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Music and literacy lessons for young children kindergarten to fifth grade in Chicago!

Each lesson is unique. I work with the student and guardian to decide what topics we are going to learn. I want to fulfill both the needs and wants of each student and guardian while working on topics I know a student should learn.

North Miami
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Classically trained piano teacher will give lessons at your home or my studio.

I teach using the Bastien Books starting from beginners (if that's what you are) and working right through. If the student prefers another book. If the students prefers another composers' I can work with that. Most students do well using whatever course they decide.

El Paso
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Highly experienced/professional musician teaches ONLINE: Theory, Reading, Arranging. ENERGETIC & ENGAGING.

I have taught theory for years. BUT many think it is just a bunch of rules. THERE'S MORE. Through CONVERSATION, we will explore these concepts. We'll begin at your current understanding then journey together.

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University music graduate with 14 years of experience offering music theory lessons in Atlanta

I am a music graduate with a diploma in interdisciplinary studies, and I teach at all levels of music theory, from beginner to advanced. My teaching method is simple; I approach each topic at its most basic level. In that way, it will be much easier for the student to grasp each and every topic.

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College student willing to provide a basic understanding of music application and theory (as well as academic tutoring)

MUSIC TUTORING: My main goal with teaching music is to provide a basic understanding of music theory to beginner musicians. Topics such as understanding written music, basic harmony and musicology, and incorporating that knowledge with music that people enjoy listening to today. My teaching style is quite relaxed, but still structured and focused.

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Top music university graduate with 15+ years of experience gives various music lessons at home in Boston

My teaching method is simple - every person and every student is different. What might work wonderfully as a learning tactic for one student, could be the absolute last resort for another. So, I work on a student-by-student basis, designing lesson plans that cater to the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. I have worked with students as young as four, up through adults.

1st lesson offered free !

Award winning, Master Tutor, with over 40 years experience gives Woodwind Lessons, with a specialty in Clarinet, in Huntsville, AL.

My teaching method is adapted to the student's needs, goals, and requests. I work together with my students to formulate a learning program that best suits them, and we can alter the program at any time to give them the best learning/success oriented program possible.

Los Angeles
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Energetic singer/songwriter who wants to help teach others to build their musical skills

I base my classes on a few key things: warm-ups, technique-focused repertoire, and music theory.

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Professional guitarist offering music lessons online or in home in Atlanta, GA

I believe anyone can learn to play music! I did not grow up in a musical household but have adopted techniques through my years of education and touring to make music accessible to beginners and advanced students.

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Band director from Merced, CA with 24 years of experience teaching music to children including all School band instruments (brass, woodwind & percussion), drumline, colorguard, piano/keyboard, guitar,

My name is BJ Humpal. I have been successfully teaching music to children and adults in Merced County including the Merced City School district, the Weaver School district and the Merced Union High School district. Instruction will include an enthusiastic and educational experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Multi-Instrumentalists combines all influences to teach foundational music principles from a varied and intriguing point of view

I prefer to use life experiences as a way to show students that music is not just a past time hobby. Music is what you do everyday, you just have to choose what instrument you want to do it with.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Music Educator from South Carolina Looking to Help You in Your Musical Needs Now!

I am a highly qualified music teacher of all grade levels (ages 6-99 years). I love to teach, perform, and produce music not just for myself, but for others that share that passion! I've studied at two different universities (Francis Marion University and Coastal Carolina University) and have a Bachelors in Alto Sax and Piano and General Studies, and Master of Arts in Music Education.

Fort Worth
1st lesson offered free !

Guitar, Bass, beginning Piano or music-reading lessons at convenient times - Fort Worth area

Developed a classroom teaching style based upon identifying patterns by sight and sound, mastering those patterns and applying to new pieces. I base all lessons on Solfege and scales, chord structures and typical forms. I have worked in both large classroom, ensemble and individual teaching formats.

1st lesson offered free !

Classical Percussion Instructor; Front Ensemble Technician (Marching Band/Drum Corps); Fundamental Music Theory

I graduated from Greencastle-Antrim School District in 2013 and am currently a junior at Shepherd University where I am a music education major, k-adult with an emphasis in percussion. I am a well-rounded percussionist but much of my emphasis is in marimba performance. During my time at Shepherd I have had the pleasure of working with amazing percussion instructors, such as Dr.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Musician offering lessons - Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Steel Guitar, Bass Guitar

- A lifetime of real-world musical experience through recording studios as well as full time touring. - Utility player.

1st lesson offered free !

Flute Clinc/Flute Masterclass in Champaign-Urbana area, 20 years experience, customized per specifications.

