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History Major of GSU, Soon to Graduate Giving Lessons in Savannah Georgia

My teach methodology varies student by student. Everyone has their own style of learning: visual, verbal, and repetitive styles are more of my popular ones, along with applying the history in story style and/or in relevance to today's world. It depends upon the student.

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Need History or Classical History Help? Tutor in Philadelphia Metro area online!

Currently, hold a BA History degree with a minor in Classical Civilizations with graduate coursework in History. Pursuing teaching certification and MA in History, and later MA in Ancient Mediterranian Studies. Classes: U.S History to 1877, U.S History after 1877, 20th Century U.S.

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History Ph.D. (ABD) in Columbus, Ohio looking to provide history lessons. Specialist in Archaeology, Religious Culture, and Mythology.

My goal when teaching history is to teach my students how to ask their own questions about what happened in the past. I also want my students to come out of the class with the tools needed to evaluate other people's use of historical evidence. I put a large emphasis on research methodology.

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Recent MA Egyptology Graduate Offering Ancient History and Archaeology Lessons in Seattle

I am willing to provide lessons for any level and will tailor them to the individual. I am very flexible and understand that people learn in different ways, so the first thing we will do is develop a lesson plan that benefits you. This is not a classroom, so we have the freedom to learn in the way that makes the most sense to you.

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Artist with BFA/MFA, tutors art history, art-making, and more in & around Chicago

I am a friendly & patient artist and art history tutor working with students at all levels to help with art terminology, research, writing & editing papers, viewing art within cultural/historical contexts, artist mentoring, critical thinking, & art-making processes, like drawing, painting, mixed media & Photoshop.

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Recent graduate with Master's degree from King's College London tutoring in history and social studies in Erie

I have a Master's degree in medieval history and am capable of giving lessons in the humanities and reading comprehension. I am comfortable teaching high school level and older. My methodology can be flexible to accommodate a student's capabilities, and I am happy to tailor lessons around individual needs. I am a patient teacher with a keen eye for detail.

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Middle School Social Studies Teacher in Tempe that will tutor all ages

I enjoy inquiry based learning. By posing the learner a question, analyzing facts and sources, the learner can better process the topic. I structure lessons with review/warm ups, then content, and wrapping up with a meaningful ending. I am a well organized teacher that will be sure to monitor progress and check for understanding.

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Future teacher of Elementary Ed PreK-4 and Special Ed K-8 with a passion for History

I approach each topic with caution since I may not know the students current knowledge on the topic; however, I still believe in helping the student learn and achieve their best even if it means starting from scratch when it comes to the topic being discussed

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NJ university professor teaches college art history, philosophy, plus all levels ESL/English composition, ESL and philosophy online or near Westfield NJ.

I have a BA in philosophy and art history from Bryn Mawr College and the Sorbonne, an MA in art history from Yale University, an MFA in fine arts and film production from Boston University and a PhD thesis in art history and anthropology completed at UCLA and to be filed at the University of Oslo, Norway, in 2018-9. I also have an ESL credential and have taught ESL and English in S.

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College graduate gives History lessons to middle and high school students Denver

I give lessons to students, middle school through college, looking for help in various history related subjects. Lessons will be based off of current learning material. I seek to ask students questions that will lead them to deeper reflection on the historical content and its context in the time period. This will lead to a growth in critical thinking abilities.

Arroyo Grande
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4th Yr PhD Clinical Psych student. Can help with Psychology, English Literature & writing, some philosophy. Webcam is best. Located in Central Coast, Ca.

I have three degrees--two BAs and an MS and am a 4th year PsyD student in Clinical Psychology. I was a high school teacher for six years where I taught different writing formats and helped students understand complicated texts.

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Experienced teacher in writing and anthropology in Tucson, Arizona, demonstrates how to tap into your own writing potential.

College level writing teacher with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology identifies with student the obstacles and successful methods to his or her writing goals. Emphasizes writing about what the person feels passionately about. Elicits experiences and values that grasp the reader's attention and make writing meaningful.

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Strong, experienced tutor eager to help students who may need a little encouragement or just a different perspective on learning.

I don't have one specific method of teaching. I have a variety of different teaching styles to help students learn more comfortably. I know that everyone learns differently and therefore they should not be taught in only one way as it may not actually be helping the student learn the material.

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Enthusiastic Historian with a Masters in History from Northwestern and former TA at the University of Louisville available for tutoring!

I approach each and every tutoring session with enthusiasm for the topic and for teaching the topic to you! I try to be as easy to communicate with as possible and I make sure my classroom (virtual or physical) is a place where everyone can feel comfortable to ask as many questions as they need.

