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Singer, pianist, and composer with Master's degree offering music lessons in Massachusetts to all ages

I give music lessons to students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability. Whether you have never sung before or are preparing for a professional singing career, I have the knowledge and teaching experience necessary to shape your lessons to fit your own personal needs and goals.

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Having issue with your MUSIC, PIANO PLAYING, CLARINET? I'm the one, always available to help you with pro methods, a 12years experienced CONCERT PIANIST and CLARINET PLAYER in PHILADELPHIA.

I'm a music major high school student, who have played piano for 12 years and mastered the music theory and solfeggio, with a different method. I will help you to find the answer to your problems, using methods and daily practice methods or specific practices and help you to improve skills. Also, I will help you to meet the requirements to be a professional musician using your skills.

Los Angeles
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College music composition student with experience in singing and percussion gives lessons to any level in Los Angeles

I am a third year Music Composition student at UCLA able to give lessons in singing, drums and percussion, and music theory to any level of student from kids to adults. I am attentive and listen to the students wants and abilities in order to get the best out of the lesson times because I know what it is like to not get what you want out of a lesson that you pay good money for.

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Music composition student studying at Arkansas State University with 4 years experience tutoring music theory, composition, music technology, and electroacoustic music.

Each student has their own needs when it comes to learning. I'm prepared to give lessons in anyway that the student feels is their best way to learn.

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SAE Student offering Songwriting, Mix/Mastering skills and Music Consultations, with 3 years of experience.

As a grammy nominated songwriter, my teaching method is getting to know my clients personally. We will start by talking about the importance of bringing real emotions to connect with their song. We will discuss the topic of the song and connect it to their reality.

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Learn Music Theory to be able to analyze and talk about music in a whole new way. In the San Antonio area or online I am a fanatic about theory and love to share it with all!

I took a music theory class in high school and in my first year of college. My college shut down after my first year but I still love to learn music theory and practice it all the time. I didnt miss a single question in my theory class in college. I like to help walk people through what I am teaching and make sure they get the basics.

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Independent Tutor gives music lessons online and locally from beginners to advanced

I am an experienced music tutor who currently resides in Doylestown, PA. I enjoy tutoring elementary and middle students. I also offer music lessons for students preparing for college scholarships. I tutor Individual or group classes online by Skype or locally, in the home. I appreciate any approach to a method of teaching.

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Professor of Music and Music Theory in Tucson, Arizona with Learning Disability Certifications

Are you taking a music theory class or a music general education course that you cannot seem to wrap your head around? I work extensively with each student to find out what their learning style is first, then create custom lesson plans for each student.

Webster Groves
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Music Performer (Flute, Piccolo, Piano) with a background in Theory and Musicianship in the St. Louis area.

My goal is to structure each of my lessons to the individual student. As we work with each other, I will focus each lesson in the way I believe is best for each student. If a student is working on a new performance piece, I will incorporate aspects of Music Theory and Music History, so students may understand a greater depth of the music they are working on.

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Professional Musician, Specializing in Jazz Music as well as Western Classical Music

My teaching methodology is based on the individual. I believe any student can accomplish anything with a disciplined mind set. With such a mind set, we can functionally share and communicate ideas open to learning.

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Music retail manager with 5 years teaching experience, Musicologist that lives in Louisville

Teaching is simple with a willing student...I establish what the goals are with the student (what do you want to be able to do?) and then we work on attaining the proper tools to meet those goals. Then the obvious part...practice...

Kings County
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Learn to Understand and Compose any Style of Music with every Instrument

I like to teach experience based, and learning by doing. To learn to compose for an instrument in a particular style, me and my student will choose representative music where we can find examples and then try through imitation and analysis to create our own personal version.

Moreno Valley
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Guitarist with university education in music history and research, specializing in rock and metal subgenres

For anything related to music history, an in-depth outline is developed to create presentations with pictures, text, and videos to create a cohesive presentation to try to convey as much information without being too overwhelming. For anything guitar related, I work with guitar tab due to the abundance of people picking up guitars despite never having studied music.

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Cello teacher in Bozeman, Montana with 10 years experience, studied psychology and music in undergrad

I teach from a correct technique perspective and emphasis correct form as a primary building block. Music theory is a big part of my curriculum as well and studying music history is also encouraged.

San Francisco
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Orchestral student offering violin, ukulele, music reading and musicianship lessons in San Francisco with 2 years of experience.

