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North Bergen
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Responsive and creative math and SAT Prep tutor with 10+ years experience in Greater NYC area

I instruct students in grades 5-12 in math content classes and SAT Prep in reading, writing an math. I individualize my teaching strategies based on students' existing knowledge, needs and learning style. An initial assessment of relevant topics provides me with the information necessary to target specific content, skills and strategies.

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Friendly and patient teacher with over 4 years of experience with various ages

My teaching style includes a lot of collaboration. I want the students and I to find what's most beneficial and effective for learning.

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Psychology major offering pieces of their brain, philosophy, ethics and life lessons.

I try to teach analytically, it is important to think outside the box for a resolution. I try to tie all of my lessons to those that are experienced in real life, textbook memorizing does not help retain the information.

Fort Lauderdale
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Social Science educator with 5 years experience offering tutoring in multiple areas

I think it is important to relate the topic to real life ALWAYS. I believe in educating then modeling then allowing the student to demonstrate their understanding. It is okay if you don't understand something right away, the worst thing a student can do is to give up. I will be running the race with you.

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Psychology Tutor looking to pass on knowledge of 10+yrs educational experience, online tutoring only.

Since this is a tutoring platform my methodology of teaching is primarily Q&A. Anyone requesting information on the subject of psychology I would strongly advise him/her to research any information obtained here as well as outside sources. I want the person(s) learning from this platform to create a reputable basis each time new information is gathered.

Elmwood Park
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I am very caring, highly qualified type 3 and 9 Special Needs teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

I have a Masters in Educational Leadership. My teaching techinques is to find what level the student is at & teach the lesson at their level so the student will be able to grow. I am a very caring pers, who is willing to listen.

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High School/College Instuctor for 30 years loves to teach History @ home

A graduate of Arizona State, Ashland University & North-West University I teach many course on US & World History. I use many audio-visual aids, movie clips and documentaries to augment my lessons. I teach with passion, historical context and a desire to help students learn how to think.

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Doctor Dave at your service, history is my forte at your call

I have a two masters degrees and a doctorate in history. My bachelor's degree is in history and my masters is in library science and history. I went to college and graduate school in the New York City metropolitan areas.

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Online published PhD tutor in philosophy (logic, history of philosophy, philosophy of education, political philosophy)

University/college students are preferred. My method of teaching is Socratic but requiring students to read assigned material before interaction. Students must have a desire to learn (love of truth), instead of merely pursuing a degree. Favorite philosophers of mine are Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, and Marx.

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Analytic Philosopher specializing in Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Feminist Philosophy, and Social Political Philosophy.

My teaching style is primarily derived from the Socratic Method. I utilize flipped classroom activities and discussion to develop student understanding of a topic. With groups I prefer starting the conversation with think-pair-share exercises, which I then use to develop discussion and debate among students.

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Philosophy/Psychology graduate offering assistance to those struggling in those courses, Tucson AZ

My teaching methods are more "one-on-one" but I have taught to groups before. I prefer to isolate the heart of the issue, while working with my students at a pace that is comfortable for them, and bring us to enlightenment.

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Theologian, Sociology and Religion instructor for Tutoring available for all related subjects

I emphasize a personal learning style that uses many examples for the students to grasp difficult topics. The lessons will progress slowly as needed but then cover all topics accordingly. I will work to provide relatable examples but ones that ensures the student is learning.

Queens County
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Doctor of Philosophy gives ethics, philosophy, and logic lessons to students and professionals.

I am an experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and special education. I teach in one-on-one and group settings with lessons customized to the needs of the student(s). My lessons are interdisciplinary and taught from a historical perspective whenever applicable. I am an approachable teacher who welcomes student interaction and argumentation.

North Myrtle Beach
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Dedicated, experienced educator offering lessons in history for grades 6-12 in Horry County, SC

I am a SCDE certified teacher with more than a decade of experience teaching social studies/history at the middle and high school levels. My focus is in literacy, and I am devoted to teaching rich, rigorous lessons to my students that deliver content and at the same time improve reading skills. I encourage creative, independent thinking that allows students to use their own style of learning.

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Philosophy, Ethics and English teacher for primary, secondary or university level courses.

I teach each session by assessing what the student needs and teach from where they start. I believe everyone can learn, one only needs to try.

(3 reviews)
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The best humanities, political theory, English, and writing tutor in the Treasure Valley area.

I currently teach political philosophy and cultural studies (anthropology) to middle and high school students. Through current events like the September 11, 2001 attacks, and pop-culture topics such as the Golden Era of Animation (think WW2 era Looney Tunes), I ask students to think about and reason through the subtle nuances and themes of each topic.

Voorhees Township
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I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Bryn Mawr College, and a Master's degree in International Relations from Columbia University. I believe in education that is good for all.

