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American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer offering online / in person training and workout programs.

A healthy lifestyle is important to me. However, if you don't want to be coached and/or won't take coaching seriously, do not waste my time or yours. I WILL help those that seek knowledge. I will design a personalized training program, and it will be your job to complete it. I will also be giving you nutritional help and macro guidance (something you will learn to love).

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Fitness Professional with M.S. in Exercise physiology provide fitness tips and strategies.

My methods is very simple, talk with you and find out what you like and dislike about fitness and provide recommendations based on science and your preference for you to be on the straightest path to reach your goals. Lets talk and go over how I can help you achieve your goals with my tools and resources.

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College Cross Country Athlete with leadership skills and knowledge to train others in any areas of fitness or distance running

11 year season athlete with training and mentor ship by a division one college coach. Will lead athletes in training from start to finish. Must have a good attitude and be willing to work hard. Workouts will be structured weekly and depend mainly on what your goals from this program are.

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Certified Personal Training (NFPT) looking help students build solid muscle the safe way!

Muscle building is a complete science. You must assess your clients needs and train them successfully to meet their goals through progressive resistance training. A lean person needs to be trained a very different way from a person overweight.

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Professional fitness trainer of six years experience working with a hugely diverse clientele

My teaching method consists of learning what my clients are wanting to achieve, what is holding them back from their goals and the deeper, more internal motivation that will help them not only achieve their goals but maintain them and find what individually works best, not just a cookie-cutter approach.

Howard leenard
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ZenDiesel Movement, Fitness Training, Weight Losss, Nutrition Coaching. Train at home and reach your goals.

With over six years’ experience, Howard Leenard has evolved into a teacher whose guidance transforms clients into the greatest version of themselves. He absolutely loves sharing his passion for fitness with clients. His method is dynamic and wholistic.

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MIAMI Fitness Coach with 10+ Years of Experience in LOSING FAT and GAINING MUSCLE with 30-Minute Workouts

I like to use quick workouts and provide you with a diet plan that's flexible and easy to follow. You will learn how to get the body you want and maintain it until you're 80!!! This is what I believe in and hope to transform in people's lives.

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Fitness instructor with a Bachalors Degree in Exercise and Movement Science. Professional MMA instructor 5 years. Everything fitness with a bit of Science.

My teaching of classes is unique. I like to be interactive with my clients to help provide feedback to insure they getting the best education from my teaching. I cater to your needs if it is visuals, text or demonstration videos. I provide it all. I will provide you with everything you need to succeed. If your goals are to lose weight or build muscle to medical reasons to work physicals.

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Professional bodybuilder with an Exercise Science degree, that manages a staff of 10, and loves helping people succeed!

Strength in science. Every subject that is taught properly, basis the information passed down on previous studies. The same goes with the human body, we are all just biology and chemistry. Therefore what I pass down is based off of actual studies that pertain to the subject matter.

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Functional Fitness: For Humans, for the CNS, Improving Bio-mechanics and Behaviors, Eliminating Chronic Pain0

I have recently attended a thirty-two hour workshop giving me certification to teach about human biomechanics, fix posture, compression and malalignment, and improve the human gait cycle. These goals allow for "strength" and "flexibility" to become secondary as the exercises respect human-biomechanics; it makes people truly fit, eliminating the probability of injury and actually eliminating pain.

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Bachelor's in Exercise Science. Fitness Training/Strength conditioning. Swimming Coach/ Javelin Throw Expert

I am a student at The University of South Alabama (Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science) University of South Alabama (Master's program of Exercise Science Currently enrolled) Graduate assistant for the aquatics program at The University of South Alabama. Lead learn to swim programs.

Pembroke Pines
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Health and Fitness Coach ready to accomplish your goals to better health

I first do an interview to know what the person wants to achieve and plan a 4 to 6 month program. We would meet every two to four weeks to follow up or can also become a personal trainer.

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Fitness Instructor offering body toning excercises DC or will come to you

My teaching method is tailored to your toning goals. Whether you are trying to tone up, shed a few pounds or just be active on a flexible basis I've got you covered. I can travel to you or you can come to me.

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Master’s Degree Fitness & Sports Coach w/Professional & Collegiate Athletic Training Experience

-Indiana University Bachelor’s of Science -University of Texas Master’s of Science -ACE Certified Personal Trainer -CETI Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist -Titleist Certified Gold Fitness Professional -10 years experience Personal Training -5 years experience Strength & Speed Coaching -Basketball, Soccer, Football, T&F, Tennis, Golf, CC, etc.

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Ex-pro athlete offering personal training sessions at your home, gym or outdoors nearby Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach areas.

