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Physics student offering lessons in New Jersey for high school and college intro physics

I've been fortunate enough to experience all kinds of teachers, and I feel my own teaching style has been something of a combination of all their best aspects. I always begin by figuring out what the student knows conceptually, without considering numerical answers at all. This can be done through questions or just diagrams (I will pretty much draw a diagram for every question).

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Math Tutor Of All Levels I am a talented mathematician as potential tutor here. I can tutor math of all levels and many math branches, including calculus, linear algebra, theory of probability ... You

am an engineer and work in austin. Originally from China. Have been in US for 20 years. All time in Austin. First was a visiting scholar to UT Austin and then stayed. I am very knowledgeable and patient. all my students got the best score.

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I am a biology major at Holy Cross College looking to get into medical school

I do not teach according to a set standard. If given a problem or equation, I think of many possible ways to get to the answer. I myself think like this and would teach my students an efficient way to think and get to an answer and not just what is taught in class.

Fountain Valley
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Highly experienced Biology major gives tutoring in math and sciences in Fountain Valley

My teaching methodology ensures understanding because I won't move onto a new subject until one has completely understood it. I have a lot of real life experience so I will often use metaphors to relate certain topics to in order to make it more easily understood. I have teaching experience and have been a tutor in my AP Calculus class to fellow AP students.

Round Rock
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UT Austin Biochemistry Student offering K-12 math and science tutoring in the greater Austin area

I believe the most important thing a tutor can do for a student is create an environment that they feel comfortable and capable of learning and making mistakes in, because failure is an important part of learning. It is our job as tutors to be advocates of our students, which means providing encouragement, empowerment, and an ear to listen to their concerns.

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Biochemistry Grad offering expert help in Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biochemistry and Beyond

My goal is not just to help students with specific subject help, but to teach students how to approach their studies in a way that is more effective. I hope to that with each lesson, my students feel more confident in their abilities to not only tackle current hurdles but take on future ones.

Mission Viejo
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Hi! I'm a UCSD student with 4+ years in General Chemistry, Algebra, Natural Sciences, etc.

My teaching method is to build confidence in the student by drawing the correct answers out of them and to encourage asking questions. At the same time I have with how to take notes better, how to study better, and also how build strong study habits.

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Biochemistry/Molec Bio junior student with 3 years teaching/tutoring experience offering tutoring sessions

I don't believe in one sort of teaching method-- my biggest focus as a teacher or tutor is learning how I can best suit my student. Exploring different studying and teaching methods and listening to/working WITH each student individually is the way to achieve academic success.

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College graduate offering high school math, environmental science, and chemistry lessons in Yakima, WA. Skype lessons across the country are also possible.

My lessons are geared to High School and Middle School students, but I can also help in college introductory courses. As I am beginning tutoring, the structure of my lessons will vary from person to person, gearing my methods to better fit the learning style of the student.

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B.S. with Magna Cum Laude: Science and Math tutoring for high-school/College level, Butte County Area

My teaching methodology revolves around two main ideas: tailoring my lesson plans based on the individual student's need for each lesson, and specifically preparing the students for exams and other high-point parts of a class, rather than a more general preparation.

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Connecticut Science teacher with 36 years of experience would love to help students understand the wonders of science.

I have tutored elementary students in Math and reading as well as helping young adults and older adults in their studies for the GED exam. I tailor my classes according to the level of the student. I love to show demonstrations to the students as I explain a specific concept so that they are not only hearing the information but, also visualizing what is happening.

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Engineering/Chemistry student - math and chemistry lessons with 3 years of experience

I primarily have given lessons to younger kids and worked great with them, but I have also tutored my peers. With the kids I helped them in the subjects of math and high school preparation. When tutoring my peers we worked within the subjects of algebra, chemistry, geometry, trigonometry, college prep, and history.

Cedar Springs
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Biological science tutor with 6 years of experience tutoring high school & college students

I usually adapt my teaching to the students learning style. I can offer a wide variety of teaching styles from audible learning, to reading, to hands on experience. I like to use the most current and up to date information and resources as most likely schools will have similar resources to use in the classroom.

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Duke undergraduate offering science tutoring to all ages in Wake Forest NC

I am a student at Duke university studying biology. I love all things science and I love sharing that passion for learning with others. I give lessons to elementary, middle, and high school students in any field of science.

Mount Prospect
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Space Classes for Elementary School Students! Space Exploration / Astronomy / Hands-On Science Classes, Each Conveniently Hosted by a Family in Your Chicago Area School District

The children acquire concepts and skills (appropriate to the age level of each group) on solar system and stellar astronomy, human and robotic exploration of our solar system, living and working in space, night sky observation, planetary geology, and physics. Topics are tailored to the children's interests and everyday life, and learning experiences include hands-on activities.