My methods are based on the principles of simplicity and a thorough understanding of teaching topics with enthusiasm. I try to bring a sense of humor to the session in play. The lessons will be according to the time period set by the employer, i.e. you.

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Recent graduate from graduate with a Masters Degree in Holocaust and Genocide studies. Also a Bachelor's degree in general History. Also has interned at the Morris Museum and in the Kean University ar

I approach each topic by relating the historical event or figure to a modern or recent event or figure in order to create a sense that what has happened in the past relates to the present. I believe that this will help the student relate more towards the subject if they see that history can affect them.

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Reforço particular em Geografia para alunos do ensino médio e fundamental na cidade de São Paulo na zona sul De São Paulo

Olá tudo bem? Me chamo Eduardo Romania, professor de Geografia para alunos de Ensino Médio, Fundamental e é para adultos. Onde minhas técnicas de aulas são de acordo com o horário do Aluno, da instituição, aulas totalmente dinâmicas, Com maiores eficiência em criações de aulas bastante modernas e de acordo com o perfil do meu Aluno.

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A passionate student of history who will make learning fun and exciting

Talk with the student, identify their most important learning style. Implement a lesson that fits their style, while teaching concepts that they will remember.

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Brown University PhD Candidate offering individual and group tutoring in philosophy, logic, ethics, political theory, etc.

I'm a philosopher who is passionate about what I study. To me, philosophy and philosophical logic are ways of thinking cleaning (a kind of 'mental hygiene'), as well as a path to figuring out the best way to live. I firmly believe that learning about philosophy can improve students both as critical thinkers and as people.

(1 review)
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Instructor of History/Political Science/Writing tutor/general knowledge guru seeks to help struggling students.

When I'm working with students, I believe in fostering a challenging, engaging and relaxed atmosphere for learning. I work with students of all ages and backgrounds, cultural identities, traditional and non-traditional students.

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Social Worker with 20 years of experience gives philosophy lessons at home

I have a Masters in Social Work. But my faith is central in my life. My passion is to educate the young and the young at heart because they still have the willingness The techniques that I like to use are more interactive. Less structure. My characteristic as s teacher and My methodogy of teaching is interactive and explanations. There is a collective level of wisdom.

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Certified Teacher in Houston Texas for EC through 6th grade, certified in Louisiana as well. I tutor online or in my home.

My Master's Degree is from Warner University. I majored in Education with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction. My Bachelor's of Arts Degree is from Louisiana Tech University, I majored in Merchandising and in Consumer Affairs. I have been teaching for 15 years.

Palm Coast
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Doctoral Student Offering Ancient Greek History, Creative and Essay Writing, and Literatures

I base my pedagogy on the Quality Teaching methodology. Unless otherwise directed: Assess, build action plan together with proximal goals, and reminders, timeframe compliance structures, and move through the process again (iteration) as scaffolding knowledge for the next subject or continue building knowledge through the steps concerning the same subject parts.

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Certified ED South Carolina Teacher in Florence, South Carolina with 9 years of experience would like to be an academic tutor to those students in need in any grade from 6th to College in the subject

I adjust my teaching methods to my students needs. I do not believe one style fits all. We all learn differently. My goal whether the learning style be visual, auditory, kinetic, is to tailor it to bringing out the best potential to my students and assist them to be productive and college bound.

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Seasoned educator holding BS and MS of psychology, sociology, English, history, esl, from canton, ga

I am an educator as well as a Psychotherapist. I received a B.S. in secondary education and M.S. In psychology and counseling. I am licensed in the state of. Georgia and was previously licensed in the state of Alabama as a LPC. I taught high school level psychology, sociology, criminology, English grammar, and history in the states of Florida and Alabama.

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Philosophy prof and SAT scorer with 20 years experience gives philosophy and writing lessons.

Professor of Philosophy and a scorer of ACT/SAT essays looking to help folks improve their understanding of philosophy, logic, critical thinking, ethics as well as help to improve writing skills for exams, quizzes and tests for high school, college, ACT/SAT.

Ormeau Hills
(1 review)
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Religious Educ, Theology/ Humanities, Thesis: An inspirational tutor/coach /mentor, passionate to teach & inspire students. With a PhD (cand) /ongoing research, up-to-date with current practices.

(1) My Attitude & Approach is reflected in my welcome word to each student: Keep Strong & Focused And Please Say With Me (x3): I CAN DO IT! Here’s Why. Any Academic Problem Is Resolvable And Is One Step In Time Into A Future Just Ahead Of You; So Bright & Colourful That Your Crunch Time Will Not Last. So, Stay Strong & Very Courageous.

New Delhi
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Student with two Master's degree in Social Policy and Sociology from Delhi School of Economics & London School of Economics

My teaching method is to simply every topic and write what is required in a concise manner. This is the first time I am teaching any class. I prefer to teach Sociology to class 11th and 12th CBSE BOARD.

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