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Colorado Springs
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Composer and performer, with over 20 years of experience teaching, providing lessons in music theory, guitar, reading music, composing, and vocals.

We accept students of all ages and levels. The lessons take place at my studio in Colorado Springs, or if you are not local then I do provide lessons on Skype as well. We do group lessons for younger children (3-5 years old) to learn the basics of music. We also offer group lessons for grade school age children as well.

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Music and literacy lessons for young children kindergarten to fifth grade in Chicago!

Each lesson is unique. I work with the student and guardian to decide what topics we are going to learn. I want to fulfill both the needs and wants of each student and guardian while working on topics I know a student should learn.

San Francisco
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Brazilian Singer degreed in Music Education, more than 10 years of experience.

My methodology is: enjoying while learning! In the SINGING LESSONS, through vocal exercises and repertoire formation, we'll seek to unveil your own voice and explore its potentialities. Singing promotes a deep perception of the body and puts the individual in contact with their emotions.

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Professional Harpist and music educator with 40 years of experience gives Harp lessons, Flute lessons and music theory lessons at home.

Experienced Harpist and music educator with three degrees in music education and over 40 years of teaching experience, providing private and small group lessons for students studying Harp, Flute or music theory. Multiple performance opportunities in an ensemble, and as a soloist.

Los Angeles
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Never is too late, learn VIOLIN! Beginners, Intermediates, Kids, Teens or adults!

I like to teach always thinking in my students and their needs. First I have to be sure that they have a solid musical foundation of and possess the knowledge needed to read notes or do other musical things. If that doesn't exist, then don't worry! Don't panic! I'll teach you! I'm not so structured and strict, because I think learning process into new things shouldn't be so frustrating.

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College student willing to provide a basic understanding of music application and theory (as well as academic tutoring)

MUSIC TUTORING: My main goal with teaching music is to provide a basic understanding of music theory to beginner musicians. Topics such as understanding written music, basic harmony and musicology, and incorporating that knowledge with music that people enjoy listening to today. My teaching style is quite relaxed, but still structured and focused.

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Master in Music gives lessons: Stringed instruments, Singing, Reading, Theory. Edinburg, TX,

Music lessons for all ages. Certified Suzuki Teacher, more than 10 years of teaching/performance experience. Bass, Voice, Theory, staff and chord reading. Degrees from universities in Brazil and in the US, has experience teaching classrooms, music schools and private students.

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Singer/Songwriter multi-instrumentalist seeks to pass down skills to eager students. 20 yrs experience.

My teaching method is to teach the basics in an individual way per student. I find early on what the students best method of learning is and I teach them in a way they can access the information easily.

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Multi-Instrumentalists combines all influences to teach foundational music principles from a varied and intriguing point of view

I prefer to use life experiences as a way to show students that music is not just a past time hobby. Music is what you do everyday, you just have to choose what instrument you want to do it with.

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Having issue with your MUSIC, PIANO PLAYING, CLARINET? I'm the one, always available to help you with pro methods, a 12years experienced CONCERT PIANIST and CLARINET PLAYER in PHILADELPHIA.

I'm a music major high school student, who have played piano for 12 years and mastered the music theory and solfeggio, with a different method. I will help you to find the answer to your problems, using methods and daily practice methods or specific practices and help you to improve skills. Also, I will help you to meet the requirements to be a professional musician using your skills.

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Professional Music Educator from South Carolina Looking to Help You in Your Musical Needs Now!

I am a highly qualified music teacher of all grade levels (ages 6-99 years). I love to teach, perform, and produce music not just for myself, but for others that share that passion! I've studied at two different universities (Francis Marion University and Coastal Carolina University) and have a Bachelors in Alto Sax and Piano and General Studies, and Master of Arts in Music Education.

Pico Rivera
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Multi-instrument musician with 10 years of experience gives music appreciation and individual instruction

I base my teaching on the Japanese Suzuki Method. Very similar to that of learning a language, repetition and memory are key, especially when dealing with young children that have a heightened ability to absorb information. I also encourage parental involvement through motivation and support, as well as combined lessons.

San Jose
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Music lessons in voice, piano and theory for all ages and levels

I offer lessons in music reading, theory, singing and piano. Used methods: Suzuki, Bastien, Faber, 24 Italian Songs. My education: degree from Conservatory of Music at University of Missouri in Kansas City. If you want to prepare for tests in piano and voice and auditions, then I would offer an appropriate advice for auditions.

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Professional Musician offering lessons - Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar

- A lifetime of real-world musical experience through recording studios as well as full time touring. - Utility player.

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Experienced gigging musician with 30+ years experience gives music, guitar and vocal lessons for people in Austin, TX and online

I started music by taking private violin lessons as well as classes in the 4th grade. I was active in church and school choirs for many years and played percussion in my Jr high school band. At the age of 15 I picked up guitar and within 8 months I had my first paying gig.

