily derived from the Socratic Method. I utilize flipped classroom activities and discussion to develop student understanding of a topic. With groups I prefer starting the conversation with think-pair-share exercises, which I then use to develop discussion and debate among students.

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“When I talk to other stroke survivors, I make sure they know that they have to take control of their rehabilitation, and that there are therapies and new devices out there that might help them. Next, I tell them to never give up working on themselves, because you never know what will develop in the future. I know firsthand that it takes time to heal.

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Theologian, Sociology and Religion instructor for Tutoring available for all related subjects

I emphasize a personal learning style that uses many examples for the students to grasp difficult topics. The lessons will progress slowly as needed but then cover all topics accordingly. I will work to provide relatable examples but ones that ensures the student is learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Educator with History and Political Science Degree and Teaching Experience in Both Offering Tutoring to Children of ALL AGES

I will teach and tutor children and adults of all ages, from the time they are in 1st-2nd grade all the way through 12th grade. Typically I open up with 1-3 warm-up questions either about a topic we are about to learn about and study, or a topic we reviewed the previous lesson. These questions are meant to be fun and get the student excited. Afterwards, we dive into the lesson itself.

North Richland Hills
1st lesson offered free !

Texas Educational Agency Certified Social Studies teacher with 10 years of experience

My teaching method is student centered, meaning that the student needs come first. Each lesson starts out with a question or quote to bring into focus the topic of the lesson. The biggest thing you will take from each lesson is the relevancy of that historical event to our current time period.

1st lesson offered free !

Private tutor in the Livermore area with experience helping children, teens and adults develop critical thinking skills in the reading, writing and speach/debate of english, history, politcs, etc.

Learn how the student learns, empower students to feel confident in their abilities, relate the subject matter to their personal experience, help them to organize handouts/asignments/reading etc and ultimately get the student familiar enough with whatever is required of them so that they can continue their studies independently of a tutor.

1st lesson offered free !

History teacher with 17 years classroom experience in Columbus, Ohio. If you thought History was hard or boring.... I think you might just be in for a pleasant surprise.

I have a very interactive teaching method. History can't be taught (and truly enjoyed) without two way dialogue and a thoughtful conversation of the times. I believe the "why" of how things happened is the way to understand "what" things happen. I've taught students grades 6 through 12.

1st lesson offered free !

History certified teacher with a life long passion for teaching York PA

I enjoy using a wide variety of techniques teaching. My military background comes to play at times as I interact via the use of stories in the direct instruction format. I also enjoy leaving information for you to fill in the blank as well.

Delray Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Live in Boca Raton and have a Bachelors in criminal justice with experience in teaching history

I am a recent college graduate and would like to give lessons to those who are in second education. I am organized and the lessons will be teaching in accordance to the students.

1st lesson offered free !

Communications educator with a range of experience and training for building social skills, executive functioning, ESL, public speaking, academics, and other communication driven skills.

I enjoy learning about and with students to meet their goals starting at their level. I believe in building strengths and curiosities, while ensuring learning is fun and geared toward individual student interests to meet short term and long term goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic History and Secondary Education major offering lessons with 5+ years experience

I am a firm believer that students only have one chance at a substantial education and, for that reason, they must be given the opportunity to thrive and achieve to the best of their abilities.

Mary ann
1st lesson offered free !

History lover who actually lived some offers tutoring services from Binghamton NY

I base my assistance on making the topic interesting and relevant to students. History or literature comes alive when it is taught from the perspective of the people involved, not in boring details or analysis. Lessons are good only if they remain with the student and they will not remain if they are boring. So, I try to make the topic come alive.

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