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Piano lessons from beginner to pre professional, highest quality of musical education

My only teaching method is that I only care about developing the most natural technique and musicality. I don’t stick to any “methods” because teaching piano requires the most flexible and individual approach while keeping the highest standards of education no matter the age or current level of the students.

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Highly-experienced, award-winning, Russian-trained pianist & organist offers top quality lessons in Knoxville in a fun and stimulating environment. Students of all ages and levels are welcome!

I was born in Moscow, Russia. My mother was a piano teacher and started me playing at 4. I studied at the legendary Moscow Conservatory with Victor Merzhanov. In the US, I won the Houston Symphony Ima Hogg Young Artist Competition and debuted with the Symphony performing Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto. I earned my Bachelor's of Music at the University of Houston.

New River
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Piano, Organ Keyboard Lessons for all ages and levels. Quality music lessons with 30 years of teaching experience. I am located in Phoenix, AZ

I have studied organ and piano since I was 9 years old. I graduated from MCC in McHenry, IL with a focus on piano and theory. My training is classically based. I write music for my students as well as prepared and arrange songs for my students in the level they are in. My students pick the songs they want to learn.

New York
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Experienced in teaching beginner - Advanced! Master's Degree in Music Composition with Piano Concentration.

My training in piano started from when I was 5 years old. Since then, I continuously took piano lesson and have had performed on the stage as well. I continued my training in piano until the end of my undergraduate at the University of Hartford under David Westfall, Paul Rutman, Susan Cheng and Grace Smith.

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Berklee full-tuition student who are willing to offer piano and music theory lessons at Boston

I'm currently enrolling Berklee College of Music undergraduate program (with full scholarship), and this is my 5th semester. I mainly teach Jazz piano, and music theory (both Jazz and Classical). My uniqueness as a teacher would be a huge amount of resources and examples that I can offer you during classes.

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College Student in music gives piano and/or singing lessons to beginning and intermediate students online

I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Music Education. My primary instrument is voice, but I have 12 years of piano background. I am offering piano instruction online for beginners, instructing in playing the piano as well as general music knowledge (such as reading notes on the staff, writing music, basic music theory).

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Private Piano Teacher with Diverse Style Ready to Come to Your Home in Miami

My teaching method is based on the child but is, for the most part, a classical curriculum which dives into music history, theory, technique, performance and repertoire. My goal is not for you to have to drag your child to each lesson but for him to develop a new appreciation and passion for the beauty of music.

Los Angeles
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Conservatory trained pianist with over 10 years of educational experience, will teach at your home.

I believe in a flexible manner of instruction responsive to age, personality, ability, and background of each individual. I have taught students with autistic and minor learning disabilities and have learned to be flexible in terms of methods and materials I use, as well as expectations and goals for each student.

Garden City
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Cocktail pianist of over 25 years teaches how to get women with piano music.

I am a jazz pianist and composer. I teach each lesson with a simple to understand, chord and ear training methodology. Vocals and lyric making are only added when a student displays enough competence in piano mechanics and sound structuring.

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Music Therapy graduate student offering piano lessons in Boston with 13 years experience

I am currently working towards my master's degree in music therapy and am a professional singer-songwriter. I am a Berklee College of Music alumna, and I have been playing piano for 13 years.

San Francisco
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Unique piano lessons with Ukrainian concert pianist in SF area. We use individual approach and teach life skills in a setting of a private and group lesson

My teaching methods are unique, because I approach every student individually. I believe there is no set approach to every individual and only through thorough examination of each student’s needs and learning skills we can find a way to make them learn something in a positive and loving way.

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Published/licensed piano teacher in his mid 20s offering lessons to students of all ages

Graduated from Montclair State University. I studied piano privately for 14 years and have been playing for 20 years total. I studied classical and jazz with a world renowned pianist for many years but identify as a contemporary/fly finger player.

Saint Paul
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Pianist of 13 years offering lessons in Minneapolis/ St. Paul for beginners!

My teaching method is to have an understanding of basic music theory and the understanding of the grand scale. What each note means and how many counts to hold each note. Music will involve some basic math. Each student will start off with the Teaching Little Fingers to Play Book by John Thompson with an exercise book, A Dozen A Day Book 1.

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Piano tutor for the very beginner to music and/or piano in Fresno, CA

I believe that every person has the capability of learning something new or improving his or her skills in any subject. It is my job to facilitate that by providing knowledge, skills, and insights I've gained along the way to help these people succeed in their academic and/or extra-curricular goals. I try to establish a connection with the student by getting to know them and their personality.

Coral Springs
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High school student with 12 years experience offering piano lessons to all ages

I approach each client with an openness to teach what it is they want. I know that learning any instrument requires thousands of hours of concentrated work and a ton of self-motivation and, in my experience, students that aren't interested in the music won't have that motivation.