I am a high school student and I give lessons to many younger kids, often ranging from elementary to middle school students. As for structure, I start with the basics: how to hold the instrument, some basic rhythms and how to read the music. Then I move on and advance into simple songs that eventually lead to the more difficult repertoire.

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Professional composer and pianist with 10 years experience gives lessons in IL and FL

My teaching method begins with the students particular interests. Whether a student favors jazz, classical, gospel, or hip-hop will ultimately influence my teaching approach. Also, the particular learning style of the student may determine if I first begin teaching the student music by ear or by paper.

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Saxophonist of 15+ years offering lessons in performance, theory, ear training, improvisation and jazz

My goal as an educator is to feel where a student is in on their path and to begin to offer them the next few steps on their journey. This goes for any subject.

Culver City
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Ph.D. in music offers lessons in music theory: harmony, counterpoint (modal and tonal), analysis and orchstration

I have a Ph.D in music composition, I am a published composer. I give many writing assignments as that is the only way one learns to write harmony and counterpoint: by doing it. I also teach style composition, that is, a student will learn to write in many historical (classical) styles.

Vernon Township
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Jazz and Popular music guitarist of 12 years, experienced in teaching field

I base my lessons around the philosophy, music theory and performance aspects. I believe the philosophy and theory cover the thought/formulation basis and the performance base covers the execution portion.

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Music Theory Fundamentals and More: K-12 level and Prospective College students welcome

I'm a college student in the music tech/composition field who has completed all Courses of Music Theory. I am able to teach all grades from K-12 as well as the college Music Theories 1-4. I will make my teachings variable to whichever level the student is at.

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Music Theory doesn't have to be scary or boring. In fact, it's FUN once you get the basics! And it's essential to the improvement of your art.

B.A. in Music Education & Performance. I didn't always love Music Theory, but once I understood the basics and was able to apply it to my performance, writing, and arranging, I fell in love, and I think you will, too! I scored a 4 on the AP Music Theory exam.

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Local Young Professional Musician Offering Lessons in Trumpet, Jazz, and Music Theory

My teaching style is personable, fast paced, and driven by creativity. My focus is always to concentrate on the expressiveness of the music and constructing the fundamentals necessary to truly explore music. My students also point themselves in specific directions. As a result, I get to enjoy exploring different genres and styles and learning new music alongside the students.

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Learn music with a Suzuki- and conservatory-trained musician with a decade of teaching experience!

My teaching is custom-fit to each student! Every student is different, so my approach is to assess what an particular learner needs, determine the way in which the student will best absorb new musical information, and proceed from there.

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Passionate Music Theorist - Self-taught to the highest levels. Learn theory with purpose!

I love music theory and composition. I analyze entire symphonies for fun. If you think BWV 846 is a manifestation of musical perfection, we should be friends. I study and explain things by actually hearing them and experimenting with them, never losing sight of what theory is really about.

El Segundo
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Classical Piano (and a little pop) LA South Bay and Westside at your home or my studio

I studied piano with Hans-Dieter Meyer-Moortgat in Germany and with Charles Asche in Santa Barbara. I have taught high school music, played for ballet companies and church services and accompanied singers and instrumentalists. Currently I perform at various venues in the LA area and constantly strive to expand my repertoire.

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Doctorate-Level Pianist giving lessons in piano and tutors music theory, music history

I am a pianist who completed her doctoral studies in piano performance and piano pedagogy. I enjoy teaching, finding solutions to problems, and experimenting with new ideas. My dissertation focused on the relationship between art and music and the influence of that synthesis on a compositional level.

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Music Theory Tutor gives lessons worldwide or in her home in Greenville, SC

My undergraduate was in orchestral instrument performance and voice performance. I am currently working on a masters in music composition. I love theory, but I have to work hard at it to understand it. Because of this, I can explain music theory well, simplify it, and help students grasp it.

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Singer and Cellist in Annapolis: Can offer private lessons in voice, cello, theory, music history, reading and ear training

I am first and foremost a teacher of theory. A lesson in music theory may come from study in a textbook, or it may come from performance. Consequently, in private performance lessons, I embrace theory-informed interpretations of music, and I encourage students to foster their own interpretations as such.

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Singer with almost 20 years experience teaching voice, music theory, and music history

I start with what the student already knows and build on that knowledge. Music is a labor of love. Along with the technique and theory, I teach the love of learning music.

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17 Years Of Experience Teaching Music To Students Of All Levels Of Experience

I enjoy sharing the amazing discovery of creating music and so in a fun and productive environment. Feeling at ease to make mistakes and grow is a big part of learning. I am patient and tactful with my students.

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