Palm Desert
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1st lesson offered free !

History tutor in Craig Colorado. Loves all history and loves all war history most of all!

I am a young tutor and can help solve any problem or help answer any questions that come up. I can offer any teaching method that works best for the student and don't believe in having only one teaching method.

Oak Park
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History major giving history and sociology lessons in LA with 3 years experience.

Hi there! I'm a history major who's helped friends, family, and fellow students with their history courses for the past 3 years. I mainly tutor high school level and below.

Queens County
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Recent grad with a bachelor's in history offering help in New York

As a 22 year old, I'm a true millennial with a love for old times. I can help with any level of history, whether it be college, high school, or elementary. To most people, history is just boring facts on a page from a time long ago. To me, its a story of how we as humans came to be. We can learn a lot from the failures and successes of our ancestors.

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History (Mythology, US & World), Geometry,Algebra 1 and French Tutor in Norfolk

I am a sophomore in high school. I was labeled 'gifted' in kindergarten, and ever since then have been taking all honors and advanced classes. I have retaken French, and excelled in all of the subjects. I am willing to tutor anyone of any age as long as you're willing to learn. I'd use various techniques (visual, auditory & such) in order to teach.

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Junior Education Major tutoring 1st grade through 12th grade students in Lafayette and surrounding areas.

I received my high school diploma from Abbeville High School in 2015. I completed the Core4 program with a 3.8, 31 ACT, and 27 hours of College Credit. I am currently enrolled at UL- Lafayette asa junior in the college of Education majoring in Secondary Education (Social Studies/Environmental Sciences) and minoring in Special Ed and Psychology.

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Philosophy instructor with over 7 years of experience. I can also offer instruction in Classical history/mythology and overall college study preparation.

I engage in a hands-on teaching method in which I engage students with Socratic questioning and interesting activities. I consider it to be my responsibility to facilitate students in coming to grasp information and concepts by offering them strategies to think through problems themselves.

Los Angeles
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I am a History/English teacher with over 18 years of experience.

I will cover topics from Mythology,Ancient Civilizations,Medieval History and US History. History is not just dates and a time line...

North East
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Learn about yourself! I teach Psychology, English, and personal growth studies.

I provide instruction to individuals or groups to those interested interested in understanding the word in which we live. We focus on theory and how it related to today's changing values. We read, we research the net, we discuss, we share opinions and personal stories.

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Portland based Education and Social Studies student with 9 years of experience

I tend to approach my classes using lectures, discussions, and project-based learning so that all of my students feel comfortable learning. My students range from children in kindergarten to university students, however, most of my students tend to be in High School.

Cedar Park
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English and Spanish speaking Student Teacher will tutor from home in Cedar Park, Texas

I am a Student Teacher in the final semester of receiving my Bachelors in Education degree from Texas State University. My area of focus is grades 4-8, with a composite specialization in English, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I received my Associates in Education from Austin Community College.

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History and Psychology Teacher with over 10 year experience offers lessons online and in Southern California

My methodology is based on passion, I want my students to be as excited about the world as I am. We find the exciting stories in history, the fascinating case studies in psychology. We go beyond what the basic text tells us to find a world where intrigue and curiosity drive and motivate to ask more questions, to learn more, to remember more.

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Past AP student within the top 10% in the US for US History and European History

My method is lecture-based with the intent to help the student understand the parts they are struggling with, and I stop often to review with the student in order to make sure they fully understand everything explained. I adapt the lesson based on how the student best learns, whether it be through charts, drawings, timelines, flashcards, or simple verbal review.

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History, Art History, Mythology, Cinema History and Current Events in Denton TX, currently in undergrad at UNT

I tend to focus on lecture style methodology with printed notes and word lists so that you can look for things on your own outside of tutoring. Most importantly I want you to come away from the lesson having learned something about the topic at hand and having found your own conclusions about any discussions.

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Here to help you succeed in history, and in your school career

I believe that history doesn't have to be this boring lecture where you fall asleep. I think it should be a fun class, where you learn everything there is to know about the past, present, and maybe even the future. I have tutored foreign exchange students, and even preschoolers.

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College student shares love of history to elementary through high school students in Phoenix, Arizona

I am a college student who loves history and teaching. I give fun and engaging lessons for students of any age up to the high school level. I believe history has something for everyone, and tailor my lessons to the interests of the student while still teaching to local standards.

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Perfect! Giovanni is a tremendous and talented teacher. He guided my study of philosophy, starting with the ancient Greek philosophers. He's thoughtful and well versed in philosophy, languages, and literature. He will accelerate and deepen your grasp of...

Wendy, student
3 months ago
(5 reviews)

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