Saint Bonifacius
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Don't live too loud, play piano! Piano is my forte!!! (Haha, get it?????)

I am currently a junior at Crown College. I have taught piano for about two years now, primarily with beginner and intermediate students.

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With music lessons, because there are so many different facets involved–such as memorizing, expressing emotion, learning about musical interval and chords–the multidimensional nature of the experience

I was born in a musician family. My parents are opera singers for 30 years. Since I was 6 I studied music in conservatory. After I graduated from university i studied my second major which is Early Childhood Education. My students are starts playing and reading perfectly in their first 3 months.

San Jose
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Music lessons in voice, piano and theory for all ages and levels

I offer lessons in music reading, theory, singing and piano. Used methods: Suzuki, Bastien, Faber, 24 Italian Songs. My education: degree from Conservatory of Music at University of Missouri in Kansas City. If you want to prepare for tests in piano and voice and auditions, then I would offer an appropriate advice for auditions.

Boca Raton
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Professional drummer for over 20 years gives lessons and music theory in your home or my studio

I studied classical percussion and drum set for many years, attending an Arts High School and continuing on to college. I can make learning drums, percussion and music theory fun and easy. Whether it's for school or solos, we can do everything.

New York
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Piano Lessons with a Professional Concert Pianist and Experienced, Dedicated Teacher!

My typical process for working with a student includes teaching music fundamentals: Hand Position, Scales (various types), proper basic technique (playing with correct posture, wrist motions, arm relaxation). From the first lesson I develop skills in music theory and train in playing with a steady beat and an accurate rhythm.

Webster Groves
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Pianist and entertainer offers piano, keyboard, and guitar lessons in Saint Louis, Missouri

I like to assign no more than three pieces. I believe in quality, not quantity. I also supplement with rote pieces to make the assignments more interesting and varied. I try to make the lessons fun and entertaining, which maintaining a level of challenge.

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Concert Pianist with more than 20 years of experience teaching private and group lessons (Piano,Music Theory)

I believe in teaching music not just "piano"; Learning music should not sound too technically challenging or analytical unless if specifically needed by an advanced student; I also believe in learning to play an instrument you learn a lot of things through doing it; the job of the teacher is not to overwhelm the student by "information" but rather to be a corrective but actively engaged observer...

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Piano Lessons in NYC - Professional Jazz Pianist and Tutor with 10 years stage and teaching experience

Every student is very different and has individual strengths and needs. I believe a student needs strong guidance and clarity, but I like to include my student's taste into my the decision making process. Learning how to play piano is a lot of work. Ultimately, I like the learning process to be as rewarding as the results.

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Concert pianist/piano teacher with 20 years of international experience.Teaching at home studio in Gilbert.

I teach beginners and advanced students of all ages,have experience teaching children with a special needs. My approach to teaching is fun and nurturing,making sure that students have a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of music,while encouraging their own creativity and aural skills.

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Professional singing, piano, folk guitar, and songwriting teacher, 22 years experience, offers lessons to all ages in Austin, Texas and online via SKYPE and FaceTime all over the world

Singing: By combining many disciplines (including my KRI certification in kundalini yoga), I have developed my vocal technique, "Yoga for the Voice," which gives each student a personalized vocal tune up each time you sing.

Linda bates
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Piano teacher with 30 years experience teaches at in- home piano studio in SE Olympia/Lacey, WA

My students are taught through method books until a level 3 is reached and then may continue on either a classical or recreational pathway. Music theory is included in lessons as are exercises and scale work. Sightreading and ear-training skills are also developed. I am not a competition teacher, although performance is encouraged and many opportunities are provided on an optional basis.

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Experienced Guitar/Piano Music Teacher Located on Chicago's Northside in Rogers Park Area

My lesson plans are geared toward the individual interests of each student. However, each student will learn from me how to play music with and without sheet music. Often sheet music can be unavailable to the student, and show I give them the tools to play music by ear.

American Fork
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Pianist with 3 years of teaching experience - Utah County charging $35 a month

I love to teach piano. I am a patient teacher with many ideas on how to incentivize students to practice and enjoy learning to play the piano. I prefer teaching from Alfred's Lesson Books, but am able and willing to adapt if you or your child has already been learning from a different series.

East Lansing
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Concert Pianist/Collaborative Pianist with 13 years of experience gives piano lessons in East Lansing, MI

My teaching schedule is 60 mins lesson for Adult, Intermediate and Advanced Level (10-15 mins of theory class, if students needed) 45 mins lesson for Young, Beginning and Intermediate Level (15 mins of theory class, mandatory) 30 mins lesson for the very beginning level (5-7 mins of theory class, mandatory)

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced keyboardist in Rockville,Maryland gives piano lessons at home to all ages

My teaching approach is to use fun analogies and to ask questions to make sure the learner understands. I am very patient and will work with every student at their own pace. I always give students time for questions to make sure they understand the concepts.

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