The methodologies are based on a holistic approach to help you achieve your fitness and health goals 10X FASTER. The short and highly effective personal training sessions are designed to fit into your work and life schedule. Time and accountability is no longer an issue.

Eden Prairie
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A teenager with years of experience and loads of knowledge located in Minnesota

I like to teach people in person, I like having a student who is open to new ideas and is willing to listen to my advice. My teaching will be specific and take quite a bit of determination if you would like to see results8.

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Athletic Training coach with over a decade of experience helping 100's of clients reach their fitness needs!

My training methods shift to meet the needs of my clientele and to whatever method allows them to retain the most from each session. My goal is not only to teach you how to properly move your body, but the science behind why your body moves the way it does.

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Fitness trainer with a passion and drive to not only transform you physical being but also your inner being. Fitness transcends what's physical and enhances the mental. FIRST 2 CLASSES FREE

My routine consists of light lifting with more reps , and emphasis cardio vascular exercises. Muscle toning exercises focusing primarily on your core. For those who are trying to gain muscle I have various leg routines. Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfection.

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer with extensive knowledge and experience training in Sacramento

I tend to follow the "Tell Show Do" principle.I explain every thing in simple language to the people I train.By following this approach they know from A to Z about what they are doing and will be doing in the sessions to come.

Riverside County
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Former College Track Runner/ Kinesiology Graduate Wanting to Help Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

My teaching methods is to encourage people to enjoy their work outs while they are putting in the work. Exercise is hard and it's difficult to get motivated sometimes, but I want my classes to feel more like a hobby where they see results.

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I am an undergraduate at Indiana University studying Fitness Management and Personal Training with a tremendous passion for seeing others achieve their fitness goals!

I approach each individual on an individual basis and start by assessing their current fitness levels and their fitness goals. From there I collaborate with my clients and together we come up with realistic workouts with a realistic time frame in mind to reach their goals.

San Antonio
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Exercise Physiologist and certified trainer giving lesson in nutrition from San Antonio Tx

I am receiving a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. I have 150 college hours dedicated to Human Sciences. I hold an American College of Sport's Medicine Personal Trainer certification, a Crossfit Level 1 Certificate, OrangeTheory Fitness Certified Coach and am about to receive A certificate from the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise physiologist.

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AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University

I base my classes on high energy, strength, and cardio. I generally focus on keeping you moving, boosting your endurance and elevating your metabolism! My stretch classes focus on being able to relax and unwind, as well as improving range of motion and reducing muscle soreness. My seniors class is targeted for ages 60+. We work on being able to increase their range of motion and muscular strength.

San Jose
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Professional with 25 years experience with Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine

I currently provide training for individuals and couples. I design a workout, rehabilitation, and/or fitness program designed specifically for you and your needs. Not only do you receive the program but you'll learn how to do it properly.

Climax Springs
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College Athlete Helps Create Targeted Workout Routines to Be Your Best You

I create workouts based on goals. Shedding stomach fat requires different exercises than wanting to be able to run 3 miles. I use exercises from my college's athletic training department, past workouts from other coaches I've trained under, and information that I have learned in my physical education courses.

West Palm Beach
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Fitness coach with kinesiology graduate degree and over 10 years experience offering health/fitness lessons

I give individualized workout plans that will center around your own fitness goals. I work with each person on an individualized basis. I will give you all my attention so you can reach your goal. If you are not happy with your goal, I will do all I can to make sure you reach your goal without you failing.

Spring Lake
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Former Army Ranger ready to get you in shape for the summer

I spent 10 plus years in the United States Army. I am a former Ranger, and certified level 1 Crossfit trainer. I enjoy helping beginners to change their lives and get in shape.

San Francisco
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Aprende y Conoce todo sobre la ganancia de la fuerza hipertrofia muscular fuerza-potencia tonificación muscular

Mi metodología de enseñanza de basa en ser analítica sintética que parte desde lo más básico a lo más complejo siendo una de las mejores formas que conlleva a grandes resultados de aprendizaje

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Customized Fitness Training in Tucson! All Ages and Abilities! Join Now!

Consistency and focus are key. No two training programs are the same. My clients receive customized and personalized training that meets their schedule and abilities. If my clients are motivated and determined, they will see amazing results.

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Get in shape today with a professional trainer, who holds multiple certifications and has a bachelor's degree. Located in Naples, FL!

I am a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Exercise Physiologist. I hold a degree in Exercise Science from Springfield College. I have been a personal trainer and working to help people improve their health and wellness since 1999. I like to sit with my clients and understand what your goals are and what your concerns are.

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