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Aeronautical Engineer offering Math and Physics lessons online with 2+ years experience

I mainly prefer to make the subjects fun to my students. I do this by using a lot of visual and imaginative aids. The first few classes are always to figure out their present strengths and weaknesses and then to further improve on them.After that, I begin intensive relearning of the subjects and build on their strengths to reduce their weakness.

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Doctorate in molecular and cellular biology offering lessons in biology and chemistry, to instill love of science to all students. More than 20 years of experience teaching.

I've taught doctoral level classes, but I find that personalized instruction, where a concept can be connected to the individual's context is most effective. I am adept at bringing complicated concepts into more simple metaphors, and I believe that I have accomplished my task when the student is curious enough to keep learning even if I am not around.

El Paso
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Pre-dental college graduate in El Paso with 5+ years of tutoring experience, from elementary to university level

My focus is to make learning a science course less painful and break down the jargon for you, whether that's through anecdotes, mnemonics, or pictures. However, I believe that the best learning process is for you to be actively involved by attempting to solve problems, answering questions. With patience, I'm sure that you will come out with a firm grasp on the subject.

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Math and science lessons with 14 years of commercial and government analysis experience

I teach using Socratic, and demonstrate and duplicate methodologies as well as example based learning. As a tutor I have used age and grade appropriate materials, as well as using the students own materials to create friendly atmospheres for learning. I am patent and kind but I do achieve results.

Rancho Viejo
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Neuroscience major with experience with advanced chemistry and biology coursework in Brownsville, Texas

I give lessons to students seeking help in mostly science-based classes such as biology and chemistry. I approach the problems from a conceptual standpoint at first, which provides a base understanding for the learner to rely on, and then make connections to the specifics. Helping the student understand concepts on a fundamental level will help with retention and critical thinking.

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University of Georgia Genetics and Biochemistry Double Major Offering Organic Chemistry Tutoring

My teaching methodology would be based on understanding the underlying concepts and applying them to problems. I will work through problems and reactions to ensure you understand the material as well as will be able to use methods on your own.

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Working Professional with a Bachelors in Math with a passion to teach

My teaching method is very rigorous but effective. I first start by asking students a few questions to really hone in on where exactly they are having problems. I, then, work with the students to determine their strong and weak points. I then come up with a schedule that is flexible to help students learn at their own pace.

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Berkeley Engineering Graduate offering tutoring in mathematics, physics, biology, and university prep with 2 years of academic service experience.

I offer instruction to student from 8th-12th grade and college students. If you do not fit these categories don't fret! Please contact me regardless about what you may want out of this experience to see if I am able to offer tutoring.

El Paso
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30-something Retired Science Teacher with knowledge of science and math in El Paso, TX

My teaching method is to break down concepts into subtopics and then tackle each subtopic. I also like to be visual and tactile using drawing and manipulatives to teach. As a teacher, I used a project-based learning model. I also like to use humor when teaching.

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Credentialed Teacher with 14 years experience can help you succeed in math and science in the San Diego area

I base my classes on focusing on difficult concepts the students needs to work on. I then break down the concept and explain it fully. In math, I would do show students how to do the problem, then do some with them (guided practice), then have them do problems independently, providing guidance when needed.

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Undergraduate student able to provide one-on-one chemistry tutoring to facilitate growth and knowledge reinforcement. Previously worked as peer tutor and organic chemistry supplemental instructor at S

My students come to me with challenging chemistry problems which we go over together, asking them leading questions so that are able to come up with solutions through their own reasoning. I also prepare comprehensive chemistry problems that guide how students could approach the subject.

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Effective teacher having more than 15 years of teaching experience in different fields

My methodology of teaching is interactive not monologue and developing on the basis of motivation to the students. I create learning enthusiasm in the minds of students so that they will have curiosity to learn.

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Biochemist with 5 years of teaching experience in high school and college

I enjoy tutoring science at the high school and college levels. I am most interested in Biochemistry; however, I have experience in General Chemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Cell Biology, PAP and AP Chemistry, PAP and AP Biology, and General Biology. My lesson structure generally goes off what the student is currently studying.

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Forensic Science student with 5 years of tutoring experience in STEM subjects.

I approach each topic that I'm teaching by focusing on the fundamental concepts that will help students understand the topics that they are studying. I try to focus each session by determining specific areas of a topic that students are struggling with. I will then provide examples that can be worked through during the session, as well as extra examples for my students to work through individually.

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Linguist with knowlege in mathematics (up to calculus), foreign Languages, and the sciences

I approach study through an interactive method, guiding each student through their own discovery of the subject. As a teacher, I have often used activities that elicit information from the student and give the students a chance to find their own way of understanding. I don't like to just lecture, but, rather, guide their own individual learn.

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