For clinics and masterclasses, I will tailor the event according to requests of the requesting individual(s). If reinforcement of fundamentals is sought, that along with a QA session will occur. Or, students can come with prepared solos and will received feedback and instruction on how to improve.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

Credentialed Music Educator - Offering Online Flute/Saxophone/Ukulele/Music Reading Lessons to all ages!

Connecting with my students and being attentive to their learning needs is top priority. Each student brings their unique learning style, and I strive to fit my curriculum to best fit their path. It is of utmost importance for music material to fit the level of each student, so I often write, arrange, or change music to customize the learning experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Vocal coach with 2 years of field experience based in Harlingen, TX! Even though I have not finished my degree yet I hope you will take a chance with me to grow your voice together!

I am currently studying at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a degree in Music Education with a specialization in Voice. Therefore; I am able to teach Kinder-garden through 12th grade. I use a variety of methods such as visual aids, handouts, exercises and other outside material. Each student has a different teaching style and I take that into account.

1st lesson offered free !

Student offering music lessons with seven years of experience through high school

I am a junior in high school, but I have had a lot of experience involving music! When it comes to music, I understand that everyone learns a little differently, so I would create an individualized plan based on what would make the student most successful.

1st lesson offered free !

THE ART OF RECORDING From silence and a blank page to a commercially viable release.

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed a successful career in music, performing, recording and producing. As I expanded my interests beyond being a recording artist (Platinum Award) into production, non profit fund raisers and musical theatre, I realized that projects that gave back to the community, in whatever way, were the most satisfying experiences.

Daytona Beach
1st lesson offered free !

"Trills With the Piano" Fun beginners experience that really introduces you to the sounds of your piano / keyboard. Free introduction!

My classes are anything but boring. You will actually learn how the piano is made and about its' parts as well as tickling those black and white keys. During the first class, I will give you the lead to tell me what you want to learn and how much you may already know.

1st lesson offered free !

Creative and flexible Music Teacher with 5 years of private studio and classroom experience offering in-home piano, drum, clarinet, and theory lessons in the Indianapolis area.

I consider my teaching method to be traditional, yet creative and unique to the individual student, since each student's goals and learning styles are unique. I seek to make music fun and practical to students while still teaching them the fundamentals of music theory, technique, and history. I strongly emphasize theory and music reading.

1st lesson offered free !

Touring bass guitarist and tutor with 8 years of experience in Atlanta.

My teaching method encompasses a wholesome curriculum. More so based around what the student would like to learn and how we can set the foundation to learn what they want. Lessons include unique scales, arpeggiations, structural harmony, basic music theory and so much more. Games, workbooks, songbooks are all used to get the most out of the lesson for the student.

San Antonio
1st lesson offered free !

Music Major with a concentration in Music Library Science. Been playing flute for over twelve years!

Music is such a fundamental learning tool for life. Over the past few decades music is slowly being cut from out education programs around the world.

River Falls
1st lesson offered free !

College Graduat applies her degree in elementary education to enjoy teaching music.

I have my degree in Elementary Education with a minor in music. I build lessons around student's goals in what they would like to accomplish as well as their learning style and abilities. I do my best to set them up to succeed.

1st lesson offered free !

Cello Lessons for Beginners and General Introduction to Music Reading. All Ages Welcome! (Missoula, MT & Surrounding)

I have been playing the cello for 17 years and originally intended to study in college until I found my true passion, which lies in medicine.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Trombonist and Pianist, teaching lessons for 14 years, and now teaching band

My teaching methodology is based on the individual's mind set. I believe that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it with great discipline. With great words of encouragement, and patience, I work with students to find a common ground between myself and their classmates.

Toms River
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Saxophone player with 9 years experience offering private lessons in Central New Jersey

I am extremely passionate about music! I believe all students need a solid understanding of rhythm reading, scales, and basic theory to truly master their instrument. I enjoy encouraging students to read and break down difficult pieces to grow their confidence. I also would focus on proper technique, such as correct Embouchure and alternate fingerings, to develop a solid base for all students.

China Grove
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Patient Friendly Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Music: Liberal Arts. Currently Teaching Guitar, Piano, Bass and Music Theory for all ages. I have taught 6 adults 3 High School Students and a Coll

I Teach Guitar, Piano, Bass and Music Theory for all ages. I start with the very basics and I try to teach little things in between that my students will pick up on in further lessons. I even wrote a silly fun song in college for children who are learning the open strings (notes) of the guitar to drive the lesson home. It has small Dr. Sues feel to it.

1st lesson offered free !

Music minister graduate of William Carey University offering music lessons to all ages

My teaching method is taking it slow and steady. As a student begins to understand basic music, the lessons can become more complex and interesting. I don't want to push people to hard because music should be something that you love-not just another class.

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