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Professional drummer with 12 years of experience offering drum and music theory lessons

I am currently a student at Berklee College of Music working towards a BA in music production and performance. I can help develop the technique of my students while building repertoire in a fun relaxed environment. I fine-tune my lesson plans to accommodate the interests and skill level of my students.

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Learn guitar today beginner to intermediate. Skype and in person lessons available

I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now I'm about to be twenty years old and I'd love to share the knowledge I learned over the years to less experienced guitarist to help them reach their musical dreams as I chase my own

1st lesson offered free !

Lifelong self-taught musician offering guitar and singing lessons in Pennsylvania to all ages

I firmly believe that everyone is their own best teacher. Music is a beautiful subject and should not be approached lightly. By teaching you music I will help you discover what your strengths are and allow those to guide you in establishing your own sense of rhythm (pun intended...

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Professional Singer/Songwriter offering classes in recording and music theory in Columbus, Ohio

I ENJOY teaching Children and Adults who desire to learn about Music. Whatever your age, whether you are a beginner or have had training in the past. . . and if you aren't afraid to make a mistake. . .we will have a great time together.

New York
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At Keykey's Productions you are Star Power. Let's Relearn, Relive, Re-Love Learning!

Quest to Find your Voice. In Keykey's Productions session, we explore learning, through performing arts techniques/academic games, combined with the spirit of the student(s). This is the atmosphere we promote, to rediscover the answers that a novice to advance student can use.

North Miami Beach
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Voice Teacher with over 15years experience performing around the world, brings lessons to your home.

I base my teaching on fun based learning. You want to learn the skills you need to make you a good musician, and you also want to have doing it. In my lessons you will learn: technique, style, song interpretation, stage presence, vocal dynamics and much more.

1st lesson offered free !

I took piano lessons for 12 years and love to share any knowledge I can! I also love to help with English and grammar!

I have no real teaching experience, but I love kids and I love helping people learn, especially the things that I love.

1st lesson offered free !

Proficient pianist skilled in teaching at the beginner-intermediate level for children 4-Adult. My main focus and area of expertise is teaching piano to students as young as four!

My teaching style starts in encouraging ways of introducing the building blocks in becoming a pianist. I like to focus on basic music theory, but also enjoy incorporating music games, interactive piano apps, and other supplemental materials into my students lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

High School student with 4 years of musical experience ranging from Music theory to Musical Instruments (including voice)

I am a passionate music student, i give advice and lessons to struggling people in my class, and to other students who are confused about music (Freshman - Seniors).

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

19 Y/O and I sound like an angel, affordable, empathetic, and can bring your kid to my shows.

Singing is not about your voice , it is understanding the anatomy of your body that allows you to sing free enough to find your own unique sound. Repetition means nothing if the sound is not genuine to the performer.

1st lesson offered free !

Hip hop enthusiast, 10 years experience with piano, works with music publishing .

My teaching methods are simple; understand sound, feeling and rhythm. Learn the basics, take notes from the past and identify the defining influences accordingly, create a solid musically foundation, know your approach, understand and master technique, develop a unique style, create/express freely and with love.

Daytona Beach
1st lesson offered free !

"Trills With the Piano" Fun beginners experience that really introduces you to the sounds of your piano / keyboard. Free introduction!

My classes are anything but boring. You will actually learn how the piano is made and about its' parts as well as tickling those black and white keys. During the first class, I will give you the lead to tell me what you want to learn and how much you may already know.

1st lesson offered free !

Touring bass guitarist and tutor with 8 years of experience in Atlanta.

My teaching method encompasses a wholesome curriculum. More so based around what the student would like to learn and how we can set the foundation to learn what they want. Lessons include unique scales, arpeggiations, structural harmony, basic music theory and so much more. Games, workbooks, songbooks are all used to get the most out of the lesson for the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Marching Band and Wind Ensemble Student can teach you to play the flute or even just to read music!

I give lessons to kindergarten to sixth grade students. I am funny, striving to be my best, fun all in one. I love teaching it is kind of in my blood. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and is fun.

San Antonio
1st lesson offered free !

Music Major with a concentration in Music Library Science. Been playing flute for over twelve years!

Music is such a fundamental learning tool for life. Over the past few decades music is slowly being cut from out education programs around the world.

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The younger a child, the more of a sponge their mind is. It truly is amazing how fast young children can pick up on a new skill, idea or activity. Children are able to pick up new skills and traits much faster than adults, which is why teaching a young child music early is extremely important. It can also help them learn more skills as they age. With the help of music early learning activities, teachers can provide specific lessons to the students who are interested in the different kinds of music. With the help of music early learning activities teachers, students can learn about these different styles of music, different instruments and even decide upon which musical instruments are best for them. From piano lessons to assistance from harmonica teachers and trumpet instructors, it is possible to learn a new instrument. Some students can learn violin, cello and others from a stringed instruments teacher as well. It all just comes down to what a child is interested in learning, thanks to the music early learning programs.